Democrats Sit Out American Values

Here is a summary of the State of the Union address last night.

Democrats won’t stand for the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded? Even the CBC didn’t stand. They won’t stand for largest tax cut ever? #DemocratsSit.

Trump says terminal patients should be able to try life-saving treatments. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says Americans will start seeing more money in their pockets. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says we all share the same American flag. Half of Democrats won’t even stand for that.

Trump repeats our motto, In God we trust, and godless #DemocratsSit.

Trump talks about standing for our national anthem. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says he fired over 1000 VA employees who were not taking care of our veterans. #DemocratsSit.

Trump said he wants to reduce the price of prescription drugs. Even looks at Democrats. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says he expects trade agreements to be fair and reciprocal. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says he’s asking both parties in Congress to pass a bill to give us fast, reliable, and modern infrastructure. #DemocratsSit.

Trump says he wants to open vocational schools (despite the federal government having no business being involved in education and all) to help teach children a trade. Democrats love bug government, public brainwashing. #DemocratsSit

Trump expresses his condolences to a family in attendance who lost their children because of illegal immigrant gangs. #DemocratsSit

Trump says that Americans are dreamers too. #DemocratsSit

Trump says we need to work on an immigration reform package that is acceptable to both parties. #DemocratsSit

Trump says we should move to a merit-based immigration system where we admit people who have skills, are willing to work, and contribute to society. #DemocratsSit

Trump says he wants to put America first. #DemocratsSit

Trump hails the progress made against Isis in taking away nearly 100% of their territory. #DemocratsSit

Trump says that money for foreign assistance should only go to countries that are friends of America and have our best interests at heart. #DemocratsSit

Trump says that he stands with the Iranian people who are taking a stand for freedom. #DemocratsSit

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