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The Giant Killer (A Review)

On November 28, 1945, doctors in Stamford Hospital intensely worked to save new born Richard Flaherty’s life. His mother didn’t know at the time of his birth that her blood type was Rh-negative which may lead to serious… Read More

Skarr Body Armor Review

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to defend gun rights and freedom at a rally in Dallas. For some reason, I’ve received an uptick in violent threats since my arrest in Olmos Park. The statists aren’t happy with… Read More

The Complete Book of US Presidents (A Review & Contest)

Do you know which presidents never attended college? Do you know which president gave the longest state of union address and was also the president for only a month before his death? Do you know which was the… Read More

Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks Into Breakthroughs (A Review)

It’s not often that I review books that aren’t military or history related (If you love history, wait until I review the next book!), but this one peaked my interest. As many of my longtime readers know, I… Read More

Sons of Liberty on Blu-Ray (A Review)

Not long ago, a miniseries aired on the History Channel that depicted the American Revolution through the eyes of the Founders. I made sure to DVR it so that I could watch it over and over if it… Read More

Please Stop Helping US (A Review)

Earlier this summer, in my capacity as President of Open Carry Texas, I traveled down to Houston to meet with “community leaders” of the 5th Ward, an historically black neighborhood. The purpose of the meeting was to directly… Read More

Brothers Forever (A Review)

I received a copy of Brothers Forever a few weeks ago from the publisher. I was already in the middle of reading a couple other books so I had to wait on this one. However, I wanted to… Read More

Trident Smartphone and iPad Cases

About a month ago, Trident Case sent me a couple of their Made In The USA products to try out. And try them out I did. I received the Military Edition Cyclops Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (sadly,… Read More

Afghanistan On the Bounce (A Review)

With over 12 years of combat under our belts as a nation, it stands to reason that the imagery of the conflict in Afghanistan is varied, complex, and vivid. Many books have been written on the “war that… Read More


Revision Military and SOG Knives & Tools – two brands with deep tactical roots – combine forces to offer a specially priced two-product package just in time for the 2013 holidays. Available at both and for… Read More

Book Review: American Gun by Chris Kyle with William Doyle

I am going to preface this review with a bit of personal information so you can understand the impact of the book upon me. I am not a big person on history, battles, things of that nature. It’s… Read More

UPDATE: Win a Copy of LINCOLN on Blu-Ray

UPDATE: I would like to congratulate Howard Love for winning the Lincoln Blu-Ray combo pack contest. To pick a winner I assigned each comment a number in the order which they were left below. I then went to… Read More

Book Review–Terms of Enlistment

I will say this up front, I am offered books to read and review about every 2-3 months (from big publishers like Random House). Sometimes I take up the offer, sometimes I don’t. If it is a digital… Read More

Old Faithful Holsters (A Review)

A couple of months ago, I came across a small company called Old Faithful Holsters. Their Facebook page touts them as “the World’s Stealthiest and Most Comfortable Holsters” so I wanted to put them to the test. After… Read More

Dog Company: The Boys of Point du Hoc (A Review)

“Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our home fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at… Read More