Canucks Vs. Gringos

Here on KAF, we have what is called “The Boardwalk.” It’s reminiscent of what you’d find on a boardwalk at any coast or riverbank. The difference here is that we don’t have any water – unless you count the Poo Pond – nearby.

The Boardwalk is a quarter mile round blocked collection of shops, restaurants, and vendors. This is where TGI Fridays is located next to the German PX on one side and the Italian PX on the other. Afghan businesses sell carpets, stones, jewelry, clothing, and other stuff.

At one end of the boardwalk is a memorial to the Fallen Heroes who gave the last of themselves bringing freedom to a barren wasteland.

It’s a simple memorial that I’ve seen troops from many countries just stop and stare at for long periods of time. No doubt, that memorial stands for a battle buddy, friend, or subordinate.

On the other end of the boardwalk is a volleyball court and, yes, a hockey rink. The Canadians are not legally allowed to deploy anywhere without a hocky rink, I think. Since it is difficult to get good inline skates and the dust and sand would just clog them up anyway, players just use their running shoes. Tonight, a US Army team was playing against a Canadian Army team. At the time of this photo, the game was scoreless. I’m convinced the Canadians have their hockey jerseys inspected as part of their deployment PCC and PCI.

It’s a great way to get some exercise, relieve stress, have fun, and mingle with our allied nation troops.

5 Comments on “Canucks Vs. Gringos

  1. Just found your blog about a week ago. I enjoy reading your blog. It does bring back some memories. I was at FOB Lindsey in 09-10.

  2. The Canadians are tops in my book. They’ve been, arguably, our best ally in combat in Afghanistan, punching well above their weight class.

    I would like to see more pics of the Canadian girl on the right.

    • This is the only other pic I took of her, but you can’t see her face that well cause she has her back to the camera.

  3. Goooooooo Canada! ( You knew I would have to …lol) even as I really DO support you ALL!

    • Yeah, I know. The Canadians are awesome dudes. I took these pics from the Canadian aide. Y’all are really into your hockey. They were complaining that this wasn’t a AAA game. They used some funny terms I’ve never heard, but translated to “novice.”

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