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C.J. is an opinionated soldier who tells it like he sees it. He is a retired US Army First Sergeant with over 20 years of active duty service. His assignments include such tropical paradises as Ft. Hood, Fort Irwin, Fort Stewart, Fort Meade, and Redstone Arsenal. He has been deployed to Panama, Ecuador, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His biggest accomplishment was getting invited to the White House by President Bush and President Obama for his writing at A Soldier’s Perspective.

He has been awarded the Bronze Star with V device, Meritorious Service Medal (3 oak leaf clusters), Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (4 OLC), Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, the Combat Action Badge and many other pieces of flair he doesn’t want to brag about. He is married and has three beautiful straight “A” children! Follow C.J. on Twitter.


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The number one question we get day in and day out is if there is a way to let the real soldier being used in a scam that he is a victim as well. Unfortunately, there isn’t a reliable way to track down the soldiers. The time and effort put forth would likely do little good. I feel horrible that the images and names of these brave men are being used for nefarious reasons. Please, continue to share your stories and warn others. The more people we are able to educate on this horrible deed the less profitable it will be for the criminals.

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  1. I am Vali. I posted somthing here few days ago and I did not received any reply. And my post was deleted. Why ?

  2. I have been messaging with a US Army Captain (so he says) in South Sudan, do we have troops there now? He sends photos, but says he can’t call or video? Mason Silva is his name.

  3. Hi,

    I recently met a guy online dating VietSingle. about 2 weeks now, his name is Jonathan Horne, said he a Native American, age: 50, has a mother 70 yrs old, 17 yrs old daughter, he is a widow. said he live in New York, but recently deployed to Ukraine to monitor and supervised the territorial integrity of Ukraine with Russia border , and his mom and daughter go with him live in UK now, his email jonathanhorne46@gmail.com, even though he hasn’t direct ask me to send money, but I starting to get some suspicious… please help me if he is one of the scam. Thank you

  4. Bonjour,
    Il y’a un personnage qui utilise soldat USA ,
    Sur la réseau Instagram !!
    Ils prétends non des Salinas Jacob.
    que il il est en Libya !! Il a perdu beaucoup sens soi-disant .!! Il donnait l’..!!
    Vous vous me aidez stp merci..

  5. got a female scammer – she gave me a bank contact – but I’m outside the U.S. I should pay 4200 USD that she is not deployed to Afghanistan or Syria 🙂 Stupid person… Ashley Jane Diamond. But a lot of photos robbed from a real lovely nice female seargeant and woman.

    Bank Name: Bank of America
    Account Name: Lisa Rudolf
    Account Number: 3340 5606 0031
    Account Type: Checking Account
    Routing Number: 061000052
    Swift Code / IBAN: BOFAUS3N
    Bank Address: 630 Thornton Rd, Lithuania Springs, 30122
    Home Address: 230 Westwood Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168, USA

  6. Omg, I can’t believe I fell for this. I met him on the Coffee meets Bagel app, then he switched to whatsapp. He was very generous with the compliments and nice attitude. Told me he would be here in a week but that he needed someone to mail his box. His box is full of personal information including his retirement, laptop and photo album and that he didn’t have anyone stateside to send it to. He asked me for my address and email. My alarms went off.

  7. WOW!!! I really am a FOOL!!! and feel sick… I am being scammed big time… I started talking to a soldier who calls himself Rob Darryl, Maj, General, Us Army based in Pakistan, boy is he good…. After 1 week of talking he already ‘arranged’ to come visit me in South Africa. A Diplomat by the name of Frank will deliver his stuff to me on Saturday Morning. He asked for my physical address, telephone numbers which i gave to him. Then all of a sudden this morning he had this call from his son needing $200 very urgently. (he has been divorced by the way – with 2 sons) poor him only saw his sons 3 months ago in Germay when he was a speaker at an international congress. He sent me photos of him and one child, it is just “Love” and “my Darling”, etc. i fell head over heals for him. Then today after the incident with the money, i googled everysingle person with the profile he had……. with no success. He is using the profile of Lieutenant General Darryl Roberson, Us Army. i must admit he knows a lot about the family…… i even traced the REAL Darryl Roberson who is still happily married…..i have contact numbers….. and photos….

    • It doesn’t a dime and it doesn’t requore the help of anyone else. Don’t worry about what it looks like because he shouldn’t be asking you to have any part of it. A leave form is just between soldiers and their commanders.

      • I met a sergeant more than a year ago . His name is john Thomas smith stationed in fort hamilton . Talked with him through skype and hangouts . Even called a fee times. He wanted to take a permanent leave to be with me and get stationed in my country. Got emails about leave payments and all. Unfortunatly i did pay . Felt for the loving words. Last ask was 200 to leave the airport to get here. Checked his phone number witch was close by his base . Got a lot of photo’s and all. I dont think its a nigerian guy but a real american . Alle he wanted was to get here with me pernanently . It confused me but i really think its a big scam . Tried to get more info by searching on name photo’s email adress and phone number . But no luck .

      • i am not sure if i am posting this in the right place but is there a base in Nigeria with this address?
        Isaac Adeyemi
        ELEYELE IBADAN, 23402

        Also do all military have the same address on the drivers license in the state Idaho?

        • I have been talking to a soldier from Nigeria named Quinn Hernandez and he has sent me his military id as well as his Idaho drivers license not sure if they are legit?

        • hello,

          I recently met a guy online dating about 2 weeks on Viet Single http://www.vietfun.com. even though he hasn’t asked me directly for money yet, but I really want to know if he is one of scammer ? his name Jonathan Horne, said he live in New York, but was deployed to Ukraine about a month now, about 50 years old, has a mother 70 yrs old, and 17 yrs old daughter, and he a widow, can you help.. .???

    • Thru internet people try to scam ladies believing it’s a true romance by a army soldier. Asking for Money to get him leave time etc.

  8. Yes hello…
    Am feeling pretty much like a total FOOL!!!Have been talking to a guy that’s so called deployed!!!Ya started off pretty normal..small chit-chat.Me being honest with the fact I’m married and being friends was all that could/would happen!!!Ya well after only a few short days he began saying…”I LOVE YOU”…leaving me to tell him…”thank you for your kind up lifting words but we wont be able to talk if this continues with you telling me your falling in love with me”…We continued to talk.Until the last few days…where a problem has come up but he doesn’t want me to stress over it…first e-mails from him stopped then his Facebook taken down(not till I was able to screen shot it)with that messenger went off…but we also talk on ‘hangout’ now this morning he asks the ‘BIG’ question….’Baby can you send me money I’m out of personal items’….Yep when I was very blunt and said “HECK NO” he logged off!!!
    Deployed to: Afghanistan in the navy….
    Says he is a Master Sargent
    I have tried to “GOOGLE” his name and so called place he’s from…Though his Facebook account stated he was from “KENT WASHINGTON”
    We face timed twice and he matched this pic he sent and from Facebook…
    But then again was only for a short minute…then claimed with “restrictions” he’s not allowed to “CALL” and or “VIDEO CALL” again???
    when I said no he thought not talking to me would make me change my mind…he reached out to me not me him…though our talks were shorter after that…
    So suppose I got off luckier then some…never sent money nor gave personal info!!!!
    Just am at a loss here on what if anything I should do about this…mainly ‘IF’ there is anything I can do to warn other’s of him

    • I feel sick… I am being scammed big time… I started talking to a soldier who calls himself Walter Simpson, boy is he good…. After 4 months of talking I have been stupid enough to send him money, a phone and ipad he said he needed… Now he says that he needs money to pay for a leave slip… $700 dollars…. He says he has a child sent me a picture of a beautiful little girl… I am heart broken… I know that the military would not treat him or keep him from his daughter if something happened to her… He is scamming me… Or someone is using his identity… I have put myself in a terrible financial position and want to do what I can to help other women who can fall for these scammers… I have pictures, addresses of homes in the states where the items where shipped to and even an other soldiers name…. These scammers are very good….

      • i was asked by the Soldier i am supposed to be talking to if i could send money to the following:

        Kenneth Holloway, Idaho City, Boise 83709 but did not i told him my bank account account and credit cards were hacked.

  9. Hey, has anyone ever heard the name George Morris? Or George Chapman? Is there anyway we can find out if these guys are actually in the military?
    Thank you

    • Ask him for his military email address. If he says he can’t or won’t give it for ANY reason hes a fraud.

      • Thank you, and should it be something particular? Like what am I looking for? He said he knew about all this stuff going on but that there wasn’t anything that could be done to stop people from taking their photos etc. He hasn’t asked me for anything, but he came from no where and he seems just too good to be true lol
        Thank you

        • Yes. The email should look something like this: firstname.lastname@us.army.mil (if Army) and will ALWAYS end in the .mil extension. Every service has one and every troop is required to have it. They are not classified or sensitive. If he gives ANY reason why he can’t provide it, It’s a scam.

    • Another question…if you are in the military, do you have access to your funds while you are in Afghanistan? I’m feeling a scam coming on here 🙁

      • Im in the same boat , I recently met a guy on FB ,, saying he was an officer forthe Army in Afaganastan , Very quick with the I LOVE YOU words , I have spoken to him even questioned the accent on his voice ,, Non Americia ,, to me its a very heavy Middle Eastern , Anyways saying he has no access to his funds ,, and that i need to pay for a package that is coming to me , 780.00 ,, thecourrier says i pay it to there agent that is in the US ,, in Tennesse ,, due to no funds leaving or coming in to Afaganastan ,,, PLEASE if anyone can help me PLEASE !!!!

        • He’s a fraud. Military personnel ALWAYS have access to funds. Military personnel also don’t use couriers or agents. They always give their unit shipping address, MOS (if they’re Army), and military email address without question.

        • I was told he didn’t have access to his funds as it wouldn’t look right to the commanding officer!! Wow! I knew it all sounded bazaar, but I am still letting him go on and on, he hasn’t asked me for any money just told me how he didn’t have access to money. I would really like to catch this guy in a lie, when I question him of stuff he has told me in the passed, he says “I already told you the answer to that” Right now he is saying he wants to go home but “Your commanding officer have to pay for your transportation by your pay allowances and that’s for emergency leave.” Is what I got from him the other day?? Is this true? He also said “So the best way is to provide my own flight. he cant turn that down because i have the DA order on that one” what does this mean? Is this true?
          This just makes me sick that this even goes on and they prey on women like this!!

        • Kristin, none of that is true. The military pays for EVERYTHING troops need while deployed.

        • dont do it he goes by james avila rios if its the same one im sick over it

  10. I was approached by a “Sgt. Collins Murphy” on Facebook, claiming to be retired and from Orlando, Floriday. He paid me compliments to my looks and that I deserved someone to love me and care for me. That I should add him and talk. The profile said he was honest and straightforward guy. I’ve been approached by many men on Facebook messenger wanting to get to know me. I have only had one other “military” personnel approach me that was a “General”. At two different times, which I realize now was stupid of me, to connect with a widower and talk. They weren’t military, but all the same it turned out to be bad, one for sex & one for money. I didn’t allow it to go to far. I am a young widow of just over 2 years. These “men” prey on women who seem vulnerable. I’ve learned the hard way to check these guys out. This guy had only a photo yesterday and no friends. Now today nothing, so he was found out. I have set my privacy settings on Facebook awhile back to accept only friend request from friends of friends. I am not even sure how these “men” find me. Thank you for setting this site up.

  11. Hi
    I’m writing to you because I might be as well another fool who fell in love with a soldier thats not existing. He wrote to me and we fell in love.
    He was send from the US to Syria. His name is Shiller C Brain, Camp Ballbek Lebanon. It was his birthday. So I wanted to send him a parcel. I did. I got an address to send it to Robert Miloche (diplomatrobertm@textnow.me) in New Jersey. I spend about $200. Now the diplomat James Anderson emailed me, that I have to pay $ 255.50 (courier fee, VAT, flight cargo). Can this be right?
    I live in Switzerland. Our Army postage is free. If Shiller is real, I don’t want him to be upset and I only wanted the best to help and support a Soldier.
    Thank you so much for your help
    Kind regards


    • OMG my best friend is dealing with this same man only he is pretending he is gay. He has gotten alot of money out of him and almost pushed him to suicide. His location is diff for me friend he says he is in Africa. We need to talk asap. Something has to be done he is ruining lifes!

  12. Hi, I am writing all the way from Turkey. I was approached by a so called Sergeant Kelvin Hannett. Of course the photos are of a real Sgt Gordon Hannett and the person I am talking about is on OkCupid sending stories about how he wants to marry the right woman and relocate to where she is etc. Here is a taste of what he has to say.

    “Hello Fulya, In the first Place thanks for the wonderful communication we’re having. Thanks for sharing your email address with me. You’re very beautiful woman of heart and I love your smiles. I think we both have met on fate. I will like to use this opportunity to tell you a little about myself to help us to get to know each other. As I already told you, My name is Kelvin Hannett, I am also a E-6 Sergeant in the U.S army, I am 53 years of age, Born in Kanas and raised in North Miami, But presently in Syria for a peace keeping mission and i will be home in less than two months time. I’ve been a widower for 9 years now and I have one son who’s 13 years of age called Alex. I presently Joined OkC site to seek for a loving and trustworthy woman of heart with all the good characters of life to spend the rest of my life with after my mission.”

  13. I think you can add:

    Joel Stilow (Jace7882) 56 Yrs old Miami, FL on Match
    Email address: Jace7882@talkmatch.com
    phone # 941-787-2223
    Stationed in Syria had been in Iraq and Afghanistan, wife and 22 year old son both killed in Norway while on vacation,while he was deployed. Been a widower for 4 years. English and speling good,nice manners pic of a sliver haired handsome man with a US Army insignia on his shirt. Retiring at the end of the month after 23 years in service. Looking for someone to have a relationship with. Is a Staff Sargent, but does not not want to talk about his rank or what his day is like….wants you to ask only questions about him.

    Ron Steve, also stationed in Syria on a piece keeping mission, tells you her is a Doctor who is says he is a Field Artillery Officer (13A) – Army and takes care of wounded solders and orphans in Syria. His was raised in Germany and his family moved to TX when he was young. He lost his mother and father within months and wants to know if you own your own home and what kind of car you drive and what you do for a living. Wants to move to where you are, and go places together, after just a few minutes of texting. English and spelling are bad.

    This was less than 24 hours of communications.
    Both are on Match.com and Joel Stilow had a facebook account. I blocked and reported both on Match and will be reporting the facebook account.

    I did send a current photo of myself as I believe that is customary to do on match, so you know who you are talking to. What are the repercussions from sending a photo to him?

    Both wanted to have my phone number almost immediately, I used Hangouts instead. but was given a phone number for Joel Stilow, but i think I deleted that message.

    • I have Joel Stilow conversing with me and I am running a svam on him..was going to get more info and turn him in. He is usinf the number 331-481-6278..which is out of Downer’s Grove Illinois going bt Pretty_isMe55 on POF…itnis a shame because it gives the good guys in the military a stigma attached to any real guy who is trying to date.

      • I have been talking to a David Stilow for a couple of weeks. He’s a real charmer. Not the kind that makes you think. Wow too much but the kind that just says all the right things. He got was raised in Norway in an orphanage. Had no family but a late wife. Then came the issue with phone Can’t call can send photos. Only text. And since his birthday was coming up “July 25”. Could I please buy him a phone and send it to him since he had no access to his funds or belongs in Miami. When I refused he said fine I’ll take a Bluetooth speaker watch and a gold cross necklace. He did email me photos. The nice looking grey hair man in faitques carrying his weapons. Along with some of the same photos he had on POF.


  14. Hi. I just would like to ask if these scammers can also use other websites to become your friends? Two months ago, I had accepted people’s friend request on facebook, lets just say that things didn’t work out and I deleted them, even though I do type in ‘Nanos’ on search on facebook and received two other people with the same guy, but different surname and Nanos as their first name – which I did find the original name and guy on instagram and youtube.

    Noentheless, since last month I signed onto penpalworld and received a message there from a guy, his name is Alessandro Bolinder, that is also in the US army and is posted in Syria. We spoke, telling each other our hope and dreams – etc. So now, I think from last week or two weeks ago, he told me that his people will send me an email that will add him in receiving his leave to visit me on his birthday on the 10th of December. In the email – after I read a few messages on this site – the way it is writing is incorrect, since I am writing a book and I know when a sentence sounds or even looks out of place.


    I tried to do a google search and didn’t get the correct answer I was looking for, even though it doesn’t add up why I couldn’t do a google image search on the two pictures he has sent to me. I even did a google search on his name and come up empty. Since I did the google image search before and found the original person – also from someone that I befriended on facebook.

    So, if you can help me, please email me at: mythical18@gmail.com

    Kind regards

    • These guys are all scammers. If you have specific questions, you can email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com

      • I have a few questions about scammers I think I’m in one but I am also not sure at the same time

        • I would like to ask you a few questions about someone that says he’s in Afghanistan as a army staff Sgt and goes by the name George hulk

        • the name of the guy that says he is an Army Officer in Afaganastan , Had a FB page ((((( No friends ))) sent me a request ,, I accepted ,, Quickly the FB was taken now by FB couldnt prove who he was , I was aske dto download the APP Whatsup so we could talk on phone , Anyways im questioning a Huge Scam in need of Quick answers , His name that he gave me is James Andy ,, But on occasion the courrier company that he want me to send this money to for a package to be delierved to be has call him Jake Andy several times i have said something to them and the keep saying its a compurter error ,, PLEASE HELP

        • If you THINK you’re being scammed.. then you are.

      • Hi Cj, i have been having the same problem, I seen this guy facebook Last name Fair, military very handome, we start “dating” but he start saying that he dont get money until he goes back to the states since he has beeb deployed to Nigeria. He ask me if I could help him I said I dont have money to help him right now and he continue to speak with me, he send me pictures, video recording of him playing quitar so I was blown away by his charms. Then he ask me if I wanted to meet him in person. I Said offcourse I do. He said he will speak to his commander and so he “did”. And told me if I want to speak to his commander. I was like why do I have to speak to him. So I did went and spoke to a “commander”. He said for Sir. Fair to have a leave i need to give him all my info and copy of ID and payment of $300.00 to give this to the US. I went and have done my research and there is no such a thing thag military should ask for any kind of money. So I ceased all contacts with him, report all the fake accounts he created. Am talking about more than 30 fake acounts. I really would like to meet the real. Military Fair. Since the scammer did send me a picture of him in uniform with his last name.

        • I think I might have bumped into the same guy as you mentioned. Will be glad to match certain details or pictures with you. Thank you.

        • I think I have bumped into the same person you mentioned here. Will be glad to match profile and photos.

      • Benson Fred Alec (benbensold1967@gmail.com) ? Real name or fraud

        Does anyone know. Story is like all the rest. Except for even more eccentric it’s quite shocking.

      • sergt delaron miguel cortes claiming in syria . mos special forces 18f sergt 2nd Lt.

  15. Immediately report it to the Secret Service. This is wire fraud and if she sends that money anywhere, she can be charged with fraud and money laundering. I sent you an email.

    • This sounds similar to someone that friend request me on FB! But he told me his wife cheated on him and he had a biological son and a adopted daughter! He was stationed in Kabul Afghanistan and was 51!! Said let’s talk on hangouts cause all his pictures and identity had been stolen!! He has sent me several pictures and then started asking for money for a phone first!! Then they supposedly was 2 that ended up!! I exchanged email’s and stupid enough to give him my phone number!! I’ve been getting text message from all kinds of numbers!! He goes by George Hulk and then he had a longlive gmail account!! Said he was retiring after this mission! He says his nickname is Mata!! My friend done a Google reverse image picture search and all the picture’s plus more about 4-5pages come back as fraud scam!! But they would say Frank Roland ( Sgt Mata) found military romance page on FB this guy is suppose to of died I in combat in Iraq 2003!!
      I would line some more information on some of the pictures cause they all don’t look like the same guy! I would really like for you to be able to get back in touch with me!! I know a lot of stuff he said didnt make sense to me!! Thank you Debra

  16. What else is he telling you? What does he do? Where is he stationed? What is his MOS? What is his military email address?

    • Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done. THe military is briefing its troops to be aware of these, but as long as the federal government allows this to happen and doesn’t use diplomatic pressure to put a stop to it, it will continue. I’d be willing to take a group of mercenaries and take them out one by one so they hurt another woman, but that would be expensive and I’m just a retired First Sergeant. So, for now, we just expose them.

      • recently I got contacted by a Sergeant Charles Smith from Bakersfield California. He seemed very nice. It was through Facebook.He was only communicating with me on Facebook messenger. He never asked me for money just for a photograph and if I lived alone.Then he said he was being deployed to Nigeria. I told my friend Paul about it and he warned me it was perhaps a scam. Then I ended up blocking this guy. Thank god I have friends like Paul because it is very easy to get fooled. I live in Canada. Carolyn.

    • I think I’m being done like the others on here the one that’s been talking to me his name is Blaise Porter I would like to know if he is real.

      • Thank you for your service,I also would like to know if a person wants a emergency leave from where they are how does that work for you guys, because this Blaise Porter is asking me to help him come home,and I was told it would cost 1270.00 please will you let me know if this is true, before I do anything.

        • Emergency leave and leave in general does not cost a dime. It is free. There are no fees. It’s a scam.

  17. The man’s name is Sgt Jose Ferreira. He is too old to be in the US army as a Drill Sargent. He says he is Kabul. He gave me all the same sad story as you all got. One thing, I saw a picture of him on this site using another name. I think his name was Shannon Bruce. You ladies need to also note if any of these scammers on Facebook, all the sudden make their page unavailable. These people can edit their pages so no one can see them. They want even be listed in your friends’ list anymore. This person gave me a VOiP number to which I looked up (I am skeptical of anyone who wants a relationship with me.). The number is a Google number located in Irving, Texas. Another thing is if on Facebook chatting, notice the time differences in which he or she gets your message. If it is in the Middle East the timing would be greater than 6 hours difference on this person receiving your chat line. Mine is just under 4 hours. This person would either be in South America, Greenland, or Western Africa. I did ask and the man couldn’t answer me. This is another thing, you ladies need to watch when messaging, the use of scripting. He typed 50 words about himself in less than 15 secs and posted. Even my normal friends don’t type that fast. When these people get you hooked they don’t want to talk to you all the time. There is hours that you see them online that they are not talking directly to you. I caught that. Anyone really interested in you will talk to you when you and he or she is online. 9:10 they are scamming other women or men at the same time. Also something else you all need to know about this man is he also uses the name Benson. In one picture is uniform has Jose Benson on the name. Others in his pictures have Benson, Ferreira, Jose Ferriera.
    Why am I telling you this? I majored in Sociology Criminology years ago. I try to warn people about scams of all kinds. I can tell you how to find the IP number in which your email comes from and how to find if this person is actually scamming you. I do not work with the US Government. So if I can help here will be glad to help these guys out. I would like to nail this guy.

  18. Please I am hoping someone can help me! I have a friend whom I absolutely love to pieces. She met this guy on a dating website back in January. He claims to be in the Special Ops. She has never met him in person but is totally and completely enamored by him. Yesterday she showed me some messages between herself and him through Yahoo Chat. Let me make this perfectly clear, he is not asking her for money, so for this reason she does not think he is a scam. I, myself, on the other hand, am getting bad bad gut feelings about this. Here is the scenario. He is in the Black Ops stationed out in Iraq. He is allegedly getting deployed in a couple weeks on a very dangerous mission and wants to get out and come be with her. He has a package going to her, a metal box (he sent her shipping labels, which I saw personally yesterday on her phone) when she receives it he will give her a code to open it. He wants her to take $95,000 out and send it to an underground 3rd party who will make him legal paperwork so he can get out of this mission and come home to her in 2 weeks, he claims he’ll lose his pension and everything but he says it’s worth it, I don’t know what to do =( I am scared for her, but because he is not asking her for money, he instead is offering her money, she does not think it is a scam. Can someone please help me and give me advice??

    • This is a scam. Here’s how you can tell:
      1) No one in “black ops” ever says they are in black ops. There’s a reason it’s “black ops.” Even if he were in black ops, if he’s telling people that, he would be court martialed. But, again, he’s not.
      2) This is fraud because he sounds like he’s laundering money (if this weren’t a scam). The reality is that he wants your friend to be a pawn to scam other women and accomplices in the United States.
      3) The military does not let you “buy” your way out of missions or military service. No “3rd party” can prepare legal paperwork for troops to get them out of their missions even if that were possible.
      There’s an easy way to tell if anyone is a scammer: ask them for their military email address. Every member of the military has one and they are ALL unclassified. Those that are in “black ops” have separate classified email addresses. So, she simply needs to ask him for his unclassified military email address if she truly wants to know if he’s real or not (though, I hope everything I’ve already told you would be proof enough). If he refuses, comes up with an excuse why he can’t, says he doesn’t have access to one or says that it’s classified, it’s a scam. The email address should end with a .mil extension. For example, mind was christopher.grisham@us.army.mil. Some are usmc.mil or navy.mil. If he gives you ANYTHING other than ending in a .mil then it’s a scam. If he sends something with a .mil extension, send an email and see if it’s valid. A fake email address will get kicked back as undeliverable. Don’t accept a trick like jon.doe.mil@usmilitary.com because that ends is a .com, not .mil.

      Hope this helps. If she wants to ask me personally some additional questions, tell her to email me at cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com.

      • TY so very much! I am going to copy and paste your reply and give it to her. She might be upset at me at first, but she is a good woman and knows I only do it out of Love. Again, ty so very much! God Bless you and TY so very much for your Service to our Great Country!

        Respectfully Yours,

  19. could you please tell me if a gentleman with the name of Morison Lugard, he say he is part of the peace formation in Afghanistan ISAF. works for the US Army. is he a scammer or true person

    • It’s a fraud. No one in the Army calls their deployment a “peace formation.” I’ve never heard that term in my life. It’s a scammer.

  20. I meet this guy who claims to be in the Army his name is Antonio Owens. He’s asked for money and I’ve sent him money and well I think he is just a scam. He posses pictures of a soldier but I don’t thinkits him. It’s sad that we as women are so vulnerable and believe these scammers. I feel awful as he played with my emotions and feel that its not right. We need to do something to avoid these things from happening to any woman.

  21. Hello , I have talking with a man that say be from Scotland and is deployed in Afghanistan. We are talking on most two months. He says be widowed with two children a boy and a girl. Today he sent me the email address from his Commanding Officer : cliffordconklin@post.com
    He wants me make an email with my address and enquire to the process that he can take leave from his active duty. Until now, he doesn’t ask me for money but I need to know if he is real

    • I met this Remond Adam who says he is a military surgeon in Kabul, Afghanistan.
      PLS. Help if he is legitimate.

  22. Good afternoon,

    My name is Shirley Herrera and I live in Canada. I have a little situation as to this person contacted my mother on Facebook and claims that he is from St.Louise. The individual claims his name is Roland Jayson (Altieri). It says on his Facebook profile that his birthday is November 18 (no year). He says that he is in Syria and that he is a Colonel. He has 13 pictures on Facebook and he also claims he is in the Air Force in the American Army. His grade according to the grade scale he is O-6.

    I would really like to know if this individual does exist as I know that catfish exists and that scammers happen. Please get back to me as soon as possible as he is in contact with my mother. Attached to the email is a picture of the person.

    Thank you very much and I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Shirley Herrera

    • in addition to the one reply i left above, he is stationed in Syria at Fort McNair.

  23. Can anybody help me with this person? He goes
    by the name Mata James (James Mata). He says he adopted a little 7 yr old boy who is supposedly in school in Ghana. He says he has a diplomat that takes care of the little boy. He says he is an E-6 Staff Sargent in
    Afghanistan. He says he is from Miami and
    doesn’t have any family. He says his mom was
    a head teacher and his dad was in the medical
    field. Both are supposedly deceased. He says
    he is 50 yrs old. He sent me a friend request on Facebook. He right off started telling me how he had been looking for a person like me to spend the rest of his life with. Then he wanted me to help him with the little boys food and clothes for school. When I didn’t do that he started wanting me to get a credit card so he could put money on it for me, then I could send him money to come home on. He says he has three months left. He says he is inheriting a gold company at tax time. Is there anyway anyone can help me with this. No money has been exchanged. Thanks

    • This sounds similar to someone that friend request me on FB! But he told me his wife cheated on him and he had a biological son and a adopted daughter! He was stationed in Kabul Afghanistan and was 51!! Said let’s talk on hangouts cause all his pictures and identity had been stolen!! He has sent me several pictures and then started asking for money for a phone first!! Then they supposedly was 2 that ended up!! I exchanged email’s and stupid enough to give him my phone number!! I’ve been getting text message from all kinds of numbers!! He goes by George Hulk and then he had a longlive gmail account!! Said he was retiring after this mission! He says his nickname is Mata!! My friend done a Google reverse image picture search and all the picture’s plus more about 4-5pages come back as fraud scam!! But they would say Frank Roland ( Sgt Mata) found military romance page on FB this guy is suppose to of died I in combat in Iraq 2003!!
      I would line some more information on some of the pictures cause they all don’t look like the same guy!

  24. Hey guys. Has anybody heard of 1st LT Jonathan Turnbull in the Army? We met on Zoosk.com back in June and have been talking ever since. Says he is deployed in Baghdad. He said he was supposed to come home on December 23rd but he got a 3 month extension. Says he has an ex-wife and a son. We have tried talking on the phone several times but there is only dead air. I’ve asked him to skype but he says it’s not a good time. Can anyone look him up to see if he is real?

    • Kati:

      I got the same info on that same guy, but on Match.com, about the same time you did. Claims he had a lot of cash to send back & wanted me to bank it then wire it to his mother’s account in Tennessee. I asked for MOS and military email addy, he said that he’d prefer to use courier. I then said he was busted and why. He got obnoxious and then vanished.

      So…. he is fake. It is a scam.

  25. Hi, I have been chatting with an Individual going by Daniel Landry; Retired COL doing contract work in Ghana with the UN. DOB 7/7/1960. Is indicating he has resigned from the contract and needs 10,000 to get back to the US because the contractor will not pay for his flight home since he resigned his position early. States he doesn’t have access to his bank accounts till he is in the states. He provided a SSN and driver’s license number but I can’t find any information. Does anyone have suggestions or dealings with this individual. He sent military picture with correct name and and provided a military e-mail
    Assistance please

    • Yvonne, are you still corresponding with him? I know of him!

    • This Daniel Landry you speak of has been in touch with me as well. He claims to be a US Army aviator posted on “peacekeeping” in Syria. He uses Plenty of Fish, Match, and OKCupid to contact women for money.

      However, being the daughter of a US Marshall, I know better. I have ways to find out things that civilians don’t. I busted him after I got his contact info plus a phone number.

      He is in Nigeria.

  26. Hi, does anyone have any information on a Captain David Hall he is supposed to be serving in Kabul in the United Nation service. He contacted me via Skype initially then asked me to download the yahoo mail and messenger.
    He told me that he had saved the President’s son and had had a dinner in his honour and that the President had given him a box of money which he wanted me to help to look after for him as he couldn’t keep it on the camp. He said he had a contact, a Diplomat that would deliver it to me but needed the airfee for the Diplomat to collect it from him and to deliver it to me. I refused to help now he cannot understand why I don’t want to help. He has sent me photos of himself, himself and a friend plus photos of him and his daughter, Sharon. He also sent me a photo of his room prior to moving in. He has also sent me a photo of himself in his office counting money from said box. Anyone know or have a contact number for him or a photo of him to compare it to the ones I have.

  27. Would you please contact me at the above email address? I think you could help me get closure on the above case.

  28. I been talking to this military man say he is sgt roland Thompson say he been in army 22 years say he want to marry me ask me to send him 200 dollers he say he dont have any thing but beans to eat im so tired of guys like this i would love to have a military boyfriend but a real one not like this one im looking for love but the loser wont stop this man send me lots of pic I just want to no for sure

  29. Buenos dias, quisiera saber si el señor Stick Rolland pertenece a la Armada ya que se ha estado comunicanco conmigo y dice que esta en una mision en Afganistan y que despues de esta mision se retirara de la Armada, podrian confirmar si esta persona existe o se trata de un estafador? agradezco mucho su ayuda,

    Azucena Velez

  30. I am afraid that I lived a similar story with a scammer. His name is James Williams, on Okcupid, posted as peacekeepers in Afghanistan…..widow, with 2 young boys caretaker in a boarding school, searching a woman for serious relationship…..retreat soon…….with pictures…..
    Somebody heard of this man ?

  31. I don’t want to believe that I’ve been had, but it looks like I have. I’ve been chatting with an Oliver Client, an E-6 Master Sergeant (MSG) in the Army. He was stationed in Syria. After a few months, he “retired” and went to London. He was stuck there and finally made it back to the States, but now he is “supposedly” being detained in Staten Island, NY for being AWOL. He was stationed and lived in Texas. I have pictures and would like to add them here, how?

  32. Just had a person named Harris Thompson from Houston Tx deployed in Kabul Afghanistan stationed at Ft. Lewis WA. find me on facebook. I believe it is a scam due to reading the previous stories. Sends pic of his son and himself and has pictures of his brigade on his page also. Says he is a widower. I have reported his page to fb and blocked him. Beware of this person I hope he is not a true soldier and the perp using this person’s photos is stopped. Our soldiers are good people and do not deserve this.

  33. My army officer i have talked to over two months says he is in Afghanistan. Says his last name is martinez. But goes by Modicoff. Did not make sense of course. i started doubting some things early on. When you are a widower and fall in love so quickly Also would not talk to me by phone or send his address. Sadly, he is very engaging and likeable. i find everything about this depressing that these men are doing this. Because he claims to be military that is why i trusted in the first place.

  34. I got a friend that says she talking to a military man he goes by chrysal mccian he says he in Nigeria on a mission she has to said him 400 dollars for his leave I think it’s a scam hope someone can answer this

      • Im trying to find out if a man by the name of christopher stilow age 53 is stationed in Afghanistan…he also claims hes a captian. We have been talking for about 3 weeks hasnt asked me for anything but i want to make sure hes not lieing.

  35. I want to report a scam. A man using the name of Jay C (Chandler) Jones, an army officer in Afganistan..tried to get me to send him an iTunes card for credit to text me. When I said no he got nasty with me. I am so glad I am not a vulnerable woman. He was so in love with me after chatting with me for 2 days. It creeped me out. the pics of his Tinder profile was the same as his Facebook pics. He told me his last name was Jones but his Facebook page said Jay Chandler. he told me his birthday was Nov 15 but on the FB page it said Aug 25 1962!! He asked me if he could send me flowers.. Thank goodness I didn’t give him my address!! He also said on the side he buys precious jewels, rubies in Afganistan and sells them in the states. He asked me to be a partner!! Yikes.. Beware ladies!! I have pics I can send.

  36. Last week I got a surprise on a gay dating site, where I have a long record of good contacts with several men I know personally. A US Marine by the name Bob Vincent Johnson, from the Bronx New York, thinks I am the man to grow old with….He is 37 years old,His profile is new on this website and the stats he has given look like what he shows in his pictures.. He has quite some ink on his torso….written tattoo on his right chest, a semi tribal chestpiece on the left going onto his left arm and some words on his lower abs in curvy font…..After a few messages we exchange email adresses…..He does not want to say where he is now….but after some tough question from my point of view….he said he is in Kabul, Afghanistan. He wants me to skype with his sister….uhm…yeah…right…Then he comes up with a story about a stash of cash he has found while on patrol in Kabul. He wants me to help him get it out of the country….He uses this email adress: bobvincent26@outlook.com

    Anyone ring a bell?

    Thanks for your help

    Jacob (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

  37. Hello,

    I’m falling for a Sgt (Arnold Ben Plinsky) on a mission in Sudan. I am hoping that he is not a scammer. We have been talking for a few weeks, doesn’t talk much about his family and background. I know he has a sister in California who looks after his three kids (he is widowed), he was born in New Zealand but moved to America at a young age, he has 18 years service with the army.

    He never asked for money but requested that I send him a care package. I wanted to check what is allowed to be sent ( he asked for psp games among other things but has to hide in a dark room to be able to use his phone???) when I came across this site and started reading. Now I’m starting to doubt the situation a bit. His spelling is perfect except for a typo here and there, grammar not too bad either.

    He can’t send me a new picture of himself because camera is not working and the one photo he sent in uniform, name is not visible (head and shoulders end just above the ‘name tag’). If he is a scammer, he has personal photos of this poor soldier and his kids etc. This made me think…

    Please tell me if any of you had contact with him or any bad experience.

    Just a thought: maybe Admin on this site can just add a search option where the content of the site can be searched a.i names, email addresses of scammers.


    Dee (South Africa)

  38. I met a man by the name of joesph larry lingo he is a E-6 staff sergeant he is stationed at Baghdad, Skype name josephlarry1.. can anyone please help me

  39. Well i almost became one of those women , but i usually do research when i sense something out of the OD !! i have all the pictures even one where he is with obama , he is calling himself Ryan Vikks , please can someone give and email to forward these pictures and details so they can get to The real MR Vikks so he knows that his name is being used on a site called Meet24 and also one who is using a Dr Torres Clinton .

  40. est ce que ca arrive que nous avons des reponses.ou vous proteger ces hommes parce que si c est des escros ils prennent les ID.de vos militaires

  41. Some one with an army uniform ask me for money of course I say sorry I can’t help you I have the picture he has been using while talking to me 🙁 he claims to be David Barr but I know he is just using that name. He is in complicity with one that appears in one of the pictures in this website

    • Can you send the pic to donna_kn@yahoo.com…I think this guy may have contacted me, but none of the pics on this site match the ones I’ve seen of him! Thanks!

  42. i m here to report a suspicious US army deployed romance scam, details as follows:
    claimed to be sergeant johnson evans, birthday 25 sept 1980
    divorced and his son is being taken care in colorado by his mom
    he gave me his moms phone which i checked is california area code
    he said cam and outside calls are not allowed so he cant take pics to proof himself
    he refused to give me any of his email address
    he claimed to be madly in love with me in 3 days of chatting
    met him in skout

    • also he gave me two phone nos which one of it belongs to him and the other no belong to his solider colleague at the same base in cairo.
      i checked these 2 nos, the area codes are egypt, and these 2 phone nos are very simliar…

      i dunno if the military will provide local phone no to their soliders??

      he said he will not ask money from me and he is a rich man but he requested me to send him phone becoz he lost his new iphone 6+ during patrol and in order for the phone to get thru customs of egypt, i need to wrap the phone with something, so he also requested for 2 winter jackets, some L size t shirts and M size panties….
      which i found very funny, ofcoz i didnt send him these stuff..

      can anyone tell me if this is a real scam? thanks

  43. this exactly matches the description of a so called?captain Jerry Parker member of NATO servicing in Afghanistan am new to Facebook am a widow and totally fell for it third mail he declared how much he wanted me I live with my daughter and family in new Zealand I am English just emigrated from uk she said No no no mother never replied not heard anything since

  44. Hi. I was approached on Okcupid by a guy calling himself Robert James Stevens. He said he was a Captain in the US army. He used the following e-mail : stevensrobertt0@yahoo.com. He has a Twitter Account @stevensrobertt.

    He said he had a son living with his parents in Atlanta, GA. During the course of our conversation, his son died.

    He asked for money for : A calling card, to take leave, a flight ticket, to transport a parcel via an agency based in Nigeria called GS Diplomatic Security Agency.

    All the money he asked for had to be sent via Western Union to two guys by the name of Emmanuel Lawanson and Sanson Kalu. He sent me a copy of Emmanuel Lawanson’s passport.

    • Hi. My name is Mandy. I got contacted by a man at the same email. I’m hoping it’s not a scam, but with what you’re saying damn.

    • …not one of these chaps who scam seem to be normal soldiers …only Captains and so on.I know all about the army as my late grandfather was fighting in the 2nd world war and used to be a Scots guards..if you want to meet someone why not join a swiming club..or a walking club..just an idea.

  45. I’m a widow. Master Sgt. Clark Morrison. …yahoo I’d is clark.moris@yahoo.com. ..please say he is legit. I’m ashamed to say that I have sent money off and on. We have been emailing and using yahoo IM. We have been in contact for over a year and I have yet to hear his voice or see him on skype. Said he was in Syria now in Nigeria. .said he has put in his time and can retire but has to pay for airfare…said he can’t touch his money. I don’t understand how he could b fake if he has carried on conversations for so long. He knows I’m a poor widow. He may have some self centered and juvenile outbursts but doesn’t that make him sound real? Yes I care for him…he has been a great comfort. My husband died 2013 and he was my soul mate. I don’t know what kind of feedback or info I will gain here. I felt the need to unburden myself. Their is so much more I could add but I wanted to hit the highlights. Any info or suggestions or …whatever is greatly appreciated. Thank u

  46. I have been talking with a guy who claims himself as a Major General, a British residing in New York and serving US military force. He started to approach me via Google+ and we chatted for a few days now. He asked for my phone number and just called me just now, told me he is widowed and he has a 5-year-old son. As much as I want to believe he is a real person, the phone call I received just now wasn’t start with US’s country code but Nigerian’s (+234). And before that he gave me his number which is a UK number, but he wasn’t calling with the UK number. Can anyone help to confirm if this is a scam? He introduced himself as Frank Derek

  47. How can I get my comment taken off this side?

    • I’m an Ibo from Nigerian. I cried when i was reading all this post about Nigerian scramming. ( Yes, the scammers in Nigeria are still going strong. Bunch of criminals !!!! )
      It is true that some of Nigerians are Scammers but not all the Nigerians.
      I can prove my self and am not a scammer.
      But all this post commenting about Nigerian should stop. Because about Scammers are not only from Nigerians.
      I’m an Ibo Biafran…

  48. Been approached by facebook by several scammers, not been on dating sites or looking for romance, just came on requests for friendship, believe they work in groups/gangs and can be same person with several different ID, A notorious one is General William Caldwell, scammed a lot of ladies, but its sad that if we do want to befriend American, or other, real soldiers on foreign duties we can’t because of the scammers!!

    • I posted it on 09/04/2015 and i want it down


  49. Hello, I strongly believe that I had been scamme on Skype by true profile of CAPTAIN SOLOMON JEFFERY US ARMY since last end of march of this year…this man talk to me saw me on Skype but never want to show his face and pretend to have fall in love beyond all with me…and promise to come to me in MAURITIUS PORT LOUIS where I live here…but every he find an excuse to not como to me since now..and but every times always till he had ask me money that will help him to come here for me…but severals times more than 7 times I had sent to him money a huge sum by money gram in MAURITIUS and its about sometimes 20 thousands rupees sometimes 30 thousands rupees another times 18,thousands rupees money currency of Mauritius,,,one time 14 ,thousands rupees always by money gram in Mauritius he make me send it in another person name in DUBAI and sometime he ask me to send him in Ghana where he is suppose to be there on travel…SINCE KNOW I DONT KNOW IF HE IS REALLLY CAPTAIN SOLOMON JEFFERY OR NOT…I HAD SENT TO HIM several times but since now he had never came to me in Mauritius…..always he find an false excuse to not come to me here in Mauritius and he had never want to show me his face on the camera on Skype he told me his is not allow in the army to show his face…its again the rule…but when I saw his profile on googles+ I don’t know when I try to get contact with him on googles+..he has put me on restricted on his profile….but his profile is still on Skype….he has used so many profile of him in different army photo he sent to me….on Skype also the same profile he had got contact with me….PLEASE COS THE LORD IN HEAVEN….I HAD PUT MY TRUST IN HIM THE WAY HE HAD TALKED TO ME…NOW I REALIZE MAY BE I WAS CRUELLY SORROWFULLY MISTAKEN BY THIS MAN….PLEASE HELP COS THE LORD COS I AM VERY INNOCENT VERY SENSIBLE…HUMBLE HONEST LADY I AM FEELING BEYOND DEENESSLY HURT….BUT WHAT HE HAD DONE TO ME…EVEN IF I HAD LOST ALL MY HARD SAVING EARN MONEY….I AM FEELING VERY DEEPNESSLY LOST….I REALIZE I AM TOTAL LOSER NOW BEHIND THIS MAN…ITS TOO UNJUST DISHONEST TO DO WITH INNOCENT PERSON LIKE THIS…OH LORD ITS UNBEARABLE FOR SINCE THAT HAPPEN TO ME….I had became sleepless …..and here now I am so beyond desperate ….I don’t dare to talk this with anyone….I had lost trust with all….now cos I am feeling so broken heart in my inner soul….its too hard difficult for me to survived it….cos I am really a lonely lady with my mother who is old…..and really I am so helpless and hopeless….here …I cant do nothing….just I lost all trust in all…the sense of life….its very dishonest and cruel to doing like this with poor innocent lady….I see this is a very evil to hurt innocent person and taken all your hard earning saving….from innocent poor person…HOPE YOU WILL HELP ME IN THE SAKE OF LORD IN HEAVEN….BUT I AM SURE THERE WILL BE A DIVINE JUSTICE ONE DAY…..FOR ALL WHO DESERVE IT,….COS THE LORD IS ALWAYS WHACHING US IN HEAVEN….NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE DIVINE JUSTICE……..PLEASE IF SOME WAY YOU CAN HELP ME…PLEASE HOPE YOU WILL NOT LET ME DOWN….THANKS ENDLESSLY FOR YOUR KIND UNFDERSTANDING AND FOR TRYING TO ALL THOSE POOR INNOCENT PERSON….MAY GOD BLESS YOU…..PLEASE DONT FORGET …..I COUNT ON YOUR HELP COS I AM SO DESPERATE HERE…..PLEASE I BEG YOU COS THE LORD IN HEAVEN SAKE..AND.. LOVE ….THANKS ENDLESSLY FOR ALL…..HONESTLY WITH KIND REGARDS NIZLA

    • Please am sorry can you take this out of here since i dont know how to do it, or correct where i made a mistake, is Solomon Jefferson and he is Army doctor, now i have meet with him and we are living together now
      please am sorry for whatever this might have coursed this site




    • Dear Nizla, As I read your story I was brutally reminded exactly how I felt when I finally realized that I had been scammed. Everything you said I felt and feel, however you would think that after experiencing something so traumatic and costly I would have learned. I am a strong successful intelligent woman, I fell very ill in 2010 and struggled to continue to work and run a busy household for the next four years. I was terribly thin, and was so sick everyday and when I thought things could not get any worse, my husband sent me a solicitors letter in the mail advising me that our relationship had EXPIRED. And yes we were still living together in the same house. He asked me to move as he was running a business from home and I truly believed we only needed a break and maybe he was overwhelmed by the constant drama and illness. As soon as I moved out with our youngest son, he moved his new young mistress in. After months of depression and several attempts of suicide, I spent many weeks in a Psychiatric Facility and overtime I attempted to come to terms with the devastation of my life. I had become a recluse and found it so difficult to interact with anybody, including my two older children and my very close siblings.
      Part of my treatment was to slowly integrate back into the community, publicly and socially. I distinct fully recall a visit with my physicatrist and discussing making new friends, so we both agreed that it would be good to find penpals as a way to meet people and not feel so vulnerable. That was the biggest mistake I ever made, and that is where I met who I thought would be the love of my life. I lost over $500,000.00 Australian dollars, these men who prey on the vulnerable are nothing but parasites. So if you would like to chat to me about what happened you or me, not once, but twice. I would be so happy to chat to you about how I have started to overcome the loss, not only of the money but the death of who you believed was the love of your life. And that is exactly how it feels, when you have invested your heart and soul into a relationship with the ideal of the person, regardless if you are being scammed, it is still a relationship. And when it comes to a sudden end with no way for you to grieve, and feel humiliated and embarrassed by the entire thing. You still have to grieve, you do, so my plan is to help those not to just say yeah! you have been scammed. To help those through the grieving process. Please anyone who would like to chat to me about what has happened to them, any of you, you are not alone. And nobody knows better than I how we feel, how we feel betrayed, how alienated we feel around our own love ones. How we are scared to trust again. I hope my email address is available to see, because I am one of you. Thank you Jaucinta

  50. Ive been chatting with a Richard William of the Marines. HIS RANK IS E6 staf sergeant stationed in Afghanistan. I met him on face book we chat on fb and yahoo messenger. His email is williamrichard829 has anyone ever chatted with him or know of him.

  51. Yes, the scammers in Nigeria are still going strong. Bunch of criminals !!!!
    I starting using WhatsApp with a soldier, definitely not Sergeant Mark Jordan, from Houston, Texas, August 2, 2015. Met on the OK Cupid site. So I have been communicating for the entire month of August 2015. I have acquired 16 photos of this Army soldier received 8 phone calls from my new Nigerian or whatever boyfriend. I have reported this activity to all of the proper authorities, IC3, CID, FBI Newark, NJ offices, FT. Belvoir, VA.
    I believe the photos of my soldier have two military deployments. The first photos of the vehicles in the back ground have Arabic writing on them. He wasn’t lifting weights and he didn’t have tat’s on his shoulders. He might be a very important soldier who’s phone has been compromised. Very willing to upload photos for posting. Thank you for listening !!

  52. Yes, the scammers in Nigeria are still going strong. Bunch of criminals !!!!
    I starting using WhatsApp with a soldier, definitely not Sergeant Mark Jordan, from Houston, Texas, August 2, 2015. Met on the OK Cupid site. So I have been communicating for the entire month of August 2015. I have acquired 16 photos of this Army soldier received 8 phone calls from my new Nigerian or whatever boyfriend. I have reported this activity to all of the proper authorities, IC3, CID, FBI Newark, NJ offices, FT. Belvoir, VA.
    I believe the photos of my soldier have two military deployments. The first photos of the vehicles in the back ground have Arabic writing on them. He wasn’t lifting weights and he didn’t have tat’s on his shoulders. He might be a very important soldier who’s phone has been compromised. Very willing to upload photos for posting. Thank you for listening !!

  53. I meet a guy on okc,says hue name is Brian Fedrick Bowen. Has twin boys wife divorced him an ran off with a guy to Mexico.
    His story was to sad to be true cause he also lost his parents when he was young,oh and he is from Australia.
    He says he is a staff sergeant who just got promoted to the next rank and he will resign when he is commander.
    First he was in Colorado, then he had to leave for Cameroon, but the army base is in Nigeria.
    This guy was good communication all the time but no phone,was on Kik app( brianfed) 3weeks of talking and he ask for money to by food, because the terrorist (boka haram) had a spie poison their food.
    I told no and never heard from him again.
    Advice if the story seems to be to good to be true it’s a lie.

  54. Hello my name is Mindi. I am here today to share my exsperience, so maybe one less person will be scammed by this guy; he goes by name Sargent Scott A. Grinstead. He claims he is spicial forces for the Army. He goes by two emails: Ssgscott10@yahoo.com or ssgscott10@ gamil.com. I meet Scoot off a dating website. Gave me the big spill about he couldnt call me because of security purposes. So, we communicated using yahoo IM. He claims his father and mother father died in a horrific crash when he was 3 years old. His uncle raised him and passed away this year. Scott supposedly just returned on a mission to where he went undercover for 30 months. That he is ready to marry and settle down. Scott supposedly fell madley in love with me; went as far as to want me to find our dream home and be a father figure to my son. Even purposed to me. Scott told me that he needed money for his airline fair home. That he couldnt access his acccount because of the security risk. So, he ask me to open a money gram account, so he could wire me the money to hold on to. He talked me into giving him my personal information so he could get on the account. When all was said and done, the scammer tried to send the money to a female. Thank goodness money gram detected it was a scam and deactvated the account or i could have been accused of something illegal. Then the scammer had the odastity to text the next morning like nothing was wrong. Then accused me of stealing thier money. Then threatened they would get me back for taking thier money. I ended up making a report for identy fraud and changing all my passwords.
    Ladys please do not give out personal info like I did. I am so careful, but one time is all it takes to be scammed!

  55. I have been talking to a proposed US Soldier stationed in Yemen for a couple of months. I have read several sites on scammers and am being very cautious. I have not provided any personal information other than my name and secondary email. I have not told him where I work or exactly where I live. He is very gifted with words and does very well in pulling you in to his romance vision. Many of the same items are similar to other scams:
    1. He is a widow
    2. His only child is with a “caretaker” in the states
    3. He is an only child and parents are deceased
    4. He wants a relationship and talks of wanting marriage and build a home with him and his child

    These can’t all be coincidences. The stories are way too similar. For those talking to supposed US Solders, pay close attention to how the person says things. There are ways Americans generally speak and you can tell if someone appears to be communicating in away that you just do not hear from people in the US. For example: What did you take for drink?…instead What did you have to drink? or I am sick in my mouth instead of I have a toothache. Just watch and pay attention. Ask a lot of questions and search the net to verify. Search the email address, do a image search on the photos, check the dating site you met on and see if he/she shows up with a different name.

    Keep track of the details so that you know when they can’t keep their stories straight. Lastly, if there is a request for money of any kind, let go of the dream of happily ever after with this person and move on. You would never give money to a stranger via mail if they were in your state, why would you do so to someone in another country. Save yourself.

    • I m feeling sick in the stomach. …. have I also been scammed…why???? I didn’t do him any harm… he came as Commander Alessendro Lucas Smith from Dallas posted in Syria on a peace keeping mission.
      I believe all the should post the pictures of these men whose pics were used to lure them in the trap…. somehow I still believe he was for real. Please tell me how can I upload pictures on this website? ?????

      • Excuse me, is he same man? ?

        Hello ___,
        I have been so bored this days with my work because we have been in the mountains executing airstrikes , which has lasted for almost 4 days now but it does not mean that i do not care, I really care and i want to get to know you better by telling you how i feel about you, I have been in the army for many years now and i got a divorce due to the fact that my wife cheated on me, I was out of the country in Afghanistan for 2 years and my best friend fucked on my wife, It is too painful but it has happened long time ago, Life is not so suitable for me but i will keep mailing you here and hoping that we can develop a good relationship which would last for a long time.

        I hope you will be able to tell me about your Dog because i am a Dog lover,More about me…. I am Mr. Aless from Dallas Born by an Italian father,49 years ago about 6.2ft tall. I am based in USA but the nature of my job has made me to travel a lot as a soldier.. I have a house in Dallas and i have been living there for a long time and i am currently divorced.

        I am A Commanding officer in the USA army and i am the officer in command of a military unit. Typically, i have ultimate authority over the unit, and i am given wide latitude to run the unit , within the bounds of military law. In this respect, i have significant responsibilities , discipline and punishment of personnel within certain limits of military law here in Kobane Syria.

        I was not ready to get myself involved in another relationship that was not going to work out well. All I desire is someone who can love and care for me but I never found one, I am new on this site hoping to see someone that will love me the way I am, I really believe I too would show the same in return I am tired of been alone for so long tired of going to bed and not to have someone to think of. I strongly believe I can be a good partner been able to compromise and understand and also wouldn’t mind to relocate if I’m able to find a good partner,I am looking forward to a lasting friendship with you and I hope that you will be able to understand.

        My birthday is soon and i do not want to celebrate it here, I believe that you are my perfect match so i hope to be the kind of man you desire, I do not smoke nor drink and i want to prove to you that Amerians soldiers are the most romantic .. haha

        From _______________

  56. Anyone hear of a Scott Odom stationed in Afghanistan. Met on match
    Has not asked for anything but hearing about all the scams, I’m a bit leary.

    Thank you

  57. I think I’m being scammed, Alex hort Ligman. He has not asked for money, but I’ve researched him and it doesn’t add up. He even emailed me photos of someone with Ligman on the uniform. He said he’s retiring and wants to marry me.after two days. I’m keeping all correspondence in case it is needed. He says he is from Germany but lives in Wisconsin. Its sad that these people are praying on others.

  58. I believe I’m being scammed. On my Facebook a guy supposedly in the army deployed in afghanistan, name Paul Walker. His page doesn’t add up.njust a few pictures, you can’t post on his page, see friends. He’s very sweet but after reading about these scams I believe he’s fake. On a fewvof his pictures he’s in uniform but the name plate is blurred out. It’s a shame that people would do this. Wish there was more to do to get them offline. He also said he can’t send me a new picture and he can’t call

  59. Ladies,
    I feel for you as a woman– women do have what they call an “intuition” your sixth sense. When a woman feels or senses something not right, then it could be 100% real to her senses. There is an old saying that “if it is too good to be truth” then believe it. We should try to rational ourselves away from the reality truth and let ourselves falling into a deep hole. I think we should use all of our senses when dealing with people, especially from the online networking website. While having fun and looking for something or someone special, we also should be cautious at the same time. Until we meet the other person face-to-face, don’t invest too much of yourself just yet. I know it is easier said than done, but I just wanted to put it out there so we as women can perhaps use this as a little reminder to ourselves- pause and ask yourself “Is it too good to be truth?” and take it from there. Good luck Ladies from a bottom of my heart to you all.

  60. Have pictures of army staff sergeant Griffin. He said he was stationed out of Columbus, South Carolina. Wife died 2 years ago, parents have died. Have been message chatting and emailing since he was deployed to Iraq beginning of May. He says that he has also been to Russia and now Ukraine since deployment. Sent money a couple of times but the story gets harder to believe each day.

    • I can tell you right now this is a scam. He did exactly the same thing to my cousin. Or at least tried. He kept making up excuses why he couldn’t come to see her and this BS story about he was deployed to Iraq and a whole bunch of things that were a red flag to me. I was prior service so when she was telling me what crap he was feeding her I knew he was full of it. As soon as she told him I use to be in the service he suddenly couldn’t talk on the phone and only messaged her. He even told her they should get married. This person( who ever they are ) is a terrible human being. if you get anything from some with the email of erik_griffin sent that to the scam department. The person doesn’t exist military or otherwise. Eric Griffin is an actor with comedy central.

  61. SGT Herbert L. Kendrick started a conversation message chat on June 11 2015,He works with the U.S. Army his home town is Arizona,Currently he’s working in Tripoli Libya for a peace keeping mission, Said he has been widowed for five years and has a nine year old daughter back in the states.said has been with this mission since 2010 and will end sometime in July 2015..Believe from the very first moment I was naïve because you just want this to be real.6-24-15 he ask for the amount of $2100..Then by 6-30-15 I then had all I could handle..Then for security reasons would say,do not in anyway disclose anything that would come in a gold box..So to put that to a end..By 7-18-15 one last time had ask me for $500 for a flight back home.Playing with the heart hurts..Thanks.

  62. Please tell me is a SGT Herbert L. Kendrick works for the U.S. Army.. for real..Believe it my be a scam..Thanks..

  63. Hi
    I’ve met a US Soldier online…he truly seems like a guy …but you hear all these scammers. It makes one so nervous. He told me in order to chat to him on the satellite phone I would need to Register with the US Army to verify who I am (So I started the process sent off an email:
    This is what I received back:
    Army Family
    Dear Ms Wendy A Cousins,

    Thanks for your quick response, your details have been verified and we can proceed with your request now.
    A month Susbscription for you to connect with SSG Benson will cost $200.
    The fee will be paid to the Agent in the united States Through Western Union money Transfer, 24hours after your payment is confirmed , the facilities needed for calling will be provided for the soldier to connect with you. The agent details is given below;
    Name ; Erin Allison
    City; Kansas City
    State; Missouri
    postal code; 64129.

    Administrative Officer ……………SGT..CHRIS
    Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division,
    I have a terrible feeling this is a scam…

    I truly hope not.
    Please advise
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Wendy in South Africa

  64. Is Oliver Tomson Green a real soldier assigned in Iraq?

  65. Hi i like to ask again this person who climes to be captain in U.S Army send me some photos that i an sure was not his how i can find whos photos are they only by the photos becouse i have not his name nothing exsept his photos and i like to know who is this person and his name is he alive some information about him .Please let me know is it possible how i can find this out do you have some privet detectives who can help me i did write you more up about that i was a victim of romance scam.Please if you can give me some answer. Thank you.

  66. HI my name is Elizabeth i was a victim from one men who says that his name is Bill Josue and he is captain inU.S.Army in Avganistan,He faund me in fasebook and it was a romance scams becouse he told me that his wife is dead and he has son Derrich who is studing in London heasked me to send him 1500euro for his Birthay which i did not send than he asked me to send him 400euro i did not send them and finally he said that he wii be ritiered on September 2015 and he will come to my country and he wants for us to get married and before one week he told me to send invatation to his comantmend Alvin1 Crawford @hotmil,\.com so i did i told him i dont have any money and he said only invatation and than he asked me to fill two forms fals and i did becouse i am so naive and i belive him and olo to send my passport picture which to tanks God i did not send becouse in the same time he send me other paper in wich it says that i have to send him 2600$ for expenses to Bill Josue to come from Avganistan to my contry and off course i told him i cant send this money becouse i never see him and i dont know him and i dont have this money and here stops everything he got engry and i understood that was a scam .I have oll the papers i can sent it to you and olso my queston is i have some pictures of one men from the Army his wife his son and i think this is not the same men on the picture and i like to find this men on the picture becouse i think he doesnt know that his pictures are in internet .Please if i sen it to you can you tell me more about him and give him my e-mail or number if he like to contact me and have some more question to ask me.I talked to Bill one month on Josue34545b yahoo.com and he hert me and my two kids psihicouly with liyes and i still am very hert becouse i belived him so please if you can find this men an he gets what he deserves by the law.if you have any questons you can write me tere is oter tel numbers adresses and other papers if you want them i send it to you with the pictures of the men in uniforem becouse i really want to know who is he if he is a live if you can give me this information if not is pravet is he likes to contact with me i like to speak with him but i dont know who to contact to tell me were to find this men on the photos which i am sure is not Bill Josue. Thank you i Wait answer from you With respect

  67. Hi, i already put my reply…. It is about Clement Davidson, 54, in Berlin on OKCupid dating site. Then he changed to Atlanta GA. In the beginning we exchanged some emails. He said that he is sergeant/ major in Baghdad on mission from UN and is going to retire soon. Asked my email. He is a widower for seven years and has a child… Wants find a great woman for friendship… I am older then him but he did not care about age… I gave him my email and soon i received the most beautiful letter i ever received before. I responded with very nice email on July 4th. So far no respond. His name Clement Davidson, email clement.davidson@outlook.com. Just 2 days ago he removed one pic from site where he is with friends and left only 2 which don’t show his full face. He never ask about money.If he contacts you on OKCupid dating side/ if you use this side/ just report him. I will try to contact side and provide all information. Thank you.

  68. I met sgt Jason james he send me pics of himself. his wife died in childbirth, second lady cheated on him. Took all properties, he want to make fresh start in New York. Parents were in us army they died. Don’t want kids. In love with me within a week cant wait to get out army in September. birthdate 2nd June 1968 He’s based in Afganistan

    • Joy,please email me and send pictures of Jason James. He also claims to love me.

  69. I am dating a SOLDIER stationed in Afganistan. His supposedly name is Sgt Jason james wife died in childbirth. Parents were in army second wife misused all his property. He’s looking for love and within a week found someone he believe he could love and ready to meet. he send me some wonderful pictures of himself. Letting you all beware of these supposedly soldiers.

    • Do you have pictures of Jason James? He also talks to me on Skype. Let’s compare pictures and info please.

    • Joy i’ve been talking to the same soldier as you since spring 2015. Please email me at mgibbish@yahoo.com asap! Lets compare pictures &facts to stop this scammer.

  70. I need to know if this guy is real. He says he is originally from Houston TX and he is deployed in Kabul. He has gone on a mission to Nigeria. His name is Richard Smith Dale says he is a Chief Petty officer in the Navy and now is with Afghanistan Special forced and in the Army. Please help I have picture that I would love to have facial recognition on them if possible. Thanks Chris

    • This soldier seems genuine…
      Every soldier has a military email ending as the last one you mentioned…
      Again… If he asks for money, he is not real
      Soldiers are not suppose to make any financial request from unknown people.. Neither are you supposed to send it

  71. I wanna know if Frank Scottem is real, from Austin, living in Miami, a US Marine Corps officer in Kabul, Afghanistan. 41 years old, one son (8 years old). If he is real, where is he now? or is still alive?Is he still active? His email Frank.scottem@yahoo.com.

    Thanks, Adriana

    • Hi. I saw your post. I’ll supposedly been talking online to the guy you mentioned. If you don’t mind, what happened with yall? I’ve been wondering if he is for real or full of it. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kim

  72. I erroneously put down the wrong last name of this scammer. He used Philip Chandler NOT Philip Campbell in the above expose’. Thank you for your assistance.

  73. out of the blue I received an email from a person perporting to be a Philip Campbell in the Nato military in Kabul. By the third post, he said he was in love with me. Also, his modus operandi matched the descritives of other scammers. 1. Widowed 2. daughter killed in auto accident 3. only brother killed in 9/11 attack. 4. parents both deceased. He(whoever he is) said that he was born in 1960. I was born in 1948. Come on, 12 years difference and the guy is madly in love with me??? Please check out this guy, I’d really like to know whose picture he sent me and who the REAL guy is whose picture is posted and let him know someone is impersonating him. OH, also the grammar was off a bit. It sounded like someone not American, even though this guy said his parents were American…..hope you can help. Thanks

  74. i am trying to find out if four different guys are who they say they are names they go by is james ross mata thomas william patch and toby cobbs they have all ask for money either from me or my sister please help me find out the truth about them james ross has promised a 78 year old lady that he is going to spend the rest of his life with her she has sent him a computer already PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT THE TRUTH THANK YOU

    • I had similar story he wants a phone but i tell him i cant get it and change totally, I read all stories and I am petrified why they play with our feelings , terrible actions can you find me please someone who just called Frank Daren, he said is major General in Syria, please contact by my email Im so sad and devasted. Blessings for everybody.

  75. I have begun a relationship with someone claiming to be Alvin Haggard. You have a picture of him posted on your site ( Robert?) . I am in some very deep trouble. I just purchased and express mailed him an IPhone. He claims he is going on a mission and will not be able to communicate with me for at least 3 weeks. He knows almost everything about me..including my home address, work address and both phone numbers. The Express mail package was delivered today May 29 , 2015 to an address in New York.Is there ANYONE who can help me PLEASE?????

  76. I have met someone on FB supposedly “widow”. Has come on strong. A noncommissioned UN peacekeeper stationed in Ukraine. Now he is asking that I contact the UN on his behalf so I can get him out of there ASAP. Originally he said he was getting out next month! He wants me to say I am his wife to also receive 750,000.00 in certified check to me. Also he has a meeting in Italy for a big business deal. Well up until this email I was almost falling for him and his sweetness. Sounded wonderful and knew the Bible quite well. His name is Michael Gage. Any information will be appreciated Please. Thanks, Sonia

  77. Yea I too met someone on POF, and I didnt want to believe that he would scam me either. Things were going fine, then all of a sudden his station was attacked and he had to send me some things so that they would be safe. Told me later that there was millions in the package he was sending to me. Well wouldnt you know it, it was held up and they wanted more money. Yea….I might have been born at night but not last night. Then he let that go for a couple of days, and all of a sudden his sister in law, who is taking care of his 12 year old girl, needed money. Yea….not sending nothing. And yea he is in “love” with me and if I cared anything about family that I would send her money. His name is Derrick Conley and his email address is dcon307@yahoo.com. Yes I did some digging and no one by that name, lol. I also am on viber with him and the phone number he has is a land line in Los Angeles at a house. Yea….not to impressed. I have turned him into the attorney general office, not sure what else to do cuz he did not get any money from me, just my time. It is way too bad that these people use our military men like this because they just dont deserve that. They have enough going on. If anyone else has been scammed by this person let me know, I am just wondering.

  78. There is not only male profiles being used but females as well
    I am very happy to get your reply from the site. I am Sgt Jennifer Huewitt in US ARMY, Information and Communication Analyst Mos 25b this is my 12yrs in the military stationed in Starke, FL. I know this is a good start well i can’t wait to get to know you more,i have been single for the past 9 years, i am 37 years old I’m looking for someone who believe you most be friends foremost. someone who cares about others. Knows how to express their feeling truthfully. Great listener. I’m a country boy somewhat born in city. I like mountains, the lake cook-outs, fishing, exploring woods watching wild life. and bonfires a great with friends and family. I do drink sometimes. I don’t do bars scene. I do like good dinning. love to cook new dishes. I am fairly outgoing like volunteer to help people that truly need help. I believe in traditional thinking and never in a 1000 years i would explore this area but at least i know what I’m like. good heart fair sometime cares too much about others feelings. preferably someone who has a good heart, well i have a lot to tell you about me just lets start from here, I am American i grew up in UK with my Mom, she’s from Wales but my dad is from NC, i stayed with my dad for sometime before i traveled down with my Mom to UK i came back to the states when i was 25yrs to joined the military stationed in Starke, FL for few years before i got deployed to Afghanistan where am presently, i have been here for 5 months and still got like 7 months to go, i will be looking forward to chat more with you dear thanks
    I am here in Kabul, Afghanistan for a mission but i need to start a new relationship with the right man who i can trust and believe in so that i will enjoy the rest of my life in peace and harmony . I am due for R&R Leave and i’m requesting for it now and by next week i will know if the leave is granted or not so that i can come to United States. i do pray that my commander granted the leave request. i have about 13 years left in Army that i will retire, and i know i can’t continue to be living lonely and boring life, i need love,sincerity, understand ,loyalty, humbleness. if everything work good and smooth between us .. i don’t want a man that will play me. Jennifer

    She has started asking for money to fly home from Turkey I am not that stupid.I can send pictures if you can send me address to send them so you can post her on the wall of shame too

    • I also got the same email from a Jennifer Huewitt claiming to be stationed in Afghanistan and trying to get home from Turkey. Started to ask me for $500 and I said no. Stopped all communication after that.

    • My name is Dean and I have the same Jennifer Huewitt emailing me now. This person sent me exactly the same message as that shown above – word for word. She has a scam of having her two traveling bags filled with 2.5 million dollars and she needs someone to receive it in the states. She will give me 10%. When I contacted Inter Link Global Security a Mr. Olathe Christopher (SHIPPING OFFICER) sent me an email requiring me to send $950.00 for the luggage to be delivered to my house. The only difference between the email I received from Ms. Huewiitt and the message above is that on January 10, 2016 she was in the service for 15 years and she was 36 years old. Her picture was on Plenty of Fish dating site and she responded to my show of interest in her picture and profile. On that site she goes by Mylolarose. Her English grammar and writing are very poor.l hope someone stops her before some innocent person gets hurt. Thanks to whoever established this site. I only found it through facebook and then Google.

    • Looks like someone is attempting to scam me using this same story but it is a male profile. The name used is Capt. Michael Stevie Woods who is stationed at Fort AP Hill in VA. Glad I did my homework! Sending this guy packing!

      • BTW, I discovered this by using a plagiarism checker. I copied an email into the checker and it told me how unique the email was and gave me links to sites that had matches to key phrases in the email.

  79. Since 28th April one person named Ricky Moros, claiming as US Soldier, presently posted at Kabul, Afganistan became friend of mine over Facebook. His picture with a little girl, and several pictures in uniform inspired me to accept his friend request which I was ignoring for quite sometime. In just two weaks he fallen in deep love with me. He has not demanded any money from me yet, but I want to know his real identity. He is of 37 yrs old. I asked him why he proposes me to be best friend knowingly that I am of 48 yrs old, married with two kids. He keeps on telling that it doesn’t matter to him. He blindly likes me and loves me (as he pretends). He also says that he may leave from my life if any problem arises in my family which makes me unhappy. He wants me to be happy forever. I want to know his real identity. His email identity in Fb is morosricky@gmail.com His date of birth is 15th March 1978. He tells that he is originally from Afton town, New York, but based at Miami. I have been suspicious right from the beginning. I have seen in all his pictures in uniform that his name MOROS in the left side and U.S Army in the right. He also told me that he is a freedom fighter and they have been deployed to keep peace in the world. Please help me to explore whether he is posing or he is real soldier. What should I ask him so that I can explore his real identity. Whom should I contact.

  80. Wanna know if Johson Ollar is real, from California, a senior officer in USAF leading a troop 3rd Infantry Division at Kabul, Afghanistan. 50 y.o. two daughters, a widow for 6 years, wife died of a car accident . If he is real, where is he now? or is still alive?Is he still active?

  81. I got mail from one guy who calls him self sergeant David Williams. I knew he was a scammer from the beginning, so im playeing with him now. He is “sending” a package to me now,but Mr.Brown from United Nation diplomat got in trouble in ghana.Haha. he gave me the name of the one i must send money too. I found this guy on facebook. I know wonder if there is something i can do about it?

    • Please tell me what happen with your diplomat did you have to pay or get arrested? Know someone in same shape she needs help fast. She loves the man. Different guy thou.

    • Stop replying back to him…as long as you keep answering he will keep trying to involve you in things that you will regret later… Experience speaking

  82. Please check out an Army soldier named Frank Jackson stationed in Kabul. Claims to be a peacemaker, returning to the States at the end of this month. Comes from Los Angeles, has two daughters and is a widower. He claims to be reservist who returned to the military eight years ago when his wife died of cancer. He is 50. Contacted me the other day asking if he could send three million in cash to me to protect since the banks in Kabul were not safe. He claims he paid 47,000 to get it send with a courier. The first lay over in Indonesia where the courier had to pay expenses. Asked me to send a friend the money who would then send it to the courier. When I said no that I did not have it..then send 2500. When I said again that I did not have it, send 1500….then how much did I have. My reply, none. Got upset, called me a piece of shit. He told me that he wanted to marry me but now he had to rethink his proposal. Probably a scam but I just want to know.

    • I had two men who claimed to be ready to retire they wanted send me money in a box from Afghanistan to my home.to hold for them no money exchanged or anything but they said they love me and all kinds of stuff I said I could not . They where SGT Thomas Mark in Kabul and Capt . Jerry Parker same place. Anyone know them.

        • Yep, he’s been contacting me, glad I found this web page!

        • Hi I am in Australia and I just received a friend request from a Capt Jerry Parker stationed in Afghanistan with NATO. I was sure he is a scammer as he has no other photos other tha 2 lovely little girls ( ready to tell me he was a widower I guess ) on his f/ b page. He has an American sounding name but his english is obviously not from an American as his english expression is a dead giveaway that he is obviously not who he says he is. I decided to google his name and voila he popped up in your letter. I have not even bothered to reply to him and pressed the delete button whetr he belongs. Very sad that so much of this scamming is alive and well.

        • Thomas Mark contacted me claiming to be US sergeant with NATO in Afghanistan about to retire and who had found money he wants to send to me. The photos he sent of “him” are of a serving soldier. I feel sorry for the soldier whose identity fraud has been used. It is an obvious scam likely from the bad English used to be foreigners. I no longer correspond seemed genuine at first. Have reported it to the fraud sqad here in Scotland and sent the photos that were used. Doubt if they will trace the scammer. Disgusting.

      • Captian Jerry Parker is with nato fighting the insurgentis.believe he is a afghan native all his friends are them. He was suppose to have been born in Canada but not sure this is true. Be careful he is a charmer if you don’t go along with box deal he stops talking but makes you feel like he still loves you and it is all your fault. Things don’t work out he has you before you no it.

        • Karla glad you found this web site also there is a lot of them over there. I had a general suppose to be also went through 3 people claim to be him had pictures and he had 3 facebook accts 1st one want a phone. claim he was sent to Syria for a mission . They he sent me info. telling me its was him on there site in facebook. He wanted money to help get his money out. Then later He wrote about this is him had all the pictures but after a week ask for 3000.00 dollars to get out and come home. I told him I didn’t have it and I don’t. Never gave them any money. But did fall .
          He just kept changing thn ask for something else.

      • I have a man messaging me , and claims his father had died and that the liberty mutual company in ibadan nigeria has this insured there . He asked me if they can ship me the box and that I keep it safe til his return back to the states. Hmm. Weird !! Now there is.sla shipping charge too also involved .
        Has anyone heard of SSteven david james..goes by David james on Facebook, and sfc Steve james on google.

        Please email me @ tabsbabe70@gmail.com

    • Frank Johnson, Raymond Kindt, Rockson Lopez, Mark… All sergeants are fake… When you go to the dating site…check their profile, if they are not the same, check the emails and compare it with the other’s profile… Some are exactly the same… Coma, punctuation space, same words and all

      • Patty– a man on cupid claims he is a widow- gave fake driver licence in TN
        I phoned the Police Cox, in Jackson, TN gave the address and told him the DMV #
        was fake.
        he uses FRED R JOHNSON AGE 62, Born Panama
        uses on FB same picture, greyish hair, dark glasses, holds martini glass?????
        THe real man ISN’T who lived at address on DL – he was bald with blue eyes.
        I talked by phone, AUg 6 , thru Sept 30th twice week, and he ask WU $ I sent
        him in middle aug. but, in Sept. he wants more, ask for $11k – $15k for machines
        to exc job project in Dubai, UEA where he suppose to build 24/gas station/conveience
        store, he ran out cash. The drawings he sent shows – Main St/corner /and water behind
        the left side of drawings, plus 6 photos of the german concrete floor, to store underground gasoline tanks.?
        I stopped him, turned off cell ph, no more WU or bank wires.

    • did he send you a pic, I have a Frank Jackson writing me, but wanting a laptop, Iphone6plus, t shirts, basketball, Holy Bible, very nice looking in pic, he said was 47 and a widower, his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash

      • Oh nice I have a picture of him. He contacted me as well. Nice to see that he contacted others as well. Ugh!

      • He tried to get me to pay for his internet so he could talk to me. Frank Jackson e-8 Marine Officer on a peace mission in Africa. He loved me. Had never been married has no family except a sister in Canada that is dying of cancer. He has no money cause he can’t get into it when he is on his mission. Kinda happy that I found more women that he tried to talk into stupid stuff. I have one picture we should compare them.

    • I have been talking to a Frank Jackson, for about a month. He says he is a widower of 8 years and is now looking for his soulmate, within a week, he tells me he loves me and wants to marry me. He has asked me to send him an Iphone, laptop, boxers, candy, cookies, a big Bible and 2 basketballs. He is supposedly is about to retire after this last mission. He knows I have no money and is begging me to send him an Iphone so we can talk. He asked to borrow from a bank, my friends, and my children. Is this the same Frank Jackson that you have been talk to?

  83. Hello ,My name is Lynn i am from Australia & i have had a friends request from a guy who i suspect maybe a scammer posing as a Us soldier going by the Name Jeremy Mumford 1st lieutenant in the us army . He has not asked me for money as yet & seems to reply back to me every 2nd or 3rd day .. I always check out friends request & noticed all his friends were women Hmmm prob only about 5 & he is mutual friends with another friend of mine also female I let him know that i doubted him on who he claims to be & this is what he said >>>.. . here are few things about me….I’m 45….I’m 5 ft 7 and was stationed at my home base here in Chicago Illinois before they got a message asking for more deployments in Iraq cause a lot of soldiers are getting hurt each day and i have been in this service for more than a decade.
    2 May 17:21 … I am willing to post everything that was said but there is so far no sob story but i am wondering if this is also how they work by playing it slow .. What do you think ? I can post photo but don’t know how here on your site ..

  84. i think i may be getting scammed i have not given any money at all and i wont but i do hope he is real as we have talked for a while and i have fallen for him his name is allen ryan johnson please let me know if he is also in on these scams

    • I just found out i got scammed for a month, and figured it out myself 3 days ago. Although i haven’t given any money but i admit that I even invested my feelings and almost fell in love with this guy that goes by SGT. GEORGE PLACE gp4wrd@yahoo.com. I have kept all the photos and emails. He claims to be widowed and family died in hurricane Katrina, behind all this was Nigerian scammers. +2348143722235 He said his on a mission in Nigeria for 4 weeks already, and the US government not paying them. So he asked $3700 because his daughter was diagnosed as Leukemia chronic. That he wanted to come see me and marry and all that stupid ideas that was a trapped. I want to know if that person is fake? Or they just used his identity???? Please help me??? He claims that he’s originally from New Orleans and moved to Phoenix at 20 years old. That he is a native american, was born December 15th 1980. I need to know if this person do exist. I would really like confront him.

  85. Dear Sir, my name is Deborah and I am about to open my own Military Dating site that is protected from the scammers that extort money from people that are acting as if they were Military. I want to have a legitimate US Military Dating Site that works together with your site and other protections agency’s. I am in the beginning stage of my website and would like to include your site and blog onto my dating website. It is time to get rid of this fraud that has effected so many good people and to have their hearts broken to add salt to the wound. Please contact me through my email address and let us join forces (no pun intended) to make this a safe place with real people in the Military and people interested in them for friendship or long term relationship. I hope to hear from you soon and it would be an honor to work together to bennifit each other. Sincerely Deborah K Kabela from the Great Pacific North West

    • Hi Deborah!
      I hope you succeed in your endeavor to make a new site and has the support of soldier’s perspective and would definitely join your new site

    • Hi Deborah . . . that would be fantastic. I hope you would share your dating website when you get it up and running so women can meet some honest men.

    • i would like to know when your site would be up and running thank you

  86. I think I’m being scammed by a person claiming to be a Jason Williams. I’m wondering if you have any information on that name? Supposedly he is in the army in Yarmouk camp in Syria. I don’t have any pictures of him in his uniform,but could send other ones. If you have any information on this name please let me know. Thank you, Elena Kaiser

    • Sounds like we may have the same fake soldier here. Jason started talking to me around this same time from match.com

    • Elena Kaiser, we should compare pictures and messages from Jason.

  87. I have been talking to James Eisch. His wife died of cancer. His two boys are in cali no other family. Wants out of the army asap because he found me. I met him yesterday 4/19/2015 today. I have pictures he sent me

    • I am reporting a person while on a dating site called FLIRCHI..T his person has written me several e-mails and i did a search , I started having doubts , he claims to be Sgt. Robert Meeker and is now in Afghanistan on duty, claims to be crazy in love with me. I am hurt because this is unjust and has to stop.. His profile is Rob Meeker on face book,,says he can’t add me . The night of may 12 , says he s on a deadly mission against the taliban and does not know the outcome and if he will live through it and if I don’t hear him any longer it’s because he is dead.I put my trust in this person , no money was exchanged , thank God, I find this to be just to expose and report him. Many of us women are honest and looking for love and these morons are complete fakes . I claim to have a discharge certificate and he told me to keep it confidential..I woke up and know now these are all lies and this is a scammer..there are nomore troops in Afghanistan or Iraq ,,you ladie s be careful , sincerely ,GISELE..


      • I am checking man on OKCupid dating web. On this site he is Yummiec,54,Atlanta GA but in the beginning it was in Berlin. He said he is officer in Baghdad on mission from UN. Going retired in a few month. Send the same beautiful letter like i saw on this side. His name on OKCupid ‘Yummies” 54, Atlanta GA. His email clement.davidson300@outlook.com. Recently he removed on pic where he is with friends. My last email to him 3 days ago. Did not asked money but wanted to contact me though email or Skip. I did not hear from him yet. I am glad to find this side. Did anyone hear about him. Thank you.

        • Hi Elvira,

          I recognized this email clement.davidson300@outlook.com . This person called Clement said me he is a military working in Iraq. We are talking since June 2015 by skype, when I talk to him It s not allowed I see him only write but he can see me and write by skype. He also told me he will retire until end of July and begining of August. He also send me beautiful and romantic letters. We talked today and he told me about his birthday and asked me these things:
          15 White T-shirts Size M 42.
          Nike Air Max Size 10
          Shower Gel
          Clement didn t ask me money, but asked me these things above. He also told me that he would come to my country as soon as he retire and marry with me.
          I´m very sad here, I don t know why these people do this, I wanted only meet a good man! I’m willing to what information deemed necessary.

        • I have a military romance scammer that I would like to report here but am having trouble getting it posted – I have a photo as well as some basic information – can you help me get this posted?

      • I’m a widow of a Vietnam Veteran for 7 yrs now. I got a friend request on Facebook from a good looking guy, but not in an uniform. I thought why not friend him? (Never have done that before)
        He was a real sweet talker. I had not even dated all this time but I was lonely and he made me smile.
        I got on this website and started reading things and messages from other fake people and looked similar to the BS I was getting. I was told he was deployed in Afghanistan as a Master Sargent. I looked up other widows that were friends with him and asked one if she was getting stories from him too and yes she had. I called (swore) him out on it. Preying on widows. He confessed he was a 24 year old in Africa. The 233 area code was Africa.
        He said he was really sorry, he didn’t want to hurt me cause I was such a good person at heart. He said he didn’t like doing it but needed money to support his family. He confessed to it all. He got the man’s profile from the internet. And actually warned me that there are a lot of bad scammers out there and to be careful and to have a good life.
        So why am I still in tears? Cause I was falling in love but not enough to ever send money.
        I don’t have any way of tracking him.

    • Hello everyone. I write from Poland. On 30.06. 2015 I received by Polish instant messaging gg.pl a new message from a Jennifer McDowell. She wrote that she wanted a serious man for the rest of her life. She asked for my email address. Both with my wife, we were curious who he really is,, Jennifer McDowell “. I gave this address. Then she wrote as follows (06/02/2015): ,, Hello There,

      How are you doing? Thank you very much for your email am much glad to read from you back i will like to know you better i hope both will give ourselves the opportunity and chance to each other better and see what will happen for us next and plan for our personal face to face meeting together and discuss about our future life as husband and wife because am so tired to live my life alone, I hope you would been the right trust honest open heart loyal caring serious and understand man to me so that we can live together a husband and wife and have great future life ok,

      Well i will take my time now tell you more about me i hope you also do the same as soon as you read, Well am single lady soon will be 35 years old am only child to my parents i lost my father some years ago my mother too is now too old 73 years, I work at USA Army and i have been mission in Afghanistan 4 years now, But i will be soon coming home in 2 month later, Because i want get out from this dangerous country Afghanistan i have a plan to resign from USA army because of how dangerous my work is here in Afghanistan and come back home and start my new life with the right honest man i found (….)”.
      She also attached a few photos of a young woman in the uniform of the US Army. On the uniform is the name of McDowell . Her e-mail address is as follows: mcdoweljennifer7@gmail.com

      I answered that I’m married and happy in marriage; that our contact may be only as friend and colleague; that my wife knows the content of this correspondence. She replied:,, (06/07/2015)
      Thank you very much for you reply to mt message and want me to be your friends if i want am happy to hera that can you send me some of your pictures and given me your skype id chat know each other better”.
      In responding to her email, I sent several of my photos and wrote: ,, Now you know me a little bit – on the basis of several photographs. You already know what my hobby. (…). We live in Szczecin. (…) My wife does not like send her own images to the public on the Internet”.
      Next time I gave her my ID on Skype, for ,,face to face” contact, as ,,Jennifer McDowell ” asked me. I and my wife, we were very interested in who is she ? At that time we hadn’t certainty that it’s probably a scam.
      Here’s a report from our Face-face connection of Skype:
      [2015-06-11 17:56:58] *** Jerzy Stasi?ski wymieni? si? szczegó?owymi danymi z mcdowell jennifer. ***
      [2015-06-11 18:04:38] mcdowell jennifer: wow
      [2015-06-11 18:05:40] mcdowell jennifer: are you there
      [2015-06-11 18:07:09] Jerzy Stasi?ski: ok. and you?
      [2015-06-11 18:07:51] mcdowell jennifer: am fine
      [2015-06-11 18:07:53] mcdowell jennifer: and you
      [2015-06-11 18:08:15] mcdowell jennifer: am sorry my camera not work here
      [2015-06-11 18:08:50] mcdowell jennifer: is against our military law here at Afghanistan ok
      [2015-06-11 18:08:56] Jerzy Stasi?ski: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:11:46] Jerzy Stasi?ski: sorry for error
      [2015-06-11 18:12:08] mcdowell jennifer: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:15:46] Jerzy Stasi?ski: I wait
      [2015-06-11 18:16:58] mcdowell jennifer: wow
      [2015-06-11 18:17:02] mcdowell jennifer: you are handsome man
      [2015-06-11 18:17:06] mcdowell jennifer: i love your
      [2015-06-11 18:17:12] mcdowell jennifer: i love you
      [2015-06-11 18:17:33] mcdowell jennifer: you are nice loooking mag i cant wait to hold hand with you and see you face to face
      [2015-06-11 18:17:37] mcdowell jennifer: you are welcome
      [2015-06-11 18:19:39] mcdowell jennifer: you have nice cat
      [2015-06-11 18:19:44] mcdowell jennifer: i like cat too
      [2015-06-11 18:19:56] mcdowell jennifer: tell me what are you looking for
      [2015-06-11 18:20:00] mcdowell jennifer: do you like my pictures
      [2015-06-11 18:20:53] Jerzy Stasi?ski: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:21:17] mcdowell jennifer: i want know
      [2015-06-11 18:21:22] mcdowell jennifer: what you are looking for
      [2015-06-11 18:25:18] Jerzy Stasi?ski: I nothing hear you way ?
      [2015-06-11 18:27:49] Jerzy Stasi?ski: better is writing chat
      [2015-06-11 18:32:00] mcdowell jennifer: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:32:03] mcdowell jennifer: am waiting
      [2015-06-11 18:38:10] mcdowell jennifer: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:38:11] mcdowell jennifer: nice
      [2015-06-11 18:38:18] mcdowell jennifer: i want to know you better
      [2015-06-11 18:38:46] mcdowell jennifer: wow
      [2015-06-11 18:38:53] mcdowell jennifer: you are handsome man
      [2015-06-11 18:39:00] mcdowell jennifer: i love what i see now on cam
      [2015-06-11 18:39:06] mcdowell jennifer: you are welcome
      [2015-06-11 18:40:22] Jerzy Stasi?ski: I do not see you and can ‘t hear you – why?
      [2015-06-11 18:41:57] Jerzy Stasi?ski: turn on yor camera
      [2015-06-11 18:44:00] Jerzy Stasi?ski: my cat still obserwe me
      [2015-06-11 18:44:24] mcdowell jennifer: i told you i work at USA Army and am now at mission in Afghanistan and we don’t allowed to use camera here because we are war zone with taliban
      [2015-06-11 18:44:33] mcdowell jennifer: do you undesrtand
      [2015-06-11 18:44:42] mcdowell jennifer: so you can see me on camera
      [2015-06-11 18:47:05] Jerzy Stasi?ski: It’s problem with identific. you person
      [2015-06-11 18:49:19] *** Rozmowa zako?czona, czas trwania 10:39 ***
      [2015-06-11 18:49:55] *** Rozmowa z mcdowell jennifer ***
      [2015-06-11 18:49:57] mcdowell jennifer: why is problem
      [2015-06-11 18:51:21] Jerzy Stasi?ski: with yours microfon, let’s talk by written chat
      [2015-06-11 18:55:18] mcdowell jennifer: dear i told you we can do all this because is against US military law here , but i will try my best if i can travel to other city and do that later if i have time ok
      [2015-06-11 18:55:21] mcdowell jennifer: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:55:35] mcdowell jennifer: write me email later if you are serious with me
      [2015-06-11 18:55:35] mcdowell jennifer: ok
      [2015-06-11 18:56:55] Jerzy Stasi?ski: ok.
      [2015-06-11 18:57:12] *** Rozmowa zako?czona, czas trwania 07:13 ***
      What happened next?
      ,,Hello ,, Jennifer. “Yesterday it was new to me an interesting experience. You ask whether you take it seriously? Of course, but at colleague – friend. I wrote about it earlier. In my situation, nothing more than that. Any sexual allusions; no money. True friendship becomes slow. As you wrote – first we have to get to know better. Unfortunately, our first contact on Skype could be satisfied only for you. Even though I did not hear your voice. So truly was the personally identifiable problem with you. Also, I first used the tablet, and were having trouble with writing on the inside of the keyboard. Then I changed my laptop but already ended in time. Let me explain why I’m so careful: You could have become convinced that I am the same person as in the photographs, but I do not I have this opportunity. Many people use other people’s photos into a fictional account, for example on Facebook. My photos also someone can just take advantage of. There are many people who received any messages from soldiers from Afghanistan. They asked for money to go on vacation or to return home. Now you know why I can not be certain to your person. Forgive me if I said something wrong. I am honest with you. If you can not use the video – camera even under a blanket, try another way to assure me that Jennifer from email and Skype is that Jennifer herself with photographs. It also will belong to better respect each other”.
      Very funny was the event last weekend (06/20/2015): on my communicator gg.pl, come again chat message from…. Jennifer McDowell – the same at 05.30 / 2015! Something they mixed up; They may have forgotten what they wrote before?
      This is a report of this funny conversation – this chat with someone:
      16:03 (06/20/2015)
      mcdowell jennifer

      (His own English text she translated into Polish by a Google translator):

      Jak si? masz? am jennifer McDowell pojedynczy pani 35 lat z USA mog? by? twoim przyjacielem Szukam zaufania uczciwym otwartym sercem dbanie powa?ny cz?owiek mie? d?ugotrwa?y zwi?zek czasowy z Je?li wiesz równie?, tak samo szuka mi to pisa? z adresu e-mail, tak mo?emy udost?pni? wi?cej zdj?? znamy wiele bardziej lepiej, ale je?li wiesz, ?e nie s? zainteresowani i szukasz samo to prosz? prosz? nie pisa? do mnie z powrotem moja wiadomo?? lub odpowiada? ok.
      Mam nadziej?, ?e wkrótce przeczyta? od ciebie.

      Jerzy Hello, you forget about me? two weeks ago you wrote to me about contact
      mcdowell jennifer
      but you dont answer any more
      how did you find me?
      mcdowell jennifer
      i found you as i was look at your profile
      where, on gg.pl?
      have you account on facebook?

      mcdowell jennifer
      i have only skype
      moment, , just I check my skype
      mcdowell jennifer
      You’ re not connected – why?
      mcdowell jennifer
      what do you mean
      I have you person in my skype contact: now you are diconnect
      mcdowell jennifer
      ok. wait
      Jerzy It’s good, but plese comfirm you identity: It’s You profile?

      J.Mcdowell Skype Print Sc..jpg
      13.18 kB
      mcdowell jennifer
      tell me more…
      mcdowell jennifer
      what more
      ..what time is at you presently..
      I feel like I wrote to two different persons…
      You remember? – First you wanted my email adress, then my skype to talking face to face, when I gave you my account on skype, and we had connected, you said ,,my video camera is broke”. And next: ,,using camera is vorbiden in war area in Kabul”…
      …and wasn’t our chat ,,face to face”: You’ve seen me and I could’t see you. This is abnormal….
      I’ve suffcient reason not belive to you. What you would to do in my place?
      Immediately contact was finished by ,,Jennifer McDowell “- chatting gg.pl and of Skype. I hope that this everything will end well …

    • hi was wondering if any one knows a Eric frank been talking to him for a while , is this person real or fake. Be grateful if you could let me know

    • Can you tell me if a SFC Steven james is a scammed ? Been talking a Lil while, sent pics would really like to know. Has been deployed now to another country. Please let me know as soon as you can.
      Facebook name david james

      • Says there is a cyber cafe in the country he is in, it’s a 1 hour walk from base . He can get a connection in the base for 150.00 . Asked me to help assist with that money .

    • I need information fast can a soldiers resign if he is a sgt. next if he does how does he get home who pays. The recruiters say It all depends. Also his money is frozen in states he did it him self after wife died. Next he wants me to send money to agent in Nigeria I said no . At first she is transferred to Nigeria now since I said no she is come back Tuesday to Texas. Please check this out for me. He also has a picture of some one I saw whos photo is being used. How can I get you his name and picture he is using is Chandler Johnson on facebook. I would really like to give name in private as if this is true and he is on the up and up I don’t want his name there. But I am sure it is a scam to bad I cared him. Please contact me so I can give you email and tell you where to find picture or send it to you . I don’t have that info.

    • CJ for reason I cant talk about right now I am victim of neigra scam. Please tell your readers to not tell scammers they are on to them. That educates them on what to do next to others. If they are victims contact a govt official google will get you one. They in turn tell you who to contact. they in turn will put you in touch to right people. If over sea they will do same. Please tell them not to give info out if they have like social securities number get in touch with tax revenue and they will put number on acct. to protect there returns. People in love do dumb things. What ever you do keep all receipts and copies of emails.

      • Well you are not going to believe this when the web site for scam got in touch with me me they tried to get me to pay also so I just called FBI and it was a scam. It was a govt site anyway just contact FBI. Cant trust no one now days. But still do the things I told you.

    • I am hoping that there is an email address that i may have to provide more information than you

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