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The High Price of Piece of Mind

I probably shouldn’t complain at all. During my first deployment in 2003 I was lucky if I got to make a static-filled phone call every 2 weeks! But, I just must complain about the internet here in Afghanistan… Read More

FETs Bring Hope

As I’ve said before, Female Engagement Teams are a necessary and vital important to reaching out to Afghanis. They provide a vital link to a segment of society marginalized for centuries. This story was written by SPC Darryl… Read More

Canucks Vs. Gringos

Here on KAF, we have what is called “The Boardwalk.” It’s reminiscent of what you’d find on a boardwalk at any coast or riverbank. The difference here is that we don’t have any water – unless you count… Read More

A Little Perspective Is In Order

UPDATE 17 Apr 2013: Welcome Blaze readers. For more information about the attacks and false claims against me by Michael Yon, please see THIS, THIS, and THIS post. [UPDATE 29 Sep 11: I’ve cut off comments to this… Read More

The Dirt Monster

I took this photo earlier today here in Kandahar. A large dust storm blew in from the north and enveloped the entire post for a couple of hours. Dust, sand, and dirt were everywhere. It’s just a nasty… Read More

Operation Feeding Freedom

Soldiers line up at the Luxemburg Dining Facility on Kandahar Airfield (KAF) to enjoy food from Outback Steakhouse, September 11, 2011. All photos in this post by me. Nine years ago, an idea was hatched at Outback headquarters… Read More

The Anniversary

I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about the 10th Anniversary of the worst attacks on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Like most Americans old enough to remember that day, I have very specific… Read More

In Afghanistan, a birthday celebration to mourn a loss

Pfc. Eric Mulder, chaplain assistant, 2nd Battalion, 38th Cavalry Regiment, Fort Hood, Texas, joins the rest of Charlie Company soldiers in a moment of prayer during the Aug. 19 birthday celebration and memorial for Cpl. Robert R. Gross… Read More

Deadliest Month In Afghanistan Prompts Calls to Withdraw

I recognize that our involvement in Afghanistan is the longest military engagement of our history. I also recognize that our engagement in Afghanistan was a needed and righteous one. The conflict in Afghanistan is unlike any other this… Read More

Fobbits Kill

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a little about “fobbits.” I won’t rehash the term since I just linked it, but I want to talk about the “fobbit mentality.” There is a distinctive difference between the fobbit… Read More

Night of Power – Night of Destiny

(Photo by SPC Gary Silverman) Ramazan is akin to the month leading up to Christmas in the Christian faith. According to Sura 2:185 of the Quran, “Ramazan is the month during which the Quran was revealed, providing guidance… Read More

KAF-Tastic Killer Bunnies

My mission here in Afghanistan is very busy, with bouts of extreme boredom. There is always something to do here since our job entails tracking and managing personnel and equipment coming through Kandahar. We also manage the R&R… Read More

How To Keep Your Soul

NOTE: This is a religious post. If you don’t believe in God, want to mock God, or get offended because you weren’t hugged enough as a child, do not read any further. The Soldiers from 3rd Platoon, 62nd… Read More

Dog Tags

All Soldiers wear them. On a regular basis they are inspected by commands to ensure that we haven’t sold them for a free (root) beer or something. They contain everything the military needs to know about us. They… Read More

War’s Sad Reality

“Please lower all U.S. flags to half to honor our Fallen Warrior that has just arrived on KAF.” Unfortunately, it’s an email that I get on a daily basis. A few hours later, another email is sent across… Read More