Abu Ghraib Conviction

This won’t be long. Yesterday a military jury convicted SPC Graner to 10 years prison for his role in the Iraqi abuse scandal. He got off easy. Not only did he harm those Iraqis, he harmed every servicemember serving in Iraq. He cast a black cloud over the military in general and the MI community specifically.

SPC Graner knew the UCMJ. We are all trained to ignore and even report illegal orders. Heck, those guys that refused an order for a fuel run didn’t mind saying no and that was sort of a grey line (though they should be prosecuted too for cowardice and putting other soldiers in harm by not having the fuel they needed to complete operations). But this guy was beating people and humiliating them. Hey, I understand that most of those people would like nothing better than to slit our throats, I know I was there. Many times I would’ve like to beat the snot out of an Iraqi, but I knew the rules. If a general told me to pile them up naked or beat them, I’da told him where to take his star (though probably in a more diplomatic way).

He admitted in court that he thought it was wrong and yet he continued anyway. And he only got 10 years. One thing I’ thankful for is that the majority of Iraqi people have their heads screwed on right when responding to this injustice.

Ali Mahawi is quoted on CNN.com as saying, “As an ex-soldier, I admit that no army is perfect, it isn’t just the American army that has these things. We had abuse that happened in our army.” He went on to say that the sentence wasn’t enough of a deterrant but that he’d rather see the Iraqis that did that to Iraqis brought to justice.

Salih al-Jubouri said, “The abuse in Abu Ghraib prison was far worse under Saddam. I don’t blame a foreign army ending up abusing Iraqis because they don’t care about us, but it hurts me to know that Iraqis were abusing Iraqis with the most horrific torture and it’s those I want to see brought to justice.”

Well, if SPC Graner won’t apologize, I will. I apologize that there are people like SPC Graner who bring a bad name to soldiers. I apologize for his actions and hope that the Iraqi people will see that he does NOT represent Americans in his sick, twisted pursuit of satisfaction. To Americans I apologize for his actions and assure you that he does NOT represent what the rest of your military is doing. Most of us are doing the right thing. I can tell you that many of us WANT to beat them to death and humiliate them in exchange for the cowardly ways they are killing our brothers, but we are better people than that and don’t act on those desires.

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  1. Hi CJ – My name is Sharon, from NY, and I’m a new AAP member. I saw your post about your blog and came over to read. You write really well and its wonderful that you are willing to share your thoughts and feelings.. As someone said on the message board… your wife is one lucky gal! I was particularly impressed with this post, however. I’m so glad to see you stand up and say “NO – THIS GUY DOES NOT REPRESENT ALL OF US!” I’ve had friends in the military since Vietnam ( yeah, I’m THAT old…lol) and I have always heard what they were taught regrading UCMJ and the right and even the obligation to question and to refuse orders they consider unlawful. I wish more people saw what you had to say than what that sorry excuse for a soldier has to say….. Anyway, I really enjoy what you are writing. Thanks again for sharing. SharonNY

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