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A Second Knock At The Door

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of being able to view a new documentary called A SECOND KNOCK AT THE DOOR. It covers an issues that is taboo within military families and is underreported by… Read More

ArmourLite Police Blue Edition Watch

ArmourLite, the watch company known for shatterproof timepieces, has designed a special edition Police Blue ArmourLite Tritium watch. Not only does the Police Blue watch proudly display the “blue line” but offers LEO’s the rugged dependability they require… Read More

Get It On – A Review

For those of us who survive a tragic event where others did not, we will spend the rest of our lives followed by a strange sense of guilt. We all asked the question, “Why me? Why God, did… Read More

UPDATE: Heizer Defense Unveils the Doubletap

UPDATE: I just got the following message from DoubleTap. Looks like we won’t be seeing it any time soon: To our valued customers: As the inventor of the DoubleTap™ pistol and owner of the design and utility patents,… Read More

Revision Introduces Batlskin

Revision Military, the recognized global leader in ballistic and laser eye protection, launches into the head protection arena with the introduction of its new Batlskin Head Protection System. Having personally witnessed how well Revision eyewear works, I’m anxious… Read More

Axe Buzzed Look Cream (A Product Review)

I’m a converted Axe product user. I love the stuff! I use the body wash, the shampoo, and the deodorant. Last year, I did a review for USA Spirit of America in which I temporarily halted my fanatical… Read More

Happy New Year-A Movie Review

First, a disclaimer. I’m pretty informal in my writing style, so this won’t be a professional type review, but it will be an honest and heartfelt one. Last Friday, during the Milblog Conference in Washington, DC, I had… Read More

MasterPiece Arms Protector Pistol (A Review)

This is my first gun review. I’m not going to do this review like you read in the gun magazines or most websites. Sure, I’ll give all the technical specs at the end, but in my gun reviews,… Read More

Book Reviews

So I’ve been meaning to write about the awesome opportunity that Laughing Wolf has given me. The readers on my personal website know what a huge dork I am about books. And how much I love the military… Read More

Clintonisms and A Soldier’s Peace (A Book Review)

I’ve got two reviews for you today – one of a book and one of an upcoming anti-war documentary. They couldn’t be further apart in political slants. The liberal media is America has crammed “Bushism” books down our… Read More