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Honoring a Great Leader

In 2003, I crossed the border into Iraq with 3/7 Cav and fought my way north. After the Battle of Samawah, I was moved over to the 4-64 Armor for the feint operation near An Hillah, then pushed… Read More

2 May 2003 (My Struggle With Islam)

(Warning: To a great extent, this post is void of editing. Some things I say were said following a very difficult day of trying to solve everyone’s problems, getting shot at, getting spit at, being denied the opportunity… Read More

Uday’s Lions

The heat ruined a few roles of film, but this one barely survived. These are pictures of the lions at Uday’s palace. You can see the legbone at the base of the lioness’s paw.

17 April 03 (Uday’s Lions)

1748Z, 17 April 2003, Thursday Things changed today. We had a meeting at the company. It’s pretty much official that SASO (Support And Stability Operations) is starting. Mr. Walker’s team was recalled from 3/7 Cav. Him and Mike… Read More

16 April 2003 (Our First Ice Cream)

0508Z, 16 April 2003, Wednesday I haven’t written in awhile. It’s difficult to find the time to write when there really isn’t much going on. Our days are beginning to resemble each other. A couple of days ago,… Read More

Temporary Home

This was our home for a few days. This building was located about 2 building over from the Al Rasheed Hotel and across the street from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was my first home with… Read More

Roadside puppies

I took this picture of some puppies next to a highway. What you don’t see is what they’re eating. I made a point of never taking pictures of dead people out of respect while I was there. I… Read More

House in Baghdad

This is just one of the nicer houses in Baghdad. Not sure why I took this picture, but it may have ended up being a target because there are a lot nicer homes in Baghdad.

Cj in Baghdad

This was my recreation of the famous Saddam video you’ve probably seen where he’s watching his soldiers parade past him and he shoots his shotgun in the air. What you don’t know is that the shot he fired… Read More

13 April 2003 (We Have Pepsi, We Have Pepsi!!)

0609Z, 13 April 2003, Sunday There isn’t a lot going on, I’m just bored and thought I’d get started early with my day. We woke up at about 0400 because we had to meet the manager of the… Read More

A Free Iraqi

Ali, an Iraqi who lives in Baghdad, posted a beautiful poem reflecting on two years since the war started over on his blog. It’s worth a read, as well as some of the other stuff he has to… Read More

12 April 2003 (Finally, A Nice Home)

1504Z, 12 April 2003, Saturday I did not get to kill any dogs last night. I tried to but they kept running away from me. So, I guess they got lucky. We moved to a new home today…. Read More

11 April 2003 (The Dogs of War)

I’m pissed off, so what better thing to do than write in a journal? A few days ago, I wrote about destroying an anti-aircraft gun with a thermite grenade (incendiary). Well, someone got upset about that. I don’t… Read More

Crossed Sabers

Here’s the place where stayed. My HMMWV is sitting exactly under the swords to demonstrate exactly how large those things are. The hands holding the swords were molded directly from Saddam’s hands.

Cj At Crossed Sabers

Here’s me in front of them.