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Daily Nativity – 20 Dec 07

This is our second reader submitted Nativity. It comes to us from Melissa who personally painted every piece. Back when I got married, I had just been laid off and I was poor lol. The Nativity sets that… Read More

Pain of a married man

I am paying for this right now as I post this, but it’s going to be worth it…some day….

The Moron From Virginia

Sorry, that was MORAN. Add Jim Moran (D-VA) to the list of Soldier hating politicians: “Sure, there’s less violence because we’ve ethnically cleansed most of Baghdad.”

Soldiers Are Bad

“(I saw) what happens to regular soldiers, the hate, the racism, the total disrespect for humanity that develops,” [Mexican-born combat medic Agustin Aguayo] said, noting that as a medic he had not killed or hurt anyone. I find… Read More

Daily Nativity – 19 Dec 07

Today’s Nativity comes from the nation of Mali. It’s a simple interpretation of Mary tenderly cradling Baby Jesus and gently gazing into his eyes with a wicker and bamboo backdrop. Click the image for a larger version.

Daily Nativity – 18 Dec 07

Here is today’s daily Nativity leading us within a week of the Christmas (YES, I SAID CHRISTMAS!!). Today’s interpretation comes from Swaziland. As usual, click on the image for a larger version. By the way, make sure you… Read More

Finding Santa

I found this story from a fellow First Sergeant, Troy, who writes about his Afghanistan combat experience on his military blog, Bouhammer. Go grab a tissue and check out THIS story.


[UPDATE] A few of you have contacted Halliburton reference this issue and received the following email:

Daily Nativity – 17 Dec 07

Here is our first reader submitted Nativity. It comes from Janell, who told me loves collecting Nativities as well. The image is a bit small here due to its wideness, so click on the image for a more… Read More

Daily Nativity – 16 Dec 07

Here is today’s Nativity. It comes from Poland and is made from the wood of an olive tree. I love how detailed and intricate this coming from one piece of wood.: Click the image to enlarge.

The Next Phase

Well, I got a response to my email. I’m on my way to winning a LOT of money!! Don’t worry, I’ll remember you little people. Like I normally do, I want to keep you in the loop as… Read More

The Fallen Comrade Table

Last night, my unit had its annual Holiday Ball. I haven’t been to a formal Army ball in a long time and looked forward to the opportunity to don my Dress Blues and admire the heroes that surrounded… Read More

Daily Nativity – 15 Dec 07

Here’s is today’s daily Nativity scene. Today’s nativity is an Italian interpretation:

Daily Nativity – 14 Dec 07

Here is today’s Nativity. Enjoy!! Don’t forget to send me pictures of your favorite Nativities to post here.

A Message To The Terrorists

This video is NOT for the easily offended, terrorists, or liberals. If you fall into any of these categories, do not click continue: