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Old Features On New Site

Back by popular demand, I’m restarting two features that I had on the previous site: Parking Lot Pennies and Chris-isms. You can click on the link to read about what Parking Lot Pennies are. Even though I didn’t… Read More

(UPDATE) Boy Suspended For Talking To Mom In Iraq

[UPDATE] Kevin Francois has been accepted back to school after serving just two days of his ten. “Kevin will not be penalized for his two-day suspension, and his guardian will meet on Tuesday with Kevin’s counselor and teachers… Read More

Sick, Tired and Painful

Sorry, I haven’t posted much the past couple of days, but I haven’t been feeling too well. Wednesday I started having extremely painful back spasms. It got to the point I couldn’t sit nor stand. I ended up… Read More

New Site In The Works

Yesterday, I purchased the domain name in order to have more control over my blog. It’s mine for at least three years, and I plan to keep it up as long as I’m in the Army. My… Read More

Chris Grisham vs. The State of California

[UPDATE: The California Supreme Court dismissed my case today, 14 August.] Interesting title, I know. It catches people’s attention. Here’s the deal: Back in June, a month after I got here, I got a speeding ticket for ALLEGEDLY… Read More

The New Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

Last year, the Army announced that it would field a new ACU. The ACU will replace the BDU’s that we’ve been wearing since the early 80’s. You can read about the new ACU here. Personally, I don’t really… Read More