A Call to Arms Against Nigerian Scammers

To all the victims of these Nigerian scams, both the Soldiers and the ladies,

I need your help in spreading the word. I have been contacted by numerous media outlets across the country asking if I know of any local people that have been scammed. I haven’t been asking for locations, so I don’t know the answer to that. If you have been a target of these scams and live in the following areas, please leave a comment and let me know if I can share your email with local media to contact you:

Denver, CO (or any Colorado)
Los Angeles, CA (or any southern California)
Houston, Texas (or any Central Texas)
Suffolk, Virginia (or any northern Virginia)
Clarksville, TN (or any Tennessee)
Baltimore, MD (or DC area)

Additionally, if you’ve been scammed from a location not mentioned, please leave a comment telling me where you are from in case I get contacted in the future. This would help to really get the word out there and put a stop to this. Thanks.

362 Comments on “A Call to Arms Against Nigerian Scammers

  1. Ssgt foster Hansen contacted me on Twitter. 2 days she’s in love wants a PlayStation for her birthday sent to Nigeria. Her location is top secret.

    • People in top secret locations don’t tell people they’re in top secret locations. That’s now how it works. This is a scam.

  2. Hello all, my name is Rebekah from NC and two weeks ago, a guy by the name of Klein Wilson Smith (who is on Instagram) is a victim of this and i know because when he followed me on Instagram and from a native american lovers page claiming to be 34 yrs and all his pictures had been posted on May 7th and then he started a conversation with me and the way his phrases were worded wasn’t right like as if he had just learned English and one of his questions was if I had a credit card and I’m like “he actuallybrought that up” it shows his “son” and everything but i know it was a scammer. He says he was from houston, texas but lived on Monterey CA and was at a Camp Roberts there andthen said hes a recuiter and then that some guy broke his knee while training and then i asked him to call and he said he needed a new phone but I just wanted you all and because I didnt realize this was this serious. I have a pic of Klein Wilson Smith if anyone is interested, thank you for opening my eye even more on realizing how bad this is. Sincerely Rebekah

    • Cousin you be so kind in sending me His pictures, perhaps I can share with you some pictures of a guy that contacted me via Facebook & I have a very strong feelings he’s scammer. You may be wondering Why I’m I thinking this way, right? That is because I know some people in my area that had been scammed before & I’ve I’m almost 100% sure this guy who is portraying to be a Sargeant Major for the Marine Corps if fake & I was wondering if I could somehow exposed this scammer. He haven’t asked me for money yet, but is looking like he’s working towards doing that next. I really would appreciate if you you share your guy’s pictures & I’ll share mines. Thanks

  3. I meet this girl named Olivia shola torres that claim she’s part of the us army and that she’s at a deployment in nigeria and the she need money to make back home to the USA. She been sending mi pic and some wird id that I ask for to prove her self. Should I beliave her ?

      • How do I leave a comment or send information?
        I believe I am being scammed and I’m afraid a soldiers adenity has been stolen.
        Urban Sorensen is the name being used.

    • No don’t send her money, the US army will take of his soldiers they don’t need money to travel from you. a same guy that i have been talking with for six month has asked me 700 dollars for plane thicket too. good thing there is no way of sending money out of my country unless i have a dollar account, but even if i do i so awake to his lies i will not send him any money at all. just have a policy never to send money to someone you met online and tell them that that’s your policy. in my case you will be surprised he even sent me a picture of him holding a board that has my name on it saying i love you then my name, and it looks legit but now i am certain its Photoshop.

  4. I was matched on Tinder with a guy that is going by the name Jack Nobile. He claims to be in the Army and deployed to Afghanistan. Didn’t trust him with it the first hour of texting with him because he claimed that he was already falling in love with me?. Played along for awhile to see where he was going with all of this. But one day he sent me a bunch of pics and the name on the uniform said Nobile, but I just didn’t trust him. So I googled his name and added army. And was IMMEDIATELY sent to the sight for Faces of Shame. I blocked him on WhatsApp and my phone. But today he found me on Kik. On the other website, it said that he was going by the name Ivan Nobile. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that he’s still out there.

  5. #2 Frank Aker, not military but found his name on male-scammers.com . He found me on Our Time Senior Dating. The letters I am about to post are to me cut and pasted from another woman named Mary. Interesting as he does pop up on the Nigerian Lago scammer list:
    OK… Let’s get this conversation started…I’m so sorry to hear about your husband i have been in it four years ago so i know how you feel.

    For the record, I love dogs! And also have 2 (grown) children who lives away from home. And I also prefer the “old fashioned” method of meeting someone in person but we live in an age where the internet definitely expands the circle of who you might meet. I was born and raised in Sweden before moving to U.S years ago.

    Never sure where to start with a “stranger?” What do you want to know about me?

    I am affectionate, outgoing, active, energetic, positive, generous man with a healthy sense of humor who is rediscovering all that life has to offer. Having said that am a humble man and i believe that a woman should be treated with a lot of respect. I am fun to be with and can be very romantic when i meet the right person. I’m a very positive person in every aspect of life.

    I am a Consultant Fund Manager. I work from home and LOVE what I do just the way i like to enjoy life.I sold my home when i lost my wife. I’m leaving in a house which is been paid by the company i work since am in contract with them and i will be buying a home when my contract ends with my company, also love to eat healthy and exercise (I walked about 6.5 miles this morning from my home). Spend my free “fun” time doing just about anything and everything from biking, hiking, the beach, movies, restaurants, movies, theater, wine tasting, concerts, dancing and golfing. Not always particular about what I do just love being out with other people. Also love to stay home with my significant other relaxing with a bottle of wine and cooking dinner together, snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie or whatever. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I’ve travelled extensively for work and also for fun. I am financially very okay. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Letter 2

    Hi…feels good to hear from you
    Hope your day is going well as planned? Well, a little change in plan for me but it’s made it less busier than it would have been anyway.
    My kids are so so lovely, you need to meet them…vibrant, intelligent, full of laughter

    Now, to your questions:

    I will do Mexican any day any time.
    I love to try new stuff all the time so trust me, I’m always far from the recipe.
    YOU, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
    Lol….business articles! This is what I read mostly.
    Bee Gees and Babyface
    Virgo is my ZS
    You have a match…I’m very liberal where the word is mentioned.
    Don’t allow yourself to fall by people’s opinion because each and every one carries one but not all are a “masterpiece”.

    With Respect

    Letter 3

    Hi My Dearest

    Writing you once again.

    I said many things in my first email and my profile but there are thing I realized that I did not tell you that is important .I did not tell you that I have dual citizenship, American and Sweden.I do not smoke but did not tell you that I tried it when I was in my 20s but stopped it less than 3 month in the act because I found out it is not in my character thou I have no problem with smokers .This was over 35 years ago .My profile on match showed I was born Sept 19 1954 but did not tell you that it was in my grandmother home in Italy though we went back to Sweden with my mum from where we moved back to United States to join my dad when I was about 35 years old. .Those are the thing I just remembered that i did not tell you

    I enjoy soccer which is a passion I got schooling in Europe, I love seeing movies and listening to music. I like going to the beach and climbing mountains. I love exercise generally .Let it not be that i am already boring you again with my long talk and loud mouth. I don’t want to sound over excited but I must confess that I am so happy to have come across you and I know that you would want us to take this slowly but I will try to be positive and consistent so open your heart and let us give it a try .I know that lot of people on the dating site are not sincere or who they say they are.

    This is one thing you can be sure about me. I am sincere and will tell u all about me with nothing hide. I can say the truth and not minding who is hurt. I hate lie and cheat.Like I said earlier. I am Financial Broker Representative that has worked with the international office of MERRILL LYNCH in Scotland before joining Grebes Investments (http://www.grebesinvestments.com)- an investment company with its head office in London and branches in many countries .I worked with them for years before I resigned or will I say retired which was when I lost my late wife Angelina.

    I now work under contract with Grebes Investments as an International Representative .They came back asking me to come out of retirement which was after two years of leaving them .They gave me working conditions which I saw to be good enough so I accepted the job which one of the working condition is that I will now remain in united States to head the international office instead of going back to the Main office in UK.I accepted the job first and also accepted to go back UK and work with them for 6 years before I returned to United States and now work as a Broker representative and Financial Regulatory adviser. A job I love and enjoy doing.

    I told you that I can make joke of anything and can be a clown but forgot to tell you that I don’t joke with my happiness. I am generally a happy person and have achieved much in life professionally, financially and personally being happy .That is to tell you there is more to gain that to loose being happy. I am fun to be with because I can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I am a man that have been to over 50 countries on the process of doing my job and have seen people with different cultures, poverty and famine in countries. I have seen good and bad government and have come to realize that I am blessed to be alive and be called an American. I am much secured financially and as a gentleman with good values, I love giving which is another reason why I should be happy. I am good dresser who is comfortable wearing suits, jean T shirt and ties .I have that Swedish blood and about average. I am generally a healthy man .wow! I have really said much about me so let me cut it here and say more when I hear back from you .I hope my email did not bore you. We have shared email i think a voice to the email will be good.what I want to say is that it will be nice if we speak on phone .If you are not too comfortable to give me your phone number at this stage to call you, then I can give you the number that I use here to call me. If my long email bored you i am sure that my voice will not bore you when you hear the missed accent I accumulated schooling in many countries .I know you will conclude like other that t is Swedish accent but let’s leave that till when we speak .Please send me your number or I will give you mine so that we can speak on phone .Putting a voice to it make it more real than writing email to and fro.

    I will have to run now have a great day

    With Respect

    Letter 4

    Hi My Lov,

    Good afternoon this beautiful day .I am very happy this afternoon for the simple fact that you responded to my email.

    I told you that I have been to many countries and seen many cultures but did not tell you that I have also live in many countries .To be a good financial adviser and a reputable money manager, you have to live and study in many world economies . Based on this, I have done courses in China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Netherland, South Africa Canada and Australia .Each of them was a two years course which I took total of 16 years to do. This was after doing my school in Sweden where I spent total of 5 years to do my master also. If you ever hear anybody from my company say that I am the best in what I do, this is the reason. I studied for it and took me years.

    Living In different cultures taught me how to relate with people easily and how to survive alone where you do not know anybody. It taught me not treat people and more especially, it showed me the true meaning of life .I know that I must have said everything I can remember by email and will like to put a voice to it .I would have been even better if we can make an arrangement on how to meet but I know it will not be possible this week unless next week. I will be receiving three of my company Directors from or main office this evening .They will be flying in from Australia and will be spending days here in United States.

    Their arrival will occupy me for the whole week and next week as it will be all company work and processing documentation for audit. From their long arrangement, they will be going to Toronto Canada next week from where they will return to England. This is why it will not be easy and free for me for us to meet even if I want to but I am sure that after this busy days, I will be free for next weekend if not for the rest of the year. My job is one funny job that can be busy and hectic at times from can be less busy at time that you will be looking for something to do. One good thing is that It gives me time or myself and there things of life which includes you my new friend.

    Before I continue, I will like to ask you not to feel bored communicating online with me via email as it will make us feel more comfortable with one another when we finally meet. I know I have rambled in my first and second email to you and rambling again today which is why asked you not to get bored with my email. I have not hidden skeleton which is why I am open to say anything about me. I have nothing to hide in life and have no criminal record. I am just a simple man living a good life with a good work and good pay. Who will be in my shoe that will not be happy with what I have in life.

    It was just recently that I discovered the extra thing that has always made my happiness incomplete and for this reason that will never let you go as you may hold the key that will complete my happiness .It may Just require you to come into my life and it will be complete .I really want to know you more my beautiful .Ooh, I promised not ramble again but here I go again. Sorry let me stop here and wait for your response before I continue. My excited heart is filled with something to say so you don’t even need to ask them as questions. I will share everything about me with you both by email and phone, when ever you feel good to talk on phone.


    Letter 5

    sweetheart, you’re right! There are few questions I would love to ask however, I enjoy you coming out of your comfort zone to tell me what you’re comfortable with. I’d like to save those questions for when we meet because I’d like to look you deep in the eyes whilst you answer them….scary!!! Don’t worry, nothing too serious okay!

    My favorite childhood memory is when my dad will a day in a month or two just to spend the whole day with me. He would either treat me like his co-equal or come down to my level and be a boy for me. He would take me to one of the biggest restaurants, we eat, drink, and he asks me to foot the bill. The first time he did that, I didn’t have that kind of money so he paid and deducted it from my pocket money till I finished paying every dime. The second time I drank only but water but I was made to pay what he had “carelessly” eaten….and that too, was a blow! The third time I told him I won’t go out and he said I MUST with a “threat”…lol! It was during this journey that he taught me a lot, which I still remember him for up till now. He gave me several reasons why I shouldn’t be getting any pocket money from him(which made sense) but he was still giving me….and his reasons were a man should never live without money. So, he gave me all that money so I could save. He also said, if I could pay for food I didn’t eat, then it would be very easier for me to feed the poor, hungry and less priviledged. He also said, he would come down to my level, make me call my friends and groove around town because he wanted to know the kind of friends I keep and what we do when they(our parents) aren’t with us. I enjoy dreaming about this because it’s given me the chance to become a good father myself. At some point, I would be the one to ask him out to such sophisticated places and pay with pride. I eventually learned how to save and I do till date.

    As for dogs, I don’t have interest in a particular breed. I just love dogs…beautiful dogs and mostly guard dogs.

    Like I said, my kids are lovely kids and you’ll love them. And as for them liking the idea of me dating, wait until I hit you with the surprise of your life!!! Lol!


    Letter 6

    My Dearest Friend that I bore with emails
    Thank you for your email which I was happy again to receive this morning. It’s sad that I was not able to email you yesterday .My directors came in like I told you so we had to travel to Dallas for their first business call. We got to Dallas yesterday and had our first meeting which ended very late that I could not email you we I got back to my hotel. This morning. I woke up with intention of just going to my computer email you and explain why you did not hear from me yesterday and also tell you that I have another important business appointment today and will need you to pray for me that it goes successfully .It then occurred to me that I have not even prayed for myself and I am asking someone to help me pray for a successful business day .with that I decided to go and pray. So sad we will not have the time to meet but i hope we will when you get back.

    As Christian, it is normal to pray and afterwards read our bible, so after praying I took my bible to read .I had no particular verse in mind and like I always do, I started flipping through the bible .I decided to share this with you because this has happened for four days in a row now that It became obvious to me that I am going into a relationship and It seems that it is a good one that has been ordain by the almighty .The very first day we started communicating via email, I prayed that morning like I do every day when wake up. When I opened my bible to read, I was attracted to. 1 Corinthians 13 and 1 Timothy 1. The next day, I was attracted to Ecclesiastes 3 and Ecclesiastes 4.Yesterday, I read Romans 8 and today again, I came to read Proverbs 3.

    I will share all this bible verses with you so that you will understand why I feel that there is message and a reason why I read this bible verses that say the same thing. I did not want to mention it in my last email because you will say that it’s too early to talk about love but when it happened again this morning, I could not hold it but share it with you.

    While reading the bible verses I stated above down, I read to Proverbs 3:5-6” and it says-Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.

    1 Corinthians 13:13 says that “There are three things that remain – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love” .What I love here is that it said that the greatest of it all is love.

    1 Timothy 1:5 says that “Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith”. I have seen that we were born with pure heart and good conscience for I spent most of my 18 years on earth waiting for the maturity and courage to give my heart to someone. Then when I stopped waiting, I simply stumbled upon a stone on my path (When I lost Angelina) and stood up again when I became 63 years to find you standing there.

    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 says that two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? The one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. For all this I see the importance of you in my life and realized that my ten years wait to find a woman were worth it
    Romans 8:28 says: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”. God is working everything for our good. He loves us unconditionally and he knows, beyond all of our imagination, what we are going through and he put us together for a reason. I am most happy for that. The Lord has to be in our relationship otherwise none of this would have ever happened.

    Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens”. I feel like this is our season. I have already asked God to separate us if we are not meant to be. I asked him to do that before we got attached to each other. Let us now wait and see what happens in few days because it seems that I am getting attached to you that even in my sleep I think about you that I do not wait for the day to break before I rush to my computer to email you.

    Let me not stay here and write bible letters without saying what brought me to my email this early morning .Like I said earlier. We have a business and audit meeting with some important business partners of our company and will be attending it with my directors from the main office in UK .Though they are the director but I am the head of the team. I am their director today. The success today will be the be added to my professional achievement .I will need or support in prayers

    Let me take my bath and leave, I will return to share the good or and news with you today if I come back on time or tomorrow depending on when I close from the meeting. Thank you once again for your care and for even finding the time to email me even with your busy schedule .
    I remain the man with the heart that cares


    Letter 7

    My Dearest
    This afternoon, when I came back to do my normal routing that bring joy to myself. I asked myself, was knowing you part of the reason why this transaction that we have been struggling with over the years came to successful end .Did meeting you contribute to it or was is just that my happiness was about to complete and it came with all the good things of life? This made me to start doing a little search about love this afternoon to know if being in love, finding love or falling in love has anything to do with good luck and success. This was what I found this afternoon while searching about love .I know many people that talk about love have never had the time to search or read about love. I have not heard from you hope all is well is with you.

    It started by saying that Love requires no proof or expression but it demands to feel it. Love is only a word until you find someone to give it definition. Love is not blind… it just opens up your eyes to what others do not see. Love is a miracle that God created for two wonderful people; (and this point I claimed that it should be between You and I ).Love is a hard rock between two people and can’t be torn apart. Love is a beautiful red rose given for no apparent reason. Love is a fire that reigns in the heart. Love is the only game never postponed due to darkness. Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots. Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time! “Love is an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. You just need to feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love. Love is not measured on how long you can wait but on the kind of sacrifices you can do for the sake of love. Love is the sound our hearts make, love is the happiness we feel, love is what makes us do the strange things we do. Love is too strong a word to say it too early, but it has too beautiful a meaning to say it too late. Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don’t become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones. Love is like salted water; the more you drink the more your thirst increases. Love is like the air we breathe. It may not always be seen, but it is always felt, used and needed. Love is not love if it is conditional. “Love is like a flower, give it some time, patience and lots of tender loving care; and watch it bloom into something wonderful before your eyes. Love is like a rose, the special one grows in the winter. Love is what you make it and with whom you make it; it is what it is.” If love is music in its purest form, then you are the notes on the page and the melody in my heart. Love is when the things you detest, you become in love with. And, when your views are wrong the one who you love will hear you out and understand you. Love is not sweet talks and flowers, but love is forgiving and compromising. Love is a joy that fills your heart with wonder and excitement every time. Love doesn’t make the world go around; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. LOVE IS A PARDONABLE INSANITY .Love is passion and fire; it haunts and enchants the one who touches it. Love is like an image, a lasting image that will always remain in your heart, your soul, forever a part of you

    I reading all this, it I did not see were they said that love is what you be in and it will bring you success. That made me to conclude that it was not finding a woman to love that brought me the success, it was You and the luck that come with you that brought me the success and or that I say THANK you.

    I do not have much to say today rather than let you know that everything is going fine here and that we will conclude on it and do the documentation part today and tomorrow so that my directors can travel and I will then be 100% free for us . I am just 70% free now which to me is not good when you want to build a new and lasting relationship. Forgive me beautiful for the ranting again, I will end this email here so that by tomorrow I will write you more to tell you all that you must have wanted to know about me, my family, and everything you have been wanting to ask me about my children and late wife.my name is Frank, I hope you still remember him .Lol


    Letter 8

    My Dearest
    This week seems that it does not want to be a lovely week for me but with you in my heart, it must turn out fine.I have always loved my job and have always been proud to say it to anyone that cares to listen. For the first time since I started doing this job, I feel like leaving it today. Okay let me say for the second time because I felt like leaving the job when I lost Angelina and I finally left the job. This is the second time and it seems that it’s time to leave this job again and it will be for good.

    If you remember, I told you that my mum will be moving back to Sweden this month; she has confirmed that she will be traveling on Wednesday. I know you must have been wondering why I have not mentioned when I will be rounding here and when will be returning home. This was because I planned to go to mum today and spend time with her and then see her to the airport on Wednesday before locking the house to hand the key over to the real estate people I contracted to sell it. All this plan just changed this morning.

    I got an email this morning from the head office in London that I should accompany the investors and my directors on their trip to Toronto Canada since it involves the investors that we had transaction with in Dallas. Its not like I will accompany them to Canada and come back rather we will fly from there to London to so it our out the shares of our Russian investors that have been slammed with sanctions. Most of their investment are dropping in value so that company’s wants to merge it with some polish stocks to stabilize. This was initially scheduled by middle of October when we expect rise in polish stocks

    With the content of the email I got today .It means that I will fly with them to Toronto Canada , we will spend 6 days in Canada then leave Canada to London, then spend another ten days in London after which I will return back to United states..

    When I started this job new or let me say when I was younger, I enjoyed the travels associated with the job .It exposed me to difference countries and cultures .It gave me access to billionaire investors and enjoyed it. Then I can travel with just one day notification without minding. It’s not the same at my age now. I must confess I feel very bad I as I write this email .I had all my hope that I will meet you this coming week but with this development, its two weeks of email communication It was so bad that they even made my flight reservation without consulting me .Anyway, I think this is the last of it as I am seriously considering quitting this job as I write this email.

    Let me not allow this people spoil my day when I have you. Now back to us; I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail, and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of how our first meeting will go. Will there be fireworks – will there be balloons in the sky?

    I know I am fantasizing, like a foolish teenager, but it makes me feel young and so extraordinarily happy. I must confess that I have tried to suppress the feeling of calling you my love all this while to avoid looking like I am rushing everything but each time I want to email you, it keeps coming into my mind. It is a known fact that I am falling seriously in love with you and cannot stand not seeing you soon. You have brought this change and joy in me that I believe has attracted this lifetime business luck to me. Meeting you brought the breakthrough that I have been struggling to have with the investor for almost two years. All I want you is to understand my situation and take me the way you see me.

    It’s not that I fall in love easily but having been alone for over four years makes me want you as soon as possible. All that I am sure is that this I not lust or a game of days but a life time relationship. I was married to my wife for 26 happy years and she was my first and only marriage. That alone will tell you more about me.

    Please bear with me if I use those words so early. It’s due to the way I feel that make time write the way I do. You are an angel in disguise….you have touched my heart thus making a difference in my life. Bringing more Joy and success than you will ever know that you have done. Thank you for all your support.

    With Respect

    Letter 9

    My Dearest
    Hope you are having nice day with a little excitement. We have to talk about your worst flaws and oddities when we meet but i don’t see any of them to be a problem to me.

    It’s two week and now since I sent you the very first email and you replied me but to me it seems that we have known for a year.Let me say here that going on line to find a suitable companion seemed hopeless for me at the beginning. Most of my earlier contacts that wrote stating that match sent them my picture as a MATCH were from much younger women so I could not understand how I could be a match to a 37 years old woman when I stated what I wanted on my profile.. They always left me feeling bewildered and asking the questions – should I be flattered or insulted? In addition, there was always the concern – “what were the motives”? My faith was restored, when I decided to write instead of wait to be written. I wrote you and you appeared I thank my “lucky star” and enjoy the wonder of it. Essentially, I was so deeply happy that you displayed the qualities I was looking for. I found out that we shared a lot of the same interests and I adored the expressive e-mails.

    When I emailed you,did I told you that I looked at your profile for 30 minutes and you must be wondering what I saw during that 30 minutes that made me email you. I have come to realize that lonely times make us search harder for the good times. Bad times are only vague memories and we can look to the future with optimism to happy times. To “give” and “receive”, to pamper, to spoil, to guide, to care for in all ways, makes for a wonderful relationship. There is no need for anger, when there is understanding, loyalty and sincerity, open communication and the ability to compensate for differences. Life is meant to be enjoyed and thus, should not harbor hurtful thoughts and actions.

    When I lost my wife, it was a big obstacle to my life that I did not wish to continue anything in life. There was no wish to date or to work. There was no joy in living because she was just a nice woman but she claimed that I was too nice that I brought out the best in her. It was when I discovered that Life is full of obstacles and to survive; one has to approach the obstacles with an open mind and a desire to overcome them that I let my daughter register me on the dating site.

    I asked myself, do I want to be victorious in the challenge? Is the challenge worth the extra effort, Will it make your life better? If yes then I have pursue it with all my strength and that is what I have decided to do. As I said and will repeat again- don’t see me as moving too fast; I am telling you all this so that you will understand where I am coming from and that ten years of loneliness was the maximum any man can go. Coming out of it will tell you that I am and ready for a complete new life and that the past is behind me.

    They say “Love” overcomes all obstacles. But to love blindly – leaves scares in your heart. The “ups” and “downs” in people’s life’s can be painful but can be healed with limitless compassion. Mine is healed so let us heal yours if it is still there. As I said in my profile, if your heart has been damaged too much by some cruel evil man, I can help you fix it like i fixed that of my late wife. If you have lost a partner like me, i can still fix it like i fixed mine or let’s say, we can fix ours together. When I say we can fix ours together, I know that Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. That was why I also stated in my profile that I need a woman that is not looking for someone to make her happy, but rather someone to share happiness and experience life’s adventures and sometimes tribulations. You will agree with me that everybody need happiness both man and woman.

    Happiness is created in many ways – mostly in what people do and say! Your words can encourage me to drink long and hard from the cup of life; to capture every drop of adventure that comes my way. I often ask myself, why we met – even if it was in such an unconventional way! I truly believe that a “path” is mapped out for us, when we are born. Are we given a purpose – are we given instructions on how to live our life and what we are to achieve? We are guided by our parents, teachers and friends and unconsciously adapt some of their ways to our life. However, there is a greater plan for us in the making.

    We are tested daily to make us stronger. Stumbling blocks are put in our way to overcome and make us rise above them. Many people travel from cradle to grave without ever seeing themselves clearly, without accepting heartache and grief and without ever wondering about their past, present and future. They accept their life blindly, without questions or true understanding of their own value and potential. They become frustrated, disillusioned and bitter. We have all been given the tools to excel, feel more important, more fulfilled and more useful. You have shown me that you know how to use the tools so don’t ever let anyone tell you that you will not accomplish and excel at what you have chosen, or perhaps, what had been chosen for you. What measure do they use to compare, or do they feel inadequate in their own achievements?

    Success is a passion for living. Success belongs to each and every human being. It is not for the few, or the chosen ones, or the rich, or the educated. Success is for everyone. IT IS FOR YOU. Success is simple; it means having, doing and becoming the best that life affords. It means service to mankind. Success means applying your best effort to realizing your best results, leaving the world a better place. It is winning at the game of life. Success is life itself! Success is no secret; no mystery; no cause for frustration or misery. It is yours to claim.

    So, was I meant to come into your life to help you see your own worth, to encourage and support and show you the heights that you have already accomplished. I have not chosen your “path” and don’t know the plan decided for you, but I know you have a passion for life, so you are and always will be successful. I am grateful to you for giving me your trust, but I think you now know, I would not misguide you. When I think about you, a picture comes to mind, a woman sweet and gentle, with a heart that is one of a kind. Your light shines ever bright – your love an endless sea…. and nothing could be sweeter than the love you have for me. I see you as my inspiration, but most of all God’s Gift to me”. I want to wish you a happy new day and with this email welcome you to an inspiring day of good luck and success in all you do. This letter may not be too romantic but inspiring enough to start your day .I thank God above for you, May you always find new blessings for as long as you may live.
    It’s me;


    Letter 10

    My Dearest.
    I have been up since morning and have been thinking about how this job has been like a remote control to my life .How someone will be in his office in London and determine how I move without considering if I had any prior engagement .How I am always given the shortest notice to make a long trip on behalf of an investor and how all this are not appreciated so much.

    I have always said that I love my job and have ever had any reason to complain but it seems that my subconscious mind has decided to react to the sudden change in yesterday’s email .What is getting on my never here is that my directors has been with me for few days now and they never told me that I will be traveling o Canada with them .They made it look like they do not know but from what I can feel this morning it seems that they knew even before coming.

    When they were updating on the transaction this morning, all that they said showed that it has always been planned that I will be traveling to Canada with them but why they did not have the nerves to tell me so that I will get myself ready is one this that keep me wondering if the trip is even worth it.

    I concluded this morning that I will respond to the email and tell them that I am not fit to make such trip within the shortest notice and that they should learn how to consider my programme when making arrangement for them. It was when I got detail of the transaction that I realised that one of the investor that is member of his group of investors that we are going to meet with in Canada has once been under my fund management when he wasted in united State. He was really nice man and I see it as another opportunity to work with him again and I believe that he must be the person that requested that I must come lone with the company team if he is going to be a investor with the company again.

    That does not mean that I did not reply there email from the company to vent my anger on their contract change of my programme at the shortest notice .I made them to know that I am putting this in writing because they next time I get a notice that is opt up to a week, that requires me to travel, I will neglect it no matter how important that transaction may be and nothing will make me handle it .I got to the extent that I had to add that its time they should fund my replacement if they do not feel comfortable with the time of my email .That email has not been replied and I know the coward that sent it will not have the nerves to respond to it.

    Please do not get angry about my daily email with my work and my company problem .It’s just that I wanted to share with someone I and I feel that you are that someone. I know just not right for me to conclude that whatever interest me should interest you .I think that’s a mistake people tend to make, They actually think that the person they’re with has to have all the same interests they do and has to find all the same things neat or interesting. I don’t think that’s true at all. All I need from you is to acknowledge that I think they are neat and give me the attention of sharing it with you. Because in the end, what I’m really sharing with you is my own response, my own excitement, and my own joy. The cause of it shouldn’t be a question because only one person can cause it….You
    Have a good day my dear .I have some work to do

    Letter 11

    My Darling Friend.
    It has not been so easy trying to settle down here .I could not configure the hotel internet to my computer yesterday so could not email you. I had to hand it over to the hotel technician before going out for our meeting today. He returned it this afternoon which is why I am able to send you this email.

    All my life, I use to see myself as just a fund manager. I never knew that I am a super star fund manager until yesterday .When my program changed for me to come to Canada, I was so angry that the company will just make such arrangement without considering my own programme. It was when I go here that I discovered that it was the investor that insisted that they will not work with only the fund directors unless I am there. Even the company was surprise at their request because they are aware that the investors do not know me in person so how come they are insisting that I must join them .It was after a very long discussion that I found out that one e major investor in the Dallas transaction is also a business partner to on of the investor here and was the person that advised them to choose me as their investing manager for the transaction.

    I want you to know that my day starts when I receive your wonderful e-mail, and ends with me sending you a reply. That is why I do wonder why you are in my thoughts all the time? The in between time is filled with romantic notions, breathless anticipation and a million and one thoughts of you and what you are doing at the moment.

    Ten years is quite a long time, and I think a lot may have changed since then.
    I think it’s a good idea! It sure will be a nice way to “shed off” some of the stress. I think it’ll be fun. Lobster, lobster, lobster….you just wet my appetite!!!

    Awww…You must have had a stressful day! Don’t worry, get into the tub and do the hot water magic…you’ll have a good rest after that. And hey…know what to say when your brother is around okay? A healthy conversation:-). PLEASE be sure not to cut short his stay by saying anything POLITICS. Even if he starts it, please RUN to the washroom as fast as you can…lol! EXCUSE??? Stomach upset!

    Sweetheart, I’m happy to hear that. Please keep being who you are now because I fall in love with this person here every minute I think about her. You make me laugh or smile before I realize I’m alone(a sign of madness) Lol…but I don’t need to be in an institution, I need to be with this person behind my smiles and laughter.

    Hon, I understand you perfectly! Do you know what we’re doing now? We’re building FRIENDSHIP, and that is the basis or foundation of every good relationship. If you have a good friend, you fear to lose him/her so you try hard not to ever break what holds your friendship…and I think that is what you lacked…The TRUE FRIENDSHIP thing. Imagine me, I’m able to read the deepest meaning into some of the things you say and it’s able to make me laugh or tear up, yet I’ve never set my eyes on you. I appreciate your beauty…even without makeup(you look gorgeous!), yet I haven’t looked you in the eye ever before, BUT I still feel the connection all around me. This, definitely is true friendship EXCEPT eating lobster behind my back(:-wink). Don’t worry, you can send mine via email….lol!
    Sweetheart, God made you a virgin again for me, and I’m going to enjoy you and make sure you do, me, as long as we live. I don’t want to make any promises but Mary, you won’t regret ever meeting me. I’m glad you survived your cancer. I’m here now okay…God saved the best for me(I’m tearing up now!). I love you…and I mean it!

    I want you to know how beautiful you are in my eyes and because of that I am not looking further .I am no longer on the site i want concentrate and build this into a lasting relationship without distraction from people on the dating site. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you. I want your heart, I want it all. Yes am going to hold you well and talk to you like a little baby. But since I am not with you and all that I have said above are just wishes, let me on that note also wish you a happy new day.


    Letter 12

    My Dearest
    I woke up this morning with call from a hospital in Malmo,Sweden and you can guess right why they are calling; my mum. She Landed in Malmo International Airport few days ago.I knew because I was communicating with the sister from here to keep trace on her. When they got home, I spoke with her and she told me that she was not feeling too fine but I thought that it was due to the long trip .I told her that it’s because of the long Journey which I was strongly against her against making such long trip .My mum will be 88 years old next month and does not see her age as an issue .You can imagine her flying alone at that age.

    When I got the call, I had to ask the doctor who told him to call me and the person that gave him my number .I knew it must be my aunt, Mamiaru and not my mum because she will not want me to know that she ended up in the hospital after we argued about her traveling. It ended up to be my aunt and he even told me that my mum does not know that he is calling me

    My only happiness is that our trip here seems that it will be shorter than planned .From all indication, it seems that we will no stay till 6 days as most of the things that is left to be done here are to be done in our head office in UK.I don’t want to give myself much hope but if that should be the case, then, i will not be flying with them straight to UK, rather I will fly straight to Malmo, spend some days with mum to see how she is doing and then fly back to London after two days as that is really when the official business that will require my attention will start .Whatever they will do the first two days can be done without me .I will know for sure tomorrow an let you know .I just hope that by the end of this year, I will nominated as the world traveller of the year with all this sudden trips that I am making .Lol.

    Yes Prof…I’m about to tender my homework now, Prof! I literally love all types of movie once the storyline makes sense. I enjoy movies with kings and queens, and empires and kingdoms, and power and swords(that’s typical of men…lol!)…ADVENTURE E.g. Game of Thrones, Justice League, Merlin, Apocalypse, etc. I like Romantic movies as well as comedy. Professor, hope I’ve done well with my answers!

    Hmmm! That’s not my perception about courtship at all….maybe it’s because I spoke to mom more than dad on certain issues, I got a better understanding of women and how they are to be treated. I was made to understand you CAN’T change anyone so the best thing to do is to learn how to live with their flaws(if you can) or you walk away(if you can’t). After all, we’re all not perfect so why would you want to CREATE perfection when you have your own flaws! I once asked my mom why she always put on a stern face when my friends come around, and she said “the one who is your friend will not let my face bother him/her”. And she was right, my best friend ended up helping her in the kitchen, talking to her about his girlfriend and getting advice, and so on. So, I was taught to always look into the heart and eyes because what you see there is always PURE.

    I was praying this morning and suddenly I remembered the first days I read your profile online and emailed you .I could still remember it like if it was yesterday because at that moment, I had this feeling that this is the woman for me. After sending you the email, stayed online hoping that you will write me back immediately but was disappointed. Even with being disappointed not hearing back from you, I did don’t write any other person so I logged off i left the dating site. When I came back the next morning, my subscription have expired but luckily, as I opened my match account email, you were there and I was so glad.

    I know that is just about two weeks to this very day but to me it seems like I have known you all my life. My happiness is that you still try your best to create time and communicate with me and reply my emails. That shows that we are still fondly in each other’s minds, souls, and hearts. Before I met you online, I was a lonely man that has nearly forgotten what love really was .I have forgotten, what they call relationship .I was a afraid of falling in love an losing my love again until my mum called me and advised me that I cannot continue like this. When I talked to my children about it to know their own opinion, they were so glad that my daughter rushed online to register me on the site and here am I today, writing the wonderful lady I was blessed with. Thank you for who you are.

    I never knew a woman could have stolen my heart again and made it truly hers. I never knew I could love a woman more than my own life. I long for the day I can finally look into your beautiful soft, kind eyes and tell you how much I appreciate you, and need you.

    The simple fact about my life now is that you are all I need, you are the only woman that is in my mind, the only woman that is in my soul, the only woman who truly and unconditionally has my heart for my life time and many more lifetimes the world has to offer us. When I think about you, my eyes start to water because I know you are somewhere else and not in my arms as I would have wanted. But the thought of you keeps me going and going for another breath of fresh air to keep my longing for you in my life going.

    I found you as my only reason and inspiration for anything, and everything. I never thought my time would come to love, and then it came and I was hit with so much emotion and power I did not know where to put it all. I have stacked it piece by piece in my heart for you. I truly believe you are my soul mate, and you are the only woman I will only give all I have to offer forever.

    Since I met you, nothing makes me unhappy. I have found a way of staying happy every day of my life even when I am angry and down, and its simple .All I do is I just think about you and bring you there on purpose to make myself happy when I am down. Picturing your smile makes me smile, and I cannot wait to actually see that adoring woman. I know with the unforgettable smile I know so soon. Have a good day


    Letter 13

    My Beautiful
    Thank you for your email and concern about my mum .It has finally been confirmed that we will be leaving Canada to United Kingdom tomorrow but I will not be traveling with them .The group of investors, my two company directors and our office broker representative will fly direct to Heathrow Airport London tomorrow while I will be flying direct to Malmo airport .My mums illness has now gotten out of being flight induced illness. From what i read this morning, she is not getting any better and now she has personally started asking of me. She told the sister to call me this morning but the sister told her that she has already done that and that I promised to be with them by Next tomorrow morning. My son called me this morning which is unlike him as i normally speak with them on weekends. They always call me every weekend to speak with me. When i got their call, I just knew that it was something urgent for him to call me this morning.

    When I took the call, he was on conference call with my daughter and they were asking of their grandma. They have called the home phone and no one took the call. I tried to assure them that she is fine and that she travelled to Sweden to visit her sister but they insisted that they think that all is not okay. They told me that they have not gotten an email from her for four days in a row which has never happened. It was just today that I discovered that mum and my children exchange email every day since they left home. She emails them every day and have never failed for the past two years. Wow! Women and their grandchildren. I just discovered how they do know what is going on at home that some time they are the one that tells me. Anyway, I have told them that she is not feeling too fine after a long flight to Sweden but they should not worry, that I will be traveling to Sweden to be with her for two days before going back to London .I know for sure that by now my aunt in Sweden will be answering lots of question from them. I just pity the old woman because her phone will not rest from today.

    My children bonded so much with my mum that they can share anything. When they lost their mum (My wife) she promise to be a mum to them and will never fail to do anything for them that their mum will do for them. she tried to make them happy to the extent that she was almost spoiling them with her over pampering which was something that always bring quarrel between me and my mum .I am just glad that they did not spoil .They are so close that they don’t even call her grandma rather they call her the Bigger-mum which mean their own late mum is the smaller mum. Anyway, let me cut the story for today because if I continue, I will not finish it today.

    When I woke up his morning, the first thing that came to my mind was to email you and let you know that it has been confirmed that our business here will be concluded today for us to travel tomorrow .The only problem is that we may have to work so late today to conclude everything. I was imagining how much I will cherish you always that I stayed there for one hour forgetting that I came online to email you. It finally occurred to me that my heart is so happy to be yours. It will be my pleasure if I can make you happy always and put a permanent smile on your face .I know that all I have said are things of email, I can’t wait for the opportunity to prove them to you. I know that time will definitely tell but no matter what happens, I will forever cherish and appreciate you. Thank you once again for accepting me for who I am and for coming into my life. A lot have changed since than. One thing I know for sure is that I am happier man since I met you.

    Thanks very much for your concern. I haven’t felt this way in ages, so it feels good to know I have a lover once again. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself. I’m a bit worried about mom but I know she’ll be fine…and I’ll see her soon. Like you said, she’s a strong being who should have been a boy instead of a girl(Lol!), but exciting to be with.

    Again, you make me feel big-headed with your compliments! I’m just a simple man who has been raised and trained to respect women…and I do. A woman is like an egg, depending on how you handle it, it can be to your outmost benefit or your worse nightmare.
    I love these kind of movies because it’s just funny the different ways with which people use power…having servants do everything for you yet you either choose to be autocratic or humble. I tend to learn a lot from those movies…and trust me, my person can never be a dictator(not for any reason).

    You seem to have done a lot of lifting and moving these past few days. Hope you aren’t stressing yourself up too much? A part of me feels it’s a good form of exercise but another, feels it could be too much of work for My Lady…hope your bones aren’t broken? Anyway, if they were, I don’t think you’ll be thinking of drinking my martinis for me. Don’t worry, I’ll drink it out of you when I get back. I guess your friend is having a good live-in with all these never-ending preparations and interior decoration by yours truly, my one and only Mary!!! And thank God you didn’t hit on your future husband, Trump in my brother-in-law’s presence. Thanks for controlling “our” political views…Lol! Please keep the spirit.

    Sweetheart, trust me, you can do what I do. In summary, I look for the right investment opportunities at a particular time or period and invest our investors’ money and wait for good returns. What makes me different and a “we can’t afford to lose him” type of employee is I research deeper into the economic market and know what and when to invest in a particular commodity. Also, I have the magic to deal with the most difficult, arrogant, fierce and wierd people on earth. That’s what has caused my long stay with this company. They don’t care if I quit, they’ll still call and pay me when they need me. A free day for me is like everyday. If there’s less mails to respond to or calls to answer, then I can watch movies or sit out with friends(but it doesn’t happen often). I made myself a workaholic because I wanted it like that. Now that you’re here, I’m sure things will change. I’m not at all a boring person, I just lost my friend and everything changed. I don’t play with my sleep either. If I get the chance, I don’t spare sleep!
    My favourite colours are blue, brown and white. I don’t have any skeletons in the cupboard, I’m just a simple person who was full of life, loves family, saw my wife as my only friend…and the cold hands of death took her away. I was crushed…crushed to the bone, but I gathered strength and decided to heal my pain with work…so I became a workaholic…and a good dad…and a good son!

    Baby, I look forward to meeting Pete sometime soon. I feel we’ll connect well already. If I’m to sight you at the airport, I’ll say nothing to you until I’ve finished with my long french kiss. God I pray this happens! I swear I’ll show you how much I love you in front of the whole world.


    Letter 14

    Good morning My Darling. This email is going to be very short because I am not happy at all. You are one person that I did not want to talk to or email when I am unhappy so I had to let my anger calm down which is why I am sending this mail now .I want to be thinking about you in happiness and not I when I am angry. I have to send you this email because I did not email you yesterday and I know that you will be wondering if I got to Sweden safely. If not for that, I am not supposed to be writing you in this mood.

    I got here and realized that my mother is seriously sick than they have been making it look .My Aunt said that she knew the nature of my job and the type of person that I am. She did not want to give me the true picture I so that I don’t abandoned what I was doing to rush down to Malmo. I could not leave the hospital again after I saw her. I had to sleep with her in the hospital. I was so afraid that’s she will not see this morning but she is hanging on.

    What got me angry this morning was that I called my directors to let them know the situation of my old woman and to tell them that I will not be coming tomorrow that I may have to spend more time with her here if possible move her to more specialist hospital. Before calling them, I called two of the investor that i came down with them from Canada and explained to them and they understood.

    I thanked them for their understanding and was very surprised when I called my directors that I have worked with all this years and they were shouting that I should not fail to come back .I got so angry that I shouted back that I am talking about my mums life here and you are talking about company business.

    I had to hang up on him and called the admin director and he came up with the same attitude. What broke my heart was when I called my operation head and he was like I should leave everything and come them and then go back by next weekend .Funny people , all of them thinking about the money that I will make for them. I had to ask them that if I die will this company not continue. Why are they making it sound like without me nothing can be done? The company has other fund manager that can do the job

    Anyway, I have a contract with them so I will try my best to go back to London tomorrow but they will surely witness the unhappy me. Recently, I have been considering resigning from this job but right now I think that I am okay with the job and should resign. My children told me during my last birthday that I should consider retiring from the job the moment they start working officially which is from next year. I agreed with them because I am not looking for anything again outside my love for the job but fright now, I don’t see that love again .I have made reasonable amount of money that I can retire comfortable with so why should I be taking all this insults because I want to continue working .It’s time to call it quits and build my love life. I have found you and what to do everything possible to be around to make this relationship stronger

    Here is my chance to tell the world how lucky I am to have found an amazing woman like you. All my life I felt like I was meant to be alone, as if my own person took a wrong turn over a bridge before I could meet them. Then came you… suddenly my eyes went from clouded storms to small blue beacons. I was so sad, and you took away all that pain just by smiling. I will do anything you ever ask, so long as you promise to never leave me. Without you, my heart would seem empty and useless. I need you, want you, and love you, and will as long as I live and beyond. Thank you for changing me, for making me the proudest man alive to have you.

    I promise that whatever struggles we have to endure in our relationship, I would still hold onto our love because I believe that this is just the way of God to teach us to be strong and faithful to each other. That after this trial we will still be together and start our new life together with a better future ahead of us. I thank God for you and thank you for being you. I do not know where to begin, so I guess this is just as good as any…. Right now I’m thinking about you, and it’s funny how thoughts of you fill my day, my heart, and my mind. You and I have connected on such a higher level, our souls have exchanged caresses that you are the only reason why I will be happy today after al he anger caused my directors. I miss you


    Letter 15

    My Love,
    Good day and welcome to this beautiful day. I am sorry about the tone of my last email filed with anger which was never directed to you but to my directors. They just wanted to frustrate me but I was happy that I did not let them. I told you that you are my medicine for happiness so whenever they want to make me unhappy, I will bring you into the picture so that I will stay happy

    I got to London before 11am.there was already an office car waiting for me at the airport so I went straight to the office and straight into the meeting. During the meeting, it was clear to them that I refused to contribute anything. They saw it immediately that I was not happy at all. It got to a point that I could not hold it and I had to ask them why they sounded like I must come back for the company to continue running. They told me that I am the company’s best broker negotiator which was the main reason that they requested that I fly down with the directors. They told me that the transaction in place requires my expertise and can never be done successfully without me or the company may enter into some wrong deals due to the fluctuating manure of the Russian stock. Anyway that is by the way but it was obvious that the explanation did not convince me .I told myself there that since I am still under contract with the company, I have to do my work and stop complaining so I got down to business .I am no longer complaining my dear but even with that. My mind could not rest about my beloved mum

    My biggest joy was that I took the decision to fly straight top see my mum. The first day I got to the hospital, it was obvious that she was too weak but on seeing me, she smiled and tried to keep an ALL IS WELL face. I told her mum, don’t give me that face, we know that all is not well and that Diana and JR are planning to take two days off from their training base to come and see you .She smiled again but still, there was no strength .She just said, Frank, all is really not well but I hope I did not make you change your programme to come here

    When it became obvious to me that my mum is still the same was when she cut me off in the middle of our discussion to ask me, what of our wife? I was surprised that I had to ask her who is our wife? She kept quiet for few minutes and asked me if I have lost you again .I immediately realized that she was asking of you …Ooh, my darling! She is fine and has been praying for you. I told her that you have been asking after her seriously, she smile and asked me to show her your picture again. I showed her and she smiled again and said she is lovely and I bless her.

    Counting down from the day I met you till this day has become the best day so my life. It has been the best that anything can describe. The truth is that “If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes. I’ll sweep you off your feet, and make God regret he left an angel behind. All I want and pray is to create the right relationship with you as I found out during my research about love that love is not finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end

    I just want you to know how happy I am with you and how much you mean to me. No matter what, you’re always there for me and I just want to thank you for being such a great Friend. I wish the best for us both because there isn’t anyone and anything going to put us down. And even though we still have our friendship, I’m blissful and pray that we will have something much more. I’m very grateful and hope we will have love. You have been my angel; you have saved me from loneliness and misery. More than anything else, I thank you for YOU. Your intelligence, your company, the time you create to email me, the way you make me look forward to waking up again in the mornings, the way you make me sleep with a smile on my face. Thank you my beautiful friend. I miss you


    Letter 16

    Finally they have succeeded .I have lost her and was not there during her last day on earth. My directors forced me to abandon a dying old woman and now she is dead and I was not by her side when I had the opportunity. I just feel so bad; so so! Bad this time that I find it hard to console myself. Even my mum asked me not to go but I did .It was like she knew that she will die. She has always complain about my work She never love the people I work or and how demanding they are. Now, she has proved herself right at the point of her dead. How can I continue with this work? Working for other people s money .I don’t even know how to tell my children that I left because of job. I don’t know how to tell them that their grandmother is dead. I don’t know, what to say now my love. I just came online to tell; you that MUM is dead

    Letter 17


    • Wow, I received almost the identical letters from our prolific “Frank”
      I am grateful to this person for cracking open my heart,(after the death of my beloved husband of many years) and for my rational mind for catching “let me put your name on an investors certificate that will only be good for 10 days, then you can send money for an on-line off shore bank account and then we will share the 11 million dollars for the rest of our lives,,,,,etc.” Too good to be true is too good to be true. May the dynamics of karma bless us all. Mary Lee R.

      • He was scamming my mom too. He said his name is Robert Ponzio email only rponzio64@gmail.com
        Make Google your best friend!!! Google everything! Don’t fall for words!! Actions only!

    • Thanks for posting all his letters which were mostly identical to the ones he sent to me over a two month period.. I wonder how many other women he instantly fell in love with? It was when the send money letter arrived that I finally woke up out of the brain fog. Was nice to know that my teenager heart has come out of hiding and will appreciate a face to face connection with someone. Also grateful that I could sit with the feelings and know that this too shall pass. (After getting very sad and then pissed at the blatant betrayal stuff) Oh well in this present moment, ALL IS WELL. Another Mary in Oregon.

    • I received almost identical emails from Anthony Mandez, a photo of an extremely fit white male who told me he was working off shore Alaska on a oil rig. I fell in love with him and I still can’t believe he was a scammer. He never asked for money. He wrote to ne daily for 1- 1/2 months. It just ended this week when he sent me 2 paragraphs that were identical and I found them online. I live in WI and he claimed he came to West Bend WI during his time off because his wife died and it was so difficult to go to Houston. He was on Match.com. i reported him and he is off that site. Very devastating!

  6. I have 2 I have called out just this week. #1 Military Michael J Durham Staff Sergeant in Iraq. Found me through messanger on Facebook December 15, 2017. My settings private. Just wanted someone to talk with as he was widowd 59yr old going to be retired in 2 years. Born and adopted from Denmark at age 7. Raised in Denver CO Has house in L.A. CA for 3 years and a 6 year old daughter. I will say he never asked me for money outright, he did hint Feb 5th about needing $450 for his daughter and nanny were stuck in Maryland U.S. Never asked, he just sounded upset for them. I did not volunteer either. I always had it in my mind to never give my heart until we met by this summer, no dates could be given, but he called through messenger only. He never asked for my personal phone number or address. He sounded truthful but I always had my guard up. It was last weekend that my girlfriend from TX contacted me and asked who that soldier was on my FB in my friends. When I told her she said he was a scammer. That same person and photo went to her girlfriend in New Mexico last year Oct, Nov. He asked her for money and she was so in love with him she almost sent it until her friends convinced her no. I confronted “Michael” Feb 25 and he did everything he could to convince me it was not him. Everything but send me an instant picture of him with the calendar. Got disconnected (hung up ) and have not heard from him again

  7. I was scammed by David Rolland,
    Email, he even sent me “classified documents” wanting $2000 along with pics of “him” but I wouldn’t give him the money, I have many emails too…

  8. I recently was communicating with a man that claims he is in the Army stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina he goes by the name of Johnson Evan Williams on Facebook he has sent me pictures of himself and His Daughter by the name of Jess he also contact me on kik he goes by the name of Johnson Evans Williams and his Commander Bonilla has contacted me as well I have been speaking with this gentleman since June of last year and he was supposed to been home January 15th of 2018 but I had got kind of leery and started asking questions and he has blocked me so ever since then there are two other women on Facebook that have contacted me and they have also sent money and iTune cards to him he’s asked everyone to marry him and promise the world so I think right now so far including myself he has scammed three women one name is R. Bonet and S. Pouge. I have spoken to him but was never able to FaceTime him. He does have an accent I asked him if he was Nigerian African he claimed that he was born in Canada he also states he is in Madrid Spain which I know there are only two bases in Spain and there is no base located in Madrid Spain.

  9. Melissa miles wants my email address. She is Nigeria, said she grew up in Maryland but she doesn’t have good English. Asked for a picture with her holding up one finger, got a reg picture and she said she don’t like other type of pictures.

  10. I have been talking to man claiming he’s from the us army stationed in Nigeria. He hasn’t asked for money or anything or asked for me to signed forms. Just occasional conversations through the weeks. He has sent multiple pictures of himself in and out of uniform also with pictures of friends with him in and out of uniform how can I tell if he’s fake he says his name is Fabian Dwayne. Any help will be appreciated

      • Hey I have a question I have been talking to this man Benjamin Wingo for three months says he leaves In Arizona but in Nigeria now .he has been asking for money
        He has a daughter and have a lot of pics of him with the daughter claims divorced
        Do I believe him

  11. Was chatting with a Ojeda Adams he says hes from texas america his profile is on facebook and messenger he says he is in temale afganistan is a sergeant but couldnt answer any questions nothing broken english and told me to send a care package to Name Alhassan Hamza
    C/o ojeda adams
    County ..Ghana
    Zip code ..00233
    Sent me 2 pictures and i believe is a scam never asked for money but did ask for items to be sent which i never did… i hate when people are stupid acting as a soldier doing there duty to serve and protect

  12. How do these scammers have access to someone’s profile I mean every time I would ask for a picture he would send me one and they were all the same person with uniform and the name. I believe the guy in pictures is real with last name Price. How would someone able to find him to let him know

    • I have recently been scammed I believe by a sergeant Mike Lopez who says he is from San Jose,CA. Currently in Somalia for 3 months. Says he is a widower with a 14 year old son in boarding school in London. Asking for no money but seems to be looking for a wife or someone to date. Just seems fishy to me

    • Yup i got done with a srgt Dominic Becker but goes under jonsmike on instagram, I’m Australian so their reach is far and wide

  13. I forgot to mention that he used my fb messenger to contact with me he also used whatsapp to chat and his fb messenger he also has a fb profile

  14. So I’m from Denver Colorado and my scammers info that I have.
    Price Greg Jack deployed in Nigeria
    Number I have +234 706 058 7580.
    Email that was mention to be his sister. Patricejack26@gmail.com
    I did send message and got respond so it was real also the name CHARLES SOLA that was if I did sent money gram would be to that name.
    I believe that the pictures he sent were the real deal he was using them he had a broken language when texting you could just tell. And also all photos did have the name PRICE on his uniform.

  15. Sgt. Cooper. US Army. Wants me to send money to an agent in Nigeria named Peter Gabriel. Says Army won’t pay for him to come home fron deployment.

  16. Somerset, KY scammers email is Edwin Hawkins and they are currently using the site “Coffee Meet Bagel” Hawkinsedwin5@gmail is the address being used. I wish the poor guy in the pictures could be found.

    • i have been approached lately by James Herd too from CMB, his profile was banned today

  17. Hi
    Plz she is really soldier or not she is name is Jelena Rodriguez,she say me USA army joined force with Atlantic military plz ask me…… Shes of office ask me $1350 send and here to move out and meet with you but how to do I DC not know is that right or wrong plz ask me and she name Sarch and tell me I have her photos but how do send here…..

      • I was contacted on Facebook by a profile using a soldier’s pic. Name on uniform of Womack. I shut down one profile using the name Robert Perry but with Womack’s profile pic. I’ve also requested FB shutdown 3 other profiles using name Womack David & his pictures. All their friends are single women & a lot of times single moms. This is who they prey on. However with most of them if you scroll back down their page far enough you’ll find posts from Nigeria. As far as I know we don’t have troops in Nigeria. Quite frankly I’m suspicious of any man I don’t know who friend requests me. But this trick of using soldiers pics seems to be working.

        • And P.S. the more of them I call out on their scam and report to Facebook as a fake profile, the more contact me. Beginning to feel stalked. And my profile is completely private.

      • A family member is in communication with an alleged US Army Capt Justin Hamilton Johnson, Chaplain on assignment w UN Peacekeeping Group in Syria. We have photos.
        He said some things that raised flags and when the family member blocked him from all communication, the person found her in one other social media and agreed that he wouldn’t ask financial questions until they are face to face when he arrives in Texas to see if she is the one he is to settle down with. When asked on Kik to send an immediate photo of his hands, he did, but she needed to ask differently for live identification. ie Your hand, a signal, next to your face and id on fatigues or something like that.
        We are in Texas and would love to answer any questions if you still researching. We even have a communication connection in AL with someone supposed to be his sister.
        Only a gmail account. I have asked for a .mil email for confirmation. Have considered firing off an email in the way it should be presented so that the real Johnson can reply. . This communicator has been warned that no money is to be requested, no gifts to son, etc.
        Would be deeply grateful for any clue. We want our family member happy and safe.

    • Hello..i was contacted by a robert alex smith said us army stationed in afganistan but was going to get oyt of military his father owned a construction co and he robert was sole inheritor. Co worth millions. He said wife died had a son in new york in bording. He tx me wanting to come back to stares asap to meet me buy me cars houses etc with using his fathers inheretamce. Well 5 days before he was to head here to states and flying to see me first, he said he needed $5,000.00 to seal the inheretamce. Oh i was angry he then started with an attitude saying he would give money back saying i was being mean and off the wall yoi dont love me anymore crap. I said i dont know you etc etc etc. He then started anger tx. Said i was mean etc. Well i got rid of that scammer. So remember name ROBERT ALEX SMITH USA ARMY. WAS IN AFGANISTAN INHERITI G HIS FATHERS CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS IN SOME COUNTRY. SAYS AFTER HE GET TO CLAIMING HIS FATHERS CHECK FOR BUSINESS HE WILL AT LAST MINUTE SEENG ALL OK BUT NOT. DAYS BEFORE HE WAS TO COME BACK TO STATES HE WANTED TO BORROW A LOT OF MONEY. WOULDNT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. HAS A SON IN BORDING SCHOOL IN N.Y.AND HIS WIFE DIED. WATCH FOR HIM!! Scammer!! Tall wire rim glasses kinda bald. Nice smile age said 2 yrs younger than i 56. Goodluck

  18. Williams Odem..E-6 Staff Sergeant in Bagdad….he has been there for 18 months and is due to return home in a few weeks, he is an only child, both parents died in an accident…..he has property in Manhattan and 2 in CA….upon his return he will retire and relocate for a golden heart…. his birthday approaches and he would like a card with our name on it, he then says he could use some socks, boxers, slippers, t shirts….his APP has retired so we need to send it through a courier……we have to e-mail him ….military courierUSA@gmail.com….once you e-mail the courier he gives you this address to mail it to…..Wallace Guynn…..Kumasi Ghana…Banana High Street zip codeb00233…he also requests money if you can not shop, I do have 3 pictures if would like them

    • i have been contact by a soldier works at U.S Army studied at United States Military Academy went to US Army war college lives in Kabul Afghanistan single from New york name James Mark i believe these person is using these gentleman identity e has been pestering me not please

    • Stolen identity. Brian Terrence Butler (fake name) claims to be out of country in St. Lucia on a covert operation. Claims that his Debit was hacked and he needs money to pay workers. Really??? Dude hangs on harmony site. Claims to be from Van Brunt NY and is a chemical engineer. His email is Butlerb38@yahoo.com. I got this sweetly figured out just need to hand his ass in. Geez I feel terrible for these real people getting scammed. Good luck.

      • Hi…
        So it’s apparent the imposter is at it again posing as a Master Sgt Brian T Butler from Sanger, CA. Very similar ruse as what Kate described above on 15Feb2017. Chemical engineer. A secret agent for the army. Thick African/Moroccan accent. Met on eH early May 2017 then started texting/calling/emailing. He was actually terminated from there (eH) involuntarily for reasons unknown but that I had been notified.

        Very intelligent, poetic, excellent English 98% of time. Has consistent photos of a man, both in uniform and in civilian dress. Also a very real passport and bank accounts. And flight itinerary. Had put off meeting me for various reasons

        Went to Thailand as independent contractor in chemical engineering for 2 weeks. Was robbed and stabbed. Bank cards all stolen as well as work computer. A week away from returning and needs $. Uncle and colleague (Renee) had half, he requested $ from me to help him pay his workers and return CONUS. Wanted $ sent to unknown 3rd party to me (a work colleague). He planned to return to my airport to finally meet.

        Over these weeks I saw the red flags raising but couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. After he asked for $$$ last night, I googled his name and the only thing that comes up is your post. And a description of an eerily similar experience. I never sent $. Ceased contact. But who’s ever identity he stole needs to be advised. Very sickening how they pose as honorable service men.

        For many details, please feel free to contact me.

        • Kings Anderson on Facebook. Supposedly in Kabul for over a year & wants to marry me etc…widowed with a child& no other family members. Supposedly from San Diego. Has sent photos &wants me to contact, diamond delivery service worldwide@consultant.com. I smell a fish& I am concerned for the person he is using. I’ve done nothing for this scammer.

      • An imposter is still using this soldier’s and chemical engineer’s (Brian Butler) identity and attempting to scam money from women he meets on eHarmony. He even has pictures of soldier Butler in uniform that he sends out and copies of sensitive ID documents. Eerily similar scam as what occurred with Kate. Same email address as she listed for him. While red flags were raised and I was not duped by this fraud, be ware.

    • Hi my name is Rosa Mendez and I am being scammed.my email is rosamendez947@gmail.com.he told me he has a son in Africa with some friends the name of his friend was okoro prince..Then he said his son got sick with apendecitis and his money was frozen I told him how can that be he said because that’s how it is over there he says he’s stationed? at West Africa.I’m been following him he made another page but he uses the same name Rodriquez Maxwell.in the other page he says he in Afghanistan..I can send you the pictures .He even send a picture of a little boy and said it was his son

      • Had the same experience and I believe with the same person. I thinnk I commented and told you last fall about this guy used name James O’Connor under the disguise of Gen. Brigade John O’Connor I was so nieve and got hooked. I had never heard of these things happening. Wow I went on Match.com under advise of a friend to start getting and thats how he hooked me … so so sad… He got a phone from me and tried to get $$$ through western Union to supposedly come home. It had messed my life up with phone account, etc. but he never got money from me. it was so so sad that I began to fall in love with someone I never met Please do not put my name out there


      • to Marie. I was the one who told you that James was a scam. so sorry.. very sad as he did the same to me. Never found out who he really was.

    • I’ve just finished texting a “Marine Capt” who is in Afghanistan…up until He mentioned wanting to send me gold bars…. I told him a REAL Marine would know that’s illegal and I wanted no part of it and to not write me anymore…he said his name was Sean Jeffrey Mueller from Antonio Texas and lived in Alice Texas. I have pictures he sent me…had me get a Google hangouts account so we could txt there. This is the second such “soldier” scam I have encountered and it really pains my heart these assholes are out there.

  19. hello i was done the same way by a woman from the united state that was going to Nigeria to pick up money from her father estate that left her 4.6 million dollars and she go there to get money but the lawyer tell her she must pay to get money from this estates and all this was paid for before her father past way and she tell me about this lawyer that was handling the estates for her and cost her so much money to get it done , but in the mean time she need money from me and the bills just keep running up on this and she never came home. be ward of this name Mary william are her email sherry684070@yahoo.com and the lawyer name Kuremark@gmail.com both of them will take you and others for large sums of money thank you .

  20. Attention Please
    Anybody you meet online with any of these story is a SCAM.

    1. A US soldier in any of the middle east countries or in peace keeping mission in Africa.
    2. Divorced or a Widower with kid or kids leaving in somewhere away from him.
    3. Showed you photos of lot of money allegedly found or recovered during their mission.
    4. Asking for your postal address to send you package so you can pay for delivery.
    5. Sending you beautiful and sweet love poems every morning and night.
    6. Complain he’s not allowed to come on cam for security reasons.
    7. Comes on cam via manycam (playing you different recorded videos using the pause, forward and rewind buttons).
    8. Asking for money to send to his kids for birthdays, fees, medical and whatever.
    9. Asking for ticket money
    10. Asking for money

    Be WARNED most of them are teenagers and young adults in Africa between the ages of 17 to 30years

    • oh my …thats what I have been thinking to be younger …so sad.. Lots of prayer needed to stop. Has anyone had an encounter with the name NicholasBotchway@gmail which i think is the same person as JamesChelsea19@gmail or jameshels19@gmail imposter of Gen Brig. John O’Connor…so sad. I was devastated that such a thing has happened to our military Why isn’t this organization stopped? Definitely a swamp!

  21. Steven Wayne Barrett is his name. Anyone know him?

    Christian match is where we met. Lots of texting. He has not asked for money. Says widowed, wife Rebecca died 5 years ago of leukemia. 50 years old and has no children. Is Staff Sergeant in Afghanistan. Due to retire in April. I do have a couple of pics. I’d like to know if anyone knows this guy. I am thinking of keeping him around to see what he does.

  22. Heey There. I discovewred your blog using msn. This is a very neatly written article.
    I will make sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra oof your helpful info.
    Thank you for the post. I will definitely return.

  23. Andre Collard Army Sergeant station in Iran. Asking for money to buy coffee and a plane ticket to come home
    to visit his sick child and me. on facebook… yahoo email is collardandre@yahoo.co

  24. I am currently talking to a man that claims he is in the army and needs me to email his commandor and send some money so that he can come to the US. He stated he does not have access to his account and will have access once he is in the US. I clearing sounds like a scam. So what do I do how do I report this?

  25. I am so amazed at everyone. How can you people fall for these simple mistakes. I do network security and I’m well aware of these guys work. I pretended like I was interested in a husky pup and in the end I got the person on the other side to tell me their whole address. Melissa Steele 212 west Norman ave. Dayton Ohio 45405. I just this literary 5 minutes ago. This idiot make so many mistakes that it is easy for me to tell. He told me to ship a pup would be 100 dollars from ohio to ms. What an idiot? I’m about to contact he authority up there and put this scrumbag behind bars. I thought it was fun messing this this idiot. I even trace his number back to Houston. He’s working with more then one person

  26. I need to know if there is a Caruso Brown ay Eggers Camp in Kabul? Supposedly he is a major , a provost marshal. He contacted me on facebook and we have been talking almost every day. He has also sent me pictures and videos of supposedly him and his children. But tonight he asked if he could borrow $500.00 ! Of course I said no because I have heard of these scams , but I need to know if this guy is a fake soldier for sure or not’ I didn’t think he was until he asked me that tonight and then my gut instinct tells me otherwise, but then who is in these oictures and videos I received? Could you please find out what is going on? The picture of the sign he sent me says ” Provost Marshal Maj Caruso” Thank you Michelle

  27. I am talking to Master Sergent. Robert Christopher Miller, 40 years old and he said he was in Afghanistan Kabul, recently he had an assignment in Kandahar Afghanistan. He went to Nigeria last week to train in Nigerian Army and he wants to get retired from military. He asked me to help him financially. Please help me if I’m scammed.

  28. Has any one been contacted by a man calling him self sergeant robert smith please let me no i think o wad scammef

  29. Claims from a Chris Durham that he is a US Marine serving in Afghanistan!!!!! He contacted me via a dating website. Turned out emails were from Nigeria,, i got suspicious and thankfully have not sent anything to him. He has a facebook page which he also contacted me from?!

    • I just got romantic messages from a military man named james durham , but his pics do say durham on his uniform, said he’s in Sudan, he is supposedly a major of some kjnd. Says he’s 57 has a daughter in n.y, at boarding school. Wife died a couple yrs ago. Only 3 days in. He hasn’t asked me for anything yet.e cep to chat on hangouts,. I wish I could verify his identity .

        • Hi..I think my friend is being scammed by someone claiming to be in the army. He claims that he was deployed to Africa because he went awol so he could visit her. She says his punishment was being sent to Africa until December. He also claims he can never talk on the phone. I think it’s a scam but if I don’t have proof, I don’t want to say anything.

        • It’s a scam. The military doesn’t punish Soldiers by sending them to Africa. That is nonsense. They get sent home and kicked out of the military.

  30. I got on a dating site for one week and had five scammers on there already. Why are there so many?

  31. We met on match. Com. Have been emailing & chatting for 6 months. Said he is stationed in Afghanistan, has been there 4 years. Has been in the Army 20 years is retiring at end of this June 2013. Said he is from Italty, he has Two boys, is Divorced, his email frivera19621010@gmail.com/frivera19621010@yahoo.com. Throughout this whole emailing and chatting for 6 months never asked for anything. He has been very sweet, the first time when he said he falling in love with me was in April 2013 . Felix, is what he called himself is going to retire in June wants to marry me. You know I, myself would not have ever done this online stuff. My daughters talked me into this they thought , they said ‘I need a life to’ I have been divorced since 2003. Been a single parent, raised my kids….now they are on their own. So I gave it a try. I did not expect for anyone to play with my emotions. A week ago he emailed me asked how I felt about him. Did tell him that there are some feelings there and that I have fallen in love with him. The next day I get an email where he is asking me to trust him . Gave me information to an offshore bank account with user ID and password along with security question and answer. That he wanted me to have access to the account because we were to get married soon. At this point I thought to myself that’s crazy I’m not doing that!!!! I have so many pictures of him that he sent , so many of them. We have not met or talked on phone his excuse was SPECIAL FORCES not allowed. I get a message in yahoo that he needs me to send him $3500.00 to Australia for a friend that his wife is in the hospital. I told him what about the off shore acct he has, why not get from there? Says he cannot just got email from bank mgr that needs special Code for transaction. I told him that was a bunch of crock. I can’t believe that. I can’t send you the money I have not even talked with you on the phone . I ended the chat. Couple minutes later I get a call on my cell phone ID CALLER Roseville , Mi 586-209-4918 I answer he asks for Sylvia I say this is she how can I help you then he tells me “‘Im Felix’ By this time I was already leery and hurt . I asked him how he got my # his response was that it did not matter. He tells me you wanted to hear my voice you wanted to talk to me i told him sure I did but your not allowed to use the phone his commander approved it. Well I told him you do not sound Italian at all. So please do not contact me again. I disconnect the call I had my # changed. What is so wrong about this whole thing is they are so many of them . How do they do this? I thank God I did not send any money, I thought about it but did not act on it!!!! Now the big thing about this whole thing is I really feel stupid for falling for this, fell in love with a man, I know his face anywhere and that smile. and in my mind I know that it was not real at all….But can someone tell that to my Heart. I did some research of my own and the photos of the soldier I have his real name is SSG Angel L Rivera Jr out of TX ( Fhoto Search ). I may contact him let him know that his photos are used in scams not hing in details . I don’t know mabe y’all should do this. I am from Brunswick, Georgia I may be reached @ 912-577-9374 I am not interested being interviewed you may ask questions, but not on Tv I have been Through enough thank you God Bless

    • May I ask how did you ath the pics to whom he really was? I have lots

  32. someone called ‘kelvin cole’ has contacted me on facebook, i was onto him straight away because he had trouble spelling, missing out words, and he just didnt seem genuine american speaking english!
    he says him and his fellow troops were attacked yesterday in darfur, west sudan, and hed lost everything, wallet, phone, etc, and has no food or money, and he was talking to me on facebook using his mates phone.
    in our conversation i made sure i got across that i was unemployed, and to see if the conversation carried on once hed realised i was skint! i havnt heard from him since……
    be wary guys!!!!!

  33. hi anon if you do really know the true soldier anzaldua can you mail me so we can have a chat . we have stopped talking at last and whoever I was talking to has moved on to scam someone else. thanks.

  34. anonn harriet says she dont know you so dont but in to something you have nothing to do with. if you know harriet tell me how to call her on her i phone or tell me where she is just now !!!!!!!! if you cant go play with your building blocks !!!

  35. Am a friend of staf sargent harriet anzaldus David did not believe Harriet and now he put her name and pictures on site and scam site …. David is just trying to hurt her she love David .

    I can see that TROLLS have been busy here this is a dead give away that they still do anyone with half a brain knows REAL US Military will not beg you for money for ANY reason and they can read and write proper English the two posters above clearly cannot. Anonn

    • so why have i had to give her £6000 up till now and she is looking for another £8000 for a visa. if you know harriet give me a number i can contact her on if she is your friend and i take it you can tell me where she stays in the US and where she is right now and what relationship do you have with her right now . i look forward to hearing from you very very soon with interest in what you have to say regarding all this . davy

  36. hi evelyn this is davy mail me on the address in the post here and we can have a chat .

  37. Am a friend of staf sargent harriet anzaldus David did not believe Harriet and now he put her name and pictures on site and scam site …. David is just trying to hurt her she love David . David mail me when you get my email address and stop all this

  38. hi can the person on herewho was scamed by staf sargent harriet anzaldus please get in toutch with me at hailesdavid@yahoo.co.uk as she is trying to do the same to me can you forward any picks you have o harriet thanks this bitch is going down
    yours david

  39. i im in the middle of a scam just now i just found out with a staff sargent harrier anzaldua so if anyone has bee taken in the same as me can we get together and share any onfo we have so she can be brought down , i started to talk to her about 5 months ago now when she said she was serving in afganistan with US army. she retired from that and says she is working om a project still over in afganistan, and me like a fool have been helping her with all the expence she has to come live with me here i have address in US where i had things delivered and lots more stuff to share so hape you get in toutch with me at hailesdavid@yahoo.co.uk thanksfor reading this and hope we can help each other out here and i can mabee get some of thr £5000 back i gave her. yours david hailes

  40. i have just beem scamed by someone for £5000 by a staff srgt harrier anzaldua and im still in contact with her as she is still trying to get another $6000 fro me with a fake police report for to get a visa so she can come stay with meshe was in the army when i met her and she is now retired and working on a project in afganistan she says and all the money i gave her was to help her come home to me i have documents from her mail addresses she uses and photoes of her if anyone wants to get in contact with me or if someone knows where i can report this so they can be brought down i also have addresseslinked to her as i sent her things by mail as well , any help here would be great so i can put a stop to her for good so she is locked away for a long time. my mail address is hailesdavid@yahoo.co.uk feel free to contact me anytime , just say you are from here so i know thanks davy .

  41. I live in texas around the dallas area,, sure glad i googled this scammers address.

  42. Didn’t see the name on the first email just wanting to know if the merchandise was stil available. WHO NAMES THERE KID WITH A MIDDLE NAME OF HERNANDEZ? THAT ALONE MAKES ME FURIOUS.

    My name is Steve Hernandez Barrett am 42 years old,i’m from Seattle
    WA,I m a Sgt in the US Army and i m presently on deployment in Camp
    Victory, Iraq Base,I was introduced to this Great and exploring
    craigslist site,i was searching for a specific item as a gift and i
    saw yours attracting and i decided to send you a message,I’m
    purchasing this item as a gift in Michigan.Is it presentable?…I want
    you to take this item off craigslist for any disturbance I’m buying
    the item as a gift,i would have loved to come down to check it but am
    currently in a camp….i will offer you $100 for the shipping with
    insurance and handling expenses via UPS\FEDEX Next Day Air Early A.M.®
    to Michigan.Get back to me with your full name and your paypal email
    address so that i can put the money through cos i dont have access to
    my bank account for now.I will make the payment asap.Thanks and get
    back to me


    is this posted item still available? can you get back to me with more
    pics…awaiting for your quick response.


  43. this guy is trying to scam me for a $1600 watch.

    My name is Steve Hernandez Barrett am 42 years old,i’m from Seattle WA,I m a Sgt in the US Army and i m presently on deployment in Camp Victory, Iraq Base,I was introduced to this Great and exploring craigslist site,i was searching for a specific item as a gift and i saw yours attracting and i decided to send you a message,I’m purchasing this item as a gift in Wisconsin for my cousin cos i will not be able to attend their ceremony.Is it presentable?…I want you to take this item off craigslist for any disturbance I’m buying the item as a gift,i would have loved to come down to check it but am currently in a camp….i will offer you $100 for the shipping with insurance and handling expenses via UPS\FEDEX Next Day Air Early A.M.® to Wisconsin.Get back to me with your full name and your paypal id cos i dont have access to my bank account for now.I will make the payment asap.Thanks and get back to me


    is this posted item still available? can you get back to me with more pics…awaiting for your quick response.


    his email he is using is — lndbrrtt3@gmail.com

  44. I’ve posted here many times. My name is Gordon and I’m an active-duty Army officer. Pictures of me have been used by scammers since at least 2009. Back in April, a new opportunity arose to combat the SCAMMERS. An editor from Glamour Magazine in New York City contacted me and asked for an interview. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. The resulting article was published in the October 2012 edition of the magazine. I’d encourage everyone to buy the magazine or read the article on-line through a link that I’ll post below. Hopefully, the story will shed more light on this under-reported crime.


  45. Where can you check out if these men are for real or scammers?

  46. I have contacted a man on Match. He sounds to be honest and realistic, but I think he’s a faker. His name is Richard and Service of doing in Afghanistan, he is a trained pilot with the U.S. Air Force. I would love to know if he really exist .. please send me an email if i know anything about him I talk to him at the moment

    • Check where his emails originate from…. and if he is not using military email he is almost certainly fake. I didn’t know this for ages but glad i found out.

  47. Dear CJ,
    Please publish the name of David Dallas with an email address of david.dallas77@yahoo.com, a scammer claiming that he is 54 yrs old, US Army Lt. Col. , and using the picture of Staff Sgt. Salvatore A. Giunta as his profile picture in FB..and also sent pictures of Staff Sgt. Giunta to me…he used to call me in my phone but don’t want to video chat….His IP address is in Nigeria with an area/country code of 234..He said he is in Darfur, Surdan… He was asking for a $500 as a transit fee for him to take a vacation leave to see me in person as his fiancee’ & promised that this will be refunded to me…so i doubted him…and i began surfing for his identity, thank God , i came across his pictures when i click his school in his profile in FB…he is a fake and impersonator…i end up our communication but in his last message, he still claims that he is true and sincere that someone else is impersonating him…he always talks about God…please don’t entertain this kind of person…

  48. I know this is happening i am here in Oklahom and a very close friend is having it happen to her right now. She did not fall for the scam we are researching this and the Soldier that is talking to her is Johnson Rede Woody. me being in the military have resources to look up Soldiers and know for a fact that there is no Johnson Rede Woody in the armed services. Any suggestions to me about helping in the fight let me know via email. This is sick and a disgrace to me as a Staff Sergeant with 20+years and still serving and the Country.

  49. there is a Col. Alex Santiago I met through a match site and will not stop harassing me . He has filled my email with love letters and texts me and then he will stop.But then, starts it up all over again, just when I think I am rid of him.I have reported him to FBI for impersonation of US Army solder, but unfortunately, continued to be terrorized . I want to get his profile picture out there to warn women. to stay away and do NOT yahoo message. yahoo chat, or text with Col. Alex Santiago .

  50. I’ve been reading through the posts here and see many people suggesting that if you’re suspicious of someone claiming to be a U.S. service member, you should ask for a photocopy or scan of his ID CARD.

    Believe it or not, it would be a crime for him to do so. Even though it’s a common practice for landlords and businesses located near military posts to ask for a copy of a soldier’s ID CARD, this is still prohibited by law under TITLE 18 U.S.C. § 701: U.S. Code – Section 701: Official badges, identification cards, other insignia.

    “Whoever manufactures, sells or possesses any badge, identification card or other insignia of the design prescribed by the head of any department or agency of the United States for use by any officer or employee thereof, or any colorable imitation thereof, or photographs, prints, or in any other manner makes or executes any engraving, photograph, print, or impression in the likeness of any such badge, identification card, or other insignia, or any colorable imitation thereof, except as authorized under regulations made pursuant to law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.”

    This law is part of the U.S. Code and reflects the bill passed by Congress in January 2008. The Web site for this can be found at http://uscode.house.gov/download/pls/18C33.txt

    Of course, most of these African scammers will be happy to send you a copy of a forged ID CARD.

    • Sounds like you may be a scammer Gordon. A military ID card is on the list of acceptable forms of ID to prove citizenship and right to work in the U.S. It’s listed on that I-9 form where you show one from list A and one from list B. So, it’s not a crime to photocopy it. Employers have to photocopy it to use it as ID for a job. Also, if you read the writing you posted the sentence and grammar are wrong and is incoherent thought.

      • I can assure you this Gordon is not a scammer. Regardless of what the I-9 there are troops who are not yet citizens but carry ID cards.

  51. do not send these men any money I also was scammed due to unrealisticlove and fake documents and promise of coming to see you..all this is false they the scammers have no heart all they want is to scum you out of money.how does one put them under arrest and catch them can you tell me..thank you doreen

  52. Hi everyone,
    I am writing because I am a lil concern about a soldier I met online, even thou he hasn’t asked for money yet, he has request to for me to request his leave. Supposly he is gana send me gift and money, but I think he is a scammer, his name is Derrick Alfred Jr. I did a search on him and this site popped-up, but I can find his name in here nor his pic. So if anyone knows anything please let me know.


  53. ive been talking to a sgt baleme raymond. He has gotten from me 1200.00 usa dollars. Supposley for his leave. Well if I knew what I know now I would of never send the money. Now he’s asking for 1985.00 usa dollars. He’s out of his mind . I will not send anymore money. What I have been doing is going along with his bullshit. He really thinks that I’m goona send him more money. He called me today for the first time. And I couldn’t even understand his english.

  54. I have read several of these stories and I am truly sorry for some of the ladies that have been involved in a scam. So, basically my message is for those up-and-coming that seek advice. In regards to scams involving money or anything that money can buy/purchase, etc:

    If the scam is not directly related to personnel from a branch of the service here in this country (under legal jurisdiction of this country the USA) an investigation is not going to take place. That is why places like Nigeria scam the women or men in the USA. There is no legal jurisdiction. You can track back all the way to their door. There is no legal jurisdiction. Our legal system has no jurisdiction in Nigeria. That is why they scam the USA. Legally, there can be nothing done, no matter how many pictures you save or how many letters you save or how many receipts you save. Just call it an out-of-pocket expense for looking for love online. I think the best thing that can be done now as women is to cut-and-paste the positive information that you do find on this site and copy it some place else for someone that maybe is about to experience what other women have.

    Sometimes when a women gains the attention of a man she seems to just forget about reality. Her reasons for doing this are not always comprehended, as we are not the one that feels her needs at the time. Be realistic, and I am not being rude when I say what I am about to say. This is just a scenario.

    OK, I will use my personal scenario. Yesterday, CJ posted about the cream he is using on his face for the next three weeks, and how it is going to make his face red and puffy for the next three weeks. I saw the tweet and tweeted him back.

    “Love you even if your face is red and puffy.” Thanks for everything you have done and still do. Know the cream you speak of. LOL.

    I share this to explain this. When I mentioned the word “love” it is in the context of love for mankind because of what he is doing for me and our country. I am not in love with him.

    Sometimes when a woman is vulnerable her affections can be played upon. And, she is very easily trapped. I explain all of this only to make a point as I have seen many friends fall victim to this nonsense that I have been reading everywhere on the net.

    Come on women, these men have done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all around the world. Stop falling for stories involving money in any way. Look at it this way. If your (fake) soldier says he has been deployed for two years in Iraq, and needs you to send him money, think about it. He has been in the field for two years. He draws a paycheck, and has not been anywhere to spend it.

    When a man emails you and the only words he has to say repeatedly are “I love you”, come on think about it. Love is a very emotional word and men don’t often say it…Look at it this way…if you have not touched skin-to-skin in a horizontal position with this man…do you really think he is in “love”. To men the word love is strongly attached to the act of sex….that is why they get all gah gah when they run into really good goodies. Think about it ladies.

    I am sorry to be so blunt, but somebody has to say it. If any of you would like to cut and post my message and place it on other dating sites, etc, please feel free to. We need to worry our men less, by being brighter as women. They have enough to do.

    I hope this information is helpful. I am not saying that the possibility of love can not happen through written words. But learn to cover your back, and think through it. If you are not getting something more than written words and empty promises, enjoy the conversation for what it is and watch your back. Besides, a little flattery never hurt any woman…smile and have a blessed day.

    • that is so true.
      i am sirkka from finland.
      29 on september ,about two weeks ago i get a fake profile on facebook also. that fake name is joe dunford . he sent me messages in messenger.there i noticed many things they are not alright.i also looked who likes his photos and i noticed there are much young people from nigeria,99%.and music he listen is nigerian.. after i went google and i found this real man from army ,who is a victim. so sorry about him.
      sorry my english also i hope you understand.

  55. One other comment regarding Next of Kin. Do not let the words “Next of Kin” lead you to believe that the words are something more than they are. The status “Next Of Kin” only allows you to call a specific number and find out about how your soldier is doing. Next of Kin is a status that every branch of the service uses to notify the person on the form as to the status of that soldier. You will not get phone calls if something has happened to your soldier. You will get an officer in dress uniform who will personally come to your door and give you a status report personally. No other person will know that status until you have personally been notified. If you do not hear from your soldier in a while he may be on maneuvers. If you are truly listed as your soldiers “Next if Kin” he will provide you with information on how to follow through regarding next of kin. If a soldier tells you that you are his “Next of Kin” and does not give you information in how to followup with the proper authorities, rationalize the situation out. It may not be reality. “Next of Kin” does not entitle you to any of this soldiers benefits unless you are married. Do not get suckered into thinking that it is anything more than stated above. Do not give your social security number to anyone regarding “Next of Kin”. It is not needed. If you are married your soldier has been instructed regarding the responsibility of providing his wife’s personal information to the branch of service that he is in. If you are not married “Next of Kin” is an honor that you follow through on for your soldier and does not lead to having his benefits transferred to you.

  56. I had one trying his best to impress me. I know he is a scam. He is a very smooth operator ladies and comes from a dating site. He is very calculating so be very careful. He is trying his best. I am on to him and have found pictures of the military person that he says he is, and the pictures are stolen and he says the pictures are him. These people in Nigeria are stealing pictures of our troops and using the pictures on singles websites and saying that they are the person in the pictures. Finally, I told him that if he is the gentleman in the picture and is truly the one with whom I have discussed and had conversation with that he is very welcome to come visit me. But, he is responsible for his own way home. I also told him that if he shows up at my door and he is not the person in the pictures that I have been talking to I will call the police and tell the police I have no idea who he is, and have him arrested for harassment. I let him know that if he is using someone else’s pictures to represent himself I would help prosecute him. I let him talk all the sweet talk and let him think he was getting what he wanted. He even gave me airline reservation times and dates as to when his flight was arriving. When he was almost to the point of ask for money, I told him before he even asked, “Don’t go there.” He instantly decided I was not the one for him because I did not trust him. I told him good bye. I found out the the military only uses “Data” as an internet provider. Military personal will not be on a dating sight. If they are they are all 25 and under because they are searching for dates. All Military personnel uses a service called “Data” provider to communicate. An officer would not be on a dating site. Also look at their profiles. If a soldier tells you he has a PHd and is making 24,000 the pay scale does not match the degree. And, an officer with a PHd will not be in battle fatigues. He is is sitting safely behind a desk, calling the shots. The profile will tell you a lot. Pick the profile apart, and do not take the conversation off the site. Military personnel have palm pilots and the email will have palmtop and the military personnel name at the bottom of the email. If you get phone calls that are scrambled hang up it is a way to hide their true native language accent. If you take the conversation off the dating site use yahoo. Also search the site for a while and refuse to reply to a few. If you refuse to reply you will notice that all of a sudden many men will be interested in you, and you will all of a sudden get a lot of emails. Common sense tells me this is not coincidence this is possibly the dating site that is even pulling their own little scams. Nigeria also has warehouses with many men employed to run the scams for them. It is a multi-million dollar business with the goal to scam thousands of dollars from unsuspecting females. Everyone has a right to let down their guard and learn about other people, but do not lose your senses about you and get suckered. Use your senses. Recognize the reality of it all. There is nothing wrong with talking to someone, but be realistic. If he has done tours in Iraq, Afghanastan, etc, he knows how to get home and handle his own priorities in life. Make him responsible. If he really is true, he knows how to find his way to you without any help at all. Give him your address and tell him I will see you when you knock at my door. If he is sincere he will find you. If he is not sincere he will not be knocking at your door. Have a blessed day.


    I’m an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier. Photos of me have been used by scammers since 2006 when they were downloaded from the Webshots website. I didn’t realize the pics could be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. In any case, I frequently search Facebook for people using my last name. The scammers are kind of stuck with that name since it’s on the name tags of my uniforms in the pictures. Today, I found these imposters on Facebook:


    Each of them used a photo of me as his profile photo. I reported the imposters to Facebook and sent warning e-mails to each of their friends. Fortunately, they didn’t have many. Hopefully, FB will delete their accounts soon.

    Also on FB were CARL HANNETT and JAMES HANNETT. Neither of them had a profile picture, but each claimed to be in the US Army. I can tell you that neither of them is in the Army. There are VERY few Hannetts in the Army. The criminals read these posts, so I won’t say anything else about that. I wish I had time to prowl the dating websites for imposters, but I don’t. Be careful and DON’T SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!!

  58. Does someone know how the real Sgt Tommy Willaims Barrera looks like. We have pics but don’t know if it’s the real Barrera or the fake one.We know the fake one is a scammer.

  59. Just learnt today that I also believe they are stealing information from LINKED websites. I have to say and forgive me if I seem a little harsh, but honestly do not be taken for a fool, I caught on in 2 talking sessions. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are people it is. Their long and lengthy communique and their grammar was a tip off for me. If you have all these monies to send to these scam artists, send your monies to local charities instead.

  60. Lavalife website is a cess pool filled with these scam artists, all you have to indicate in your profile is you are financially stable and bam you end up with a Nigerian sending photo’s. Shocked that no one has been able to track down this centre where they all sit with their scripts and expose them.

  61. Anyone out there scammed by a “Chris Jackson” supposedly stationed in Afghanistan? Has adopted or is adopting a little girl, most likely Afghanian, and is scamming for needs for the girl. Might also involve the names Francis Kings, Emmanuel Fletcher or David Sarpong.

  62. I would like to complain about the guy name lee c baleme.He had contacted me in January 2011.He asked me to date him and I believed him.He would contact me online and we had been chatting for a six months.Then he contacted me again in January 3rd 2012.I had send money to him 3 times through money order.I sent $700 and since June 7,2011 I lost him.I will forward the receipt of the last known address I had sent through Kim Rawlings.She would receive my money order through Express,cash it and sent it to Lee Baleme through the western union.
    I need an apology from John Lee,if he does not apologize,I will forward a complain of the recent incident this past weeks.Thank you for your time.I will await for your reply.

  63. here is a address one wanted me to send gifts to hAddress : 41 Agbowo UI rd., Ibadan
    State: Oyo State
    Country: Nigeria
    Zip Code: 23402e goes by the name capt boby e robinson (Eddie m Robinson 😉 done ip checks come back to opera satilite couldnt find out anything else. if u need pics contact me i have them . met him on my year book

    • hi virgina please could u send me some pics xx iam in contact with someone from nigeria ibaden oyo state he is claiming to be a captian in us army xx many thanks look forward to hearing from you take x lynn cooper

    • hi virginia , the man i have been in contact with goes by the name of cpt michael morris, origan native american, but lives in the uk , his wife die of lung cancer 4yrs ago, has a 8yr old daughter called kate. is in the us army in nigeria.

      • There is NO US Military Base in Nigeria US Military would NOT be in a Shithole like Nigeria. Anonn

  64. Hello Everyone

    I had to change my email address cos of some scammers.

    I have made a page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Victim-of-scam/252625958135862?sk=wall&filter=1&notif_t=wall you are all welcome to join that page there are a lot of information there about scam….and thanks for these Soldiers there helping to show their real identity on here…. hope there will come more Soldiers there will do the same…here is my other profile on Facebook Ccf Victims “Cyper Crime Fighters Victims https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003347572795 Please remember you are not alone there are people there will help if you need to talk Email me : ccfvictimofscam@yahoo.com

    To all Soldiers be safe and God Bless you

    From Nina

  65. I have photo’s and information on 4 suspected scams that have asked me for money in some way or another that are using military people as well as the one above claiming to be Cpt Jones and a civillian calling himself Mr Michael George ( Engineer )If you would like that information please contact me on my e-mail. thanks

    • hi teri please can u help with names or pics u have because i think im being scammed by a cpt claiming he is in the us army . thank you . lynn cooper

  66. i was scammed by someone named darlin.dave @yahoo.com and a Mr_Diploma0 @yahoo.com. Sadly i lost 15,000 but my life was threatened as well. Its frightening the pictures they use and methods they use. This person claimed to be in the army coming home from afganistan in january. It sickens me that the real soldier the pic belongs to doesnt know its being used to threaten a single mother with a child.I didnt see stories on any site exactly the same but ill assume they just get better at it.I realize the money is gone but if i can save one person the nightmare i went thru then its a good thing

  67. To those affected by this importer lee baleme, I am Lee Baleme, and the pictures used by the fake people in Nigeria are in fact mine.

    I want to apologize to all of you for being taken advantage of, using my information. It’s hard to see all this taking place and not be able to do much about it. I have a beautiful family and launching into a new career soon, and am affected by this stuff as potential employers see this and steer clear. It’s a work in progress.

    All of you must understand, at NO time will a real Soldier contact anyone for an advance of money to get back to the US from overseas! The Government arranges for all transport back to the US for us. There are small fees incurred by us when we get back to the US but they’re minimal.

  68. There’s a guy on Facebook trying to scam me into filing leave papers (not sure if there would have been $$ involved). I’ve only been talking to this guy for 3 days! He claims to be a US Army sargeant, originally from Brazil (hence the broken English); has a daughter whose mother died recently as a result of an operation. The things he tells me about Brazil have been stolen word-for-word from various websites and personal blogs. The pictures he sent of his daughter were very small (low resolution). He ignores most of my questions to him and counters with more questions about me. I’ve traced his IP address back to Nigeria. I think I may play his game and he how far he goes…

    • @ Tammy BE CAREFUL if you arent a B8iter you can pass his email address on to a professional B8iter at this site scamwarners.com and this scammer must be a real amateur he begged for money only after 3 days he must be in grade school havent you heard they are starting EARLY go to yahoo news and read about the 1 Month old baby already on Government Payroll even before he or she were born glad you were able to track his Ip right off good job lol what a crock from Brazil yet in the US Army his IP didnt just lead back to Nigeria for nothing hell it is his home and he is an African

  69. i have been speaking to a Sgt from commerice city, CO, but a back search on his IP puts in in Nigiera!! His name is Donald Lecain.. His stated he is a Bomb detective and stops arms from coming into the War Zone… up until now he has not asked for money but we went from $300.00 to 1100.00 in a weeks time…. Know he is a scammer so Now i am the one playing the games….

  70. Has any one been contacted by someone posing as Gabriel Rivera based in Afghanistan, but lives in Georgia? I have been sent photos of a soldier in army uniform with the name Rivera printed, standing next to another soldier, also other photos of him without a shirt on. He insisted that we didnt speak on the phone as it would be too costly, but i noticed his written english on gmail chat looked fishy. Like someone whose first language was not english. After weeks of chatting and he even suggested that I visit his home in Georgia whiles travelling the USA. Then he asked for help to send money to his 21 yr old son who’d gone to China without his permission and got robbed of all his money!!! I thought what a story. anyone had anything similar happen? When I said I didnt believe him and would never send money to someone I hadnt met, he got so angry and said he thought I was the woman for him, but if i can’t help him when he needed me, then there’s no point in chatting anymore!the sad thing is that I know the person in the photo is definitely not who I was speaking to and would really want him to know that his photos are being used by scammers.

    • All these scammers all come up with all sorts of stories, some claimed to be widows with young children, others claimed wives cheated on them, the most common stories are wife died in a accident, leaving them with a young child to look after..All these scammers seems to come from Nigeria and south Africa. They all claim to be somebody but their english grammar is terrible, they cant read or write in english,very poor..too many spelling mistakes..They copy and paste stolen profiles of someone else, I have come across quite a few who copy and paste photos, emails etc..coz they dont know what to write in their emails..they take ages to response to a message coz they are too busy copying and pasting and reading through someone elses profile to respond to you. They all go putting up profiles on social networking sites with the same personal details,change locations to something else, they all range from ages 38-45, they all have older women on their profiles,also targeting single mums.They sometimes don’t know the difference between a marine,air-force or a soldier in the army.When you question them, they get frustrated, angry and start getting aggressive and rude.They cant even tell you what their duty is been in the military, they claim to hold high positions in the military, photos they put on profiles are too old and out dated, they have no idea about work the soldiers do in the military..When you question them, they jump to something else. They also paste and copy photos of military families in their profiles..
      Be aware of sgt.wynnwestberg@yahoo.com,call himself wynn westberg on FB&TAGG, actually is a Nigerian scammer and also johnnymorisson@yahoo.com,call himself johnny morrison.
      This scammers have no social life but stealing personal details,photos of someone else.
      I find them too dumb and stupid on line coz they have no knowledge of the military,the duties and the difference between a Marine,Airforce,Navy and the Army!

    • Hey Saturn, I have also been talking to a soldier going by the name of Gabriel Rivera based out in Afghanistan who said he was from Georgia and had a 21 year old son called Tom. He said he was a signal specialist, aged 47, birthday 19 Feb and on deplayment until end of Feb/March 2012. We ‘d been talking for around 5 months now and I made a huge mistake in sending money not to him but to Lt Mark Collins who apparently was processing an emergency leave application for him to come to the UK. Obviously it was all a scam and I came to realise this mistake on Monday when I had antihero request for cash. Anyway I have notified the UK police and the CID in the army as I really want to let the real man in the photos I was sent what has happened. I also have numerous photos of a man with the name Rivera on his clothing – he is very attractive slightly mixed race and fair skinned. Anyway I like you realise the man in the photos is not the man I have been chatting too for so long. The level of the deception is unbelievable in terms of the time and detail and energy they invest in getting your trust. I can only hope I can reach the real man in the photos and warn him. The money has gone but I am not hurt physically. Let me know if you do manage to track the real person down.

  71. I am now in contact with Col. Peter Petronzio. I need help on what to do. Thanks.

  72. Ladies be aware of a nigerian who’s stolen the identity of a US soldier. He is on facebook under the name of David Scot, and also under David Barby Jones. Its a shame to the real person who deserves to know his identity is stolen. But if they sound too charming to be true, then it is too charming to be true. These guys are in a warzone. Even if they are afraid they dont show it, let alone talk like a female pansy. Dont be so gullible to only hear what you want to hear.
    CJ stay safe and strong and as you said concentrate on staying alive!

  73. Ladies please be aware of John Walker he contacted on Oasis dating UK, his email is johnwalker.1@live.com he is a scammer,says he is a Major sergent ,yes that is how he said it and spelt it,
    he sent pics of a guy in the army who has sergeant only stripes.

    I have been in contact with Oasis dating they are actually going to put a warning on there home page “fraudulent accounts” detailing all about this current scam and what to watch out for,so something positive, at last.,

    CJ to you and your soldiers, our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  74. Wow, I just asked if anyone knows if anything can be done to these scamers. I didn’t send any pics or ask advice. I know they are scamers. And of coarse your job and safety are top priority for yourself as it should be. Sorry for asking if anything is done to these scamers.








    • CJ,

      Thank you for all the information you have put out there it has helped me alot, to find out the truth! I have only lost 6 months of emails!

      So please sir stay safe and will have you and your unit in my prayers daily…

      Thank you again

  76. Hello, I am currently corresponding with some-one claiming to be in the US ARMY, however, I know this person is in Nigeria and trying to scam me. He or they do not know I know and I am “playing along” What is different from other scams I have read about is that they have asked for money to help a family member located in Spain, not for them selves. This “person” is supposed to be going on leave tomorrow to come see me. My question is, if I report them, will anything really be done?


    I have studied how the U.S. Soldier’s identity is stolen and abused on the Internet.
    The FBI and the Army and local authorities do have this information.
    Scammers uses often open proxy to hide their real location , so that means the IP number can show up in another part of the world!

    Even if scammer´s hides them self in every way as Fake IDs and fake IP numbers they can never hide their behaviours !
    How they use all the information of all the REAL Soldiers and all the information brought on the black market for just 50 Dollars.
    Military old PCs are thrown out like garbage, they end up in the African countries, as Ghana and Nigeria (LAGOS) but what the Military forget is: TO TAKE THE OLD HARD DRIVER OUT of the PC, and there everything start…
    All the information about the REAL soldier, there have had that PC in the States are there, pics, papers whole his identity. SCAMMER´s use the soldier pic and his information, I will say maybe 85 % of the REAL soldier identity. The SCAMMER´s know the US Military are on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, so every SCAMMER Soldier start with they are deployed in one of those countries “Iraq” and there they tell their story about their work.
    They go on the Internet on the dating sites and creating FAKE profiles and use the REAL Soldier identity and pics…they met a lot of women and the SCAMMERS fall very fast in love with their victim. After few weeks the SCAMMER want to meet the victim, and they have created FAKE document from the Military, now am thing on their leaving letter, they tell it will cost money to get them out of the WAR ZONE, and the victim is so much in love so she pay the money what it cost 4300USD maybe…then the SCAMMER soldier say he have to be flown to another Country “UK” and there he ask for money again cos they maybe have a bonus they need to have with them, and now again the victim have to pay more money maybe 4700USD more…the SCAMMER´s can get a phone so the SCAMMER and the victim can talk together…but the phone number SCAMMER use is a FAKE number, in UK +4470….. but what the victim doesn’t know is the SCAMMER is still in Nigeria or another African country…when the victim say stop they don’t have more money to send, the SCAMMER discarded the victim. The SCAMMER start his game all over again.
    I understand you are thinking I have met an Nigerian scammer myself once, that´s why I am here to help and make people aware of these kind of scams that can hit any one ! Scammers are very manipulative and knows how to target women in all ages, nationalities, cultures, religions! It do not matter if you are smart or not, they are smarter many times and asks the right questions they need to know from the victim, and suddenly you are there, scammed and another victim. But yes scammers changes photos, names, age and as you say the 2 years can make an difference in the search engine that they get more hits and other people as hits .But what i can say to you, better be safe than sorry in this case, if you feel that something do not feel comfortable for you, just end it! But if you are curious see what it leads.

    The signs of an scammer are:
    1.Fake profiles on a white male living in US, UK and has connections to NIGERIA or GHANA or are in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN as a Soldier.
    2. He is a widower or divorced.
    3. Work as a Contractor, engineer or an business man, now as US Soldier too
    4. Scammers send templates copied and pasted from the internet.
    5. Looks for a serious relationship that leads to marriage
    6.Asking money from strangers is an scam. 7. They make FAKE document from the Military
    I can tell: NO SOLDIER there are on duty in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN is on dating sites!!!!
    Here is some of the sites where the SCAMMER´s are:
    AND MANY MORE………..
    Which country the SCAMMER chooses his victim:
    Most of the victims are from Europe, and I mean countries like
    The Netherlands
    And more countries…..
    And why the SCAMMER´s choose those Countries is because there is English the second languages.


    The Soldiers do a GREAT job, why do they have to fight to keep their identity too.
    The soldier there get stolen their identity cant do anything anymore if we not STOP that kind of crime. In fact it is Identity Fraud.


    I hope ALL will take this very seriously and start a fight to stop SCAM!!!!


    • thank you Nina, you are right there, There are 2 currently on Tagg right now,one claims to be a Corporal name Bryan Scoth or Bryan S on Tagg and Facebook,looking for a wife, email:bryanscoth19@yahoo.com and the other one claims to to be a Captain 0-3 name:Josh B or Josh Baker,Baker josh, email:joshbaker1971@ymail.com both claim to be in the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.Josh baker claims to be a captain and does business online, which is totally rubbish scamming and conning women, Soldiers don’t do online business and dont have a mobile phones or a web cam, All their Ip addresses point to the UK or the US and they are always on a smart blackberry phone and I believe they have hidden their IP address and using a fake address conning women online.This two Con-artists have put up their profiles on Tagg with photos, I believe are stolen spread across their profile page on Tagg,making every woman believe they are soldiers and impersonating a real soldier! I have reported them but Tagg hasnt done anything about the Profiles. And yes I would very much like to FIGHT this SCAMMERS abusing our SOLDIERS IDENTITY!!! IT’S A CRIME,IDENTITY THEFT AND FRAUD!! Please save our soldiers Identify..Let Justice be done!

    • Hi Nina and thank you for your info! To make my story short, I actually friended my scammer on FB. I did not know he was a scammer at first. He (they) set up a FB under the name of a former classmate. Our high school reunion was coming up and that is how he friended different people from my class. One person thought they remebered “Scott Long” and added him and then others thought, well so and so “remembers” him so I’ll accept his request. I don’t know how he (they) targeted my high school, but they are very smart in some ways.I called them out the other day and reported them on FB as impersonating another person. FB took down there profile right away. I just feel so angry at these people for taking the name and identities of our beloved US soldiers. God bless all our men and women!!

    • My name is Patricia, and I read you information on Scamming…I think, I have been a victim
      Can you help me? Thanks

  78. I met a guy called Charles Petro on Military Dating Cupid, He claims be a US Medical Personnel – a Neuro surgeon in the US Marines based in Iraq and been transferred to Afghanistan. He claims to be a widower, who lost his wife and children in a terrible car accident. He says he comes from Iowa US on Facebook and lives in California, EMAIL: charlespetro71@yahoo.com.He claims to be of Irish background but born in the US,speaks Arabic & English, he left me a number:+13156299961 which he claims is a number in the US.He sent me an email claiming he has resigned that quickly to travel to Singapore to do business and to Australia to me, what a load of CRAP! He rang me once and I got a shock that he had a very strong strange accent, ARAB ACCENT. I was suspicious and questioned him about his Accent and said to him How come you have a strange ARAB accent and he hung up on me.

    I send him an email telling him he’s a fake American and I know how American’s talk and their Accent..and I believe, he has stolen photos of some American man and his family..he replied to me swearing at me and saying what do I do know about Americans..lol.He has no idea all medical neurosurgeons are registered on the Medical Board as I do nursing. I am an Aussie girl by the way and I learn about different cultures,Languages and history and pick up different accents from different cultures around the world.

    I have the photos of the man and family he emailed to me and want to find the owner of the photos.The family in the photos look Americans to me, please let me know how to forward the photos to you to figure out who owns this photos and if there is really a US MARINE MEDICAL PERSONNEL- NEURO SURGEON with the name Charles Petro based in Afganistan.

    • hola, yo tambien conoci a charles petro y me dice lo mismo, y me envio el correo con las fotos de su familia, que perdio en un terible accidente, y lo conoci en “amor en linea” con el nombre de lovelydoc pero me parece bastante diferente en esas fotos que las que recibi por email, me dice que es de iowa y que tiene 2 hermanas que ahora esta en malasia recuperando un dinero de su papa 1800000 dolares, y que regresara a eua en poco tiempo, tambien me llamo por telefono y tiene un acento demasiado arabe.

      • Hi Maty, this charles petro never mention any sisters,claims to be a neurosurgeon, only has his mother in Ireland,business in Singapore..claims to be born in the states..thats full of crap..He sounds Arabic..strong weird Accent. He doesnt sound American.. I believe those photos are been stolen from a American family..Please leave your email so I can send you those pic’s if they are same..I need to find the owner of the photos as well.


  79. I was contacted by a SGT Jason Mateo, photos sent with Mateo on the tab, after 4 days he is in love and wants me to be his next of kin, so marriage document but I would need to send a copy of my birth certificate. Says he is in Kabul, my gut is telling me something is just not right here… This is happening yet as of today, unless he does not respond further, I have sent him my suspicions and copies of articles that read the same way as he is speaking to me…

  80. Am from Denmark, and i have been scammed by a man called himself Benson Justin Ramos, an American Soldier, His email is justinramos215@yahoo.com, i have paid 15000 USD to that man…i hope someone can help me to get in contact with the media in US, cos it really a big problem, there are so many FAKE profile everywhere….TAGGED – FACEBOOK – MY SPACE, and on alot of datings sites
    contact me on snuble76@yahoo.com or ninarasmussen34@yahoo.dk, if you wanna talk…you are not alone about the problem

  81. I just flushed out a scammer!! He went by the name Sgt. Kevin Stewart (who is an actual person) he tried to get me to buy a satilite phone to communicate with him in Iraq. I didn’t fall for it but stupid me gave him my number. He called and had some weird accent. Not sounding like someone from new York or Louisiana as he claimed. Once he knew I figured it out he got crazy mean on yahoo IM. I taunted him and he has not tried to contact me again. I read the article about the scam and they had the same letters that had been used to scam other women. It was bone chilling! Can some one please make sure the real Kevin Stewart is contacted? This happened on the app SKOUT and yahoo IM. I have reported this scam to both. I am in North Carolina and I would hate for anyone else to get taken for money. Thank you!.

  82. Iam from germany and iam very furious in betweentimes too, caus ethis scammer s do still use the pics from fallen or active soldiers. near every day, some of them try to get me as a Kurier for stolen Money there in front.they use Names from Captains ,Majors and other.I really don’t know, whom i can tell about this all and by the way i have also been a victim of those scammers! I hope, i can help, to catch this criminal creatures!
    Salut Martina

  83. Late last year I had the same problem with David Roland. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado and he tried to scam me out of 5000.00 or so. He sent me an offical letter (or not so offical) from the Marines. I did not buy into it. He used the same story with me. He really devoted a lot of time into it. He said that he lost his finance and kid in a car accident. I googled his name and found this. He used the same pics too. I contacted a friend and she wasn’t able to confirmed that he existed in the military. He also stated that he was moving out here.

  84. James Boers hasnt scammed because i realised he was not who he protrays to be
    i live in belfast and he was going to come to belfast on leave within next two week i had him checked out by a friend who had contacts and i have read on thede reports his name so i contacted the site as yet i havent had a reply

  85. I was contacted by a guy named David Roland on Myspace last week. I thought that it was kind of weird since I hardly ever get on Myspace, but anyway he asked me not to add him as a friend since he is hardly on there. We chatted a few times on Yahoo messenger then he asked for my email and sent me pictures and a poem. Little did he know that I had did my investigation and found this site. He is still using the story of losing a fiancee and child to a car wreck and that he is a first sergeant stationed in Shofield Barricks in Hawaii and will soon be stationed in California. He never got as far as asking me for money and he never will since I told him off. He is currently using Yahoo ID iamkingdavid73@yahoo.com. Thanks guys for having this site so others will be aware of this creep.

  86. I too was contacted via one of the social networking sites by a man claiming to be David Roland (37 yo, widowed, lost child, in Army as a “technician.” Of what??). I immediately knew he was a scammer and now I have my proof. Thanks everyone for posting on this site. Look out for these leeches.

    • my best friends husband is in the military and caught on to it from the beginning of me showing the profile of this DAVID ROLAND , for one the pics didnt match up, they were from the movie Major PAIN OR HOW EVER you spell it and the others were just pics he is trying to scam me right now but it wont happen ….

  87. I am from Trenton, NJ, that was the scammer’s first mistake. At first I thought he was just a good looking, lonely soldier wanting to chat on Facebook. A couple days in to it, I realized I was chatting with more than one person, so I knew this was some kind of scam. I played his game, knowing eventually he would ask for money, then of course after I made excuses why I could not send him money, I became the bain of his existence and he unfriended and blocked me. The name he is using is Dave Cromwell http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000582478311. He sent me a (bad)poem using the email charlesdegen60@yahoo.com, who coincidentally is also a fake profile on Facebook.

    • Hi! I have also realized that there are more than one person. To this list I can add Brian Chambers and John Frasier. All these four gentlemen togheter with Charles Degen and Dave Cromwell are the same person. I also had those bad poems and he needs money to get his realease papers done. He wants to quit the army and have to use it to bribes.

  88. I received an email on myspace from a david roland sgt us army special forces operations his wife and daughter died in a car crash in texas he is stationed in schofield barracks hawaii and he contacted my email on myspace and I asked him his name and age he said he is david roland and his age is 37 and his date of birth is january 30 1974 his profile on myspace is david davidd his email address is rollingarmyboy@yahoo.com and smilingarmyman@yahoo.com

  89. My potential scammers name is Gary Witt. Even has a FB page with no friends of course. He says he is a Sgt. Commander in the “Explosive Ordnance Unit, currently in Ghana to “recruit volunteer soldiers. Would not tell me his rank, just laughed when I asked. I sent him no money, but yes he asked. “It’s so hot down here, I want to move to a hotel”. Claims to be retiring in April, Oh brother. Even offered to have me as 2nd signature on his stateside bank account, feeling sorry for my current lack of funds. Seeing though I couldn’t send him any money. Hummm now what info do you need for that. Oh yea my SS#, name address etc.. Too much. Have any of these jerks heard of working to earn the money themselves. Seens like if they put as much time into scamming as working, they’d have their own money! Remember the name…GARY WITT….

  90. The “Colonel” has been in contact again, and continues to ask when I will be getting my income tax return and/or a loan and/or payment a doctor owes me so I can send him money to get his things back to the States. I pointed out to him that according to the news he is not even over there any longer. A so-called ‘commanding officer’ and he needs to ask me for money. I just wonder how many other people he is still asking money from!? I even have a feeling it is not always the same person emailing to me and that sometimes it seems like he is on yahoo IM with someone else at the same time because of pauses in his messages coming back to me. It has been several days now since I last heard, but his excuse would probably be because of all the upheaval caused by Qaddafi.

  91. I can not believe it. I am online right now with one of these creeps. I am going to play their stupid game and curse them out for all of the people these creeps have scam.. I will keep you posted

  92. I think he is still at it. He claims to still be in Afghanistan. But the news says that Colonel Peter Petronzio was relieved by someone else [who subsequently is accused of shoplifting]. Now he is asking for money to get his things home — $3700. He says a diplomat will bring his things to me, but the diplomat will not do this without the money up front.

    I just emailed him within the past day, and asked him if the reason he was still over there was because the officer who took over his command had gotten in trouble. Here was his answer just a little while ago — my question: “Is the reason you are still over there because the person who was supposed to replace you got into trouble in North Carolina? How dumb of him to ruin his career over what he did! Unless it was to get out of that duty?

    Just curious . . . ” His response: Can’t understand the content in your message…”

    I recontacted him, wondering how long it would be before he asked me for money. Not too long . . . He suggested I get a loan or use my income tax return.

    Colonel Petronzio [the real one] has a little boy, not a teenager. There was a picture of him by his father during the ceremony for change of command in September that is on the internet.

    • 8 March 2011 . . . Now it is about two weeks later, and I have heard nothing more from the so-called Colonel Petronzio. He has been on my Yahoo IM site, but hadn’t written anything until the other night when I wrote that I had seen him on the computer but he didn’t “buzz” me. Not sure if he is made because I figured him out or because his scam didn’t work with me. “Peter Petronzio: why should i buzz you
      Peter Petronzio: tell me one reason i need to buzz you” He was on there again this evening.

      I will continue to update.

      • Look out ladies! He is a major scammer! He did catch me for a bit, but then I caught him! Yes he talks to more than one at a time! What ever you do DON”T give him anything! What I did finally was told him I sent him a huge amount, dragged him for a little with it and he got quite upset when he wasn’t receiving the money! It was hilarious! Then told him where to go! He tried staying in touch with me but then gave up!
        I also then received a letter from some company in Nigeria that said they had “caught” Colonel Peter Petronzio and wanted info requiring some monies. Funny how that showed up a couple days later after I gave him the boot and then they had the nerve to ask for info….what did they think I was stupid twice! I told them a few things as well! Never heard from them again!
        Please ladies, don’t tangle with this one!

  93. My best friend has been talking to a guy for the past few months. His story is: 30 yrs old divorced male, 6 yrd old daughter who lives with sister. Ex wife is a druggie-psycho, father dead, mother lives in UK, he is in Iraq with the Marines. I am naturally untrusting and started checking him….There is no one in the US with his last name, other women have come forward with the same story. Pictures that he sent her show a young male in an Army/ Army Nat Guard Uniform. Other women he did ask for money, specific amnts with USD listed behind it (FLAG!!!) He also tried the “I need you to help me get leave” which didn’t work. When she said she would contact local base to help him, he freaked. He also has asked her to be a “go between” for wire transfers. I was able to get the IP address from one of his emails sent to her and it came from Nigeria. How can I help her?

  94. I think i was too,but this one actually admitted to me he was a scammer so maybe not.But he was in Elmira New York.Sound familiar??said he couldn’t go through with it because the more we talked the guiltier he felt because he could see i was a good person and he didn’t want to hurt me.Go figure.He even asked me to remove his name from my contact list.

  95. Febuary 13,2011 i was almost scammed by someone saying was an art collector but i didnt fall for it so look out for these people

  96. i have been talkin to him too since september and i have sent 3000.00 Aslo hearing the same things

  97. I was almost a vict. to say the least i was one i sent the money through western union my friend happened to check my email to see when the flite would be in.She works in a lawyers office. It didnt seem right to her the lawyer said her husband was un the army and he never heardof leave request.the only way they can get leave is if they earned it and the army pays for them to go home. She quickley called western union and stoped them in there tracks i got all my money back even the fees i would sure like to find the soldier who is in my pics so i can tell him how sorry i am that they are using his photo like that I am so hurt over all this

    • stop lying about david. he did not steal those photos he has them posted on myspace.com and david is a very good guy he never scammed me we even went out and let me tell you he is more handsome in person than not and he probably dumped you and your just mad cause he did now david is still in dallas texas and do you even know his story he just lost his daughter and fiance in a car wreck you ought to be ashemed for lying on him you have no evidence to support your statement and even if you do your probably making it up lying coming from his friend who validated and searched that is a legit email babe watch your words cause you can be sued for posting lies

      • This person is one of the Scammers. Do not be swayed by this stupidity. The David you are talking about is fake.

        • Hi CJ! I want to post the photos on Jenn on this page, how do I do?

        • I almost got fooled by David too. He also has another e-mail address iamkingdavid73@yahoo.com. He needs to be stopped, he’s very good, everything he was saying I was googling everything and I almost feel for it until he sent me a copy of his “post assignment” letter saying that they was shipping him to S. Korea instead to the state that you live in. I was suspicious within the letter a civilian who couldn’t be a relative have to give $1,500 for surety bond. If you notice the logo on the letter is misportion and at the botton of the letter the long letters are in a shadow format. He’s very good that’s for sure, his grammer is very good.

      • To the female Nikki from the April 14th comment…sweetheart, I know you are are upset, but after reading all of these stories which all happen to be very very similar stories about this so-called DAVID ROLAND, there is no way you have still got to believe that this man is telling you the truth!!!!! we women dont even know each other nor have we ever seen each other so we have no reason to lie about this person. theres no way all of us could be lying about the same piece of CRAP!! we all either got scammed or came to our senses before he tried to pull one and hopefully he hasnt gotten you. the pics,the army, the letters, poems, songs, family stories…..GET OVER IT!! HE’S LYING TO YOU!!!!

      • Nikki (whoever) –

        I believe these people and it sounds to be you are defending this criminal! Beware! Some of us work for the police and government.

    • This same person has contacted me through myspace,I added him to my yahoo messenger, was skeptic about talking to him, he was very polite and very charming , as far as I know he dosent know I know he is a scamer, have talked to him less than a month, He has never asked for money but he said all the lies like the rest, this is a damn shame to play on peoples emotions, I lost my daughter and her fiance in a car accident for real and dont appreciate this man or men’s games may they all rot in hell one day .God dont sleep, I think I will scam him…..

    • joyce, I know exactly who you are talking about! unfortunately, this punk contacted me on myspace and must have several different email addresses out there. at first i found it kind of odd that he didnt request me as a friend but then he started talking about the army, why he was giving me his yahoo acct(iamkingdavid73@yahoo.com)because of some security thing and then the spill about the fiance and child death. we talked for about a mth. he is a smooth talker. writing poems and dedicating songs from youtube. REAL SLICKER!!! really got suspicious when everytime i ask him a personal question about his family, his pc would all of a sudden crash…lol.. or he was on his way to the gym. the last straw was when he asked for $1500 to be one of his guarantors so he didnt have to go to S.Korea. sorry, but I dont give men $ especially when I aint even met your a** yet!!…LADIES WATCH OUT FOR ROMANCE SCAMMER DAVID HAROLD ROLAND!!!!!

      • well unfortunately i was scammed before i discovered this site..by the person going by David Roland..he did seem too good to be true..but really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt…well they say a fool and his money are soon parted…i just fell into that group…never again–please ladies be careful..he is really good at what he does

    • This guy also emailed me in Facebook a few days ago. I just recieved the email yesterday. Glad I found this post before I communicated with him.

    • I was reading your comment & i must add mine to yours. I think I was just scammed two days ago by a David Roland. However his email is davidroland1214@yahoo.com. He does have a Facebook account & does not look like the guy in the pics you posted but, charms me like no other before. I met him on myyearbook.com under the name Roland David. However I just sent 600 dollars to a woman & when I googled her name she was arrested in Florida in 2007 for crime – Unknown. Then I get email today telling me it’s gonna cost another 1200.00 to pick him up from airport. I am not sending no more. He still claims this is not a scam & I should trust him. Apparently he is stationed in Camp Aruke in Nigeria. Someone help ??? When do we get this to stop ???


    • Michelle,

      The only thing that you can do is block him. You cannot prosecute, you will not get any money back…NOTHING! Sorry but we are all in the same boat and nothing has or will be done to stop them and bring them to justice. We all learn from it, spread the word in hopes that other women and men do not get scammed again.

  99. P.S. [his response to my accusation]
    Peter Petronzio to me
    show details 8:18 PM (1 hour ago)
    Totally surprised of you, where the hell are you receiving all these message from? I am totally disseminated in you.


  100. I just confronted the so-called Colonel Peter Petronzio about the items above some of which I copied and pasted into an email to him. I got the same line. He contacted me through Zoosk, and gave his home town as a little town near where I used to live [until shortly before Christmas when I moved] in California. He gave me a convoluted story to explain why it said on Zoosk that he was from that town. He had recently asked me about getting a telephone so that he could “hear my voice” and the contact I had by email with them came back saying it sounded like a scam to them and I should be careful. That is when I looked for this site, which I had seen previously about a month ago, and I told him what I had seen, at which time, he seemed to get angry that I would believe what I had seen on here. After I got to my new home [which I never revealed to him] I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt and contacted him again. He comes on very strong, and is head over heels in love with you. I was skeptical from the very first because the way he wrote made he think that he was not who he said he was. The grammar was terrible, spelling was terrible, specific questions went unanswered. I saw on the internet that someone else had taken over command of his unit ant that he was supposed to have retired some time ago. Anyway, I thought I would add my two cents’ worth. I might be blonde, but I am not a dumb one so he didn’t get anything from me. I am a fairly recent widow, and I think he probably thought I was fair game. I had some experience with other scammers through dating sites so I was a bit leery, especially when they were in love with you after only a few emails. I thought he would have had the sense not to contact me but he came back with the above message, acting all hurt and so forth. I also sent a Facebook to the real [or what I presumed to be] Colonel Petronzio. There isn’t anything on the page but a picture and anyone can see those on the internet at any time.

  101. Hi, I live in Perth Western Australia. I was contacted by this guy Mark, email markwilly96@yahoo.com through Slinky.com.au on 29 December 2010. As a good percentage of guys on this site are African scammers – warning Ladies! His approach was not so obvious, but I replied by saying – we can talk as long as he’s not a scammer as most seem to be. He replied that he wasn’t and that even he had been contacted by one on that site – haha. Still suspicious, I googled his email address & found this site – thank you people! I notice he has now removed himself from this site.

  102. I live in Sydney,Australia and was contacted by a guy named Mark T Williams, e-mail markwilly96@yahoo.com,through metrodate.com. He said he is on mission in Sudan, and we had been talking for several times. We had started talking about sending a request for his leave to the usarmypeacekeeping@rescueteam.com
    He said I have to buy an airplane ticket for him, cause they don’t have access to their account, and all his leave benefits and entitlement will be transferred to my account after he leaves the army. I would really like to know if he is for real or a scammer. Could someone please check on this website and see if he is indeed the same person that has been going around scamming others. If he is, I would like to warn others that he is using another new identity. Thanks

  103. Sgt Micheal Thompson contacted me on Plenty of Fish website. He said all the same things as almostscammed stated. Same life story and age, d.o.b., etc. He wanted me to send money for a special army phoning service. It costs 285.00 for unlimited comunication and promised a refund once he was back home in America. I kept e-mails from him and the one supposedly from the army in regards to this bogus service. Our IM’s were accidently lost due to an app update on my phone, unfortunetly. I didn’t fall for it! Little things in our conversations never quite added up and seemed srange the whole time. I was on guard for potential bullshit!

  104. I’m confused, theres a picture of a man that looks like the man lm talking to now l is he the scammer or is the picture here a victim

    • Sandy, the pictures are victims like the rest of us. The scammers steal the profiles and use them against us to get money or whatever else they happen to need that day…

  105. I was recently connected with someone on a dating site claiming to be in the Army, and stationed in Iraq. He was going by the name of Mike Deacy, or MikeGUmenteh. He stated that he was 6’4″, event sent a few pictures of himself, one in uniform one in a suit even another showing his bare chest. The e-mails started out as freindly. Then he started saying he was falling in love, this was only after maybe 3-4 e-mails. I said we could be freinds, since he was so far away and I really did not know him, We could call and write maybe even web cam. But he had some excuse as to why he could not call or web cam, my red flag went up. The next e-mail he just came right out and asked me to send him $1,700! It was like I was talking to a different person. I quickly realized I probably was not even talking to the person in the pictures and that this was a scam. More e-mails came and he typing in english became very broken, like the sentence structure was not correct, the words and phrases were not used correctly. I knew this was strange, I asked him to stop e-mailing me because I was starting to feel like this was a scam. The word SCAM seemed to upset him. But he did stop the e-mails. I wish I could find the real soldier that was in the pictures and tell him that someone is using his good looks to lure women to send them money. I am glad I saw that this was false, I would have never sent any money anyway. No more dating sites for me either!

  106. well I’ve had about 15 men try to scam me,from africa,to India, to Texas, to army–afghanistan, to a Marine Col. in afghanistan,and there in Florida tooo,and lets not forget there in New York,so ladys write me an i can gave u names an pictures,, ezample,-kelvin–micheal–phil–raymond–james–Mario–patrick–eddie–tray–drake–!!! so i hope i can help, save everything i did,hope u all do to,,

  107. So… I just got burned by Erick Lassard. Anyone interested in bringing him down?

  108. I am from the UK
    Would like to get the word out about these sorts of scams. I do not think there is enough publicity about these sort of things. You only hear of those people who have been scammed out of a huge amount of money. There must be thousands of men and women out there who are sending smaller amounts of money (still a lot to those people)but do not report it as they are “embarrassed”. They really do not have anything to be embarrassed about.If Everyone one of us spoke up then it would help others. So CJ if you have any contact with the UK media then feel free to contact me.If any UK Government officials read this then:- It is costing the UK a small fortune – could maybe pay off our national debt.
    Luckily for me I found this site before I lost anything including my heart.
    Good luck CJ

    • Hi kay i am from the uk and only found out today that i had been scammed , fuming at myself but i agree with you needs to get out to every one i suggest a documentry i have found also that the guy i thought was my ideal has many different names i have been on this computer since 11 am yesterday i have found out where he is emailing me from just need to know where to send
      tk care pam ill help you get it noticed as a giant problem

      • Anyone of your guys Cpt James Boers?? He is now setting my rich widowed friend ( read skint, 3 kids) with Chris Barrera, also in Afghanistan.

  109. SGT MICHAEL MARK THOMPSON of the United States Army birthdate he said is Dec 10 and is 34 years old. E-5 pay rate. Parents apparently died when he was 17 years old. So his whole life is about military he claimed. Pictures were sent to me of him, I kept offline messages and emails, and conversations. Anyone else have this scumbag scam them? I luckily didn’t transfer funds although he wanted to have me open a CHASE ACCT for him, that he’d put money in there for his plane ticket and I would in turn send it western union to his commander. That is what he wanted, I did do it though. email me if you have had contact with this guy too. Thanks!

  110. I think I am being scammed by a sgt michael thompson from Dallas Texas. He is supposedly in Afghanistan and wants me to open up an account and let him wire money to me and me western union it to his commander. Sounded weird to me so I did NOT do it luckily. I have pictures and yahoo chat information I have kept of this fake. Anyone know of a Michael Thompson in the Army e-5 pay let me know. Email me. this has to stop! he broke my heart. I am devastated. I am just lucky I didn’t fall for his lies. Thank you god!

  111. ok, just started chatting with a Major in the Army…stationed in Afghan on peace keeping mission. With the 6th Ranger Battalion unit #19081871.

    CJ, is this real information? Thanks!

    • I was contacted by a man named Richard Wells. He states he is in the 6th ranger battalion in Afghanistan unit 19081871. He was wanting me to fill out leave papers for him from a Lt. Col. from the leave department. I go suspicious and did not do it.

  112. i have just nearly been scammed if it wasn’t for the fact i put the name jeffery humprey in a facebook search at the bottom of the page was this web site about military scammers id never heard of it, he was very charming telling me all the things i wanted to hear then said to get leave we need to be speaking on the phone for at least 14 days and i have to register with a phone company for troops in Afghanistan and that women have been trying to sell secrets to terrorists well i think they have that the wrong way round its the men on these sites that are the untrust worthy please look out for these people

  113. i was scammed im in perris california … riverside county
    and i caught hios little bootie before he did damage and then i switched up on him and hit all his idenitys on eachsite and blasted it to all females and my blackplanet page and migente page // where i had met him


    and even found women scammed by the same man on migente after i blasted him full page and warned military …. now i have found so many guys that have there idnetys stolen and they come home in dec …. from bagdad




    • Is there anybody there can get me in touch with US Army Officer Candidate School.????
      I need e-mail adress ????
      because loads of pictures is used of a scam persen of same soldior all over the net,´to scam men and woman. not only women are scamed by this man using miller army photos Same photos are used to scam men.

  114. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ap_XrUk59A
    David Miller
    Andy Miller
    Adrews Miller
    Doris Hershey
    Jackson Miller

    Pickture on youtube of supose armmy soldier warrant officer in bagdad fraud / scam

    Its a woman and man working together to scam people working on woman and men on dating sites.
    the woman and man scamer they even go on webcam. as niece and yncle and or write in same time to you on msn.
    they work as a team and family members niece Doris or son of Andrew / Philip or Andy who is Jackson on msn to convice to money from airplane ticket, or phone or labtop, ect male is claimed to be in Bagdad and female are niece / daugther
    Its white people, they have very poorly english and she clame to live i FL. for me it look like they are opperating from germany or Rusia, because they dont know geografi very well and clame picture taken is in Belgium of him, when in fact its in Tijuana Flats Orange park area.

  115. PS I got pictures and he goes on webcam when I ask him to its very poor pictures and I has pictures and has ask him for more hes going to send. he are probaly on line with 2-3 people on same time wrinting in mns, direct and are claiming that net dont work good because in Bagdad Iraq, so slow in answer. he claims to be warrent Officer Andrews Miller.
    Lucky for me I has work For US military, as civilian at Fort Campbell before, and knoow some army procedure, he claims he cant get out of Iraq before time, with out paying for hes own ticket home, what a joke, he also claims he has frozen hes bank acount in US and are not able to open it before back in US.

  116. He is trying to scam me,right now, not working, I was suspius from day one he use mach com and see who is online then erase quickly profile with no picture and then ask for e-mail to send picture, He also has a woman he claims is hes family there want to go on webcam with you, and claims he has a son called Jackson there also is him self writing.He spell hes i in small letter, and he are after phone, computer and money, I belive he has a conection in US where he gets the money sent to from people he scam, hes use location Junau, Alaska 31 North Franklin St.
    99801 Alaska as he claim is hes home adress.
    he use e-mail life_m2@hotmail.com as e-mail, and jackson_m222@hotmail.com who he claims is hes 14 years old son e-mail


  117. I am from Ukraine. A man posing as Mark Smith, 40 y.o. from CA, marine, serving in Iraq and undergoing treatment after being shot in combat, contacted me through Care2.com, his profile is still there. Then we exchanged e-mails for another 2 month. He talked about love. His ex-girlfriend was not royal to him and they split because of her infidelity.
    Then he offered to transfer his late mother’s insurance money to my account because he got message from USA friends that criminals may steal those money and he can’t do anything about it. I did not reply to this offer and I did not hear from him again. His e-mail marine4uca@aol.com
    I have his letters and photos that he sent to me. I can provide links to his care2 profile with “his” photo. I wonder who is the person on photo, he maybe has no idea that someone use him to scam women.

  118. Is there anyway I can get Peggy to email me?
    Her story is the same as mine. I have pictures and documents too

  119. I was contacted by a man on facebook.com Sgt.Erick Lassard claiming to be stationed in Iraq wanted me to send him money for leave papers and said his mother needed emergency surgery his a scammer his English is really bad.sgtericklassard@yahoo.com and ericklassard@yahoo.com found out he was a scammer after I was contacted on facebook by a women who he scammed and she sent him money to Nigeria.

  120. I’m from Alabama I was contacted on a web site called myyearbook.com by a guy claiming to be
    sgt.Brian Michael Clark sgtbrianclark@yahoo.com stationed in Iraq and he asked me to pay for armyphoning and someone from armyphoning@aol.com sent me a e-mail asking me for $225.00 to be sent by western union or money gram to be sent to Utah I found out today that the pictures he sent to me arent of him

  121. I joined a website http://www.maturedating.co.uk and have been contacted by two men posing as US Servicemen, but have to be scamm. They are still trying it on, but know I have worked out their deceit and are now cooling off. Please ladies be aware. I have nipped them in the bud before they managed to get any money out of me, but enjoy immensely reading their poor English ( I teach the subject as a Second Language) and trying to get them to appear on the web cam on Messenger! They always worm their way out of the latter….

  122. Hi
    I am from Sweden and was scammed by a guy who said he was an american soldier in Iraq. A staff sergant in the E-6 forces. He was in Camp Victory.

    His name was Alex Swain. Has also found pictures of him as Alexander Swain, Harry Swain and Mark Brown. When I connected his mail adress on msn with facebook he was there as a Ghana boy named Nana Kofi kofi. When he understood I found that. Nanas profile disapeared at once. There are more names in this story. I have pictures , letters and chat history.

    • hi my names julie.i to no a Alex Swain.met him on Meeteez.hes also on face book.he says hes a captain in the USA Army,based in Afghanistan.lovely man.as i thought ,he asked me for some money so he could come over & live with us in england.due to retire in May,but got to go on a mission,doesnt want to go so he wants me to send him money so he can come out early,still talking to him ,but im glad iv come on this site bcause iv seen his picture on here as a scammer,

  123. Scammed by Craig Dawson.
    Yahoo ID sgt_craig_d and e-mail sgt_craig_d@yahoo.com. Met on Chemistry website. Have photos if needed. Out $97.00 to be placed on military registry for death or injury notification. Foolishly gave some personal information and will spend tomorrow attempting to clean up that mess.

    • I have been talking to Craig Dawson myself and I found out before too much happened. However, He did send my counterfit MO for me to cash out and send back, and also he wanted me to send money orders for him to other people. I also found him on Chemisty website. I feel so sick right now about learning all of this.

    • Please, could you email your pictures of Craig Dawson, I believe I am being scammed by him right now. I am just so sick about this thing. Thank You!

      • i was just scammed by sgt. craig dawson, usmc.. in farah, afghanistan, so i was led to believe. i have pictures, same story as everyone that was scammed, gonna be together for ever, coming home in a month..oh wait..he has a mission task book that needs to be completed in order to come home., thats part of his npo he does. .send money, thats when the flag went up. met him online on evow. his pictures show him to have red beard, bald. said hes 6 4, 265 lbs. im waiting on the trace of his isp address. although i found out after the fact, i googled about being scammed and i called the USMC Locator Service and gave his name, they said all sgt. majors named craig dawson were sent home last year. he wanted me to send $ to nigeria. ladies, we’ve all learned a hard lesson, some harder than others. we will heal and go fwd.

        • I just found out today after a 2 year relationship (I thought) that this is a “scam”, thanks to 2 wonderful people who truly care about me and went to digging. To have closure that this is really true, I wanted to see your pictures and show you the ones I have to see the truth. I am so sick now but know there is a lesson learned in all this. Thank you and I know there is someone truly special out there for us, but I can promise you it WON’T come from the internet.

  124. i was almost scammed by 2 different men one
    wanted me to open a checking acct with my name
    and give him access code so he could send money
    for me to pay his bills for him supposedly he is in iraq his name is cpt. mark douglas his
    e-mail is cpt.douglas @yahoo.com the other one is in malaysia he supposedly lost his wallet and wanted me to send money for hotel bill his name is jason willis i met them on
    the chemistry dating site pleas dont let this
    happen to anyone else i was lucky i didnt give any money i just want to warn everybody

  125. hiis there anyway of finding out about the real soldiers identity i have been scammed by someone posing as christopher morgan have pic if needed

    thank you

  126. Scammed by US Army Staff Sargent David Cox d19135cox@yahoo.co.uk…for a portion of leave flight costs.. spent a month of my time and energy on this guy..even communicatd with his mom and she called me from California..mom supposedly paid for the rest of the costs.. all boggus.. even provided a us military email when I asked but it was e6davidcox@Oklahoma.usa.com.. claimed to be from Fort Sill Oklahoma…should have known better when Commador General Gordon Moulds emailed me and it was an AOL.. just didnt want to see the little things spent so much effort proving to myself it was real i fooled even me..

  127. I too was scammed by someone posing as Col. Peter Petronzio Stenn. The sad part is Col. Petronzio really exists and I doubt he knows anyone is using this information. I have lost $3,250.00 to this person. The money was for leave replacement, travel charge overages etc. I have been in contact with this person for over 6 months. He said all the right things had all the pretty words. I am a widow with 2 sons and we lost everything to this person. We are now living in the car until we can find housing. I am located in Corpus Christi Texas. It is sad that someone can use our military people and their information this way. Please share my e-mail with the local media so they can contact me.

    • Peggy, am talking with a Col Peter Petronzio who says he is from San Antonio, Texas and stationed in Afganistan…would like to talk to u about your ordeal…will u contact me on yahoo..

  128. i have also been speaking to a so called soldier in american army..i have photos his e mail is scot.rivera@hotmail.com ..his ip address comes up as lagos nigeria..his email traced to sunnyvale california .I live in uk
    was speaking for about a month then he asked for money!! red flag !! beware ladies

    • hi geraldine
      i think we were talking to the same scammer using another id the email address is sunny vale california i couldnt get ip address i started talking to him on th 8 th sep and unfortunatly was scammed i too have photos plus photos of his so called friend but i know it was him .. ill learn one day
      using lots of identies this moose is

    • I have been talking to an Alvin rivera and also a Ryan rivera both using same photos. I also found james and juan rivera with same photos on facebook. Alvin tried to get me to email diplomat to arrange to have parcel delivered here. I also live in uk. I feel so sorry for soldier whos pictures they using. All the pictures are on Alvin Rivera facebook account

    • hey i guess i am talking to the same girl she says she works in egypt as us army peace keeping her name rivera scott i have her pic hope u contact me

  129. CJ. I appreciate you effort towards trying to fight scam but you should also know that all scams don’t come from Nigeria. It’s actually a case of giving the dog a bad name to hang it. I’m from Nigeria. I’ve even helped prevent an international scam intended on thousands of students from malaysia/Australia..
    You can read about it here http://www.afterschoolafrica.com/2010/08/world-scholars-alumni-foundation.html
    It’ll be wise to decipher what part of the world you are being scammed from.

  130. Hi – where can I find your wall of shame with all mugs shots on please

  131. I was approached by a man on facebook, who told me to be an American soldier of ONE in special mission in Darfur. He tried to seduce me, then explained me that he had fallen in love with me, that he wanted to marry me. He explained me that the only solution so that we can see each other was that I ask for one a special permission for him with its command, what I made, we answered me that the permission was granted and that so that this man can come, I had to send some money by western union and this money would have to would be restored to me as soon as this man would be at home.
    I fortunately spoke about it to one of my friends who has contacts in the French army, who warned me against a possible swindle. When I asked for details to this man, he gave me is it saying e-mail address of its high command for check. During this time, I contacted the Pentagon which confirmed me that this man is a usurper and that he just tried to extort money to me.
    I have photos of him, as well as the various exchanges of e-mails.
    It would be good that such individuals or definitively stopped, so that he cannot damage any more single women who still want to believe that the love can exist.

  132. Hi having difficulty getting mail to ” tracey Bishop and Tracey buckley as seen on face book Photo gallery of Us Soldiers. Mail getting rejected several times? can you help please This is TRISH from UK wanting to up load pics on this face book site and yet again failing..??? Thanks ” T”

  133. Oh yeah! By the way. I also picked up not just the name of James, but I have a photo of what is suppose to be his bunk and under the bed is some kind of pack and if I am not mistaken the last name is Howard on the pack. when I was looking around with FaceBook I also found the name of Ajayi Oluwathoyeen aka: simpleguy4rill@yahoo.com. Col. Peter Petronzio Stenn. Shame on him for taking advantage of people.

  134. I have been having an online relationship with Col. Peter Petronzio Stenn since Mid May, 2010. He says that he loves me and that he wants me to marry him. We have been working on his Transit Leave Paperwork for months. I guess I got bitten big. I sent him $600.00 this was suppose to be for his Transit Replacement, stupid me. He still wants me to send another $1,000.00 so he can come up with the other half of his flights to get here to New York. I am very upset with what I have learned. I guess you can’t trust anyone these days. I also have alot of paperwork that I have saved and like I said I am still in contact with him. So if you want to get him get in touch with me and I will give you everything that I have on the SOB. let me know. I can help bring him in if you want him that bad.

    • Please contact me in regards to this man, he has been in close contact with my mother for the past month or so and she is also working on paperwork for him to get home. I talked with her a few min ago and told her to goggle him..HAHA! this is what i found on him! Please get back to me ASAP! Thank You!



        • I can’t believe what I have just read! I came across this sight by fluke and Col. Peter Petronzio Stenn has been playing on my emotions since June and has managed to get a little money for me! He asked me for money for Transit Leave and now says he is retiring but needs money for some kind of levy charge on his retirement plan. I haven’t given him any and so glad I found you guys. He also told me he had a 16 year old son living with his granny in the UK and “James” even wrote me back!
          How can someone play with someone else’s emotions and use them! I am a good person and obviously too trustworthy!
          So is there a REAL Col Peter Petronzio Stenn out there?

        • He told me he was a widower and that his wife and 2 daughters were killed in an accident and his son James was living with his Granny in Corpus Christi Texas. He also told me he had a house in Somerset England. Did he send anyone a Bank of America Bank Statement with U.S. Marine Corps on it? I also recieved e-mails from “James” and spoke with him on the yahoo messenger. Also there is another person or maybe it is the same person posing as his “attorney” a Martins Dickerson. E-mail is martinsdickerson@ymail.com and martinsdickerson@yahoo.com. I actually spoke with this person on the phone, it was an international number that he called from and his accent was so heavy I could not understand anything he said. Beware of this “person” also. If anyone isstill in contact with this guy, if there is a photo posted of a little blonde boy about 14 mo old chewing on a toy, that is my grandson. He asked for pictures and stupidly I sent them to him. don’t believe anything he says about that picture.

    • hi i was chatting with him also and would like more infomation is it really him? this is crazy!

      • This guy is crazy.He sent me papers with a Marines stamp on for me to fill out for him so he could go on leave to come meet me.He did say he wanted me to go with him to Corpus.He ask me for $ 4000 for him to get back to the states on.The military flies their soldiers back for free.Please be aware of Col.Peter Petronzio Stenn.I have copies of the paers he sent to me.Get in touch with me if anyone has contact with him please .My daughter and I have tried to contact the real Col.Peter but have not heard anything ,but he has been notified of this. Thank Robin

    • hi i was also chatting with him on yahoo messenger and i googled him asked him to prove who he was and ask if he had a web camera well thats all it took he logged of lmao im so glad i seen this thank you very much tell him Debra said caught ya.

    • wow i’m in shock,everyone told me to becarefull,but now i no,Col.Peter Petronzio is talking to me right now,he’s a Marine,he said hes 49 years old, an hes try to get me to to do the phone conection,a radio reciever, that not work,so now he wants to come home to marry me,so now were doing the trasit leave replacement papers, so i did fall in love,but now i got to step back an see what happends next,my x is 20 years army,ive been all over the world,an he keeps saying u sure do no alot,so now im going to ease up an see what happends, plz can i work for the police,i no i could catch them, who do i talk tooo,army F B I CALL ME,,,now,plz

      • I actually did find that there is a REAL Col. Peter Petronzio I tried to contact his several times letting him know that there is someone doing this to women using his name and did not get a response from him….not sure what that is about.

    • I have had an on-line relationship with Col. Peter Petronzio or the name he gave was Col. Peter Rodriguez. He told me he loved me and I was the one he wanted to grow old with. He had me send him money to help with his ticket home and every time he said he was coming something came up and he needed more money to get home. It ended up costing me $3,000 all together. He promised to never give up on us being together and asked me several times to marry him and said we would go to San Antonio to live together forever He told me his wife died in a car accident and his 2 daughter’s died in a gasoline accident. He said he had a son named Josh who was with his Grandma in Washington, D.C. when he wasn’t in school in the U.K. I just want my money back and Peter stopped

  135. Hi

    I’m in Australia and have been contacted by one of these animals pretending to be Staff Sgt Daniel Lopez. He sent me pics which I still have, would love to let the real soldier know what’s happening, is there anyway we can do this and do you need the pics for the wall of shame. Can you let me know how to get them to you, a soldier is a soldier American or Australian hate seeing these men abused like this.

    • I am in Australia and I have been approached by a Jimmy Lopez who is a Lieutenant Colonel In the Department of Defense in USA. He says he is in San Fransisco and that he is now been deployed to Afghanistan for 18 days. What do I do? He hasn’t asked for money. I am now scared whether he is genuine or not.

    • hi Carol, can I have your copy of this so called Daniel Lopez as I too have been in contact with him and would like to see if its the same guy, he claims to be from Seagoville, Texas and I am in Perth Australia.

      • Hi I think that mine is a swingle too…. his name is Davido Lopez
        he was on the site us military
        he wants me to buy a playstation 4 and shoes for orphans !
        He said to me that he will have $200.000

        these are his words…

        i have partook in three dangerous missions which God took me through successfully, each mission paid me about $200,000.00 linked to my WELLS FARGO account in the states , just have to get home and activate my account with the help of the federal Departments notice.

        and gold too …

        these are his words….

        i was rewarded with 8 Gold bars successful Gold miner here who rewarded as for the wonderful service we gave during the civilian wars here , two years ago………I and 6 colleagues in the army were trained to fix and dismantle bombs and missiles ,,we actually traced bombs which were fixed at the miner’s petroleum shell and dismantled it for a peaceful mission… i would actually like to mail the gold bars to for safe keeping cos you are now my closest companion and as the diplomat is gonna get here soon .. i will like him to mail the gold bars to you for safe keeping ,,, i have already placed them in a treasure box baby,, i do really wanna get my retirement approved soon to start a new life with you my dearest wife

        I think that he’s not a soldier…

  136. Contact via STOP THE US ARMY DATING SCAM on Facebook (stumbled on these gals) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105318906183361
    Is where I have posted linked to this ‘article’. (I hope you don’t mind tht I did without seeking your permission first, I appologize in advance if you did not wish this.) Like I told Detective LaBonne yesterday, “this Maggot is not going to stop me!”
    Some of these women from other countries think these are REALLY our Soldiers!!!!
    Sonia H: This guy contacted me on fb as Colonel derrick carl malik and he said he was a UN peacekeeper in Sudan. He is now on fb as Malik derrick carl. He wanted me to get him a leave and I told him that I could not do that and if he was a soldier he would know that..so he scamming for sure…he says not to tell anyone that w…e met on fb or his career will be in jeopardy..whatever…he should be ashamed of himself because I know that the soldier in the pics is not the person that contacted me…I am not stupid.
    Post below of 3 pictures of one of our Heroes.

    • HI Rose have seen your pics on face book, I think you are doing a great job, I am not USA. but was affected badly ( because like the other girls I beleived in some snakes lies ) whilst he pretended to be a USA Soldier( I have looked for months and months for him, ( we were in contact regularly ( or so i thought for 6 months( and the usual, waiting for him to come home) Reason for writing ,I want to put several pics I have of a few soldiers that have been sent to me ( have tried on here several times but CJ is in andated with so much he just hasnt had the time. I have kept them for so long on my files but they really have to go now so would like to out them somewhere that they will be seen ( Have tried to get on to face book but cant,tried several times, can you drop me a line and i can send them to you if you like and you put them on….( I am not a user of face book normally. Thanks Trish (patricia UK )

    • Thank you, Sonia, I googled this name! So i found these page! The last two weeks i chatted with “Derrick Malik Carl” and he also found me on facebook. He also wanted me to get him a leave, but i didn´t trust him and i didn´t send money to him. Thank you now i know the truth! I informed facebook and his side was cancelled! Thank you from germany!

      • hallo anke from anke 😉 that´s very interresting … i googled his name too today, because i will find the trust too. Bang!!! We are in the same boat 😉 his mails are copy paste or something like this. unglaublich …. naja, we are not so stupid, like his he´s thinking about us.

        • Hallo Anke! Würde mich gern mal mit dir darüber unterhalten! Wirklich unglaublich! Vielleicht kannst du mich über facebook finden?

        • Hello There
          I met him Col Derrik Carl Malik is well. Im chatting with him now at least since sommertime. Even he ask me to pay is leave. But i dindt. But good to know that he is a fake. So what can we do

  137. Does anyone know the following identities:

    Bryan Williams
    David North
    Daniel Buford?

  138. CJ I was myself approached by one of these MAGGOTS. I have copies of all. Some Details are on my blog. http://justroseyfohn.blogspot.com/ You can contact me any time and I will help you in any way I can. (After a ‘read’ you am sure you will see how seriously I am taking this) THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO CJ!


  139. CJ, if you want the website I met him on, please e-mail me. I really don’t want to post it. I can send you e-mails and IMs if you’d like. I am from Bristol, Tennessee. I was approached by a man calling himself Sgt. Robert Ashley. He didn’t realize that I 1)used to be a reserve deputy, and 2) have friends in the military. Robert’s e-mail address is sgtrobert__adore200@yahoo.com. Robert “needed” $2575.00 to come home on leave and this was to be mailed to Catherine Durham in California. He could not give me a military e-mail address. He supposedly lives in Knoxville, Tennessee and is widowed. Birthday is supposedly July 10, 1960. I have e-mails and yahoo messeges from him. He quit talking to me when I told him the whole thing set off red flags and I talked to some of my military buddies.

    • I have been talking with Sgt Ashley as well. Same e-mail address and I met him on an online dating site. Sad thing is, there is actually two Sgt Robert Ashley’s living and breathing in this world and this scammer is posing as both of them. One of them lives here in Knoxville and the other is in Alabama. I have contacted my local police department and have given them all the information I had on the idiot. He gave me the same sob story about the wife and mother being killed in a car accident. Smooth talker and uses pictures of the fella in Knoxville, but claims he is the Sgt Ashley that currently lives in Alabama that is serving in Iraq. He has asked for various amounts of money, computers, cell phones, clothing, jewerly, etc. Thank God I didn’t give him any of it!!!!

      • I have been talking to Sgt. Robert Ashley and i want to know what i do he doesnt know I just found out . He is trying to get me to send him 225.00 so he can come home . I sent him a used phone i got for free and i sent him 225.00 twice for him to come home and now he wants me to do it again what do i do now I will not send him anymore money . I have emails and recepts what do I do I dont expect my money back but how do I prosecute

  140. I’m from Wenatchee, Washington and have been approached by many scammers on Match.com and SeniorPeopleMeet. Am smart enuf to recognize them and know the steps to verify them, however, 1 did send roses and I got stuck for the bill since the card he gave was bogus!

  141. Hi i got scammed $60 000 USD by someone calling them selves Staff Sarge Harriet Anzaldua she also goes by the name Abrianna i have photos of someone but now know the person in them is innocent it has been some one from Ghana any idea on how to contact the soldier in question to let her know? if anyone gets an mail from harriet_an@live.com run

    • hi bud i have the scamer on to me as well only she use harriet_anz90@hotmail.co.uk she sent me pictures of some girl in the army called anzaldua but came on cam to me and it was lana brooke the porn star flashing her bits .

      • how can I put pictures off the miss anzaldua on here the scammer used ????

  142. ‘m in France
    Contacted twice with the same identity as a soldier but not the same picture … Same as request money for a notebook and a cellular “@ cyber-wizard.com telecom.satelliteprovide” with his boss to address information “Edwin Halton ” And document or the DOD is this ….. I continue to hunt down the others I find it shameful that they do thank you for helping us.

  143. This person who claimed to be philips elliot from nigerian have been in touch with me for the last week.I do know that he is a scammer because when I googled the phone number he gave me,the site came up with his name on it.
    I found out by reading the site that I was not his first victim and he told me the exact same thing like he did to other girls but only that he changed the story around.For instance,he told me that he’s a widowed with a daughter but on the site,he told this girl that he’s a widowed with a son.
    He found me on facebook and he has been sending me messages on yahoo too.I made a mistake by responding back to him.I should never have done that but I have learned my lesson.
    He also had this one picture of a man with a young girl and it’s different from his profile picture on facebook that he had on last week.Well,I noticed yesterday that he used the one with this man and girl on it.
    He’s using the name as philips elliot and is from Lagos,nigerian.

  144. C.J.

    Hello from Florida. The name he is using is CPO Sean Graves. Please get the word out.

  145. C.J.

    I sent you the pictures of SGT/SSG/CSM Scott Adams who was using photos of a Marine Col. I live in Jacksonville, Fl.

    • yes simpleguy4rill.com did not scam me out of any money but he is posing as peter petronzio not that he didn’t tried to get me to pay for a one minute phone call for 325.00 because he was so in love with me he just had to hear my voice yeah ok it didn’t work. He search Myspace for me and sent me an email.

  146. If anyone is from Southern California, please let me know at rgk_28@yahoo.com A reporter from Fox news in LA is doing a story about scammers using photos of soldiers and wants to speak to someone who has been scammed by such. The reporter is legit. He contacted me through CJ.

  147. Information Security is what I do for a living. I get tons of these mails. but on purpose, to aid in protecting the Southern California city’s network from these scams.

  148. Hi CJ,

    I recently sent you pictures and correspondence from a so-called soldier that was a scam. I am from Northern Michigan, and he went by the name of Michael Blay. Feel free to give my e-mail to anyone that might assist in catching these predators.
    Thanks so much for all you are doing!

  149. i’m happy about getting in touch with your blog.I am Cameroonian and was recently scammed of 100,000frs CFA,(thats worth about 100thousand US dollars in your economy)by some fake story of a soldier at war in Iraq who couldnt reach his sick father needing immediate attention at the hospital. I have several pictures of this man serving in the military.All of it seemed so fast,true and well planned.It will mean much to me if u can reach this man and tell him about these scammers in use of his pictures.You can reach the pictures from this link http://www.tagged.com/randy4love.
    My phone number is +2375844158/+23796263684 in case u ever need to reach me. Please i’m counting on your assistance.I’m at list sure your military friend will identify who he gave his pictures to so this people can be caught.He to is Cameroonian

  150. Hi CJ

    I was very nearly scammed by “Capt Steven Massingale Barrett”, but luckily found your website before I lost any money. I am in the UK and have just been contacted by another lady from the UK who has had recent contact with Steven Barrett, but with different photos. The photos I had are on your Wall of Shame and I have recommended that the other lady sends you the ones she has. I still have all the emails he sent if you need them. Keep up the good work!


  151. Yep have not been scammed for money but I bet my profile has been used by these scammers on various websites to lure other unsuspecting men into their webs – along with Tali- Amit is legit and is putting a lot of effort into trying to warn unsuspecting people about these scammers – I am from Brisbane Australia more than happy for you to contact me about scammer Major Mills Cole and Sgt Darryl Lopez (not the real soldiers) but photo’s of honorable men fighting for their country – please feel free to contact me at: foneil7533@yahoo.com

    Cheers and take care

  152. CJ and Marcus, I gave this link to Amit Mendelsohn who has a Facebook Wall dedicated to catching or exposing scammers. He’s become particularly concerned with the many photos he’s been getting from posters on the Wall that are about scammers using soldiers’ photos. He’t got many photos, and wants to get in touch with someone who can do something about this. Here is the link to his FB wall http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123980887398&ref=ts

    I also posted the link to this blog on his FB Wall, which is called “Get The Scammers/Assholes Online”. He has collected significant amount of information. Please get in touch with him. He will probably also be getting in touch with you, so I wanted to give you the heads-up and let you know he’s legit. He’s in Paris, France, but an Israeli, like me. Both he and I are particularly aware of the dangers of criminals having access to info. about our soldiers.



  153. CJ, I’m in Southern California, in Orange County. Feel free to use my posts here and give them my info to contact me.

  154. Oklahoma City, Ok. KOCO TV 5 ABC affiliate
    I contacted them after the first story from CNN that they ran. So now the work has just begun. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep this on the fore front. I was scammed only of my heart THANK GOD.. but, want to make sure that others know that these people are out there in hordes and many different dating sites and not all are using military photos. But, they are now so easy to spot…. Thank You Jean Rice

  155. I am in Lake Charles louisiana and I was scammed by someone posing as Major Baleme lee US Army in
    Afghanistan. His photo’s are on your Wall Of Shame.I did not have money to send for his leave so they gave me a job with the Financial Accounts Division, (so I thought this was real)When I filled out the paper work they sent me I had a job to do within a week,It was picking up money from Western Union and sending to another person in Nigeria. They also had me send in a copy of my ID so now they have my Identiy and might be useing it as a sender now. have copys of everything they sent to me. I feel so ashame for falling for someone like this.I did do 3 jobs for them before I found out this was a scam. 1st was 1141.48USD, 2nd was 700.00USD 3rd was 2,150.00 all sent to Nigeria. I do have the names of who sent them money to me a the names of who I sent to. I have our chats alo printed out.I want thes guys caught ad they are useing kids also.

    • I am talking to Baleme Lee of the US Army Military Police in yahoo currently.. I know he is a scammer and have been playing along..sounds like the same guy
      Unfortunatley I was scammed already (I did pay for a portion of a leave request for a David Cox – sadly I fell for it)

    • I am talking in Yahoo chat to the same guy..except for me he is still in Iraq for another 3months..and says he is an e7 US Army Military Police.. only been talking for a day.. I know he is a scammer.. unfortunatly I have been taken already (see my post on scamwarners re Daxid Cox)

    • This is happening to me and would like to know what I can do to get his guy stopped..
      He has scammed hard working people out of their money and what legal action there is that i need to do. This guy goes by many names the one he got me with is Sgt Stanton Boers Hudson, he said that he is station Western Union pick ups and send them to Nigiria. Was in contact with one of the ladys that he scammed and there are 4 other besides myself.. Need to know what we can do to stop this.. Our Guys over there do not need this mess with all they are going though

      • I dont know if this is the same person but Ive been contacted by a supposed officer in the US army based in Afghan. His name is James Boers.

        I have pix. Sadid his wife died 4yrs ago in the states and has 14yr old boy.

        Started chtting briefly on POF dating.


        • hi have been chatting to a James Boers, have been suspect from the start….still in comunication with him, but i was waiting for the time he asked for money of some sort, hes asked me to put a top up on his mobile phone, hes also put in conversation that hes due for leave soon and will need me to apply for it, which i found very strange anyway…
          have not parted with any money and nor will i.
          his email add is boers512@yahoo.com
          has given me the same story as Ellie Moris…
          i too have pictures of this guy.

        • James Boers is a busy man, thats 3 of us he has been talking to recently, same sob story even sent me picture of his son Desmond. Beware of his side kick Anders ( the one in the photo, he is the money collector, on R&R in Nigeria)

        • Hi

          Wow, he but a “Charles Boers” has tried to scam me, claims he is with the US marines in Nigeria? Is 46 has an eight year old daughter. His ex wife originally from the UK died..

          Contact me if you like, would love to compare notes..

        • 4novembr 2012 I accepted contact this impostor.He had the same story.He used the name Kevin Wilson.I realized too late that it is a scam.I’ve got pictures, Interests whether you got too.To establish whether be same picture with a different name.The exchange of information would like to help a real person and same time to stop this impostor” shagging” innocent woman.My e-mail is magda.zigon1 @ gmail.com, I’m asking for feedback.

    • I was on a dating site when this man whos name said he was Major Baleme Lee and chated to me for 2 weeks, he wanted me to help him out with getting out of afgan by mailing to miltransitleave@rescueteam.com for his leave, however i didn’t have the money and I still haven’t heard from him since I told him I was going to check him out with the US embassy in Australia. So If its not the real Major Baleme Lee who is it?

      • My friend just sent me the ‘official forms’ to print for this reprobate calling himslef Lee Bellame. Im just a suspicious friend who cares very deeply for my friend who is a sweet loving trusting woman. Im so cross at the moment I could eat steel and spit nails. If I can do anything to stop this please let me know

  156. I also almost got scammed and I live in Rockwood Tennessee. This is really sad they are doing our military men this way.

  157. Hi CJ,

    I’m from Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I was recently involved in a military scam on match.com. At that time, about the middle of June, they were pretending to be Robert J. Miller who was a “Captain” in the Army (I think he actually was a Sergeant). He removed his profile the same day I met him so you wont find that exact profile on match.com anymore. However, he had me send $4495.00 to Alaska. In the past month he/they have posted new profiles on match.com with some of the same pictures and some different ones of the same guy/soldier using different details. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further information or pictures. I have quite a few pictures.

    • can you send me ur pic’s so i can compare to mine to c if it’s this same scumbag that is scamming everybody….

      Tks Bonnie

    • Hello, I too have been takenn by this person by the sounds of it…I have pictures but can you send a few to me so I may see it this is the same man.

      Thank you

      • Hello again, I was so upset yesterday that I did not say what I wanted to. I was emailed by a mane from care2 with the email address marine4uca@aol.com and his mane was Mark Smith would this be the same person? I looked at the pictures on one of these but it is not the same. Can someone please send pictures of this man, he has to be stopped. He asked that I be his next of kin so he could get money out. Thank you send email to sldzioba@hotmail.com

    • A few months ago I met this guy on face book. On his profile On his uniform his name is on it with other soldiers.We started talking on we do everyday.By phone and email. I had petition for a transit leave with benefits for him. I have done everything they ask including fees they require form they sent for me to fill out and sent back.How do I know if this is real or not. I dont want to loose anymore of my money. How can I find out if all this is for real.

      • Hi I just read that you lost alot of money by a scammer if you go on get the scammers off face book over a thousand woman are on there and believe it all not they will help help .. You wont get your money back but a pic of your scammer may well be on the data Base

        Good luck Pam

      • hi yvette,

        i too was scummed by that man on fb his name is chris and he has pictures along with 2 men next to him and military transportation behind them. pls contact me and lets compair notes thanx anne m.

      • hi evette

        lets compare notes i was scummed by this man also. he’s with two military men next to him pls email me. thanx

    • dear sir please help me,i have pictures,nau he name is Albert Miller,please send me mail i send y pictures

    • I was scam now by army guy, called Mark Regan, he told me he ist from US Army Los angeles, he is single father with a 11 years old son, called kelvin, and now he is in Afghanistan, but from his uniform can see he is a britisch royal navy, who looks very kindly guy.
      I am sure he is a africa scammer, I had talked with him by skype, his accent showed 100% he is a african
      his email : re.mark@hotmail.com
      If you want to see his pictures, pls contact me.

      • I have been emailing someone by the name raymond baleme. To me its a scam. I got a call from him today. And boy did he a an accent. I have lots of pictures to share. Could you please get back to me. He also askes for a big amount of money. For his transit leave.

        • If anyone would like to see all pictures I will gadly show them.

      • A man named Mark Regan asked me my e-mail through Tagged. His story os the same you mentioned. He sent me some a pictures with Army uniform and also elegant dressed. He is a very handsome man in his photos, i would like to know if he is the same person, thank you

    • hi… do u have a photo of the guy in your subject? we do have the same story.

    • please can y send me the pictures you have so i can see if is the same like what i have. and i will send you back what i got

  158. Hi

    I am in the UK and have just been scammed by someone posing as Thomas Zendrosky, US Army in Afghanistan. His photo is on your wall of shame. He nearly conned me out of £2,000 when I sent him a laptop but have managed to get FedEx to retrieve the parcel and it’s coming back. He’s used three or four aliases – have found him on all sorts of forums. I met him on MatchAffinity.com. He has a partner in Corpus Christi, Texas. If you want further details, please email me.


    • I think I have come across this same guy by any chance does he use the alias Anthony (Tony) Wright…if yes plz send me an e-mail

      Tks Bonnie

      • I was scammed by a soldier calling himself Anthony or Tony Combs, supposedly Ssgt in Army..Is this name familiar to anyone? They have caught one of his friends and supposedly he is in jail and is holding up a sign he scammed me out of so much money and gave the location of what he called Tony Combs he had taken his cut and ran away with all the money..Any of this sound familiar..He was coming home we were to marry and before this could happen he had to have certain fees paid, he even made up military forms for me to fill out..Even put me down as his supposedly next of kin..How horrible i feel about myself and will go to the ends of the earth to see this man brought to justice but will have to save more money first i was naive enough to send him what he needed even got into my inheritance..omg what have i done..I have pictures of him and the men in the unit with him which i think they were all involved if this man or this unit even existed..I just dont know anymore..any one wanting to contact me may do so at patsval@yahoo.com will share pictures i have all emails, instant messages, fake marriage certificate etc…went on since march 2011…too long…ok Ladies we are Women hear us ROAR…

        • I have just sent you an e-mail with pictures of someone that has been contacting me with saying that he was lonely in Iraq and asked me to chat on yahoo messenger. His name is Andew Miller. Please check these photos and let me know. He is a SSGT stationed in Iraq and his wife died of lung cancer after their son was born. He says that his home is San Antonio, Texas! I just need to make sure! I see red flags flying and just want to know if this is the same guy that you spoke with. Thanks and I look forward to your response. Yes, us women have to stick together.

        • thanks for sharing the storry , about the scamers i am the one off thousands of weman be scammed by these people, i think now he changed his name be called sgtrichardfischer he is the one just take a lot off money from me, his email is sgtrichardfischer@yahoo.com and i got the pictures that he send to me. we can share but i don’t know how.

        • seems i was scammed by this same person, can u send me the pictures and certificates he sent to you let me check if its the same he sent me

        • Wow! If he actually is in the military and scammed you you really need to let his command know! This is completely wrong and should not be happening!

    • Hi, i am a widow of 2 years, my husband before he died took everything and left me destitute….. I have been going through a rough time ….. About 5 weeks ago my friends persuaded me to go on a date line ….. I had someone ask to chat with me and i said yes ….. He told me that he is a Col. in US Army, he is supposed to be serving in Afghanistan (Kabul) in the desert and would be coming to live in UK as his 30 years are up …. The first 4 weeks he was an absolute gentleman and unfortunately for me i fell in love with him ….. Last week, he told me that a friend of his was delivering a briefcase for him and could i fetch it for him …. 2 days ago, i got contacted by another man who is supposed to be his friend and said that he had to pay £2,700.00 for tax and he would be given a tax certificate … he asked me to send him the money as he could not contact the Col. and that he was stuck in Ghana …. Now pressure is being applied to send £2,000.00 …. all of this has made me very ill ….. luckily, i came across this site ……. is there any way that i can find if this Col. really exists….. I have photos all in uniform, but, i think that all of this is a scam …. CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SERIOUS ADVISE ….. What if I am wrong in my assumptions …..

      • No wonder your last name is Codd because you sure are a big fish. If this Colonel really is in Afghanistan and when he’s done he’s going to live in the UK, how are you going to have a relationship with him if you live in the US???? Let me guess. You’re going to sell your home and all your possessions for love. Do you hope to buy this person’s feelings? You’re in love with someone you never spent any face to face time with? Is it love that the person keeps asking for money? Did you ever talk on the phone to this person?! HINT: 99.9% of the time if you ask a scam artist for his phone number he’ll fly away then return with a different username. 99.9% of the scammers either are in some foreign place or claim to be in one. Don’t you feel a little stupid sending money to someone who you don’t have an address for if something goes wrong? If someone asked you to identify the man by his looks you can’t. You can’t identify his voice. You don’t know if he’s married or a murderer. You know, I’m going to pretend to be a man, go to a dating site say I love you to a few women and start asking for money. Desperate women are so dumb. My last tenant threw away the roof over her and her kids’ heads and her possessions to get laid.

    • Think I’m talking to someone from dating site that is about to try and scam me. He says his in the American army a month to serve and wanting to locate here in the uk. He had just started asking me how much money I have saved and what my salary is. God I feel stupid. His name is Frazier well so called name. Where is this face of shame board.

    • Can you tell me how to find this wall of shame I think I have just almost been scammed by someone by the name of Frazier cole

    • My scammer goes by the Name JOHNSON LOYST HUGHES LT.GENERAL IN THE US ARMY in a city called the IVORY COAST he tried to get a cell phone and computer then he said I needed to give my info so the investors can deposit his money oh he had pictures of this cute military guy and everything. GOOD THING I LISTENED TO MY GUT.

  159. Sarasota, Florida
    I was scammed of $1400. The scammer found my profile on the Plentyoffish.com dating Website. He is currently going by the name of Andrews Miller. I sent you an extensive email with all the details a few days ago and have not heard back. I also entered my story in the Channel News 8 in Tampa, Florida Website however I have not heard back from them as well.

    • he is trying to scam me right now, and I am a dane living in Sweden scrool down and see if he use same profile. he also use mach dating / meetic so now he is on journey to scam in europe

      • And since the website dating you use, only acept costumer by Ip from Canada US ect. and not other contrys in the world, Andrew Miller then he are opererating from US or Canada. he also claims to have a cusin named Doris H., Its your name ?

        • And strange Andrews Miller has ask me to go on net with hes cusin Doris Hershey on web cam because she wanted to talk with me.
          And said she is 19 years old, living with her godmother because, its hes sister daugther and hes sister died of cancer, and she are all the family and hes son Jackson he got.

  160. England,UK

    I was scammed by someone who asked me to accept luggage which he said contained 7.2 million dollars from Iraq. He used email:kenneth.england2011@live.com, also kenneth.enland@gmail.com.

    • And you fell for that? 72 million in a luggage? You thought that you were legal? You thought they wouldn’t check before it touchdown? Wow you must be an idiot. I’m ready all these scams and I’m amazed by what people fall for. My god, this is insane. I do network security so I never had anything like this happened to me and well aware of how this people work. I feel everyone’s pain. It’s so easy to tell. I messed with this losers all the time and actually make them believe I’m interested in their product and get them to tell me their whole address hahah

    • If any victims of this are within 100 miles of Washington, DC, I would love to talk to you. I’m a reporter at the CBS/CNN affiliate here and I’m looking to put this story out on the air so we can warn more people of the dangers. Please email me at bleshan@wusa9.com. Thanks.

      • my husband and i were scamed out of ou life savings. we lost our home everything. We worked hard our whole life and it hard to endure. I was agaist the tranactions fron day one but my husband who was in bussiness for many years told me i didn’t understand bussiness. Well it turned out i knew more thsn he realized but it was to late. Im divisated. Linda Mitchell

      • Hi Bruce, I live in Florida and I did an interview with the action reporter from Channel 9. It was a little terrifying having to admit it, but after it was done I felt so much better,(part of the healing process)and I would do 100 more if it would help someone else from getting scammed. I hope you find someone that is willing to share their experience with you, it’s a subject that needs to be heard. If you would like to talk to me, you can ask CJ for my email address.

      • Scammed by military claiming to be part of academi. $457 for satellite phone and food/medicine. Went by the name Mark James Smith, saying from cumberland, md. also doubling as Carl Barby from dallas texas. Wondering if he is stealing identities. I have photos he was using saved.

      • I don’t live in your area but I recently put an ad on CL and letgo to sell a diamond bracelet that is brand new and still in the box. I have received an unbelievable amount of scam emails asking to send checks to purchase this for various reasons. I have kept all of the emails and have even corresponded and will shortly be receiving a bunch of the fake checks. I would love to see if you wanted to partner up and do a piece or a story or even a sting to try and see if we can get the word out and possible notify the acct holders of these stolen checking accts.

  161. Dallas, TX
    This guy tried to scam for electronics (high end cell phone and camcorder) but luckily I found this article first.

    • dear Cj,
      can you help me how to find the names of the scammers list,or where are they?,
      i read stories from some girls and people asked about project director in iraq from us air force named mark henderson,and i have the same story with them…and more,they contacted this person several years ago,but i knew him from dating site in 2012,i would like to share my story,after chat with him for sometimes,i never contacted him again,i felt something wrong with him,but i don’t know exactly where is he now,because he doesn’t want to give me more information about him,please contact me,

    • I was scam by a US Army and I really want to know his real name and is he dead or alive and I was stupied to believe him all the stories he told me. As of right now I am still hurting and don’t know how to get it pass.

    • Yes I was scanned by a guy using the
      name VondaLambert moose King and he is on Facebook I been trying to report him and didn’t know how my name is Geneva Bynum.

    • Yes I was scanned by a guy using the
      name VondaLambert moose King and he is on Facebook I been trying to report him and didn’t know how my name is Geneva Bynum.229 205 1501

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