Destroying the Myths: 5th Ward and JBS

This one isn’t so much a myth as an outright lie. On June 19th, I was invited to speak at a John Birch Society meeting about Open Carry Texas and what we are doing in the fight for gun rights. I am not a member of JBS and never have been. I don’t have an opinion about them one way or the other, but I know they are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment so I accepted. I’m willing to talk to anyone and everyone about gun rights and getting open carry of handguns passed in Texas, no matter who the group is. This was on a Thursday. Here is a screenshot from the event that my wife uploaded while I was speaking. Notice the date on the right of the photo that confirms the date this was uploaded.


Prior to this event, a black female reached out to me and accused us of “only going into rich, white neighborhoods”. I explained it wasn’t true and even that I personally open carry along into the East Side of Temple, which is a poor, mostly minority community. Our chapters have events all over their towns to spread the message to as many people as possible. However, just by looking at pictures, you can’t tell what neighborhood you’re in unless there is a recognizable building or landmark.

Naturally, she didn’t believe me and posed what she probably thought was going to be a rhetorical statement: “I bet you wouldn’t go into 5th Ward.” I didn’t see why not and to prove her wrong created an event on the spot. I can’t find the conversation, but I believe it’s still somewhere on our Facebook page. You just gotta scroll back to the beginning of June sometime. Every time I get close, something happens to where my screen jumps off the “Posts to Page” popup and it keeps making me restart my search.

Anyway, I chose June 21st and invited her to the event. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was already booked on the 21st, so we moved the event to the 22nd and made it a non-perishable food drive as well. However, the event I was going to was in Big Spring, Texas – 6 hours away. Because of the distance and the amount of driving, we had already booked a hotel to prevent driving so much in one day. Since I didn’t want to NOT be at the 5th Ward event and I didn’t want to have to start driving at like 3am to make the 5th Ward event, I simply decided to reschedule it. After all, it would have been an 8-hour drive from Big Spring to Houston, then about 1-3 hours for the event, then another 4-hour drive back home. I couldn’t do all that driving in a weekend. Here’s the flier from the Big Spring event that shows me as a speaker.


These gun control extremists have tried to spread the lie that the reason I couldn’t make the 5th Ward event was because I chose instead to speak at a JBS meeting the same day. This isn’t true, much like most things the gun grabbers on the left say. As you can see, the event was rescheduled for June 22 after I realized I was double booked on the 21st. When I found out it was such a long trip, I postponed the event altogether. I felt it important that I be at an event I created initially.


To get the full story about this event and why I feel it is so important to hold an event in 5th Ward, please listen to this podcast I did with Maurice Muhammed, who initially was very critical of what we were doing after hearing about in a completely different state. The interview starts about 15 minutes into the podcast. It’s a two-hour interview, so make sure you have time to listen to the whole thing.

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