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The Fallacy of Yon (Part I)

Unlike Michael Yon, I have a real job that doesn’t involve traipsing around foreign countries taking blurry photos of water, mountains, etc. I’m training for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan which means my internet access is limited. As… Read More

Michael Yon Needs Money

That’s the only conclusion I can come to. Every now and then, usually when he needs to pay for a plane ticket to/from Thailand since he can’t get himself embedded with military units it seems, Michael Yon will… Read More

Yon Continues to Mislead the Masses has a headline up that reads, “Michael Yon invited by Brits and US to embed again.” The story quotes an email sent to the author of the article: Yon’s email on Thursday said, “And all this nonsense… Read More

Yon’s Personal Attacks

Taking queues from the Huntsville City Schools, Michael Yon is attempting to shut me up through the use of his military contacts. In a recent Facebook posting, Yon announced that he complained to the Command Sergeant Major of… Read More

[UPDATE] Michael Yon for Executive Director of Code Pink!!

[UPDATE] Michael Yon just banned me from his FB page for my investigative journalism and exposing him for the incompetent reporter he is. The polls are open! Michael Yon yesterday published a “letter” from a “Soldier” in Afghanistan…. Read More

Michael Yon Supporter No More

Who can forget the classic Yon image of the Soldier cradling and injured child after an insurgent/terrorist attack (yes, I even linked to his STORE!). His images captured the essence of combat on many levels and shown the… Read More