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Texas House Leader Joe Straus Dropping Ball on Gun Rights

There are just under 90 legislative days left to enact pro-gun reforms and protections in Texas. Unlike many states, our legislators only meet for a few months every two years. They aren’t paid except for the actual days… Read More

Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2013

Wow. With a name like Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorist Act (H.R. 720) who would be opposed right? I mean, is there an act to deny firearms and explosives to peaceful or philanthropic terrorists and the… Read More

Pennsylvania Bill Would Require Insurance to Carry a Concealed Firearm

Representative Ronald Waters of Pennsylvania is a Democrat serving part Delaware and Philadephia Counties (you know, the ones that voted 100% for Obama in the last election). This month, he submitted House Bill 521 that has been referred… Read More

Are Veterans Being Disarmed?

No doubt, you’ve gotten an email or seen the story about the VA sending a letter to a veteran informing him that his right to own weapons may be affected. In a story on Red Flag News by… Read More

Tips for Choosing a Gun

Unfortunately I didn’t write this. But I thought it was humorous. I can’t find the source of it, so if you know the author, please let me know. After some years now of reading internet bulletin boards, I… Read More

NeoComs Becoming an Epidemic

Gun control proponents and gun rights activists have never clashed the way they are these days. Even when gun control was a major topic of conversation in the 1990s with the passage of the assault weapons ban and… Read More

Oppose Joe Manchin’s Veterans Gun Ban and National Gun Registry

I got the following from Gun Owners of America and thought it prudent to share. Reports out of Capitol Hill reveal that just-reelected turncoat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is about to stick a big knife in the… Read More

Why I Carry A Gun

I did not write this, but don’t know the author either. Found online, it really says what I feel about being armed in all times and places. I added a few things here and there to make it… Read More

Oak Harbor City Councilman Afraid of Vet’s Concealed Handgun

I have to share this. The city of Oak Harbor in Washington State recently held a city council meeting. During that meeting, an Afghanistan veteran, Lucas Yonkman, approached the podium to deliver some thoughts to the council about… Read More

A Tough Solution: Solving the Gun Problem

I’ve taken some criticism for discrediting gun control measures that have been submitted with the goal of preventing crime and saving lives. My goal here is to present some difficult solutions that I think will work. Right up… Read More

Can We Not Be Trusted With Our Own Defense?

Over one hundred and seventy years ago, American patriot Patrick Henry made the following observations about our – the people’s – right to keep and bare arms. “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation… Read More

Guns Across America Rally in Austin

Join Guns Across America – Texas at the Texas State Capitol for a family friendly, pro-second amendment rally to affirm your right to bear arms on Saturday, January 19 from 1200-1400 (noon-2pm).

PTSD and Gun Control

The Obama administration is set to release details of Vice President Biden’s “working group” on gun control tomorrow. He will lay out exactly what he plans to seek in terms of more regulations that he wants Congress to… Read More

A Different Type of Gun Control

Gun control is the news lately, so I want to address it. Not the way you are probably thinking of gun control, though. President Obama and liberal/progressive politicians across the country have been doing wonders for the firearms… Read More

Walmart Bans Store Managers from Restocking Ammunition

BLUF: This hasn’t been confirmed yet. I’ve send a note to corporate asking for a response – as have many others – and have yet to get a response. According to the Daily Sheeple, Walmart Corporate Headquarters has… Read More