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Not Another Michael Yon Post?!

It boggles my mind, really. I’m open to anyone that has an answer for why Michael Yon, a disgraced former military blogger living in Thailand currently relegated to inane commentary on news stories, cats, food, and bugs, continues… Read More

The Dishonesty of Michael Yon

Now that I’ve made a decision to seriously take a look at running for state office, Michael Yon’s Google Alert on my name (it’s a stalker’s best friend) has been going haywire. Anytime I am mentioned, he can’t… Read More

Michael Yon Continues to Lose Credibility (If It’s Possible to Lose MORE)

My wife and I had an interesting conversation last night. She mentioned that disgraced former military writer Michael Yon hadn’t mentioned me in quite some time. Usually, friends or acquaintances will let me know when Michael Yon has… Read More

The Hypocrisy of Michael Yon

I’ve remained silent on this blog and in correspondence with the disgraced and dishonorable blogger Michael Yon long enough. It seems Michael is a pro at leveling baseless accusations using fake “sources”, but when it comes to having… Read More

The Accountability of Michael Yon

I’m making this post public because it’s high time Michael Yon ate his words. I’ve tried ignoring him for two years now and he’s like a cancer without a cure. I don’t share this to pump myself up… Read More

Newsweek Open Carry Article

Several cases for arrested open carry advocates are making the news. CJ has court next week to clear up the charges related to his arrest back in March. From what I understand, it will be 2-3 days long,… Read More

Michael Yon Integrity Check

UPDATE 7/28/13–Submitted by LL: For anybody who is coming here because Yon has yet again taken off after CJ, here’s a good roundup about what a total flippin’ stalker nutjob he is. ——————————— UPDATE 5/4/13–Submitted by CJ: Well,… Read More

Oh Michael Yon, When Will You Quit?

Yet again, Michael Yon’s FB “friends” prove stupid and gullible when Yon posts a copy of the certificate that he lifted off this blog, but doesn’t post the actual citation that he claims he has in his hot… Read More

Let’s Talk About Stalking

As many of you may know, CJ was arrested about two weeks ago for “resisting arrest” and had some of his guns confiscated from him without cause or warrant. Because this is an active case, there isn’t a… Read More

Fact Vs Fiction

CJ UPDATE: I thought it a good idea to bump this to the top in light of current and constant idiotic ramblings hitting the internet lately. This was originally posted on October 12, 2012, by LL. LL UPDATE:… Read More

CJ and Me

So I’ve had a few inquiries as to why I’m not super vocal and super public about my support of CJ in this current 2nd Amendment issue that CJ is going through. First off, I was aware of… Read More

Breaking The Silence

I’ve had enough of Michael Yon’s lies, libel, slander, and defamation of character. He sits there in the comfort of his Thai village with his iPad purchased with the donations of people he’s suckered into believing his tripe… Read More

The Truth Comes in Two Versions

There’s the real truth and then the highly selective, edited, folded, spindled, and mutilated version that Michael Yon puts out there. It’s amazing how he just somehow comes up short in the reality department every. dang. time. I… Read More

Soldiers’ Angels Responds to Baseless Accusations

Experts Agree: The MEDEVAC Issue Is a Non-Issue

U.S. Air Force Capt. Michael Madsen, Provincial Reconstruction Team Zabul doctor, dons a holiday hat and prepares to return to a unit morale event after transfering an Afghan National Police member to a medical evacuation helicopter at Forward… Read More