Active Shooter on Base? There’s an App for That

Only in the Army could leadership devise such a asinine response to a potential active shooter on base.

The Army announced Wednesday plans to release a mobile application that would allow soldiers and civilians to rapidly alert first responders during an active shooter incident.

Does anyone else see the glaring irony in that statement? The app is for SOLDIERS (who are trained marksman) to rapidly alert FIRST RESPONDERS during an active shooter incident. So, are our Soldiers no longer first responders? It boggles the mind why the Army wants to maintain a victim status of Soldiers on bases instead of allowing them to respond. So, what will this app do to help “first responders?”

“If adrenaline kicks in and they forget what to do in the moment, all of that information is right there in front of them,” said Matt MacLaughlin, a civilian employee at TRADOC Senior Mobile Training Development. “It should help everybody respond to that situation in the fastest manner possible.”

“We’re going to try to think for you,” MacLaughlin said in an Army release. “Because there’s situations where you won’t have time to think.”

Let me try and flush this out logically:

Active shooter begins and “first responders” arrive on the scene. As the bullets start to fly, adrenaline kicks in.

MP: “I don’t know what to do.”
MP Sergeant: “Hold on, Joe, let me check the app and find out.”
MP: “I’ve just been shot!”
MP Sergeant: “Hang on, I’m almost done analyzing all the information in this great app. CRAP!! I lost my signal!”
MP: “Sergeant, don’t sweat it. The app will think for you. Just have faith…and can you hand me your pressure dressing. I’m getting woozy.”
MP Sergeant: “There’s not a section here on what to do if you get shot!”

Let’s stop with all this touchy, feely nonsense and start allowing our Soldiers to defend themselves. Hell, at the VERY least allow sergeants and officers to carry or establish a military installation license to carry option. I’m not a fan of licensing away rights, but the very people who are trained to respond to a threat are unable to do so because the government has disarmed them.

Now, I know what kind of nonsense the critics are going to spew if we allow Soldiers to carry a handgun on base. “I can’t trust some Soldiers to show up to formation shaved, in the right uniform, and on time, much less carry a gun.” That a subjective determination and completely baseless excuse. I hear that all the time against constitutional carry, but unlicensed carry is law in 33 states and it isn’t an issue.

There are only two reason a Soldier can’t be trusted with a gun: you’re a tyrant and toxic leader who is really worried that the troops he abuses on a daily basis will exact their revenge on their maltreatment or he shouldn’t be in the military to begin with if he’s that incapable of being trusted with a gun.

I’ve got a better idea on how to respond to an active shooter. Instead of saying, “there’s an app for that,” let’s say, “there’s a bullet for that!”

Where is our “pro-gun” president and vice president to put a stop to this?!

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  1. Effective 17 December, 2014, Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols, Texas Adjutant General, did what he could to enable Texas Guardsmen to defend themselves. Texas License To Carry holders (and those with reciprocity) can carry on all Texas Military Department installation or facility (JFTX 15-08).


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