Army Lightens Up For Once

TaskForceDukeOne of the dumbest policies (outside of not being able to carry an umbrella when it’s raining) the Army has clung to is finally being discarded. Effective immediately, troops will be able to wear headphones while working out in uniform at gyms and fitness centers. However, just because the Army has come to its senses, don’t expect every Soldier to actually enjoy the benefits of that decision.

“Effective immediately, unless the unit or installation commander prohibits otherwise, soldiers may use headphones, including wireless or non-wireless devices and earpieces, in uniform only while performing individual physical training in indoor gyms or fitness centers,” according to the directive signed by Acting Army Secretary Patrick Murphy. (emphasis mine)

If base commanders don’t want to look like power hungry authoritarians they will not create rules prohibiting headphones at these places. There is not much more inspiring and motivating that listening to good music while working out. Go just about anywhere from your neighbor’s garage gym to Olympic athlete training facilities and you’ll see people listening to music while working out.

There are entire music albums created to instigate better workouts. Nearly every gaming platform has some sort of workout program, whether it be Wii Fit or Just Dance. My kids are addicted to the Just Dance series and probably get more exercise on that than anywhere else.

Next, the Army should also allow troops on closed roads and tracks to wear them during a PT test. Watch scores skyrocket!

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