30 March 2003 (Feint Preparations)

0601Z, 30 March 2003, Sunday

We are attached right now to 1/64 Armor for a mission to secure yet another bridge. From our current location, which is north of An Najaf and east of Karbala, we will go to a staging area a little further northeast. 1/64 has been tasked to conduct a faint attack. That means that we are going to secure bridges in this little town between Al Hillah and Karbala in order to trick the units in Hillah to come out of hiding and attack us. As soon as they leave the safety of wherever they are now our air assets will destroy them. The attack on this small town to take the bridges is only a disruption and attempt to make them think that we are going to continue on to Hillah. Once we draw out those forces they will be destroyed.

We will be traveling in Bradleys this time. Some guys from the company we’re tasked with will drive our truck around. We are splitting our team up into two teams that will go with two separate companies. Vince and Mr. Young will be with the company that takes the first bridge, then Nate and I will travel with our company across that bridge and take the next one further east. We are expecting heavy resistance since the bridges are located right in the middle of a fairly decent sized town. It’s almost the same size as As Samawah. That is one reason we are traveling in Bradleys. We went to the company a couple of days ago and yesterday we switched our truck back to the 1025 with a little more armor. We all feel a little safer now.

I got to call Emily a couple of days ago too while we were at Battalion. I was happy to talk with the kids and her, even though it was for only a few minutes.

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  1. I hope you realize that communication has improved to astounding heights since I was in the Military..But so has it everywhere..Love your milblog logo. Geronimo!!!

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