A New Beginning

Well, I’ve decided to leave Facebook and hopefully regain so much lost time to that pathetic platform. I’ll still be keeping my public page open so that I can share these posts until we are able to create a way to subscribe to updates.

I’ve realized that Facebook has really not done much for me besides fuel my anger, rage, and anxiety. It’s too easy to post a quick link with a reactionary response to some stimuli without sorting through and analyzing its meaning, purpose, or full understanding. With a blog, I’m forced to be more academic and explanatory about things that I share. I know that there is a risk to doing this at a time when society doesn’t have time to sit and read blogs posts. We’ve migrated to 140-character verbal darts and paraphrased postings.

There’s also a lot going on in my personal life that I think can be more helpful to discuss in this type of forum. The truth is that all Facebook did for me is fuel all the negative aspects of my life. Now, I’m not looking to turn my head to corruption or tyranny, but instead want to be able to more fully flush it out. It’s no secret that the past four years since my unlawful arrest in Temple and the corrupt trial that followed I’ve been pretty soured on the state of freedom and the growing disrespect of government towards the people.

I’ve seen this corruption and what unbridled raw power does to people personally. In the past four years, I’ve come to see firsthand what happens to people who stand for something and against corruption. I’ve learned that the state does not like having its authority challenged, especially when that challenge is justified and proper. I’m not one of those anarchist guys that hates government. I firmly believe that there is a legitimate role of government, albeit a small one. What I hope to accomplish here in future writings is to document my efforts to regain our proper role in government and its proper responsibility at both the state and federal levels.

What is our role? Our Constitution makes clear in its first three words where the power lies in American government: “We the people.” It is our role to ensure that we select people who will not only abide by the constitution, but serve in the best interests of the RIGHTS of the people. The problem is that the people right now are only concerned with electing those that will serve the best interests of the people at the expense of their rights. We have become brainwashed that government is designed to give us what we want instead of wanting them out of our way to get what we deserve. The reason they won’t is because most people realize they don’t deserve anything and won’t work to get what they want.

My methods aren’t exactly the most widely respected way of doing things. Too many people have been conditioned that we need to be seen, not heard. They believe that we are supposed to treat government officials with deference and blind obedience. They think that we are here to do as we’re told and we should bow to authority by virtue of its existence. There is an unwritten rule that it’s okay to criticize elected government officials, but when it comes to the rest of government, we’re expected to treat them as demigods, idols, or above suspicion.

As a Soldier, I was subjected to this form of worship and it bothered me then as it does now. Government officials are just people, no different than anyone else. I didn’t join the Army to receive special treatment. I didn’t do it to be respected or have power over others. I recognized that when I wore that camouflage uniform, I was a servant to every single person with whom I came in contact. They were my employers and I both respected and appreciated that. I made sure that every dollar I had to spend was spent as effectively and economically as possible. My dedication to fiscal frugality resulted in me being assigned to manage unit training and operational budgets at both the Brigade and Corps level. It also earned me the disdain of troops (and leaders) trying to game the system and milk as much money out of the taxpayers as possible.

As such, I expect EVERY government employee at every level to recognize their role in society. Authority isn’t always about power. Power only comes with legitimate authority. Authority comes with responsibility. Responsibility come from trust. Trust comes from the people. If the people don’t trust you, you can’t be responsible. People lacking responsibility have no authority and thus no power. It all boils down to government’s duty to ALWAYS ensure that government officials at every earn the trust of the people. It should never be taken for granted and it should never be solely based on what uniform or nametag we wear.

That is my goal here to document my journey to ensure this is how things remain.

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  1. Hi, been talking to a man on Instagram, his name is Robert Wilfred Scott, claims he is from Tracy , CA, this is how he was describing his service or whatever you call it, he goes well am working with the US Army, I’m in military personnel , I work for the US Marine Corps, am currently here in Syria for a special peacekeeping mission. says he is French American, divorced with a child in private school in the UK. Has anyone heard of this story or man ?

  2. I’m currently talking to a man who says he’s a three star general. He wants to come home and he can’t get access to his money. He wants me to send $400 to an address in Nigeria. That’s where he is at. His name is Mark William. I have Skyped him and he seems legitimate. What do you think?

  3. Is Tony Reeger a soldier? Is he a scammer? Must need to know for my own satisfaction.

      • Never mind. He is a good man. I have already found it out. Tried and true….

        • The person you’re speaking to is a scammer. This name is used often to scam women. What makes you think he’s a good man “tried and true.”

  4. Is there a email. That we could send off to see if some of these individuals are real ? Sounds too good to be true. . Pleading complete ignorance. Etc. I guess a sagreat major does not like to deal with someone just as agressive. . . Speaking for a very close friend. Whom I worry about with all the business she is getting herself into. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  5. CJ … You did the right thing leaving Facebook. He’s a damn criminal that hacked the beautiful, free Myspace to steal their hard earned market share. Just look at FB’s craziness: tell me your life history, and give me photos of your family and friends. And the popularity contest mode is sick.

  6. hi I really need to find out if the guy i been talking to for a year is whom I’m actually. talking to. He’s never asked for anything from me. His name is 2d lieutenant Clark Rowland. lives in Tampa Florida deployed in Syria right now. Born 6/22/1979. please get back with me ASAP. He’s also sent me 100s of pics on civi & fatigues. if need a photo let me know.

    thank you Carolyn Ploch

  7. Hey I have a scammer on the hook right states an E6 john wright in afghanistan. He wanted money for his son birthday fell for that one now it is his son was in a hospital in Ghana and he needs $650.00 to pay for medical treatment when i asked about Champus..BINGO he stated his child eas not covered. The rest gtaduated from West Point , wife died of cancer son in boatding school luke he had grown up in. I thought at first can’t but the more he demanded I know he wasn’t above board another on he did not k ow who Jack the ripper was now everyone in US knows that one. Is there a way to get these scammers?

  8. This isn’t about me, but my sister has been talking to a Michael DeWalt stationed in the middle East. He promised her an apartment and marriage. She been sending him all her money, n is now broke, jobless n homeless. He claimed that he needed money to come back home to visit her, but of course has yet to show up.

  9. Hi My name is Charle from South Africa. I know by heart that I have been scammed by a guy who calls himself Clint Blackshear. He told me after two weeks of talking that he was hurt in a ambushed by the Isis (thats what they call them) and that he needs medication in the base camp because they dont have the necessary drugs. His spine were hert and that he is not going be able to walk if he dont get the right medication. So he sent me a despatchers name in Ohio because they cant get any parcels there. I must pay $250 dollars over by moneygram or western Union. Needless to say I didnt pay over anything

  10. Keep an eternal focus in all things. I applaud your work and love your family.

  11. I have been txtn and talking to this man who claims to be on a 2 year deployment Lagos, Nigeria. He claims he has 2 children (boy’s). His rank is an E-5 staff sergeant. From S. Carolina. We have been talking now since March of this year he says that he is falling in love with me and I feel like I have to I’ve never seen his face we’ve never video chatted although we have chatted and we have been texting he has been having people from different states send money to me and and he wants me to send it to his Commander’s or supervisors names instead of his name he says the money is not for him that is for the other soldiers. He says the money comes from the other soldiers families to take care of them to have Foods outside of the camp or better medicines outside of the camp. We’ve had different arguments over different things I’ve had my suspicions he’s gotten mad because I’ve confronted him about my suspicions. He asks me for money to pay his data on his phone yes I do send 100 dollars every month for the data on his phone I don’t get proof that that’s what it’s for but I do ask him please send me pictures of him and video chat on Facebook Messenger. He says that he cannot send me photos because the camera is messed up on his phone he wants me to send him an iPhone he said he’d been shot twice in the legs but yet he still gets up and goes jogging every morning and he thought having a video chat in the gas chamber was enough to prove to me that he was real his words are sweet as ever I love them they’re awesome. I have his phone number it does state that he is from South Carolina but the phone number is showing that it’s a landline not a cell phone. I feel really stupid if he’s not real I really like him I fell for him well should I say I fell for his words I don’t know how to tell him most of the time that I do not believe what he’s telling me. I have begged him not to hurt me not to screw me over he swears he’s not he says he loves me to death he asked me if me and him could do a proxy by marriage and after I pay $675 for proxy marriage he wants me to come up with $2,500 I believe to have him find a replacement and fly home. Does any of this make sense please somebody let me know cuz I’m very confused lost and scared.

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