CSI: Miami – Promoting the Good in Iraq

Many of us have seen the MSM misrepresent or not even report the good things that our military is doing in Iraq. We see TV shows and movies on the big and small screen that stand on either side of the issue. Some are very elaborate and in your face while others are more subtle. The latter was the case in last nights episode of CSI: Miami.

I don’t always watch the show, sometimes I watch “Castle“, so I didn’t know that Cain’s son had enlisted in the Army and been sent to Iraq. At the end of the episode they showed Cain signing into a video conference on his computer. The picture we see on the computer screen is Cain’s son, in battle fatigues and in Iraq. There are the usual parent/child pleasantries and concerns passed from one to another. They could have ended the scene with that, but they didn’t. They go on to have Cain’s son talk about rebuilding the schools and how happy the kids are to have them.

It was a short statement, but for me, very emotional. (I actually had a tear well up in my eyes.) The eloquence  and simplicity in which it was done was a thundering message to those that have been there and done that. Even if the rest of the world misses the message, and I don’t think they can, at least those standing the line know that someone knows of the good they are doing and is making an effort to show it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this.

    When I saw and heard it, I was suprised, pleased and even shocked see a program on CBS finally tell the truth on Iraq. I am sure no CBS brass had seen it before hand or most probably would have not have been shown.

    I am totally disgusted with most of our Lame Stream media as they are lying, incompentent, liberal leftest jerks. And when you consider I am not a right winger saying as I am a 75 year old Agnostic Atheist Activist, you should know how far left the majority of our media is.

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