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10 April 2003 (The Unforgettable Smell)

1608Z, 10 April 2003, Thursday What a day! It was a pretty active day, like most seem to be lately. I started off the day with a little bath. Not the kind of bath a normal person would… Read More

9 April 2003 (Finally In Baghdad)

1226, 9 April 2003, Wednesday I haven’t written in a couple of days because nothing has really happened. For the last two days our mission has pretty much been to liaison with the locals. The same guy, Majid,… Read More

7 April 2003 (Thunder Run Pt. II & The TOC is Hit)

1034Z, 7 April 2003, Monday What an unproductive day! At the start of the day I had a plan laid out. Mr. Young ended up going into Baghdad with the Brigade Task Force. I wanted to go really… Read More

6 April 2003 (My Crispy Guy Extraction Kit)

0433Z, 6 April 2003, Sunday It’s been really nice in the evenings lately. The days have been quite unbearably hot. You can’t have too much activity because just walking around drenches you in sweat. That’s all we did… Read More

5 April 2003 (Thunder Run)

1424Z, 5 April 2003, Saturday 1-64 Armor Battalion went into the Baghdad today. They were the first unit into Baghdad as far as they went. Another unit seized Saddam Hussein International Airport some time ago, but that is… Read More

3 April 3003 (Frustration and Irritation)

1703Z, 3 April 2003, Thursday We spent ALL day yesterday driving. We drove to a location south of Baghdad, called Attack Position Garth. We had minimal contact during the trip. I didn’t get shelled or shot at once,… Read More

2 April 2003 (Creeping Up On Baghdad)

1357Z, 2 April 2003, Wednesday We started what was supposed to be the initial phase of our attack into Baghdad. We left at 0730Z and we haven’t gotten to where we’re supposed to be yet. The convoy is… Read More

1 April 2003 (No April Fools About It, Things Are Nasty)

We’re going to San Diego tomorrow and I won’t be around to post my journal entry, so I’m doing tomorrow’s today. Besides, tomorrow is April Fool’s day and I’d be too tempted to make up some remarkable story… Read More

30 March 2003 (Feint Preparations)

0601Z, 30 March 2003, Sunday We are attached right now to 1/64 Armor for a mission to secure yet another bridge. From our current location, which is north of An Najaf and east of Karbala, we will go… Read More

28 March 2003 (Rest and Relaxation At Last)

0623Z, 28 March 2003, Friday Yesterday was our first day that we didn’t get shelled by artillery or mortars nor fired at by direct fire weapons. We slept in our foxhole again the night before last. We had… Read More

1st Camel Ride

Here’s my first camel ride. The guy made off with quite a few cigarettes (like gold at that time) by letting us ride his camel.

All The Comforts Of Home…

This was my home and bed for 3 days/2 nights.

26 March 2003 (The Day I Died)

0804Z, 26 March 2003, Wednesday Sometimes I feel like I should be a reporter writing these things. Maybe I’ll write a book about this experience. I spent the night in some little town holding a bridge yesterday. Immediately… Read More

24 March 2003 (Regroup and Transfer Change)

1403Z, 24 March 2003, Monday Today was a fairly relaxed day considering we’re in combat. The commander’s pretty much spent the day planning a new strategy I think. We stayed here all day except for a brief moment… Read More

23 March 2003 (The Day of My Back Injury)

1530Z, 23 March 2003, Sunday Happy Sabbath!! What a busy day!! I’m beat. We moved a few kilometers from the town of As Samawah. The latest intelligence before we left was that the town was just waiting for… Read More