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UPDATE: Per CJ, “Date has been moved to October 15-17 at Bell County Justice Center.”

From last I heard, CJ has a court date on the 23rd of this month, this upcoming Monday. His son was served a subpoena from the city attorneys even though he was already on the defense witness list. They went to his school to serve it. Those Temple folks have lost their damn minds in this case. That was a totally unnecessary move, but it highlights the contentious nature of this legal battle, both criminal and civil cases.

Regardless, if you have some positive thoughts and vibes you wanna send out, Monday would be the day.

Also, there are several stories out there related to the Open Carry Texas group if you are interested in what they are doing.

The first one, the Army at Ft. Hood has put out a memorandum ordering soldiers to provide ID to any police officer who questions him or her during an open carry walk. This is behind a paywall. Sorry.

Fort Hood officials have told Army personnel stationed there that they cannot refuse to present their driver’s license or military identification card to any law enforcement officer.

The Department of the Army at Fort Hood issued the new command policy, SJA-04, to military personnel on Friday because some military personnel proclaiming their support for open-carry laws and the Second Amendment have refused to provide their identification to civilian police.

Also, some members were arrested for carrying civil war era pistols, which according the the letter of the law, are legal because they are not considered “firearms,” per se.

Three people were reportedly arrested on Friday for openly carrying Civil War-era pistols during a pro-gun protest outside the Texas Capitol. Gun rights activists tell TheBlaze the arrests were unlawful as it is legal in Texas to openly carry a pre-1899 antique firearm.

Terry Louis Holcomb, 44, identified as a Huntsville-area pastor, and Scott Douglas Smith, 50, a military veteran from San Antonio, and Gary Hayes, a quadriplegic, were reportedly arrested by state troopers in Austin and charged with disorderly conduct, which is defined, by law, as an action with a firearm “calculated to alarm.”

I suspect all of these cases will be resolved in court or when DAs drop charges or however they do those things in Texas. I’ll try to provide updates as I can, but I’m out of the information loop for the most part. I do hope you send some prayers up for Mrs. Grisham and the kids. This is very stressful for them all.

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  1. CJ I’m a full supporter of you and what your doing. I to am stationed at fort hood in the wounded warrior bn I received a TBI and have PTSD syntoms from large explosions. But gun have no effect on me. I’ve told them this but to no advial. They still will not allow me to have my guns. That in my case is wrong having a blanket reg like that. But once I get out I will beable to got with my gun to some of these event. Be strong and hang in there CAV OUT.

    SSG Robertson

  2. Ha I bet you won’t display my last comment or do you have the balls???

  3. Hey CJ, why don’t you tell the the rubes here about your threatening a school board in Arkansas, and you having ot move? You have a history of violent behavior

    You are out of control dude..gun nuts like you need locked up.

    • Considering he never lived in Arkansas, I suggest you go back and review your facts, you idiot.

      Oh, and CJ is not blogging on here anymore. Please note the LL at the top of the post. That means I wrote it, not CJ.

      • Ok wrong state it was Alabama..the school board put out a restraining order on him..the guy is a loose cannon.

        • And if you knew anything about it, you’d know 1–CJ documented it all here on this website (with video), 2–he sued the school district, 3–there was no restraining order and in the end, the woman mainly responsible for the decisions on most of that was booted out of office. Good try though.

    • you sir are a tool and a dull one at that, go vote for obama again so he can refill your ebt card.

  4. It is a breath of fresh air to see somebody such as Christopher Grisham show everybody what having a moral compass really entails. The easiest thing in life to do is just go with the flow and not question anything whether it be in the military or in civilian life. He has shown his son that you stand for what you believe in and you don’t back down no matter how tough things can get. That is building solid character for his son to carry forward in life. It is sad to see what happened in the Temple police department case but I have no doubt six jurors will acquit him under the reasonable person theory. Then he can proceed with the civil aspect of things to right his wrong. The Army and military as a whole is scared of NCO’s like Christopher because it shakes the foundation of not questioning the upper command but instead doing as you are told. Even if it is not a lawful order and violates the UCMJ and the US Constitution. There are those who like to believe that when you sign up in the military you lose all Constitutional rights such as free speech.

    Such actions would not be tolerated in the civilian world and is protected by federal laws and violations would be dealt harsh penalties to those employers. What many times the command structure in the military does to their subordinates in the name of unit discipline would be considered a hostile working environment in the civilian world and subject to high scrutiny. Some law enforcement officers conduct themselves in this manner in their interactions with the civilian population. This was evidenced with the unprofessional and unconstitutional behavior of the 27 year police veteran who conducted this arrest of Christopher Grisham.

    We are all accountable for our actions and conduct and I for one hope that the wheels of justice show this police officer that he is not the law but an enforcer of the law and with that comes great responsibility to exercise his authority in the most just and careful manner. He is accountable for his actions and has a duty to protect the Constitution of the United States under the Oath he took. If he is found to have knowingly and purposely violated that oath then he is unfit for duty to serve and should be relieved immediately.

  5. Good luck in court tomorrow, and gob bless you and all soldiers that fight for our beautiful country!

  6. You must walk with the flow of traffic in Texas, JOP Jamerson

  7. “Every person (this includes EVERY government official) who under color of law,
    deprives any citizen of rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the United States
    Constitution is subject to civil and/or criminal penalties pursuant to
    Title 42, United States Code, Section 241 and 242.
    Penalties include up to $10,000 fine and/or 10 years to life imprisonment, or both, if death results.”

  8. CJ, God bless you for the way you are raising your son, and particularly for your willingness to be true to the oath you took upon serving this Republic. That oath is about defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and it is also about (which many people overlook) bearing true faith and allegiance to the same, that is the Constitution. You are doing so, sir, and I applaud you. The fact you are taking so much flack from the city, the DA, the Officers involved (who clearly grossly over reacted) and from their offinados and people who stand against the 2nd amendment…and therefore against the Constitution…is precisely because you are right over target in your defense of the same, and in your allegiance to the same. God bless you and yours, and may He be with you in this fight so that you prevail against these people who could have so easily rendered this a non-issue by simply respecting your rights, and talking with you in a non-aggressive, non-threatening, non-abusive manner to determine that you were clearly legally out for a walk with your son. THAT is what this is about. You were not at Starbucks when this happened. You were not on a crowded city street when this happened,,you were threatening no one and completely within your rights with the rifle and the handgun. All efforts to paint it differently are simply efforts to deflect what really happened there which was all caught on video.

  9. I just watched the video, and some of these police today are “modern day Nazis”, and think they are above the law. Land of the free?……..

  10. By serving your son at school, it is harassment.

    You cannot be charged with resisting arrest since they gave no reason (even after you asked many times) why they were detaining you.

    You were very right when you said THEY were also carrying firearms and YOU did not know THEM, and that they think they are above the law.

    I know from experience that it is very difficult to file a civil suit against the police department.

    Good luck in your endeavors.

  11. I like to go by saying that the whole situation was messed up and uncalled for…and from watching the video I would like to say that I did not hear the officers read you your rights before placing you into their vehicle…united states law says that officers, when arresting an individual are required by law to read you your constitutional Miranda rights….maybe he did read you your rights but I did not hear said rights called out to you…and having said that I would also like to say that I am tired of our nations people having their second amendment rights infringed upon when they haven’t done anything wrong at all…our country is on a very dark path and it needs to be corrected!!!

    • You are incorrect. Miranda rights are not a component of arrest nor are they required. They only apply if the arrestee is being questioned while in custody. So if the arresting officers did not intend to question him while he was in custody, no Miranda rights are necessary.

  12. >Those Temple folks have lost their damn minds in this case.

    Nope. They’re probably intimidating, making an image of a defendant side withness looks bad to public (like the guy visited by police, or smtng. But i think the whole school knows about case and so no win for city attorneys there).
    Looking at other cases it seems it is their standard practice. If one tries to charge an official with anything – they’ll roll out a list of charges against that one, and start a company of painting him in dark colors and spoil his life with small stinging unpleasantenesses to keep strained. But thats all not too new.

    Or mb it’s not that case. And then more interesting why *they* want CJ’s son be there, and what they want to try squeeze out of him.

    What i’d want to see – is a police car dashcam video of the beginning. I don’t see other reasons for judge to conceal it, other than if actions of that policeman Ermis look bad on it. (and btw that starting sequence of the encounter largely defines if it is a 2nd am. case or not)

    IMO The whole case is for 1 day trial and policeman Ermis should be sentenced to bring public excuses and go brush the steets for 10 days for free as a penalty. What to talk about so long :\

    P.S. >some members were arrested for carrying civil war era pistols<
    While not touching specific cases, to this days those pistols are still effective firearms, able to lay down one at a distance. They cannot be considered NOT weapon, especially if they are properly loaded. Even ancient flintlocks were pretty good sending living creatures out of this world 400 years ago, so what's the difference today? It's still a firearm whatever its status antique or not.

    • I was referring to the Texas statute that allows for open carry of civil war era guns. And one point, a quadrapalegic in a wheelchair would be hard-pressed to carry a gun “calculated to cause alarm.” From what I understand, he had it on a string around his neck and has use of 3 or 4 fingers on one hand but limited upper mobility and no lower mobility. Disorderly conduct based upon the scary-weapon-man is stretching it pretty thin, in my opinion.

      • Well, since i dont know exact details of that arrest so no judgement. There might be some circumstances, like if Smith tried to not allow a policeman to check a pistol, for example.

  13. Date has been moved to October 15-17 at Bell County Justice Center.

    • I hope you go after those officers hard that stated they are exempt from the law. Like you stated to the officer that it’s less than 1% of concealed carry holders commit a crime. It’s a lot more than that where an officer commits a crime! They scare me a lot worse than a law abiding citizen. That cop was sure a sorry excuse for an officer just like you said. I was totally amazed when they actually told you that you were under arrest. You never did anything illegal! I personally think they should all be fired.

  14. Wowsers……proving yet again there is NO level to which that dept will not stoop.:(

    Prayers continue for CJ and family from here..

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