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Convicted Scammer Now Using Military to Target Women

{Shoutout to the Facebook Group “Get the Scammer/@$$holes Online” for keying me into this guy.} UPDATE 6 Oct 2014: Here are a few current pictures of Link or LJ or whatever he calls himself these days. Link McCormick… Read More

Team Rubicon

Some visitors here may not know about the charity Team Rubicon. They were founded in the midst of the Haiti earthquake by a former milblogger named Jake Woods. The charity uses the skills of military veterans for humanitarian… Read More

Newsweek Open Carry Article

Several cases for arrested open carry advocates are making the news. CJ has court next week to clear up the charges related to his arrest back in March. From what I understand, it will be 2-3 days long,… Read More

This Is How It’s Done

God bless this police officer who understands our first and second amendment rights! A former Marine, no less. I know some folks think cops are all incompetent and abusive, but there are many in this nation who serve… Read More

Court Date

UPDATE: Per CJ, “Date has been moved to October 15-17 at Bell County Justice Center.” From last I heard, CJ has a court date on the 23rd of this month, this upcoming Monday. His son was served a… Read More

Nice Ties and Suicide Prevention

I recently got this email. Now, I don’t normally pimp out strangers, but honestly, it’s hard to find nice, conservative ties and these are lovely. If you are military or former military, drop me an email at ll… Read More

UPDATE on CJ Grisham Pretrial Hearing

For those of you who have been following CJ’s story on The Blaze, Todd Starnes, and other sites, on 31 July, CJ had a pretrial hearing. The following are a few articles and links where you can follow… Read More

Book Review–Terms of Enlistment

I will say this up front, I am offered books to read and review about every 2-3 months (from big publishers like Random House). Sometimes I take up the offer, sometimes I don’t. If it is a digital… Read More

Military Spouse of the Year

The voting is open for the 2013 Military Spouse of the Year. There are many wonderful husbands and wives out there who support their spouses in combat boots and we love them dearly. They sacrifice a lot to… Read More

ASPs 2011 Year In Review

I haven’t done this in about two years, I think. A lot happened this year and I want to offer readers a recap of the most talked about ASP stories of 2011 based on hits and comments. These… Read More

The Phony Source

I found out there was a former Soldier in Afghanistan that was passing information to journalists as tips. The source was supposedly a former Soldier by the name of PFC Mustafa Kazemi. The name itself is pretty familiar,… Read More

Time to Put Up Or Shut Up Yon

Dear Michael Yon, You’re a coward. An utter and complete coward. You use your page to slander and intimidate while blocking me. I even created posts here that you could have easily come and stated your case. The… Read More

Open Letter to Michael Yon

Dear Michael, We’ve been through a lot over the past few years. There was a time when we were on the same side of the fence trying to accomplish the same mission – telling the military story. At… Read More

Michael Yon Makes Me Laugh

He’s like a bad boardwalk caricature watching him self-destruct on Facebook, spewing libel, and

Operation Pinecone

Throughout the years, I’ve supported many great organizations – some large, some small. It’s great that in today’s day and age, there are so many people out there willing to do whatever they can for our troops. Many… Read More