Breaking The Silence

I’ve had enough of Michael Yon’s lies, libel, slander, and defamation of character. He sits there in the comfort of his Thai village with his iPad purchased with the donations of people he’s suckered into believing his tripe thinking he’s untouchable and won’t be held accountable for his actions. Come back home Mr. Yon. You don’t think there isn’t a lawsuit waiting for you? How confident are you of that? You’re not afraid of going to court are you?

I haven’t said a word publicly about Michael Yon for a full year – since he falsely accused me of wanting to kill him. I’ve never said anything about wanting to kill Michael Yon. Of all the people worth going to jail over, he isn’t anywhere on the list. It would be an utter waste of a perfectly good bullet. Unlike Mr. Yon, I’ve NEVER killed a man in anger.

But, let’s be open about this. Mr. Yon wants his followers to believe that a man who has never killed a man in a bar is a threat to someone that HAS killed a man in a bar fight. We’re talking about a former Special Forces jumpmaster-qualified weapons sergeant fearing a pogue, REMF, leg Soldier. At least, that’s the way Mr. Yon likes to portray me.

Last year, I made a comment to a friend that “reading [Yon’s disgusting war porn] made me want to rip his head off and piss down his throat.” Now, anyone that’s been a Soldier more than a day has heard this expression. If Mr. Yon took that as a legitimate threat, perhaps we should question his bona fides. He seems to have conveniently dropped this quote from his accusations. It’s much more sensational to say that I want to murder him than repeating a statement of hyperbole.

Mr. Yon also claims that he was “physically assaulted” by a Captain in Afghanistan. Until Yon attempted to link the two of us, I had no idea who this man was. The truth is that said Captain didn’t want Yon around his troops and told him where he wasn’t wanted. Yon got into a huffing tiff and stomped past the Captain, literally shouldering him aside. Yon then went into the TOC to complain that he was “physically assaulted.” Unfortunately, other Soldiers and linguists were witnesses to this event and contradicted Yon’s version of events. THAT is why Yon was removed from 4-4. He lied about a commissioned officer because he didn’t like the way he talk to Yon.

Yon next claims that I was sent home because I just couldn’t handle the stresses of my fobbit job – and, yes, I had a fobbit job. He wants his readers to believe that he was right about me not being able to handle a deployment. He also twists a Tweet I wrote (“I’m no longer in theater. I requested to come home early to deal with some issues.”) and gives it a meaning other than intended. He assumes that this tweet is proof I was sent home for mental issues. In fact, I was diagnosed with more skin cancer and they didn’t have a skin cancer specialist in theater. To me, that’s a major “issue” that I didn’t want to go public with and only did so after Mr. Yon tried to inject a false narrative. I was sent home to have a large chunk of my scalp removed. Don’t believe me:

As it stands right now, I’m still cancer free. Well, I’m skin cancer free. There’s still a cancer I can’t seem to shake, which necessitates this post.

But, let’s pretend I didn’t have skin cancer. Let’s pretend that was all one big, made-up lie that I concocted to draw attention away from the “real” reason I was sent home according to Mr. Yon. In the nine months that I was in Kandahar, over 110 mortars and rockets as well as 4 IEDs were detonated on my FOB. I find it less-than-humorous that Mr. Yon refers to these attacks as mere “nuisances” I had to deal with. I’m pretty sure those troops that were injured and killed by those “nuisances” wouldn’t feel the same way.

Then, there’s this interesting tale of fantasy:

To the uninformed (re: Yon’s followers), it would appear as if I have nothing better to do that send Yon profanity-laced emails out of the blue. I mean, either Yon has a very small inbox or I’m sending enough correspondence to “fill [his] inbox.” Like most things related to Mr. Yon, this again was a convenient twisting of events and intentional omissions to further his narrative. Allow me to explain.

Last year, someone was using a Twitter account that purported to be Mr. Yon. Any time anyone does anything to Yon, he automatically assumes it’s me. He accuses me of having many different email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts. I suppose he probably thinks I have as much time on my hands as he does since he’s basically unemployed. The truth is I have a grand total of TWO Facebook accounts, both of which use my real name. I have a grand total of ONE Twitter account. I do not have, nor have I ever had, fake profiles.

Anyway, out of the blue I got the following email from Mr. Yon in my inbox:

This twitter site has been forwarded to me.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Very Respectfully,

Michael Yon

Well, since I have no idea what the hell he’s talking about, I have nothing to say for myself. But, I did send the text that Yon quoted above. However, what Yon fails to provide to his readers is the entire text of that email. He actually picks a very curious spot to end my portion. Here’s the exact REPLY that I sent to Yon, without convenient omissions:


First of all, I have to say “fuck off!” Actually, that’s ALL I have to say for myself. What do you have to say for being a complete douche bag tool? Are you insinuating something or just trying to get me to fellate you? Do me a favor and stop infesting my inbox with your drivel. It would be far more productive for you to spend more time at or maybe I’ve noticed that you seem to come to me (or at least mention me) when things are looking bad for you! You should probably get a girlfriend. Your insatiable appetite for CJ Grisham conspiracies is getting creepy. If you keep this up, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.


P.S. I was almost sad to see that things didn’t work out for your in Japan, or Afghanistan, or anywhere lately. ALMOST.

Now, in hindsight, I abandoned my personal beliefs and values. I do not use profanity in my everyday life. I really have to be pissed off to use profanity at all. I don’t like profanity and I don’t usually lower myself to use it. However, after being constantly harassed by Mr. Yon, I had about had enough of his crap.

Interesting side note here. When this email was sent, Mr. Yon had one of his readers access the Army Knowledge Online system to gather information on me. From the For Official Use Only AKO site, he obtained my unit and phone number which he freely published to the world. Keep in mind, I NEVER reveal the unit to which I’m assigned…EVER. So, Yon took it upon himself to get one of his readers to break the law and provide private information to him that he published to the world, including the phone number of my Command Sergeant Major.

Mr. Yon then forwarded my response email to the CSM WITHOUT his initial inquiry to make it appear as if I’m randomly sending him profane emails. Naturally, my CSM initially got very pissed and I got a good screaming at. When I finally got to talk, I asked the CSM if I could print out the ENTIRE email so show that I was merely responding to him, not “filling his inbox” with such talk. Once I showed the CSM the entire conversation, well he recognized what kind of man Yon really was. Is it any wonder Yon doesn’t understand why my seems to be doing nothing about his complaints (which isn’t true, by the way)?

So, yes, I used unprofessional language, but the email was sent to my private account and was not a professional communication. I did not represent the Army in that communication. What Yon further fails to inform his readers of is his response AFTER I replied to him:

Mr. Grisham,

So you do not deny that this is you who set up this Twitter feed, and
that you are the author who is impersonating me:

So, if I say this Twitter feed is by writer CJ Grisham, you will own it. Yes?

If this is not you, it is very important that you deny it now. If you
do not deny ownership, you are admitting this is yours. You
understand this. Yes?

You understand that you are a writer and a public figure by your own
hand, yes? You owe it to your readers to deny that this Twitter feed
is yours. If you do not deny it, you are admitting the allegation
that it is yours.

Again, the link:

Deny it now, or it’s yours.

Thank you.

Michael Yon

I got two more emails after this one that I ignored that continued to demand an answer to whether or not I was behind this account. This is classic Yon. If you refuse to play his silly little blame games, he’ll just make stuff up. And that’s just what he did. He let his readers to believe that I was behind a Twitter account I had nothing to do with. He led his readers to believe that I was “filling his inbox” with nasty correspondence. He’s good at that.

For the past year, I’ve ignored Yon in the hopes that he would just go away. He hasn’t. He claims I stalk him, but he doesn’t provide the evidence to support that. Even more curious is that his readers don’t question it either. Mr. Yon wrote it, so it must be true. Well, point to the evidence that I’ve been stalking him? I haven’t said anything about him since October. Yet, I have over 100 screenshots of every time Yon has mentioned me in a Facebook comment, created an entire FB entry about me, or written a silly blog post dispatch about me.

The latest claim is that I told a Gold Star Mother that her son died because she didn’t love him enough. Let me say this: if I said that, I should strung up from a tree, beaten with a cat-o-nine tails till I’m about to pass out, left alone to regroup and heal, and then beaten again. Repeat until you get tired or I die. I’ve NEVER said such a thing to ANY mother, much less a Gold Star Mother. Now, I’m not going to come out and call that GSM a liar. There may have been someone that DID say that to her and she’s projecting it onto me because of her close association with Yon. I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve never uttered or insinuated such a repulsive comment in my life. I’ve asked the individual levying the accusations to provide proof of this comment and to date she has not produced it. Because it doesn’t exist.

The truth, however, was never something that stood in Yon’s way when he wants to trash talk someone. He tried doing it to Soldiers’ Angels, an organization I feel a great deal of allegiance to as a Soldier that supported through both deployments by an Angel. I’ve never worked for, been paid by, or served in any official capacity for Soldiers’ Angels. They are a great non-profit that does great things and is led by great people. The fact that Yon was called out for trying to take credit where none was due gave him a black eye and he wants payback. His hatred of me and other “milkooks” also spills over into his attacks on SA.

Mr. Yon also manufactured “truth” in his attacks against Matt Burden of Blackfive. He published incorrect records and ascribed them to Mr. Burden to further another agenda. This site’s very own Loopy Libertarian responded to those inaccuracies, which I doubt Yon will answer for or respond to. The truth is a bitter pill. He claims many people have told him they feel threatened by me. Who does? In what way? What actions made them feel that way? Notice the lack of details?

Then, there’s the “faggot” comment. I have to admit, this one threw for another loop, much as the GSM accusation. In my mind, the word “faggot” is no better than the word “nigger” or “honkie.” They’re repulsive terms that I wouldn’t let pass from my lips even in the most heated of times. Did I write the word “faggot” somewhere? Sure did. I was quoted an ignorant buffoon on one of my YouTube videos (that is now private). In fact, I was the one called a faggot and turned the authors words back on him. Again, don’t take my word for it. Here are the comments in their full context without Yon’s prism of hatred.

Clearly, I was calling out an ignorant person for making an ignorant comment using his own ignorant words. Kinda takes a different tone when you see it unedited, doesn’t it?

I’m already at over 2,200 words and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. I won’t go into the whole Bronze Star “controversy” because I don’t talk about it publicly. I don’t even talk about it privately. If Yon is that jealous that I actually got to kill something other than a propane bottle or a guy in a barfight, he can have it. He continues to fill my inbox asking for the documents to support my awards. That’s none of his business. He said he submitted a FOIA. I wonder why he hasn’t published the results. There are really only two reasons for this: 1) he never really submitted the FOIA or 2) he got my records and realized what a complete ass they made him into. Why aren’t his readers asking for a follow up to the FOIA he supposedly filed months ago. I filed a FOIA on a guy in Minnesota prancing around as a Chief Petty Officer and got the records in a matter of weeks. I exposed the guy and went on my way. It’s not that difficult.

Mr. Yon wants others to do his dirty work for him. He’s even allowing admitted active duty troops to violate the UCMJ and communicate direct threats to a Senior NCO on his page. He doesn’t care that these troops can be charged under Article 91 and 134. That’s not Yon’s problem. He knows that he no longer has any credibility with the Army and can’t complain about me, so he creates a caricature about me and leads his readers to do the dirty work for him. That way, when the dirt is on their face, he’s hands are clean. He won’t be embarrassed because he was wrong…yet again.

What Mr. Yon is doing is inciting violence against an active duty Soldier. He’s quick to delete comments from people exposing his lies on his FB page and blog, but lets comments like these fly.

So, I guess it’s okay for people to LITERALLY threaten my life (no hyperbole here) according to Mr. Yon. I hope he realizes that should anything happen to me, he will be held liable for it. And for the record, the likes on each of those…Yon constituted one of each.

Come back to the United States Mr. Yon. Or leave a comment here with your lawyers contact information so I can have you served. Yes, I called a lawyer about you. It was YOUR old lawyer, by the way. I notice you didn’t mention that in your post. Why would I be contacting your lawyer (former lawyer)? Because, unlike you I have an actual case against you and I’m willing to do something about it. I’m putting up, not shutting up. I don’t care where you are, just give me a good contact number for your lawyer so I can arrange to have papers sent to him/her. We can get this out in the public once and for all and really see who has integrity, morale courage, honor, and accountability.

The ball is in your court. If I’m this dangerous man you really say I am, accept the lawsuit and file a counter-suit. I’ll even let you host the simulcast of proceedings. One of us will walk away disgraced and broke for the rest of his life and the other will be holding his head up high.

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