DOD Identifies Afghanistan Casualty

The Department of Defense announced today the death of a soldier who was supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Master Sgt. Peter A. McKenna Jr., 35, of Bristol, Rhode Island, died Aug. 8, in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds when he was attacked by enemy small arms fire.

McKenna was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

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  1. What about Anthoney Joseph?
    He says that he is a captain in Kabul…
    Reading the stories at this blog I m getting my doubts although he is a gentleman so far …
    He found me on Facebook …

  2. Contacted by Tyler Ainsley, said similar
    To thread above. Thank goodness for this site, I do have pics of anyone wants them! Leave well alone.

  3. I have in the last six months been contacted my LT Kurt Morgan. He claims he is in Kabul for three years. I have ask permission from a General John Campbell and Captain Lawrence Bruce for Kurt to come home. I have sent 750.00 for a phone card and 1550.00 for papers to be completed for him to come home now they want another 985.00 for air fare. As I look back at this he has not answered a lot of questions and has given me a address of they other two officers are also using hot mail addresses. The General Campbell said if I could not come up with the money for the air line ticket he would refund the money sent. I sent him a email tonight telling him no more money would be sent and I wanted my 1550.00 back. what do I do from here ? Please help this has ruined me. This guy did say he loved me and wants to get married claims he is from Newton Mass

  4. I been talking whit this capt.named Hillary Raymond Goodman, he said he’s station in Kabul Afghanistan. Camp Eggers. He friends me in Facebook. Now he wants to marry me. He said his being in the military for 20 years he retiring on the next following month, his not mention yet nothing about money he said he got money to support us.i don’t understand if this is a scam or is real can some help find who is this man.

    • Hi Rebecca! I’m also looking for a James Evans, General, from Canada living in Kabul. Do you believe is the same person?

  5. I have been contact to a jerk.Paul tarpey n facebook .messenge r.and claim that he’s captain military soldier n Afghanistan .pls someone verify this person is really true that hes serving n afghanistan.Beware of this fraud guy!?

  6. I have been speaking with someone by the name of “Charles Jones Piatt” who is supposedly a Sargent in the USA Military – he has supplied me with numerous pictures of himself and his uniform strictly says “Jones” – I was a little leary due to articles that I had read – he kept asking me how he could prove to me that it was really him in the pictures so I told him to write my name on a piece of paper and send me a picture of himself in full uniform holding my name on the paper – wow – this guy is good – excellent computer skills – I received the picture with “I love you Margaret” – this guy is a fraud – he supposedly has an adopted son in Ghana and has had him phone me on numerous occasions and he has his own personal diplomat that goes by the name of “Akaase Solomon” who constantly emails me when I refuse to chat with “Charles” – so here are the emails to beware of “” and “” and the two phone numbers that continually phone me are 011233560105600 and 011233548929602 – please beware – he knows all of the right things to say and will promise you the world

  7. Friend of mine thwarted scammer from NATO allegedly. On deployment in Kabul hes an all American hero orthopaedic surgeon .he’s already on here as Jim Ainley, he’s now TYLER AINLAY when I said lets check it out I found this site and found the same cover storylines. When questioned about when he was going to get round to ask for money , she was told to f*** off hes well paid and disappointed with her . What a scum bag his email is

      • Tyler Ainlay is a scam artist, He also try to scam me, telling my his be in the army 19 year his a orthopaedic surgeon,He married end and also got full custody of his 8 year old son,
        His wife remarried to a mexico man got in drug. Also ask me of money, His using email adress

      • he ask of money of a phone, so his could contract me

    • Hi I knew as soon as taylor ainley requested that we go off line and asked for my private e-mail address that something was suspicious. He created this story about having a seven year son and his wife running off to live in Mexico leaving him with nothing! I feel sick to think that the fake profile contains a picture of a member of the forces who has possibly died out there. You can’t get lower than this.

    • He’s contacted me he had my email address can he get anything else?

  8. Dear Army officer,
    Around early July-2015 last month one of the gentleman requested me in Facebook to be a friend. He introduced to me that his name’s is Buck, John Charles Army Commander officer currently serving in Afghanistan for 6 years now. He said he is an American 53 years home town in Beverly Hills, CA. He is window and had 2 daughters. He is looking for a friends back home to U.S. He sent to me many pictures of him with wearied Army uniform. He got to know me online Facebook he so sweeter chatter and he said he got no relative. He was growth up in Orphans home. He said he like me and loved me and said so many sweet words to me. He given me many commitment when he come back to U.S
    On early Aug-5-2015 around there he told me he was not safe to stay in Afghanistan base any more. He was thinking ship some his personal wear back home first. He told he has no relative he asked me for helped him. He asked me gave him my address then his parcel will ship by Diplomatic Security Red Cross. On Aug-10 I received phone called from the gentleman from this agency said that he in Indonesia now he said needs me to wire USD$3,835 to paid to Indonesia custom fee. and on Aug 11 he called me again and said needs me to wire to him for non open box fee USD$11,150 all this money gone to his agency banking account in Indonesia. I wired him total 14,985 plus 2 time wired fees each time bank charge $45 x 2 is USD$90. The total I wired to paid for the box that Mr. Buck shipped back to US is the fees USD$15,085. He told me this is the final paid fee. No more he will bring Mr. Buck personal stuff back home here arrive California on Aug-14 Friday @4PM. On Friday morning around 10AM he called and asked for my email address sent me a letter that I need to pay for the fee USD$39,000 plus to paid for Indonesia Custom fee for non inspection open fee again and pay for Anti Terro certificate. The parcel can release to US. I saw that to big amounts I told him I got no money he told me that Indonesia custom gave 72 hours for answer. I told him I no money…waited til the week after that on Tues he called me that said now ok to pay for USD$9,000. I told him I no money for that I already spent USD$15k for the online Army friend the person I never meet. But I trusted him as US army that right I supported him. At that time Mr. Buck very angry in me no matter what just ordered me to wire money to that agency to take of his parcel. I told him I m unable to wire money because I not enough for that big amounts. since last Friday he gone down to USD$3,000 temporary to helped him watching the parcel for him in Indonesia. I told him I unable to support him. He very upset and said I m not trusted him because loved need to built the trusted. The Agency phone usually that gentleman called me by his tel # since last weekend I tried called many time the phone # operator said that phone not in services. In the side Mr. Buck on Facebook online with me he was very angry in that he said he is very angry now. He said he not loved me any more because I m not support money for him to paid for the parcel. Now he on Facebook but he is very upset angry in me. He asked me to loan money from the bank for him now other right he is moving forward to other people who can help him to pay for the Anti Terro certificate in Indonesia he said he not loved me any more. He also told me not to disturb him at him. He sent he copies of his US passport… when he transferred his parcel clothes to me. I told him I no need you food only you can come back with healthy and safety. He told me to get other person who is ban duoc cu ban chi.
    He made me feel very hurts in me…because he started with sweet and love motherless kid and sau like take car in me only on the phone.
    Can you please help me to find out any general information name’s call Buck John Charles. Please let me know…Because he told me his owned things. I don’t mind to help U.S Army I is # 1. I appreciate for all your help.


  9. Please advise me if the name of Edward Barr has shown up on any scam sites. I was told his full name is Edward Joseph Barr, or is this a legitimate soldier. Can you please help? Says he resides in Columbia, Maryland. Thanks for your help.

  10. Hi CJ

    I was in love with the first guy who talked to me on OKC. THEN we talked on FB messenger:
    Title: civil engineer & special agent working for general
    Born in: 1975
    Year in service:10years
    LOCATION: still in camp in Miami, FL
    Type: U.S.ARMY
    Graduated from:
    Miami high school
    7th NCO academy
    MARRITUAL STATUS: single, wife died while delivering his child. So he lost both 3years ago.
    Family: Brazilian father died, did not talk about American mother, 2 sisters married.
    His photos are younger than to be 40 years old. And romantically saying loving me and wanted me as his woman the second day of our conversation.
    I was blind in his appearance and sweet words.
    He has not asked me for money, personal address,nor credit card yet.

    I have 3 photos of him in uniform. One of these 3 is a profile photo of his general and himself.
    But I have no idea how to email them for ur kind revive.
    I could not find him on Google. Would u do me a favor to check his identity, pllease.

    Thank you & all supportive ladies here:-)
    Please email at:

    • Hi CJ,
      please kindly remove my personal email address containing my name for security reasons in previous comment. Thank you.

  11. If you are approache d By micheal cindrich this man on facebook and then ask to go on yrhool he is a scammer he has had a iPhone 6 and £1500 out of me .please be vigilant and don’t be stupid like me if your gut instincts are telling you there’s something wrong when there is I wish I had listened to myself

  12. IHhavdibeen scammed on 5th June 2015 if added a micheal cindrich on facebook ..thinking this man was a genuine soldier in the Navy He had £1500 and an iPhone 6 out of me ..This man told me his wife died of cancer and had a 16 daughter in nursing school ..wanted to come to visit me in london . So sent him money to get here ..He said he was a sgt in the navy ..Am very upset that this has happened . And emotionally really hurt . I did

  13. Another scam alert name of soldier is David Lopez (at least says that is his name). Tied in with the Tamale Children’s Orphanage in Ghana. I am attaching pictures of the soldier so he can either be exonerated or held accountable for scamming money. The most recent pictures were sent today 8/11/2015. I am sending them all to you. Hope you can locate this soldier or scammer and put a stop to it. Thank you.

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