CJ and Me

So I’ve had a few inquiries as to why I’m not super vocal and super public about my support of CJ in this current 2nd Amendment issue that CJ is going through. First off, I was aware of what happened pretty much right away and after CJ was released from jail, he and I texted a bit about it. And I’ve seen the video of what happened. I agree with CJ that he has a right to carry, as given in the Bill of Rights, and no one has the “duty” or “right” or whatever term you want to use to justify seizure by authority when someone is carrying a firearm peacefully. I’m 100% behind CJ on that.

Now, why am I staying out of the fray? Because Michael Yon is a gas-filled turd, the one that keeps floating to the top when you flush. That is Yon. And CJ and I have a philosophical difference about going public until the case is dismissed or he’s found innocent. That is the sole reason I am out of this. I knew Yon would be like a fat kid in a Twinkie store and again, make shit up, slander, lie, speculate, do his nasty thing. And if you doubt what I say about his lying, start with this post, And the Truth Shall Set You Free, and work you way through this, this, this, and this.

The Battle Royale has been a one-sided war for at least 18 months. Yon is a crazy bastard that will stop at nothing to throw crap at CJ. And when I say “stop at nothing,” please note that CJ had to delete over 500 comments from Yon on the fundraising page and yet Yon has the gall to say that CJ is the one obsessed with him and stalks him. That is pure delusion.

So my lack of public comment (which obviously stops with this post) has nothing to do with my thoughts on CJ’s case or some break in our friendship and everything to do with watching that crazy idiot Yon go off the rails yet again when he thinks he has some gotcha moment with CJ and watching him sneak around trying to find dirt on my friend. I knew it was going to happen if CJ went public and unfortunately, it has, but I am a bit of a hardass. I’ll tell ya, “I told you so” when I gave fair warning.

So I’m sitting this one out. Yon will continue to be a raving lunatic, as evidenced by all the posts linked above and his continuing need to be all up in CJ’s business. There ya have it. I love my brother but I think he’s brought out some crazy that he didn’t need to deal with, and that crazy is named Michael Yon.

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