A Free Iraqi

Ali, an Iraqi who lives in Baghdad, posted a beautiful poem reflecting on two years since the war started over on his blog. It’s worth a read, as well as some of the other stuff he has to say.

The media wants us to believe that we’re unloved and unwanted in Iraq. And while we shouldn’t stay indefinitely unless asked, the fact is we’re there and there are people who support and appreciate that.

4 Comments on “A Free Iraqi

  1. Thanks for your service to our country, son.
    Thanks in addition for your willingness to fight that others may be free.
    G-d bless you.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. When I first contemplated publishing my private journal, I wrestled with whether or not I could bear my soul the way I am. The part that convinced me was that if more Americans knew how ugly and beastly war is, then their leaders would be more apt to use words to the last breath before taking that final plunge of committing to war. I know that sometimes war is inevitable and I strongly believe Saddam had to go. I support what we are doing in Iraq because I’ve seen the good we’ve done and the lives we’ve changed. More people needed to see that in contrast to the MSM view.

    I still don’t publish my entire journal, as personal family stuff is kept out. I allow Emily to edit any post she wants and we discuss what should be taken out if it deals with family. But, I do not edit any of my experiences while in Iraq. I hope you come back often and take away these points: the Iraqi people are an honorable people with good intentions (the vast majority of them) and war should not be something we take for granted.

  3. Wow. I just found your site and now it is marked as a daily read.
    Your compassion and raw details inspires me, and saddens me at the same time.
    Your story 2 days back of a Iraqi first sergeant giving info, and you and the company being unable to protect him afterwards says alot. Unfortunetaly I also understand the slow moving beurocracy (sp) abnd short sitedness, but all you can do is all you can do.
    The grendade story also rings true, as only you know what best to with that!
    My best wishes to you, and realize even in this back asswards city of San Francisco, you have friends…

  4. I’m sure you appreciate the fact that Iraqis do appreciate you, even if the media tends to concentrate on those who do not, like al-Sadr and his gang of thugs; like who cares what they think anyhow – they are nothing but murdereres and criminals.


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