3rd Annual Mississippi PGR Gathering Of The Guard

“Operation Band of Brothers” is the MS PGR’s 1st annual MS GOTG, April 29th through May 1st in Natchez, MS. We invite all PGR nation wide to join us for a great weekend of music, rides on the Trace, and camaraderie.

The 1-155th Combined Arms Combat Team will assist us in a special ceremony to honor the current and former military as well as our fallen. The main event will be catered by the “Pig Out Inn.”

This event will coincide with the Natchez Blues Festival at Rosalie Mansion.

We have lots of great things in the works for the weekend. ie. bike parade, raffles, rides, and much more. We are working on getting a block of rooms at a reduced rate.

As soon as we have a schedule of events as well as other details, we will post them here, on the MS PGR state web site and on the Patriot guard Rider of Mississippi Facebook page. Please check back in one of those places for more information closer to the event.

4 Comments on “3rd Annual Mississippi PGR Gathering Of The Guard

  1. Will there be a place to camp out if you don’t want a motel room ?

  2. Yea, I fixed it. I didn’t know that we had done a GOTG in MS before. Ed corrected me on it after I posted it everywhere, I just had not gotten to changing it here. Thanks!

  3. Actually it is the 3rd Annual MS PGR Gathering of the Guard

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