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I keep a news ticker on various subjects so that if a news story comes out related to something I’m interested in, I get an email with a link. Obviously, I have email alerts about gun control, the 2nd amendment, open carry, etc. I also have one on my name so that I know when I’m mentioned online (Michael Yon has the same news alert on my name). I saw a link today with a story in the Irish Times with the title “Irish in the US on guns: ‘I bought a handgun, just because I could.'” (title was changed at the link) Somewhat early in the story, one author – Robin Latham – writes,

Last year, it became possible to do what is called “concealed carry” – put a handgun in your inside pocket or briefcase – and wander around 41 states, provided you have done a three-hour, $90 class to get a permit So I bought a handgun, just because I could.

This peaked my interested because that is exactly why I buy and carry a gun! It’s also my famous response to disgraced thug and former Temple Police Officer Steve Ermis when he assaulted me, disarmed me, and falsely arrested me in 2013. It’s my right and that right is protected by the US constitution. I thought for sure this was going to be a great article until…

It wasn’t…

The article is full of the same passive aggressive attitudes that most liberal gun owners have. Yes, I know there are liberal gun owners, but they would freely give up their guns for the cause if they could achieve their goals. They have this mentality of “gun rights for me, but not for thee.” What I think is happening is that liberals can’t trust themselves with guns and are so inherently violent that they assume everyone else is as violent as they are and can’t be trusted with guns. This author even hints at my theory when he writes, “It scares me that I could now kill someone very easily if I wished.” I don’t know a single gun owner thinks, “wow, I can kill people if I want to!” It’s illegal to kill someone if you wish. You must do so in self-defense. But, sadly he goes on…

The trainer said if you show the gun you must shoot to kill or the other guy will kill you. No shooting to slow them down or hurt them; within ten seconds you will be dead. In theory, if someone tries to mug me or highjack my car, I can defend myself. I am armed and feel like James Bond, I’m not sure I could pull the trigger.

Whomever his trainer is needs to lose his ability to train. The correct advice should be “if you pull your gun, you should be prepared to use it, if needed.” To tell people that if they pull their guns they “must” use them is both irresponsible and potentially illegal. Most crimes are deterred by the mere presence of a firearm. For example, a homeowner hears someone at the door and goes to investigate with a firearm. Most the time, by either seeing the homeowner with a gun or hearing the homeowner shout that they have a gun, the criminal will run away. Crime deterred. Researcher Gary Kleck flushes this out perfectly. These are just as relevant self-defense gun uses (SDGU) as actually firing a shot, but they generally don’t make the news. Most gun owners I’ve spoken to over the years hope to never have to fire their gun in self-defense. It makes a mess and the person has to live with having to shoot someone. I know there’s a lot of bravado by some people who say “if you threaten me, I’ll cap yo ass” but the reality is that most people would probably prefer not to or they can’t when the time actually comes. I’ve seen Soldiers in combat I thought were bad assess freeze under pressure and I’ve seen Soldiers I thought wouldn’t survive combat be amazing bad asses.

That said, if this guy owns a gun and doesn’t think he could pull the trigger, he’s putting himself in even more jeopardy by owning and carrying a gun. If a criminal sense hesitation, he may use that to gain the advantage and can easily disarm him and then use the gun against him and/or others. Never buy a gun if you don’t how or aren’t willing to use it unless your sole purpose for having it is to go to a range for fun. You’re only endangering yourself and others. Latham does conclude his testimony with sage words: “My point is, people kill people. Not guns, knives or screwdrivers.” Amen!

Next up is a short letter by Seán Bailey from Kent, Washington, who shares a picture of a magazine rack full of gun magazines (the kind you read, not load). He immediately jumps head first into the BS: “I know a man with an arsenal of more than 24 weapons.” Seán, that’s not an arsenal, I assure you. That’s hardly a collection. He then whines that the “Gun culture is pervasive and so tangled with machismo and self-reliance here in the US that I see no end to it.” It’s not gun culture, little snowflake, it’s called the freedom culture. The freedom culture has been around as long as there have been guns. In fact, it was around in the time of swords, bows and arrows, and spears. This “culture” is the result of a desire to stay alive and having the means to do so.

Our next ignorant statist is Cormac Lambe from the ATL. Ole Cormac here touches on all the talking points of the left by lamenting the age old “fact that this ‘freedom’ even exists highlights the powerful influence of the gun lobby.” The gun lobby isn’t why the freedom exists. The fact that the freedom exists is why there’s a gun lobby. What the left can’t bring itself to admit is that any lobby is only as powerful as its membership and the number of people that support the cause. In other words, the “gun lobby” is so powerful because most Americans support the right to keep an bear arms in self-defense. So, this influence isn’t the result of some organization or nebulous force out there; it’s people who are representing the interests of their supporters. There’s a reason that when the Democrats held majorities in the Congress and the presidency that they couldn’t get gun control laws passed and Obama had to resort to silly, unconstitutional executive orders. Cormac continues:

Last Sunday night, Steven Paddock propelled to the fore of American consciousness a level of extreme gun violence that, until now, had been associated with organised foreign terror groups. Yet, pro-gun voices blithely dismiss the carnage as the inevitable actions of a madman, pointing to mental illness as the primary factor in the deaths of 58 concertgoers and the injuring 0f 500.

He is partially right. This was an extreme act of gun violence that should shock the system of anyone with a heart and brain, but it was not one that is only associated with foreign terror groups. I bring your attention to the Branch Davidian massacre, the “war on drugs,” and a standard weekend in Chicago – all perpetrated by government (and that doesn’t include foreign entanglements). But, I digress. I don’t think the problem is mental illness, though anyone would be mentally ill who suggests that the conscious decision to murder anyone – let alone 58 sitting ducks and hoping for more – is the act of a sane person. It takes a special kind of emotional and mental disturbance to take the life of another person for the sheer hell of it.

The fact is that these leftists continually focus on “gun violence” and try to ignore the larger violence problem. Contrary to what the left wants us to believe, violent crime has been on a consistent decline since the 90s. This drop has occurred despite the expiration of the assault weapons ban.

Meanwhile, the number of guns in the hands of law abiding Americans has substantially increased.

I’m not saying that the decline in crime is due to the increase in guns. What I’m saying is that we can’t point to guns being responsible for an increase in it. The argument that “more guns equals more crime” is simply fiction. Cormac doesn’t bother mentioning any of that. Speaking of which, let’s continue:

If momentum to address the issue cannot be found in the aftermath of such an atrocity, it is hard to see when that urgent, widespread tide of political will might eventually manifest. That said, there is angry debate, and the appal that the Vegas shooting has created seems to have – for now, at least – shifted public sentiment further toward tightening of regulations.

The problem here is that “tightening of regulations” won’t have any effect. Exactly what law would have stopped what happened in Vegas? Even Diane Frankenfeinstein had to admit that she’s “not sure there is any set of laws that could have prevented it.” That’s because there isn’t a way short of a banning guns completely and going door to door confiscating them with force to solve the problem. You can’t legislate away evil intent. Even then, it wouldn’t solve the problem because criminals don’t buy their guns legally anyway!

By the time we get to the fourth contributor of this hit piece on liberty, we find some sanity in Peter Healy from Kentucky.

It is very common to see police and everyday Americans walking down a street with loaded firearms on their hips. Just about everyone I know in Lexington owns multiple firearms and large amounts of ammunition. Myself included.

It’s not the Wild West, it’s the civilized self-protected mid-west. Since the bad guys all can acquire firearms, they are only too well aware that we the people do too, which keeps a relatively safe status quo.

By the way, Kentucky’s homicide and violent crime rates are lower than the national average. Just saying. I’m not going to spend a lot of time with Peter because I agree with him. 😀 Needless to say, though, this is the only balance the Irish Times attempted to achieve since the next person, Dominic Kennedy of North Carolina noted that he could buy an AR-15 and strap it on his back around, but considered this right “a pretty odd system.”

I was beginning to get worried that Texas was noticeably absent until I got to Ross O’Donovan of Houston, Texas. I braced myself for the inevitable assault on liberty, but I was surprised to read that

Less than two weeks ago an armed man shot people at random in a church in Tennessee, killing one and injuring multiple people. There would have been more killed only for a brave member of the public, a licensed gun holder, who restrained him, saving many lives in the process.

This is what the left refuses to acknowledge when they use their argument that gun control is needed because “If gun control saves one child, it’s worth it.” (Barack Obama, 2013) This is a self-destructive argument because, while both sides can use it, what most important the life of the individual who had a gun and lived because of it. The left only cares about the lives of those lost in tragedies while the right cares about the lives of everyone.

What I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere in the Vegas debate is the fact that the concert was a gun-free zone. Obviously, if guns were allowed there most likely wouldn’t have been people there with rifles that could have shot back, but that gun-free zone certainly didn’t protect them. There was no magical force field that absorbed the evil.

I oppose the Texas law that prohibits guns in “51%” establishment, this is those places where 51% or more of revenue is generated from on-premises consumption. This generally refers to bars and clubs. Why? Well, Ross explains that it’s because “Earlier this year a patron opened fire in a bar in Texas, killing the manager and injuring others until he too was killed by an armed patron acting in self-defence [sic], who clearly saved lives in the process.” I don’t drink; why should I be disarmed? There are many designated drivers that are in bars to ensure that people can drink responsibly. Why are they disarmed? It’s already against the law in virtually every state to be drunk and carry a firearm.

Unfortunately, Ross then lost his focus and reasoning: “I think in no way should someone be able to build up an arsenal of weapons like what was available to the shooter in Las Vegas.” The Las Vegas shooter had a total of 47 guns that the police are aware of. About half of them were with him in the hotel or in his vehicle. I know a LOT of people who have more than 47 guns for various reasons. Some are collectors, others competitive shooters, and others just want one of each for the novelty of having a name brand or as an investment (I have several investment firearms). Still others just like guns which is no different than someone liking and buying cars, baseball cards, swords, autographs, or Star Wars memorabilia. How is someone that owns one gun suddenly more irresponsible if they own an “arsenal” (whatever that means) of guns? I’m no more deadly with my [insert # here – use your imagination] guns than I would be if had more, less, or even a tank.

There are two more stories – one supportive of and one opposing the right to keep and bear arms – but I’m bored and I’ve written enough already (over 2,000 words at this point). Look, even if gun control was the answer to ending tragedies as we know them, to do so would still be immoral and violate the natural rights of man. The left can talk about repealing the 2nd amendment all they want, but the 2nd amendment didn’t grant us the right to keep and bear arms in self-defense just as the 1st amendment didn’t grant us the right to attend church or speak freely and it won’t take away those rights. These are inherent rights that our founders only included to serve as prima facie notice to the government to keep its hands off. They wisely foresaw the kind of government we have today where our voices, our bodies, and our guns are under attack. If the left values life as they say they do, they would back away from this idea of taking away guns or repealing the 2nd amendment. Either effort is likely to result in even more violence as the people recognize that tyranny has arrived again on American soil.

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