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Poo Pond Pictures

I realized that I never shared all my pictures of the Poo Pond and those that were send to me over the years. So, here they are in all their glory. Don’t know what the Poo Pond is?… Read More


Connor Love is my hero. He’s just 9 7 years old, but this little man gets it. His parents have obviously raised him to love our country and the defenders of its values. Connor frequently sends us care… Read More

Open Letter to My Wife

Dear Emily, I’ve done a lot of wonderful and honorable things in my life. There is much to be proud of and much to celebrate. But, looking back on my life the thing I’m most proud of is… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From Afghanistan

Old Glory flies confidently over Kandahar Airfield at dusk, Nov 23. Photo by CJ. As I write this, the majority of Americans are tucked safely into bed in anticipation of the next day’s food and festivities. Here in… Read More

Infinite Progress

I met with my social worker today for a counseling session and to give him a sense of where I am. We came to a few conclusions that I want to share. He helped me understand why I… Read More

SFC Zeke

Today, I listened to the advice of more than a few people and finally went to the TMC and Combat Stress hospital. My right hand hasn’t stopped twitching after nearly a month and it’s beyond irritating. I’m not… Read More


It’s the “H” in our “LDRSHIP” Army Values. Of all the Army values, it’s the probably the most difficult to define. It means honestly. It means integrity – which is another Army Value in and of itself. I… Read More

Master Private

To my friends out that used to wear this rank, tell me what it used to be like when it meant something. I’m especially interested in stories about how it was encouraged to share information among peers and… Read More

ISAF Responds to Irresponsible, Agenda-Driven Journalism

Sgt. Robert Cowdrey, a flight medic in Company C., 3rd Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade, prepares a casualty in a rescue sled to be hoisted hundreds of feet into a Black Hawk helicopter during a training… Read More

Freedom’s Irony

I wrote this a few days ago in my journal and decided to share it early. 27 Sep 2011, 0556 I’m sitting at one of the helo ramps near the flightline at Kandahar to make sure that some… Read More


Letters From Kids are the Best

Dear Friends, Happy Halloween. Hi, I am Alyssa. How do you survive? We live in Wisconsin. My Unca [sic] us to be in the Army. Thank you. I love getting drawings and letters like these from kids. This… Read More

2-38 Cav Locate Over 2 Tons of IED Material

Afghan Border Police discovered a truck at the Weesh Border Crossing containing more than 5,000 pounds of bags filled with ammonium nitrate. The leading cause of deaths here in Afghanistan come from IED detonations. ISAF troops work diligently… Read More

Consoled Afflictions

It’s been a rough week. I haven’t written much because I haven’t been able to focus my thoughts. I’ve got a few drafts that just don’t make enough sense to publish. Plus, my momma always said if you… Read More

Business As Usual…With a Twist

Ahhh, Monday. The beginning of another KAF-tastic week here in the waterless beaches of Afghanistan. At least, they USED to be waterless. That’s right – I woke up today to an odd smell; and it wasn’t the Poo… Read More