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Back To School (A Chris-ism)

Well, school has started again and with it comes the required parent/teacher meetings. We had our orientation and introduction of Chris’s teacher the other day. She went over what she expects (he is in a gifted and talented… Read More

Use of Koran in Court

There is a debate going on right now in North Carolina where a judge has decided that a Koran cannot be used to swear in a witness or suspect in court. I’ve been asked to provide my perspective,… Read More

A Megan-ism (guest Chris-ism contributor)

This was in the comments, but it was too cute to let it go unnoticed. I’ll file it under Chris’s Perspective, though it’s not his. This has nothing to do with the topic at hand but since I… Read More

Nerdiness (pt. II)

I just wanted to share some interesting statistics about this site. Being a soldier, I know a lot about OPSEC. It’s drilled into our heads day after day. I also work in Force Protection, so my job is… Read More

The Brainwashed Perspective [Update]

Okay, you want to get under my skin? Let me tell you a perfect way to do it…accuse me of being brainwashed. Referring to my Letter To Cindy: “This is further proof of the power of military brainwashing…. Read More

The Death Toll

I know things have been light lately, but I want to shift gears for a second and talk about something serious: deaths in Iraq. To the best of my knowledge, we have lost about 1,828 soldiers in Iraq…. Read More

Big Bossman & Armpits (Some Chris-isms)

I’ve been sent a few emails inquiring where all the Chris-isms have gone, so I thought I’d post a few today to make up for lost time. Published under Chris’s Perspective to the right, here ya go: As… Read More

Dehydrated Water

JP at The National Guard Experience (who, by the way, is in the throngs of moving to a permanent more personal site) once wrote the Golden Rules of Care Packages. I once provided a rebuttal to this, which… Read More

Now They’ve Gone Too Far

Who do these people think they are? At least 27 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up near soldiers handing out treats to Iraqi children in Baghdad. How can there be support for this in… Read More


We made it home at about 0630 this morning. We decided to leave immediately following the They Might Be Giants concert, which was awesome by the way. It was the first concert that Emily and I ever went… Read More

Prairie Rattlesnakes (A Chris-ism)

On the way to Utah from Montana, we took the scenic route through Wyoming. We stopped at a rest area that Emily remembers stopping at as child and took some pictures of the kids on the same rock… Read More

Free Coke (A Chris-ism)

We went to Wal-mart today and they were celebrating a Re-Grand Opening. As you walk in the door there is free cake for the customers. As we walked back past the dairy section, they were giving away small… Read More

God Bless My Soldier

Eric Horner has written a tear-inducing song from the perspective of a child who’s father has gone off to war. When you visit this site, take a box of tissues with you, especially if you’re a soldier with… Read More

Old Features On New Site

Back by popular demand, I’m restarting two features that I had on the previous site: Parking Lot Pennies and Chris-isms. You can click on the link to read about what Parking Lot Pennies are. Even though I didn’t… Read More

(UPDATE) Boy Suspended For Talking To Mom In Iraq

[UPDATE] Kevin Francois has been accepted back to school after serving just two days of his ten. “Kevin will not be penalized for his two-day suspension, and his guardian will meet on Tuesday with Kevin’s counselor and teachers… Read More