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NCO Balances Soldiering, Coaching

A great story about one of our troops based near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. MSG Morgan is a good guy and a great NCO. This story was sent by SPC Darryl Montgomery. Army Master Sgt. Marvin B. Morgan, the… Read More

Business As Usual…With a Twist

Ahhh, Monday. The beginning of another KAF-tastic week here in the waterless beaches of Afghanistan. At least, they USED to be waterless. That’s right – I woke up today to an odd smell; and it wasn’t the Poo… Read More

Volunteer Lawyers Reach Out To Veterans

With the war on terrorism officially hitting the ten year mark this week, our country is realizing what sustained combat can do to our troops both physically and emotionally. The U.S. Army Golden Knights jump started the 27th… Read More

Statement by the President on Ten Years of American Service in Afghanistan

President Obama last year during a visit to troops serving here in Afghanistan. The President made a surprise trip to Bagram and thanked all of the service members and civilians for their hard work and dedication. Ten years… Read More

The High Price of Piece of Mind

I probably shouldn’t complain at all. During my first deployment in 2003 I was lucky if I got to make a static-filled phone call every 2 weeks! But, I just must complain about the internet here in Afghanistan… Read More

Ma Deuce

Sgt. Scott A. Estep, of Findlay, Ohio, feeds ammunition to his gunner, Spc. Wauneekia A. Arnholter, of Akron, Ohio, both assigned to Echo Company, 237th Brigade Support Battalion, 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, during M2 .50-caliber weapon training… Read More

FETs Bring Hope

As I’ve said before, Female Engagement Teams are a necessary and vital important to reaching out to Afghanis. They provide a vital link to a segment of society marginalized for centuries. This story was written by SPC Darryl… Read More

Canucks Vs. Gringos

Here on KAF, we have what is called “The Boardwalk.” It’s reminiscent of what you’d find on a boardwalk at any coast or riverbank. The difference here is that we don’t have any water – unless you count… Read More

PTSD Is Not A Crutch

I’m going to take advantage of the current surge in attention to address the important topic of PTSD. Most people with PTSD try to avoid admitting that they suffer from it. There are those that try and use… Read More

A Little Perspective Is In Order

UPDATE 17 Apr 2013: Welcome Blaze readers. For more information about the attacks and false claims against me by Michael Yon, please see THIS, THIS, and THIS post. [UPDATE 29 Sep 11: I’ve cut off comments to this… Read More

The Dirt Monster

I took this photo earlier today here in Kandahar. A large dust storm blew in from the north and enveloped the entire post for a couple of hours. Dust, sand, and dirt were everywhere. It’s just a nasty… Read More

Revision Introduces Batlskin

Revision Military, the recognized global leader in ballistic and laser eye protection, launches into the head protection arena with the introduction of its new Batlskin Head Protection System. Having personally witnessed how well Revision eyewear works, I’m anxious… Read More

Operation Feeding Freedom

Soldiers line up at the Luxemburg Dining Facility on Kandahar Airfield (KAF) to enjoy food from Outback Steakhouse, September 11, 2011. All photos in this post by me. Nine years ago, an idea was hatched at Outback headquarters… Read More

September 11, 2011: Remembering The Day That Changed America

Ten years ago today at 8:46 am was a day that changed the lives of so many Americans and their families. I clearly remember that day, as if it were yesterday. It started out as a normal day… Read More

The Anniversary

I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about the 10th Anniversary of the worst attacks on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Like most Americans old enough to remember that day, I have very specific… Read More