Afghanistan Blogging Intentions

Since my deployment date is rapidly approaching, I want to take a brief moment to explain sort of what I hope to use this blog for while I’m in Afghanistan.

I want my readers to understand what life is like in a combat zone, especially after ten years. Some of it will be mundane, but will answer the simple questions I think a lot of people wonder about. What are the rooms like? How do Soldiers get fed and is the food good? What is a typical day like? How does mail work? Showers? Laundry? Etc.

Obviously, I’m not going to get specific on schedules or get anywhere violating OPSEC. I will voluntarily run any blogposts that could even be misconstrued as sensitive through a third part, objective source like a commander or a more Senior NCO. But, I know what I can and can’t, should and shouldn’t talk about.

For me, this deployment will be drastically different than the last. I will be what is known within military circles as a “Fobbit” most of the time. I will be supporting the warfighter and managing aspects of their missions. Unfortunately, most senior NCOs don’t get to do the fun missions any longer. When we make MSG, we get chained to a desk and fed crackers and water. Every now and then we are given bathroom passes and allowed to communicate with the outside world.

And I’m ok with that! I really am. While I would RATHER be out there doing my job, I recognize that I had my chance and did well when it was my turn. Now it’s someone else’s turn to do the “grunt work.” And if they ever asked me to go out with them, I’d do so in the drop of a hat. I’m just honored to even be able to be there and provide direct support to our troops that risk so much leaving that wire.

If you ever have any questions about military life in a combat zone, let me know. I’d be glad to try and answer those “mundane” and seemingly minor questions you may have. No question is too stupid.

10 Comments on “Afghanistan Blogging Intentions

  1. i am currently talking with someone who is over there and he says he needs money for food. is this true? do they not feed you at all or what.

    • Angie… dont believe it because the troops are well taken care and they are not lack of food! (Food might not be as good as home cooked but it does full you up! 🙂 No military personnel will need our money for anything because they have their own money. Please be careful and not to be scammed.

    • Angie, we get free food over here. We don’t need money for anything. I’m currently in Afghanistan.

  2. blockquote
    Thankyou for your service. If it wasn’t for your help Inwould have been scamed. I have an IP address if you could tell me if is is a scam.

  3. Looking forward to you keeping people updated. Stay Safe!

  4. Thank you, God Bless you Daily with Strength,Protection, and much Courage, My Hero,

  5. Thank you, CJ, for your service to our country, for signing a blank check for freedom, for your dedication, and for your courage.

    And, Joe Ryan, thank your son, too.

  6. Hi CJ,

    Thanks for your service! I came across your blog and it was very timely as I am working on an exhibit about mail and how it gets to soldiers all over the world in war and times of peace. I really don’t know much about the military and want to know what soldiers have to deal with in times of war especially.
    Do you work 7 days a week or do you have 5 on and 2 off?
    Why doesn’t every soldier have access to a computer or cell/text during their deployment?
    What is mail delivery like these days or is it mostly done via electronics?

    I have alot more to ask but don’t want to hog your time. Your in our thoughts and prayers.


  7. God bless you and keep you safe along with all the brave warriors you serve with, you Sir and all our military personell are the best of America. I wish you all God’s speed come home safe, you have the full support respect and love of the American people.

    Joseph (Joe) Ryan (A Sarges Father)
    Amor Patriae

  8. Looking forward to your updates while you’re downrange, CJ. Stay safe my friend!

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