CG of 3rd Infantry Division Targeted in Nigerian Scams


general cuculo 

As a combat hardened Dog Faced Soldier, I found this story incredible from Savannah Morning News:

Ginger Cucolo knew something was fishy when her husband’s online Skype account still wasn’t set up for video calls.

Then he started ending all his sentences in “Love.”

That didn’t sound like her Tony.

“It was when Tony first deployed,” said Ginger Cucolo, wife of Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo, the 3rd Infantry Division’s commanding general. “We were Skyping, but the visual still wasn’t on so it was basically like texting back and fourth. After the third day of the visual not working, I realized either something is wrong, or you’re not my husband.”

When her husband called a day later – allowing them a conversation longer than the brief moments they had shared online – he confirmed her suspicions. He had been so busy getting his troops situated in Iraq that he still hadn’t set up his Skype account.

This is crazy that even the spouse of one of the military victims is targeted and yet we seemingly can’t do anything about it. I love how Christopher Gray, from Army CID, is getting all the attention on this since they’ve worked so hard “exposing” this (at least since the CNN piece). But, I’m not bitter. I’m just glad the word is getting out there. I don’t care who the messenger is as long as the message is shared.

What can we do? For one, I beg everyone out there in the military that is reading this to make your Facebook, MySpace and other sites where you share photos private! I have been “trolling” the internet looking at military profiles and was surprised at how many troops are posting deployment and personal photos out there for just anyone to look at. This is how they steal these photos. PLEASE protect yourselves!

Now, all together, let’s sing the Dog Faced Soldier Song!!


I Wouldn’t Give A Bean
To Be A Fancy Pants Marine
I’d Rather Be A
Dog Face Soldier Like I Am 

I Wouldn’t Trade My Old-O D’s
For All The Navy’s Dungarees
For I’m The Walking Pride
Of Uncle Sam

On Army Posters That I Read
It Says “Be All That You Can”
So They’re Tearing Me Down
To Build Me Over Again

I’m Just A Dog Face Soldier
With A Rifle On My Shoulder
And I Eat Raw Meat
For Breakfast E’V’RY Day

So Feed Me Ammunition
Keep Me In Third Division
Your Dog Face Soldier’s A-Okay


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    • Has anyone heard about General Bruce Abrams in Kabul. He is asking to bring him home and to get a treasure box from some wherr.

  1. I got fab request from a Richard foster, says he retires in two months, wife died, has daughter, from California. We chatted couple times and now nothing. Was this a scammer?

  2. Thank you for these all information lol.
    Someone had caught by me.
    He said he is 3rd infantry either, his name is Gen Mark Rolland. Haha thank you fellas ūüėÄ

  3. I have been scammed by a man claiming to be MG Steven W went on for 2 months then he asked me for over $60,000. He was on a secret peace mission in Syria..all of a sudden his son got sick..he was in England.. The pentagon would not let him go..he was getting his nephew and another officer out of Syria to Turkey and the money was for a flight for them to England…he worked with a CIA agent named Joan Murphy…the money was to go to her account in Annapolis…such a rediculous story … General Smith is real according to the Internet… Someone needs to stop these people who are using his identity…his Skype name is Steve.smith9521…his pictures match those of the real General Smith..he says his wife died five years ago..there is no record of the death of General Smith’s wife ‘s death…general Smith is retired…what would he be doing in Syria..thought we did not have troops there…so silly…please stop these people..the real General Smith seems like a very decent man with a nice wife and family…he has had a long career serving our one deserves this….

  4. I have received 2 friend requests in as many days on Facebook from people claiming to be serving in the 3rd Infantry Division in Afghanistan.

    Herry H Cuocolo
    Thomas Nelson

    Because I’m naturally skeptical I asked a few blunt questions & got basically no response except a very generic message stating that they are interested in starting a “friendship”
    I have shared no personal information but could certainly see how women could easily fall into these traps.

  5. Has anyone had any contact with a soldier by the name of William Hall? says he is divorced and coming home soon. He messages me on kik. His id on kik recently changed to SetForLiiiiife Thank U USA… I would like to know if he is who he is supposed to be. We’ve talked a little over a month now and he is a perfect gentleman. He has never asked me for anything, but it is kind of incredible that such a handsome guy is available and interested in me.

  6. Has anyone heard of a Jamie Burns stationed in Afghanistan supposedly from Brooklyn, NY?

    • My story same like Barbaras, but persons name is Clonel James Sterling, and email address is , he scam rrom me about ¬£5000 pound. For his phone call, for his leaving, for his ticket so on so, and keep asking it was during the 2 y from beggining 2012 till begining of march, when I told him I cant any more send money he is disapeared

  7. Hi I have been chatting to a guy now for a month now he says that he is in the US army. He says that he is in afghan. His name is Erwin Saltwater i have googled his name and come up with only one erwin satlwater who happens to be on facebook and a few scammer sites and the photos they have is of a African/American US Soldier. The photos I have is of a white American Soldier. So any info on this guy would help.

  8. I met this guy named general johnson raymond, US military pilot assigned in Syria, for about a month now.
    He keeps saying that for the past few weeks we’ve known each other he falls forrme deeply….
    He said he’s a widower with a 13 year old son named richard.. Son staying in Nigeria under US government scholarship.
    Wife died in a car accident and now is asking me to send 400 USD to a certain barrister named Micheal
    Augustine in Nigeria, federal high court of justice. The money will be use for a transfer of ownership Certificate which entitles him a certain pin code transfer which can be used for his resignation snd entitles me get hold of hid compensation I had my doubts though and I keep searching all the info I have received from him until I came across your page. Still chatting with him via skype and yahoo messenger but I’m not sending the money no matter
    what….well I don’t have the money anyway. He makes all pitiful excuses such as if I don’t help him he wuld die somehow in one of attacks and won’t be able to see his son. He keeps telling me that he wants to leave the camp soonfor us to get married and live a happy family life.
    None of these are true, right? He is good at his words though..I want to stop. Please advise. Thanks

    • He sent the same email to me also. Also asked for money to pay for his son’s surgery. Also asked to help secure packages. I figured it was a hoax when his body description of weight did not match what he looked like. He said he weighed 130 libs did not look like this in picture.

  9. Here is another one ladies: He is either Morris Wright on FB or Wright Morris only 1 pic on FB and targets only women. Says he is a Colonel in Kubal Afghan working peace keeping at the Embassy and that after the last blast they weren’t allowed to be on FB because of tapping by our enemies…. Then why has he been on FB for the past 2 days if not allowed to. LOL His email is From him below and there were many others like this:

    I have never had to describe myself before or even thought of doing it. It is not easy is it? I am sincere, honest, loving, trustworthy, a good listener, very opened minded and very Spiritual, not religious. I have a very deep faith in God and look at things a different way than other people. To me all things have a spiritual aspect and energy. A simple thing like holding hands with the right woman can send the most wild and crazy tingles completely through my body and set my heart at ease.Just because i have a certain belief does not mean you need to.
    I am looking for some one special to enjoy and live life to the fullest with all God has given us to enjoy.Life is short, live and experience all it`s joys. I’m high-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant. I love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time. I have a strong restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything I’ve yet experienced, and I often live in my dreams and visions for the future. Idealistic and optimistic, I always expect something better ahead. I love to have a goal, something to aim for, but once I achieve it I am on to something else. I am ever on the lookout for new opportunities and I am willing to take risks and to break new ground. The possibility of discovering something new is what makes life interesting for me. I have great faith in life and bounce back quickly from disappointment and failure. At heart I am very gentle, impressionable, and receptive -a dreamer. The world of my imagination, feelings, and intuition is as real to me as anything in the outer world, though I may have trouble verbalizing or interpreting my inner experiences in a way others can understand. Mystical, artistic, musical, emotional and imaginative, I have a rich inner life, though I may seem rather unobtrusive and quiet.I have know it right from time God has something good for me.I think i am seeing it more now meeting someone like you in my life.I never believe i am feeling this way that i couldn’t sleep through out the night.I guess i will have to stop here for now your turn to write.

    • This man is still scamming women! weedoflife52…yahoo even on the pigbuster site

  10. Please does anybody know a Wayne Berry serving in Kabul Afghan, previously served in Irak.
    I think I am being scammed, PLEASE HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
    Many Thanks,

  11. Does anybody know SS Wayne Berry,,,, serving in Kabul, Afghan……. Previously served in Irak?
    I think I am being scammed, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Many thanks.

    • He,also used William berry on hangouts says he’s on a peace mission in afganstaian and his wife divorced,him and he needs money to move his kid there. I told him nope,cause if he s real military they get you there and back. I blocked him along with many more who say in military and start asking for iTunes or money.please do not fall for this.

  12. HI, I have just rejoined on Badoo dating site.I cant believe how bad it has got on there in the last 6mths! Within minutes of joining I was contacted by an American S M in Kabul, or so he says. To start with his writing did not read English, but then sometimes it did!.Within a day he was asking me to say he could apply to his leave agent to process papers to come stay with me on leave to see how we got on.He did say it wouldnt cost me anything and that he would transfer monies to his agent , but I would get some papers through. His dad was Italian,mother English(Manchester) but he was born and lived in Bronx NY.His wife died 3yrs ago and was from Manchester England.Two kids boy William and girl Florence 12yrs&14yrs living with a live-in nanny in wife’s house in Manchester. He was over in Kabul helping with some mapping and was team leader. He could leave whenever he wanted as he was helping them out,not deployed there. When I said it was too soon to start the process of applying for leave just yet. He said he had to go as was a busy man. His pic’s show a very handsome/sexy soldier , sergent Major John Porras. D.O.B. 03/25/ 65. his e-mail is He has a Face Book site that he says has been hacked so dosent use it anymore.Last message on there was last Sept.I would like to think he was genuine, but after reading on here,I very much doubt it. I have also been talking to a man who is also American (but not in the army) called Donald Smith, he also dosent sound English/American, says Dad American but grew up in mother’s native Spain. , He keeps sending what seems like snippets from a very well written book on relationships. He got all snappy when I said to say in his own words and not copy them, saying where was I from as he wrote very well . He also said he was working in Miami and that they had snow, but on a weather site it said 69 and sunny. They have both been quick to ask to chat on other sites< John on Yahoo messenger and Donald on windows live messenger. Is this to stop them being caught out so easily? both said it was quicker to chat on there. I hope this helps to catch whoever they are, all our boy's are doing a difficult enough job over there without these scum giving them a bad name.

  13. Dear Sir;
    Myuser name: maywarina and I posted in this site
    pls read my post ASAP.
    And there is a user name:Ashley[obviously is my scammer] he posted my contact details after my posts. Is it possible to delete his posts, pls?

    I also want to send you the pictures and details of the General person [ Gen. Arnold D. Carl] who he fake to be, can I send them to you?
    This scammer is still around,I reported his email[ gmail] now he is using yahoo mail.

  14. I got scam with a nigerian bastard who name Jones en duks live in London and so call Azizi Zubair who had a dipolmat agant my foot all them are scam and will have to pay for there deeds in this world . I live and will die with a puur heart but these bastard will never live in peace so help me god amen .


  15. i met this guy, says his in nigeria, department of the 3rd division, send me a pic of him, but later on i ask him for a pic in his uniforn, so he send me two, and it dont look alike at all. he wants me to apply for the inconvenience pay, but i have to pay for the form, 285$ he act as seargant nugent john. would like to know the truth


    south africa

    • @ Annamarie……..says his in nigeria HE is in Nigeria because he iis a Nigerian that is where he lives and the 285 hes asked you for is more proof he is a SCAMMER thats the truth what more proof do you need as CJ has said many times if they ask for money for ANY reason scammer plain and simple also there is NO Us Military base in Nigeria tell this beggar if he wants 285 bucks to get a job Anonn

  16. I am currently emailing/messaging with a soldier who calls himself Sgt. Collin Handy.His nickname and profile on that site is Brown555 I met him on Large and Lovely, a dating site that screens all their profiles and does not hesitate to delete an account if there is ANY reason to believe the person is a scammer. We met on April 6, 2012 Collin says this isn’t his first tour and that he was in Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, and now in Iraq but as of yesterday was informed he was being deployed to Nigera to fight the Bokahrahs(May have that spelled wrong). His profile is pretty simple, but he made a comment about forest gump that made me think he was legit. His spelling is atrocious and he speaks of himself in the 3rd person sometimes. I ask him to explain himself alot because I cannot understand what he is iming me. We get disconnected a lot, which he says is a bad connection. He has a 7 yr old daughter who lives with her grandmum in London. He has sent me 7 pictures, 3 in uniform, 2 of him and his daughter Keeran and the rest of him in various dress from here in the states. He says his wife passed away while giving birth to his daughter and it hurts him to talk about it. He won’t go any further and I don’t press the issue. He has a laptop that was given to him by Keeran’s mum, but he won’t ever mention her name, then i have not asked either. Perhaps I should. He says he has been in the army for 9 yrs. His leave commences, hopefully, on Oct. 15, 2012 and he is to retire sometime next year. I have saved all our messages, and his answers to questions I have thrown at him( I am a Navy Veteran myself) he answers with things only a military personal would know. (1) why don’t you have a cell phone? He says they are not allowed in the field due to safety reasons, but if he was married his wife could request that he have one to be kept with the commandant. (2)do you have an APO/FPO address I can send a care package too? I do, but I have to go through protocol to get you approved and my captain is over in Nigeria right now.
    :37:38 AM oh and did u chek with your capt about my sending you mail
    2:39:23 AM collinsmoore84: he is on a trip to west africa they we were told those group from Al-queda bomb a church in nigeria
    2:39:38 AM collinsmoore84: and 3 soul were kill
    2:39:49 AM collinsmoore84: and 13 injured
    2:40:05 AM collinsmoore84: i will have to wait tll his back
    2:40:25 AM oh well that sucks, i am sorry baby
    2:40:36 AM collinsmoore84: they call themself Bokhara group
    2:41:53 AM collinsmoore84: bokharam affiliated of Al-queda

    I was stationed on an army base for awhile so when he refers to himself in 3rd person, i asked him why and he replied,
    12:44:30 AM collinsmoore84: That what Sgt Collins is doin out here
    12:44:58 AM collinsmoore84: to make the world a place to be
    12:45:09 AM yes he is.
    12:45:28 AM : you always talk about yourself in the 3rd person? lol
    12:46:07 AM collinsmoore84: We are trained as that

    I have purposely asked about his son, and he immediately corrected me that it was his daughter, altho the first time we talked he said he sent me a picture of him and his kid. I mispelled her name and he caught me on that too… When we have to stop talking he says he has to go, he’s due out on the field and has to get offline to prepare. What bothers me the most is that he proclaims that since the first time he saw me, he just knew he had to know me and that God has brought us together. He often tells me God bless and when I refer back to him thank you for fighting for my freedom he says that is what he is there to do. And he never refers to the United States or America.
    On april 11th we were talking about freedom, the internet and my care package. He was saying he was looking forward to it. By this time there has been a lot of his proclaiming that I am the one for him and that he loves me and that I am standing by him and he need this. Again, other than his spelling he seems really legit…but this is one of his comments on the discussion..
    4:51:03 PM collinsmoore84: we were told that 17 among us will jointh commandant in nigeria by tuesday
    sobrnkrazy: only person that takes care of me is ME

    IM Apr 11, 2012 5:05:18 PM

    4:52:38 PM collinsmoore84: hunny if i was among the choosin i will keep you in touch
    4:52:58 PM collinsmoore84: no babie you have me now
    4:53:27 PM collinsmoore84: and we both have God
    4:53:44 PM no i dont collin, face reality, you are out of the states…you are fighting for my right to work and I am fighting to find that work, no matter what
    4:54:37 PM you are not here with me or me with you wherever that would be and we are not working together to make it in this world rite now. Its you in Iraq and me in Tx….big difference
    4:54:42 PM collinsmoore84: that what we were train for
    4:55:33 PM collinsmoore84: to make the place for every human bein to live
    4:55:39 PM collinsmoore84: you see
    He mentions being in a hotel to rest before he has to head back out into the field in 7 hours or so. I asked him was that a special thing since I thought yall were in tents. He said they havnt slept in tents in a long time.
    Now this is where I am starting to wondering…like I said he’s very sweet, but he has gotten a little riled in the begging when iming me because he couldn’t get a hold of me immediately. Once he even threatened to harm himself if I didnt answer. He didn’t use the buzzer or ding on the messenger. When i got mad at him for acting like that he says it was because he had a bad day and really needed me.
    This is my first red flag….

    9:45:56 PM collinsmoore84: hunnie let give glory to God for makin this to be
    9:46:28 PM collinsmoore84: i tolh Keera about you
    9:46:48 PM collinsmoore84: she said she cant wait to meet you
    He mispelled his daughter’s name. Now, I know some men just cant type well or spell well, but that to me was wierd. and tthis is our conversation on that topic..
    9:47:02 PM : uh wow, what did you tell her?
    9:47:16 PM that you met a crazy white lady from texas….lol
    9:47:41 PM collinsmoore84: That i met a lady on internet
    9:48:16 PM collinsmoore84: and i love this person so much
    9:48:40 PM collinsmoore84: did u know the first thing she said?
    9:48:47 PM no what did she say?
    9:49:21 PM collinsmoore84: she said did you trust this person
    9:49:45 PM collinsmoore84: and i said i trust her with all my heart

    I have told him several times that I think he is sweet and that we could have something after we have gotten to know one another. he says he can’t help how he feels. We keep it in reality check by my standards…and he seems ok with it. He has all the smarts of a genuine American soldier and man. Music, foods, etc. and I do care for him a lot. He has NEVER asked me for money, says he can’t wait till he can get my care package with homemade cookies, even says he will take care of me when he gets home. Then he says something like this and the red flags go up again as per our conversation on 4/12/12
    10:06:05 PM when u get out in sept…are u going back to new york or where?
    10:06:25 PM: guess i should ask where are u planning making ur home after you get out
    10:08:14 PM collinsmoore84: yeah hunny that depends on you actually i was plannin to locate in England
    10:08:28 PM collinsmoore84: or colorado
    10:08:44 PM collinsmoore84: i have two buildin in state
    10:09:45 PM : u have two buildings? as in you have a place in colorado and a place in england?
    10:09:48 PM collinsmoore84: i have one in colorado with my cars park in my sturff were there
    10:11:21 PM collinsmoore84: then the other in england
    He asks me what kind of car do I like? 2xs at that. we talk about it and he says

    10:19:43 PM collinsmoore84: i have two dodge ram one lexus
    10:20:07 PM collinsmoore84: parked there in my house there in colorado

    10:41:05 PM collinsmoore84: tryin to let u know that am here for u and not game like

    10:54:30 PM so u gonna mail me your apo addy
    10:55:32 PM collinsmoore84: hunny i told i have to wait for my commandant
    10:55:44 PM collinsmoore84: to be back frm nigeria
    Who refers to their homes as buildings???
    And then on Friday 4/13/12 this is what he told me immediately:

    10:09:56 AM collinsmoore84: hunnie it seem it as been comfirm that we will be deploy on saturday by 15;15gmt
    10:10:26 AM : your being deployed to where hun?
    10:10:41 AM : are you coming home?
    10:11:00 AM collinsmoore84: to nigeria to tackle theBoharam group

    IM Apr 13, 2012 10:18:56 AM
    10:11:51 AM : we wont be able to talk either…
    10:11:52 AM collinsmoore84: hunnie it were call
    10:12:09 AM collinsmoore84: i cant say for now
    10:12:12 AM : i understand, its your duty
    10:12:23 AM collinsmoore84: i have to tell KEERA
    10:12:29 AM collinsmoore84: THATS TOO
    He mispells his daughters Name again…now it could be a nickname, but then I am wondering.

    10:12:33 AM : and you are a soldier, cant say that im happy about it
    10:12:51 AM collinsmoore84: SHE WONT BE HAPPY TO HEAR THAT AS WELL
    10:12:57 AM : no she wont
    10:13:05 AM : how will i know when and if your ok?
    10:13:25 AM : can u at least tell me your squadron # or unit
    10:13:26 AM collinsmoore84: I HAVE TO LET HER KNOWS MY MOVEMENT
    10:14:04 AM collinsmoore84: AM AT THE INFANTRY
    10:14:21 AM : ok but you still have a infantry unit number

    10:14:31 AM : how are you on this? are you ok?
    10:14:59 AM collinsmoore84: HUNNIE AM NOT
    10:15:13 AM collinsmoore84: BABIE ITS MY CALL MY DUTIES
    10:15:35 AM i understand hun.
    10:16:02 AM : just watch your back 24/7, do what u do best and be
    strong no matter what
    10:16:20 AM and never ever stop believeing that God isnt with you,
    cuz he is

    10:19:27 AM collinsmoore84: HUNNIE I NEED TO FIXED UP SOMETHING
    10:19:31 AM collinsmoore84: UP NOW
    10:19:53 AM collinsmoore84: I WILL KEEP IN TOUCH HUNNIE
    10:20:49 AM collinsmoore84: LOVE YOU DEBBY

    I have not heard a word sense. I have to say that I care for him and I am shedding tears. But a friend of mind told me she got scammed by someone claiming to be a soldier in Iraq and he bugs her to send money, usually asking for $900. We started comparing notes and the dialogue is pretty much the same BUT what went another step further because I really hate to think that the man I care for who is fighting for my freedom is just full of crap and portraying a real person at that. I have spent all nite researching this man. I found a site called which has very good advice and things to use to find out if one is being scammed .
    Other than his spelling, his demeanor of talk, the dead wife thing, the child in england, and his proclaiming he loves me…everything else he has said or shows in his pictures check out.
    His ISP address is located in in Kansas City ( he said Colorado), his yahoo email address is legit. I did a reverse ISP and it said that it originates out of New York for his Trace Route, Which he told me he set up service in New York about the same time he joined the dating site.
    He has no other accounts with any of the major profile sites such as fb or dating sites. His avatar on his msg matches the one on his profile.
    I went further and blew up his pictures of him in his military uniforms. I came to this site and a few other legit Army sites and checked out everything on that uniform. His rank emblem on his hat is legit, his patches, his infantry pin on front, his name Handy, all of it is correct. He is a Sgt.
    I photo searched his pictures he sent of himself here in the states. two showed up with unknown for the state but it is in the US and you can tell he is in the country somewhere. One he is standing in front of a black dodge truck. And two he is in front of a house with trees in the background.
    I have researched NIgeria and sending US troops over to help over there, etc. Only thing I have found is numerous reports dating from Feb 2012. And or articles of the bombings of the police stations and schools.
    I know that as a military soldier he cannot disclose certain things to me. such as not giving me his infantry/squadron name or number. And then some things he mentioned were not in the articles either.. So is this man legit? I tried to look up his military record, but we know how that goes…and I am still trying to locate what infantry he is in…I have a picture of his patch on his right sleeve. If you need the entire conversation, profile site information and the pictures to post and help someone else on this site if this man isnt who he says he is, i will graciously give them to you. Please help me to find out the truth…I do care about him. And I do care what happens to our troops. God Bless…

    • @ Debbie he IS A SCAMMER he is Lying about being in Nigeria well let me correct myself hes is NOT lying about being in Nigeria its his home he is an ugly begginG Nigeria yes an African and Nigeria is his HOME in the first place it was all over the Net and I even wrote about it here supposed to be later this year but ONLY special Ops if these beggars knew how to read instead of beg they would be better off this is a scammer and a scam you have been warned whether he has asked for money or not he is a fraud and trust me he has a cellphone and until you send him money so you can talk to him you will not know the number period need more confirmation go to and you say you are a Navy Vet then Im surprised you couldnt tell this clown is undereducated grammer sucks and he does not even type like an American.DO NOT think that just because he has not asked for money that he is REAL demand he get on cam and shows himself or tell hiim to give you his Mobile number trust me he has a phoneand give him time he will beg for your help REAL Special OPS will Not disclose that information to ANYONE Anonn

  17. this is true or false

    On behalf of the Department of Defense, United States of America Army,we welcome you to the official desk of the Special Unit Force
    (SUF)agents serving in Afghanistan.
    The mission of the Special Unit Force (SUF) is to provide the military forces needed to deter War, engage in political, economical,
    religious, crime investigation, intelligence agency, logistics &threat reduction as well as to protect the security of our country.
    The Special Unit Force (SUF) is to support the overall mission of the United States of America by providing official, timely & accurate
    information about defense policies, organizations, functions & operations.

    Dear ———
    We received your completed forms signing copies and we delighted with your prompt response.
    However in order to continue for the Transit processing of your spouse, in person of Sgt Patricia Downing of the Logistics group Unit
    at the Camp Freedom,Helmand Afghanistan, you are required to apply for a Liberty Pass Card.(LPC) which enables her pass at exit and entry
    to the camp. The LPC serves as security pass for officers on a course. To apply and process the LPC, you are required to pay the amount of
    $2380 to our Account Liberty Reserve number U9148881.Immediately payment is confirmed by the account, Sgt Patricia Downing Liberty Pass Card
    would be provided and send to her Camp to help her proceed to the Transit section for her departure on a R&R leave.
    We hope to hear from you soon

    Best Regards

    William Booker

    • CARLOS –

      All of that is a fabrication created by African scammers with a poor understanding of the English language. Clearly, they know nothing about the military either. As has been mentioned repeatedly on CJ’s blog, Soldiers do not need to pay to go on leave. Only the Soldier can request leave. There is no such thing as a Liberty Pass Card. This is an old scam designed by these African idiots to get unsuspecting women to fork over their money. It’s good that you asked, Carlos. Hopefully, our little exchange here will keep someone from being victimized.

  18. Anybody heard of a Sgt. Derek Handle who was on OKCupid supposedly in Kabul? WHen I checked out his
    ISP originating address, 2 were from Ghana, one from an ISP in Sweden that hides originating locations. Started seeming fishy so I stopped communicatiang. But I would like to find the real soldier and let him know his identity is being stolen. Supposedly he is originally stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen. Barbara

    • Hi Barbara Hunt,
      YES, last night into the very early morning, on OKCUPID I WAS talking to a Derek Handle. He was new on there and was just setting up his Profile…but now, that and HE is totally gone off the site. He was so nice and seemed very sweet. He listed Age 57, from NY but his Dad was from Germany, is why he said he had a slight accent. He said he was stationed in Fort Hood in Killeen, TX. He DID send me 3 pictures, and one of the Soldiers had Handle on the Uniform Pocket. He was facing the camera almost front center and was talking to another Officer. I did notice that he did not look exactly like the Picture of the Man setting on a bench, in plain clothes, but similar. He said he was 6′ 1″. While we were on the site, he did fill out his Profile, but today, Everything on the Cupid Site is GONE, except for one picture of him on the front page, but that should go away pretty quick. But, this man was very sweet, did not act like anyone different. BUT, at the end of my Email, I DID tell him to be careful on the Site, because I had been contacted a Month ago by a Scammer, who was about to ask me for money, but I had already figured him out. THEN, HE WAS GONE, JUST THAT FAST. But, did come back and say he had just lost contact and would try back later.

      Early this morning, I got an Email from him asking for my Text Number…but I don’t have or do Texting. But, I have not and won’t answer him back. So, I do guess that this DEREK HANDLE is actually a SCAMMER trying to latch onto another victim. It is surprising, just how many Women DO SEND THEM MONEY, and do not even figure out they are SCAMMERS, THEY JUST SEND IT TO THEM !! Some women are just not very smart.

      Anyway, good luck to you. That’s all my story…he was gone very fast, so I won’t hear back from him.

  19. Does anyone else know of a LT MIKE RYAN supposedly deployed in kabul right now running scams.? He has chatted with me for 2 days already proposed marriage and asked me to send a large amout of money to him so that he can have surgery done on his son Brown Travis Ryan who is supposedly in Nigeria with his grandmother

  20. I was contacted about 6 weeks ago.. asked if he could know me.. said yes.. cus he was a friend of a mutual friend.. After a week he was professing his undying love for me.. and should have switched him off then really… but ego gets in the way.. was flattered.. sent me pics of him and more of his son… you can tell the man in the pic and the boy are father and son…anyway another week goes by and then a TS2 communicator is mentioned and him wanting to get out of the army.. then i lost it big time with him told him he was a scammer and did he think i was stupid.. deleted him,.. four days later he comes on through his friends fb account swears he will never ask me for money again.. tells me a sad tale about money worries at home and i play along, cus i decided i wanted to get as much information as possible from him..pass it on to the authorities.. he now tells me his friend has given him his acc on fb and has changed the name.. and added we are in a relationship.. i have passed on to IC3 and also the army.. he even gave me the address of a western union in … yes.. you guessed it.. Nigeria.. and name of the guy who will pick up money he thinks im sending in 2 weeks time… im hoping IC3 or the army manage to get this man.. cus after the next 2 weeks im cutting out of it.. ive posted his bio up although i am aware that these men use different names to different picures and bios.. also posted his fb page up.. in the hope the soldier who’s identity he has stolen and is using to god knows how many women out there.. either sees it or one of his friends or family see it.. and warn him that not only is his pictures being used, but his sons too.. Im just glad i havent been stung.. like many men and women have from what i have read on different sites..


    Name: King Heiny Jose
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 01-05-1965
    Rank/Branch: 03/ US Army
    Marital Status: Divorced (1kid)
    Height: 6.0(1.94m)

    King was born in Henning, Minnesota. To Mr & Mrs Hollander Den King. King grandfather was also an officer (in the Swedish Army). When King was a child, his parents pushed him toward a Military Carrier. King earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in 1984,where his college was Menton. While at the Oxford, he was awarded his blue for boxing in 1986.
    In 1988, King graduated with a BPhil in English Literature and later went to War College in Roosevelt Hall Fort Lesley, Washington, in 1992. He became the Helicopter Pilot after receiving flight training at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Later worked as a commercial pilot at that time for a South Louisiana Firm called…Petroleum Helicopter International (PHI). He so completed Ranger school in 1994, where He ultimately joined the USArmy and achieved the rank of CAPTAIN. He was transferred to Iraq as a member of 3rd Infantry Division in Spechier camp, Baghdad.. He works with the (Force Operation Base) FOB as a Special Force, As he is still working as the Capt. He loves his and his work has not been blemish.
    He has been awarded with:
    * Iraqi Campaign Medal
    * Terrorism Service Medal
    * Meritorious Service Medal
    * Bronze Star Award!/robbert.gray

    • I was alerted to this posting by a friend, i ask you to please remove this information, especially the bio, i dont know who is posting this up and using my name, as it says Lynne!

      This man is my husband and is in the military. That is part of his biography!

      Please remove this post!

      • Nice try, “Lynne.” I guess you think I can’t track IP address when you visit this site.

      • if these are ur husbands real details… somethink about it……we would all love to find out who the real people, that have had there details and pics stole are……..does this man exist in the us military……the pics i have from him are of a real soldier …..please prove it…..if these are real details of a real soldier……..

    • hi ….iv been talking to the same scammer…….iv got pics …fb account…..ip address and an address in nigeria to send a card…….do u fancy a compare of notes ….who did u report it to….do the pics have him holding a pink dinosaur…..have a look on fb ….jose king ….are they using the same pics …..cus its the same info……hope to hear from u soon ..thanks lyn

      • For the other Lyn… Jose King and King Heiny Jose are one and the same.. I have a page in my Facebook account called scammer Jose king and co.. Lots of pics of various soldiers pictures being used and names.
        Anyone who wants to check out if their soldier is amongst the pics please visit The page if you have photos message me I will post them up as the us army are taking this seriously and is filing all pictures posted ..
        If you feel embarrassed or worried tat your fake soldier may see you posting then please message me in total confidentiality.. We must stop or at least stall these scammers!
        They will use your pictures too when they have finished with you…
        I knew or suspected mine of being a scammer but to pulled in with photoshopped photos that “proved” he was the real King… I’m poor, head s fried and scared cus mine admitted who he is I know too much about him,, but I WILL FIGHT BACK! Regardless of the threats. And please do not at any point be silly enough to go to places like Nigeria if they do admit to you.. They are not going to marry you, thy will make money out of you anyway they can life is cheap out there .. Be cautious and as sensible as you can be ..

        • I couldn’t find either fb profile is it still up can anyone tell me if he is a scammer?

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           Job: Military
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          About Me
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  21. I am chatting with a Nicholas Miller , who claims to be a SGT in the national gaurd , 720th battalion . when he first started talking to me he claimed he was stationed in Afghanistan . I asked for his APO address and military email .. neither of which he said he could not give to me because of “security” restrictions .. amazing that he can have a yahoo email ( and gave me a phone number 940-536-3281… which he can only receive texts on , because he says it is a Denton Tx phone number , and the military will not pay roaming fees .. ooooo kay !! ) . He claims to be from Denton, TX and attributes his broken english to having grown up in Spain with his family . He says he has a son 5yrs old ( almost ) who lives with his mother in California . he sent me photos of “himself” at home , with his son , and with some military friends , and what seems to be a pic of him in his uniform in the field . He has sent me at least 10 photos of the same person . He took down his profile on the dating site he contacted me through within days of starting to chat with me , professing his love for me , and now wanting to marry me the minute he comes home .. I have had him on a wild goose chase with money he wanted me to send him through western union , so he could come home. I do not know everything about the military , but i do know they send you home at their expense , and i also know you can’t just decide you want to come home and get up and go when you want . He has used many of the text in emails to me , that i see posted on other scammer sites .. so i know he is not legit . I just feel bad for the real person in the photos !!!!

  22. I was just reading the message on 2-7-12 , from Madison. I agree he is very busy. We became acquainted 1-12-2011. He told me he was adopted from Germany when he was 7 by an American couple from Dallas, Tex. at the age of 16 enrolled in Army Military Academy, and has been in the Army every since. He has sent me various picture of himself from, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghan. He was to have retired Dec. 15, 2011 and was coming to the US. but first he had to go to Ghana and get his 8yr old son. His wife left the child with a neighbor and didn’t come back for him, he took a emergency leave to come back to Texas and get the child, who he was suppose to have taken to Ghana and leave with a friend in Acura, Ghana , THe friend’s name was suppose to be Elvis a retired Army personnel. The child name was suppose to be Jordan, after reading several posting, he also claims the child at 9 yr and 10 old with never having the same birthdate, the child has been called Nathan, Jordan and Elvis. his friend is not Elvis, nor is Paul name Paul Graves, he is not from Texas, on posting say Mennosota, on says Florida, he is also the Calvin Clerance, who ever he is suppose also to be a Sgt in the Army. The child was suppose to be in International School in Ghana, and was having difficulty getting to and from school, the school bus didn’t go to that school and he had to take a taxi and it was expensive, the family he was staying with didn’t always have the funds to help with the transportation, could I please help with $75.00 per week for the cab to school , as much as I could as often as I could. Of course I wanted to help the soldier, after all he was defending my freedom and I wanted to help him, and as an appreciation to him I sent $75.0 per week when I could for the transportation.

    When he got to Ghana I had asked him to call me, after all he was coming to me after getting Jordan’s things packed, He did and what a shock. He didn’t have the southern talk of a Texan, nor a Sgt. in the Army, I E=mailed him that I was surprised to hear his voice, it sounded to me as if he was from Ghana or Nigeria. and by this time my niece had made me aware of military.scam. I looked it up and like to have fell out my chair. Over 17,000 complaints on Paul Graves, several other sites also, I made him aware of those other sites and he said , honey that’s not me, you have to trust me on this one, someone is taken my name, I wouldn’t do anything like that honey, besides Jordan needs a mother and I want you to help me raise him, I have divorced his mom long ago. I plan to work my fathers Gold Mine and this will help our income.

    He said after going to Ghana that the Army wouldn’t pay their way home and it would cost about $1500. per ticket for them to come home. I said I don’t have $3000. to send use you Military money from retirement. he said he couldn’t do that that it was in the United States and being in Ghana he didn’t have anyway of withdrawing it to get money to him. Please help and Jordan get home, he needs his mom’s love. Well after tell him about the sites to read just incase he thought I was blowing smoke up Dixie to check them out. He must have I haven’t hear from him in 4 weeks, and he would return text, voicemail, or e-mail. Sadly enough I also sent other monies to him for Jordan’s benefit, I thought. Somehow with all the posting everyone is putting on, someone could stop him, especially since he is protraying to be Army Sgt, he knew to much about what was going on in detail in Iraq for this to just be a coinstantence. Please every women and young girl please beware of Sgt Calvin Clerance AKA Sgt Paul Graves.

    I think everyone by now has the message, after meeting him on line as KindlyTHomas, (Thomas) is suppose to be his middle name I could write a book, after all this has been going on since 1-12-2011. we wrote almost everyday, and was in the chat system for as long as 5 hrs at times. He also has a site on as 150 of most favorite women from Norway, Brazil, and Florida, Georgia in the U.S. Thanks for reading and all take care.

    • Hi Barbara , It is same story what happened with me, but that persons name is Colonel Sterling James, and his email is , he scaamm from me hear ¬£5000 pound. I sent to differen country and to different persons, bcs he told it is Army financial agents, who collected money and after that Army help to him coming over. when he recieved last time ¬£500 pound he is wanished. it was about 1 month ago. So it is so bad play gemmong with honest people.

  23. I have been chatting since Jan. 13, 2012 with a Ricky Nathaniel Haggard, a Warrant Officer for the Army’s Department of Engineering…he says..he is suppose to be in Iraq and will be retiring and coming to Georgia in April. Yesterday I found his picture on the Wall of Shame..does this mean his pictures are being used by this other guy posing as Robert Bill Haggard? Or is he really the scammer…I am new to this..I do have his Unit information: Victory Camp 332ECES EOD (F317E0)..can anyone help me….

  24. Ladies, beware, Sgt Calvin Clerance is also Paul Graves, Sgt51 on, scammer is using same picture of soldier in both scams. You can go to for account of scammer’s activities. He is busy.

  25. Virginia the scammer purchased the gifts for you online with a stolen credit card he now has your address which means he will now use your name and address to try to scam a Man by using your pics pretending to be you go to and for support ASAP Anonn

  26. i received gifts from a soldier i was talking to so i beieve him ( capt boby e robinson) .he sent me a email to write to so he could get leave they wrote back and said i would have to take full financial respnsablity for this cos of being personal. so i desided to check out who ordered the gifts found out they were ordered from a lucy maggio. .i dont know what to do im very hurt .can u plz tell me how to handle this? thank you

    • Hi Virginia, this same scammer sent me roses and promised me the world. I figured it out after ralking to friends. too good to be true.

  27. Can you tell me if there is a sgt. David Grisham serving at the moment in Afghanistan??????? Also a sgt. Donald Smith, sick and tired of scammers using these guys id and pics, promising the world and delivering nothing in return, only heart ache and empty bank balances…..

    • Leonie, I’m willing to bet that “SGT David Grisham” is using photos of me since I’m in Afghanistan. Do you have photos? Please send them to my email cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us.

  28. Does anyone knows about :

    – Colonel Eng. Bradon Torres, He said his duty now is in Iraq.

    Please kindly inform me if he is really in Iraq or what so ever about him.

    Thank you,

  29. Anyone else heard of Col. Teddy Jayson claiming to be working for Blackwater (XE)? Says he’s stationed in Iraq, but from Iowa.

    • I am chatting with someone on Skype who claim himself has Col.Teddy Jayson who works for XE Blackwater Worldwide, but he said he is base in Afghanistan. He is from Iowa,US

    • Irecently met a man on a dating website who claims he’s in the infantry division in Nigeria and that he also has a son named Joseph he asked me right away how much money I make which I felt odd he has not asked me for anything but it keeps trying to pressure me in a serious relationship he also stated his parents were killed in a grossly car accident and he is the only one left in his family other than his 8 year old son and his old love it, that is why I am doing it. Am currently on deployment in africa, Nigeria to be precise. I have a son also, his name is joseph, he is 8yrs of age, I have someone taking care of him and my old aunty, she is very very old. I lost my wife when she was giving birth to joseph. Since then I have being alone. Am looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with. I wish you can give me the chance. Since when have being chatting with you, you are just different and special
      May. 28 3:10 AM

  30. any news from a certain Ludvik Scott (he claimed himself…Sgt.Scott..

    • Hello well i have seen all the pics of the innocent soldier that were posted on but the same guy who used this guy’s identity with me used three diffrent names lies after lies he said his names was joseph bobby, then damon bobby, but that his real name was damon robert trejo smith the last one was damon trejo whatttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!! thats what i said…. all my family was telling me that it was all a fraud not to get my emotions involved but i can honestly tell you that i did i fell hard sooooo hard but for my soldier on the pic i have been in love with that soldier in the pictures… for a long time ….. i know its crazy but it can happen though … if only i can find that man . Even though i was scammed in dating but not really scammed because i never did send them money…… i was scammed into romance were my emotions and feelings got robbed thats alote of hurt….and pain and nights were i cried….. although they asked for money i always told him if i never get a military email i wont send you no money That person kept telling me to stop doubting them that he is real its just he can’t skype because he has no means of equipment to do that so i knew it was a sham but anyway’s the point here is i fell for the guy in the picture . im sorry but i can’t stop thinking of the guy in the pictures , the hispanic man that looked tobe in his late thirtys to early forty’s … but that was all i got bull that was fed to me but i want to get in contact with the guy on my pics ………………the soldier on the pic……. also since then the fraud has removed his account on facebook and all pictures too ,,,atleast from my facebook list of friends. If any one knows the soldier behind the Scott ludvik scam please contact me at id love to get in contact with him please help……….. these guy’s are out there serving our country for their identity to get stolen like that by these pigs…………….

      • I just realized that I was chatting with a fake general Travis Cucolo. He actually was using the photos of an actual general Anthony Cucolo. I felt stupid when I realized it. I am educated and all, and falling for this. In reality , I am glad I notice it very soon, but I can understand how you feel, because this guy or girl , know how to talk….

      • So I am talking to a guy who says his name is Robert Tejon Damon and says he is in Kabul and has a son named Joseph….I think this may be a scam…he hasn’t ask for money yet but I’m sure it won’t be long…if anyone knows anything please let me know….thanks!!!

        • Hi Gena, I have been talking to this soldier who said he is in Afghanistan. His name is Bobby Trejo Damon. He said he is Mexican. He said he is 46 and his wife died in a car accident with his daughter. He said he lives in Palo Alto CA and has a 7 or 8 year old son named, Joseph. We have been chatting on yahoo everyday for 5 months, non stop. He is sending me a love message as I am typing this to you. I started doing some more investigation on him because he sounded too good to be true. He did have me convinced, after about a month. I always had my doubts deep down though. But, I did not want to take the time to continue my search. Last week he sent me a picture of his son, which I requested. On the picture was a water mark, that said, 123RF. I goggled it yesterday (9/26/13) and found out that the picture came from a free stock photo website. There is also another picture of the same little boy. After seeing that, I decided to google his name and that is what brought me this site. I am glad I seen your comment. Now I know that he is not real. He did ask me for a small amount of money. I told him I did not have it.. He always has a so called good excuse for needing money. He claims he put in his request for a leave to meet me and it was approved. He said he wants marry me and he told his general that is why he wants to take the leave to get to know his fianc√© better. Now he is working on the processing. He rarely uses my name. He calls me Baby. He never gives his military ID, full address or any concrete information. He said he does not have webcam or Skype and he has a cell phone, but cannot use it. He did give me a CA phone number to shut me up. But, it is from another city in CA. I did not call it yet, but I am now. I know he is the same Bobby. He sent me about 6 pictures. 2 in uniform and 4 out of uniform. ! is in a light blue shirt. I hope this helps. I am very disappointed. We built a closeness everyday for 5 months straight. I don’t know who I was talking to now. Oh, we met on Then, he took himself off.

  31. Anyone know something about kennith or george preston

    • anyone know anything about a sgt john porras who is supposedly in kabul.. professing undying love for me. apparently 44from woodland bronx new york??? widower wid two children??? now requestin ¬£125 to be sent by western union for a family guarantee order that we can continue to talk via yahoomail!! git to do this so that i am known to the us army …we met on wayn..and im sure this is another scam…pls advuse

      • Yes- I was contacted by a military man (probably not in military by all means) using: SMA John Porras back on 9/26/12. He had contacted me through a dating site- reeling me right in with his sweet talk. I am a separated woman for over a year now- so I was quite vunerable. He gave me so many broken promises and started wanted me to send money to his oil agents in Nigeria- claimed not only was he in special forces in Kabul, but operated an oil business in Nigeria. He asked for me to get a credit card in my name so he could help me with my bills-which for some odd reason he did make a payment of over $5,000.00 on it. I don’t understand why he or she- would do that. I did purchase some things during Christmas like he asked for me to- thinking based on what he said- they were my gifts for Christmas. After purchasing those he asked for me to turn the items in to pawn shop for cash so I could pay his oil agents. The credit card was compromised 2 times and a new credit card was issued twice- finally the card was cancelled all together by credit card company for being used for fraudulent activity. Sgt. Porras- lol- researched one of the charges and indicated it was a 21 yr. old guy from Malaysia. There are so many things he did to me that were not right- I should have quit chatting with him through Yahoo Messenger a long time ago. He told me the same things he told you- widowed- lived in Bronx, NY two kids- he said their names were: Williams: 10 and Florence: 7. Claimed he was stationed in Kabul, Afghan with special forces- because of rules and regulations could not web cam me. He also was very vague about things- would not say much at all about his military duties- the only thing he wanted to chat about was his undying love for me and wanted to marry me and be with me for the rest of his life and mine. He said that he had a gift of writing poems- which he would send to me- but after researching they were copied off line, as well as his profile on the dating site. The only thing that I got out of this was a broken heart and empty wallet- which I had nothing to begin with. He also used the email: There is a lot to this story- but just wanted to let you know I have chatted with him through Yahoo Messenger from 9/26/12 – 1/24/13. I have pictures of this person- probably not him or her??? Also, he scanned his so called Special Forces Identification Card and emailed to me. Please let me hear back from you.

        • The guy who claimed to be John Porras told me his name was Desmond Porras

        • SMA John Porras is now using Tinder – Tn base Miian Ammunition Plant / Army Base – Thank Heavens I have been around enough( Mother of a Marine Friends of a few soldiers & dated a Air Man ) to know after our first few conversations something was really off !!

      • Hi Pammy,
        Yes, read my account further down the page from yours. Our “friend” John has been promoted! he’s a SM now! lol. Do they think we all stupid or what!!!
        Lou x

  32. Hello,

    I just received a very weird message from an American soldier on a Bulgarian dating site…Here’s the link to his profile:

    He sent me the following message:

    Hello pretty lady, how are you doing over there now .? i saw your pic and you are so beautiful so i decided to send this shot note to let you know how i fee for you now.
    I m General David Douglas, from New York Cityt Bronx. i m here for love to get the real true love of my heart who gonna be there for me because now i m at Iraq with United Nation’s for my second peace keeping mission which will end soon and i retire and return home.
    i will like to have you wait me at your country so that as i m getting my retirement certificate i will fly over to meet yopu over there oky. here is my msn ID if you will like to send your pictures or i will like to have your ID too so that i send my pictures for you to know me as well i will also like to know you more. so add me for us to chat online too okay.make sure you give me your hotmail or live .com so that i can add you online so that we can chat .
    Regards General David.

    The message speaks for itself…

    That’s the photo he used:

    Best wishes,

    • I got few days before the same message from some commander Stowell Jason. It was so strange, kicked him ass out from Facebook! Ladies, be carefully!

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