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United Through Reading

The USO has a great program that connects deployed mothers and fathers with their children back home. It also connects Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen with school children or youth groups that participate in the program. It called… Read More

2-38 CAV Creates New FET, Links GIRoA to Afghan Women

Female engagement teams (FET) are the key to winning this war. Without our female troops, it would be near impossible to contact and engage with some of the most influential people in the Afghan home – the women…. Read More

A Fobbit’s Life For Me

Fobbit. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “fobbit” is “a term used to describe soldiers in Iraq [and Afghanistan] that rarely if ever leave the relative safety of the Forward Operating Base (FOB).” Image courtesy of Mark Baker…. Read More

Training, Training, Training

Prior to deploying to Afghanistan, Soldiers are required to become “certified” deployable. This includes everything from communications training to counter-IED training to combat lifesaving training. And it doesn’t stop back there. Army Capt. Devin Ciminero, A Company, 1/182d… Read More

The Hug Lady

One of the first impressions that Soldiers get as they leave for combat from Ft. Hood is a young lady affectionately known as “The Hug Lady.” Since 2003, Ms. Elizabeth (her real name) has been present at virtually… Read More

My Everything

For my wife, whom I love unconditionally and will miss greatly when I’m gone. Lifehouse – Everything Find Me Here Speak To Me I want to feel you I need to hear you You are the light That’s… Read More

What Have I Done?

Combat duty is a natural part of today’s Army. For nearly ten years, our country has been sending its sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, moms and dad to hot spots like Iraq and Afghanistan (and Libya?). I… Read More

Afghanistan Blogging Intentions

Since my deployment date is rapidly approaching, I want to take a brief moment to explain sort of what I hope to use this blog for while I’m in Afghanistan. I want my readers to understand what life… Read More