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Page One News?

Not on your life. USA Today would rather suppress good news as far back as possible. Page 15A to be exact. Instead, USA Today decides to put a story titled “General: Air fleet wearing down” on the front… Read More

US War Propaganda Report: 2 May 2007

Soccer Season compliments: DVIDS Hub haystack’s pic of the week Back, with news of Iraq and Afghanistan, from that trilogy of US Propaganda – Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, and of course the White House itself. Top… Read More

Put It To Rest, Please

I just finished watching the debate between Sean Hannity and Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. The whole thing was frustrating to watch, but the one thing that I heard from Rocky (I won’t call him Mr. Anderson)… Read More

In The News

ASP was mentioned on the Washington Post story “Army Stresses Consequences of Soldiers’ Loose Lips on the Internet“. The link is under the photo. Uh oh.

US War Propaganda Report: 25 April 2007

Stryker Soldiers, Iraqi Army Clear Baquba Neighborhood compliments: DVIDS Hub haystack’s picture pic of the week Back, with 2 weeks of news from Iraq and Afghanistan, from that US Propaganda trilogy – Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State,… Read More

Ultimate Irony

I’m not letting this go. CJ can stop me when he thinks I’ve gone too far. On the front page of today’s USA Today is a centerfold article titled, “Terrorists not countered on Web“. Underneath was the sub… Read More

80% Strength

The Democrats in Congress have done a wonderful job of denouncing a surge that to date has only been at 60% strength. Yup, that’s right. Gen. Patreaus’ surge is only 60% complete and Reid wants to call it… Read More

Iraqi General Saw WMDs

As if it weren’t enough that I’ve spread the fact that WMDs WERE indeed found in Iraq, an Iraqi general told us what we already knew when he recently spoke at the University of Massachusetts. “I want to… Read More

Army Imposes Marshal Law on Bloggers

As proof that I’m not some military lackey passing along the “party line” and that I am, in fact, an independent thinker and American, I’m going to let the Army have it. As with everything I write, these… Read More

Democrats Support The Troops

But only if they commit subversion and disobey lawful orders. Leaders of the state Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly Saturday to support Lt. Ehren Watada, the Fort Lewis officer who refused orders to serve in Iraq. “We support and… Read More

More Evidence of Success

I’ve said it numerous times, but the message gets drowned out by the drumbeat of defeat in this country that come from our politicians, our media, and agenda driven Americans – we’re succeeding all over the place!

Appalling! Disrespectful! In-humane! (America’s Hidden War Dead)

WARNING: I rant a bit and I understand that contractors are not soldiers, but they deserve better than this for serving their country and supporting the troops! Please for give my lateness in bringing this to light, ya’ll… Read More

Speaker Leads Delegation to Syria

Syria, a recognized state sponsor of terrorism, is welcoming a delegation of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi. As if it were her job to dictate foreign policy the Bush Administration (which it’s not), the Speaker says she’s there… Read More

Why Iranians Take Hostages

This is probably the best article I’ve read about the whole reasons behind the current situation with the British hostages. I love the thinly veiled warning to our politicians about our current efforts in Iraq as well, though… Read More

Signs of Success

We hear a lot about how we’re “losing” the war in Iraq. Al Qaeda likes to brag about it; politicians like to brag about it; and anti-war nutjobs like to brag about it (no offense to the anti-war… Read More