A Case Update

I wanted to take a quick moment to update everyone on where the case stands to this point.

The simple answer is that nothing has changed. I am still charged with a manufactured charge of “interfering with public duties.” We have a few hearings coming up in May. We still do not have the dashcam footage, officer audio, or 911 tapes.

On May 15th, we have a hearing at 1400 to force the release of evidence against me or dismissal of charges. I’m not sure what the 29 May hearing is for, but I think it’s a pretrial hearing and will take place at 1300. Both hearings will be at the Bell County Justice Center.

I know that I’ve been largely quiet, but as you can imagine we are trying to work towards a solution to both the “criminal” charges against me as well as how to move forward as a city with the best interests of my fellow citizens in mind. Obviously, it’s important to me that changes are made within the Temple Police Department to ensure that no one else has to endure what I did on March 16th in the future.

The Army is still staying out of the issue, though my PCS orders have been cancelled as a result of the allegations and charges pending. This means that I have lost a career enhancing position that I would have gotten to in July. In the Army, whenever a Soldier is charged with a crime, legitimate or not, a “flag” is placed on their personnel files. As long as the flag is there, the Soldier cannot get promoted, go to leadership schools, get awards or decorations, take leave, or move to another assignment. In essence, their career is put on hold until the charges are dealt with in court or dropped.

I was hoping that the Army would hold off since I was optimistic the charges would have been dropped by July, but I found out yesterday that my orders were deleted. I spoke to my branch manager in DC and he said he could not guarantee the position will still be open when the flag is lifted. This is not my command’s doing. It’s actually Army regulation that my command take these steps. In other words, the Army doctrine is guilty until proven innocent.

Stay tuned to this blog and I will provide updates as I am able to release them. In the meantime, head over to McLennan County Justice blog for more information on my case based on public records requests submitted by them.

I’d also like to point out a GREAT read by Dante Ferrigno on the One American’s Opinion blog that I highly recommend as required reading.

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  1. CJ–

    Sorry to hear that things have kind of reached a stalemate, but hopefully the hearing will clear things up in your favor. I’m sure you’ll have numerous supporters at the hearing(s) if we’re allowed.

    Again, in addition to the dashcam and audio, I would request any CAD messages relating to the call. CAD is computer-aided-dispatch, the system dispatchers/calltakers use to communicate with officers from the 911 center. If you go up to 708 W Av O in Belton (the comm center), you can request all of that at the front desk/window.


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