Your comments are welcome and can be added by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of each of post. Let me know your views of what I’ve talked about or how you’re feeling. Maybe you’d like me to post about my experiences in other areas than I’ve written about.

I’m tired and need a good nap.

15 Comments on “Comments

  1. Well CJ, I saw you online on yahoo today, but of course it was set to away so I didn’t holler at you. We’ve been waiting patiently for another episode in your blog. Either figured you bought a bike and were in the Dog House, or you were having too much fun with the family……

    Can you tell the Hens are getting impatient?

  2. Gosh I think I should come in here daily just to get a laugh! Especially if I’m cranky about something. CJ definately knows how to bring a smile to my face! CJ you’re supposed to send that cold stuff NORTH not East! We had lots of rain here in Maryland today…. Sure hope Angel didn’t get blown away by Tornados last night. Oh yeah……….. cluck, cluck, cluck

  3. I’m confused. We don’t want it here and the only other place to send it is toward you. However, next time, I’ll send it north instead. They deserve for living where it’s cold anyway. hehe. This coming from a southern boy.


  4. I think they did the cold weather dance to rid themselves of it and send it this way. Great stories

  5. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck……………..

    Are you sending that nasty weather from Colorado out this way? We had a tiny bit of sleet today, so you must be…… Keep it there, please!

  6. Cluck cluck cluck…another AAP hen in your hen house CJ! This is going to be fun…great to see your new venture…..ultimate respect for you man! You’re great.

  7. I am laughing, CJ!! Chcknhawk’s Harem??? (cluck, cluck, cluck!!) Reminds me of the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons!! “I say, I say, I say, son…that there’s a chickenhawk!”

    Robin in Ohio

  8. I’ve missed you!!!! BTW, Cluck, cluck, cluck 😉


    Sharon M

  9. Cluck Cluck! Here comes the AAP Hens now!

    So you think Fort Carson was cold huh? I can laugh because I just left there in September and we’re here at APG, where we’ve NOT had any snow and the temperatures have been hanging out in the 50’s and 60’s.

    I’m sure I’ll be back to cluck away some more!


  10. “Chcknhawk’s Harem” ROFLMAO 🙂 I love it, and I’m sure the “hen house” from AAP will be visiting to fill your Harem in no time at all!!!!!!!!

    Great to see you entering the blogsphere. Make sure to visit Mudville and get your self added to the MilBlog’s ring as well!!!!