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Chronicles of Malek

Okay, so I’m back on with Malek it may seem. I tried to restart things on a good note: Dearest Beloved Malek, I apologize for getting emotional before. Last week I lost my wedding ring and replaced it… Read More

Holy Shnikies, I’m Back In The Game!!!

Check this email I received from Malek: Dear David. I am still with you i did not bail out i was looking for money and solutions,so i will like you to look for just $9000 usd for clearance… Read More

He Fell For It!!!

Okay, he’s back on the hook. I can start reeling him in again. Here’s my latest conversation with Malek: m malek wrote: Dear David, You have made me to run mad on you by sending me that kind… Read More

“David’s” Passport

The passport is just a combination of images I found on the internet and pasted them together. I purposely made the passport practically unreadable so that I would unknowingly be breaking any laws. I have no idea who… Read More

Run David………run!!

I’m determined to find a purpose for this picture. I can use the chemotherapy approach to explain the lack of hair, but this picture is just plain funny. In my next email, I’ll send him this, so here’s… Read More

The Scamspiracy Deepens

m malek wrote: DEAR DAVID, GREETINGS AND THANKS FOR YOUR MAIL. This is such a great opportunity and comes at a perfect time since I need some money to pay bills. I recently underwent chemotherapy for fingernail cancer… Read More

Malek & Wife

“him” and his “wife”.

Malek & Daughters (???)

These are the pictures my Nigerian friend from Benin sent me. This first pictures is supposedly of him and his daughters, but he sure looks different in the rest.

Photo Of Malek

This is his “personal picture”.

Nigerian Scams

No doubt, most people reading this have received an unsolicited email from an “international lottery” or “international lawyer” informing you that you’ve won or will get millions of dollars. The emails are generally along the lines of someone… Read More