Alqaeda Leaving Iraq for Afghanistan???

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  As some of you have already heard, Alqaeda has reportably left their fight in Iraq for the more rugged mountains of Afghanistan.  I am here today to tell you that this is a grave trap and a bold new tactic that the terrorists are trying on our troops. Do not believe this for any reason.

  The aim is to allow U.S. and coalition forces to “simmer down” for a while.  If they focus on Afghanistan, the hope is that we here in Iraq will lower our guard and ultimately leave ourselves open for a direct attack.  I want everyone to know this scheme and for all of our forces in both Iraqi and Afghani fronts, “Stay alert”.  This could be a very serious outcome if we let ourselves get complacent.

  I don’t believe the stories for one second about Alqaeda leaving Iraq.  The truth is, they are just waiting for the right moment to attack with swift and deadly accuracy.  I.E.D.s are becomming less likely here in Iraq, but don’t let the lull in fighting fool you,  as I have said before, this is a new tactic that Alqaeda is trying. 

  This is a warning to all friendly forces in O.E.F and O.I.F. theaters of operation, be prepared for a possible sneak attack by Alqaeda.  These people don’t just give up, something fishy is going on and I don’t like the feeling I have right now.  They are planning something really big, they wouldn’t just give up the fight, especially what? 5,6, 7 years later, that would be like taking over a country, then saying ok, we quit, we’re leaving.  Don’t buy this idea for a minute.  Head my warning, I think something is up. 

  Soldiers on ground, stay alert, stay alive.  Keep your heads up and report any suspicious activities to your local chain of command.  We have to stay focused if we want to get out of here in one piece.  I want everyone to know this, my feelings on the war.  I’m here in the middle of it, and I know exactly what’s going on.  I assure you, things are not what they are being made out to be.  Alqaeda is planning something, I know it, and I can feel it.  Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.  Don’t believe what is going on.  My gut instinct tells me otherwise. 

  Opsec is the key, do not divulge information that could be detrimental to our forces.  For those of you who are expecting troops home.  Do not, under any unceartain terms, ask them their location and how many troops are with them.  We must stop the enemy, before they can get us.  This is a game of cat and mouse, don’t let the cat win. 

  Remember our troops and pray that we can get out of this predicument and get home to our families soon.  I thank you all here on ASP for your support.  Without you, we have nothing.

8 Comments on “Alqaeda Leaving Iraq for Afghanistan???

  1. Really? Hum…yeah. I can see this…he’s lied to nation about WMD’s (to fuel the support for a politically driven war), he’s made it impossible for the American public and soldiers alike to know what the REAL agenda is…Yeah, keep changing OBJECTIVES, and when situations change…change the objective AGAIN!!! YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY 100% CORRECT
    HE IS A MILITARY GENIUS!!! How dumb of me not to realize this. Thanks!

  2. Military Genius? Ok, it is America and we are allowed to our opinions, and I think I’ll spend some time emailing loved ones of fallen soldiers and informing them that President Bush announced that while mothers are suffering the loss of their child to a politically driven war…(PROMPTED BY BUSH, with the lies of WMD’s in Iraq) that he has vowed NOT to play GOLF. As a Gold Star Family Member, I’m quite sure this information will make them fell better. Oh yeah one more thing, your village called and said they were missing the idiot.

  3. The surge HAS worked. Violence IS down. Ethnic cleansing IS down. NO ONE on this blog ever said Bush was a military genius.

    I believe what Spc Begley is saying and maybe he can throw his two cents in here and clarify just for you, is that though things appear calm and the news is reporting the bad guys fleeing the country, there are sufficient quantities of them still in hiding, trying to blend in with the population, and possibly plotting something horrific. Do not be lulled into complacency and allow them the chance to get away with it.

  4. do you actually read anything that has been written or do you just throw out your little missives just to see what will stick on the wall. UGH!

  5. My prayers are with you guys and gals! Take care and know that we all care about you! Hopefully Alqaeda’s ranks are thinning out and they don’t have the strength to launch a big blow to our troops or our country!

  6. Stay safe and take care of you!! You are all in my prayers.

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