Email Scam, Threat To American Soldier’s Well Being

Greetings folks, we have a serious predicument on our hands at this point in time. A Soldier’s Mind has posted an article that I feel should be of utmost importance to our community. You can contact Terri over at A Soldier’s Mind if you have any comments or conserns. Here is the published article from Terri on A Soldier’s Mind.

Email Scam

I just wanted to bring everyones attention to yet another email scam that is going around, purporting to be from one of our fine US Soldiers. This person even went so far as to use a phony email address that looked pretty close to the ako emails that our Troops use. He didn’t quite have the proper format, but the regular citizen would know that, and could easily fall for the scam. I’ll post it here, for you to watch for something similar and I fully intent to report this to the FBI’s Cyber Fraud Unit. I highlighted the phony ako email address. Watch closely for this scams and pease don’t respond to them, but instead report them to the FBI’s Cyber Fraud Unit.

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 10:55:10 -0200
From: “Sgt. George Green” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

How is everything going, I hope great?

Though i have not considered this medium to be the best manner to have approached you on this issue being that the internet has been greatly abused over the recent years and is very unsecured for informations of vital importance.

I have decided to take the chance seeing that no other means could have been faster and more efficient than the E-mail. I write to you irrespective of the fact you do not know me,but please do consider this letter as a request from a brother in dire need of assistance.

My name is George Green(Sgt)an American soldier, I am serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division here in Iraq. As you know we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs, it will come worst now Saddam Hussein was executed. During one of our rescue Mission we came across a safe that contains the total sum of $21,000,000 (Twenty-one Million Us Dollars) that belongs to the revolutionaries, which I believe they use in buying weapons and ammunitions, and it was agreed by all party present that the money will be shared amongst us. You can go to this web link to read about events that took place here:

Out of the total fund my share was $8,000,000 (Eight Million US Dollars).

I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of the money, which is $8,000,000 out of here to you, in as much as you can assure me that my own share will be safe in your care until I complete my service here.

This is no stolen money,and there are no dangers involved, as I have made arrangements with a UN representative based in Asia who promised to deliver the fund to any of my choosing destination. I shall be compensating you with US$2,500,000.00 (Two Million, Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars) on final conclusion of this project,while the rest shall be for me for my investment purposes.

One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter with a third party, should you have reasons to reject this offer, please destroy this e-mail as any leakage of this information will be too bad for me.

I do not know for how long we will remain here, and I have survived two suicide bomb attacks, which prompted me to reach out for help because I will be migrating to you to invest and start a new life not as a soldier anymore.

Please if this proposal is acceptable by you, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone numbers for quick communication also your home address where the fund would be delivered.

As soon as I receive your email with the information, I will furnish you with full details on when and how the fund shall be delivered to you by the diplomat and he will make a contact with you before anything move.

Waiting for our urgent reply.
Best regards,

Sgt. George Green

Following the link that this supposed Sgt George Green provides, it does talk about a stash of money that was discovered in April 2003, after the fall of Baghdad, by Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division, not the 1st Infantry Division, this fake claims he is from. It further states that 5 US Soldiers were questioned after part of that money went missing. And this idiot wants us to believe, that even if he was one of these people, that it’s legit? Only more reason to dsbelieve what this idiot has to say and more reason the Cyber Fraud Unit needs to be involved.

FBI Cyber Fraud Unit

This is an urgent situation which must be addressed. If you are recieving emails from this person, or anyone who is trying to get your account information, protect yourself, contact your local CIA, or FBI office.

There is another scam which is international, if anyone emails you and says that a person died in a plane crash, boating accident, or any sudden death scenario, and says that they have left a huge sum of money waiting to be deposited in to your account from “The Bank of Africa”, take immediate action and contact the FBI or CIA. Avoid this scam at all costs, beacuse this one is possibly a terrorist attack. Make sure you save your emails as evidence so the agents can do what they need to in order to get these thugs off the streets.

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  1. Just so the readers here know;
    These are 419 scammers posing as American Soldiers. They are, as sites like scamorama, scambaiters, 419eaters, etc. refer to as “the boys from Lagos.” They find a military ID on line and use it for their scams. One clue is the fact there are a lot of misspelled words and the grammar is really bad.
    I like to toy with them for a while. I never use my real name, phone number, or address. I have yet to send an ID. I will sometimes make a request that is impossible for them to fulfill, because they are not who they say they are. Like requesting a photo of them in fatigues holding up a sign reading “Hello Bertha, From so and so!” You would think the game would be over, but they actually try to convince me they cannot do this because they can’t scan a picture. What? They scanned the ID, so why can’t they scan a picture. Then they come back with, they don’t have a camera. What? We all know someone in their platoon has a camera! LOL The name I’m using now is Berthalina Sassipantys. My address is 419 Noturful. Urnidot KC.
    You would think that alone would end it. NOPE! They aren’t that smart!

  2. You’re my function models. Thanks for that article

  3. I am Patricia Chavira , today is 3/1/2012 and I just got a message too send money for phone call the service he wanted me to use is and yes I just checked it out and this is a scam he name is Kent Wilson Starusbaugh he wanted 500.00 bucks to do this. I already got scammed once before from a Scott Bryan Beaver he calls himself litt_scott or I have been threatened already and they told me and my grandson will be kidnapped and vanish so I had turned it into JAG and the FBI – IC3 but don’t think nothing has been done so far on it. but be careful with Kent this one is new. change you phone number if necessary I had too. Patricia Chavira

  4. I am also one who ended up emailing a scamer by the name of SSG Dockery Micheal Wells, US Army. He would go on missions and go on patrol every day. He was from CO. Had a mother in a rest home as well as a young daughter. He would not give me his AKO address and gave me a fake military address. He said the usual I love you, want to marry you, need money for his daughter and to bring gold to the stated. Oh and flight money. I would let him know to take a hop and he’d come up with reasons why he can’t. I asked him what his home base was and I got different answers. Being that I was raised in a military community as well working for the Navy, alot of thing didn’t make sense. This person just didn’t get it. After a few months, I confronted him and let him know I knew he wasn’t real and what he’s doing to our beloved service members will come to haunt him. He said good by and that was it.
    My heart breaks for the real SSG Wells as well as all the other service members. I contacted the CID which in turn said to file a compaint in which the FBI also gets involed. When a servicemember asks for money, needs flight money, talks about gold, asks for you to write to his CO to get leave and pay some money to get leave, and falls in love with you, etc., you know its the damn scammer. Please be careful.

  5. Hi. I recently joined a dating agency and I was contacted by a person claiming to be a US soldier based in Afghanistan. The name he uses is Capt. Fredrick Barrera Ramos. I also have the photos if anyone would like to see them. He persuaded me to connect to messenger and we chatted for a little while. He gradually brought up the matter of me applying for special leave for him so we could be together, etc.etc. He even gave me the e-mail address where I should apply for the leave and then they would advise me of the cost!! Well, alarm bells rang, but I continued to play his game. I even e-mailed the address he gave me, they e-mailed me back sayng they needed his full name, rank, number etc. I supplied this informtion and asked what the next step was, knowing full well this was a scam. I have not had a response, but I am anxious to see how the scam works. If anyone would like more information on this so cslled MAN, the please get in touch.

  6. I was scammed out of over 2,500.00 by a chris john dane E5 cliaming to be from dallas texas and over in ramadi iraq in the US ary… he wanted 400.00 through a Ts2 for a phone and then wanted money for a transit form then said hus gun was stolen and they would not let him leave so that coast money then money for a flight, Now he says he lagauge was stolen and 2,000 and im guessing needs more money…..which of course im not sending. he did call alot of times he has a bit of a accent. his commander named vincent brooks emailed me. and his yahooID on messenger is he is a very good conman. one of the best. since im not sending anymore money he has threatend me telling me he would blow me and my faimly up. as well as texas he said he was more evil than osama binlauden. I wish i had read this site sooner.

  7. Sorry to hear what you had gone through but your money is gone and this guy is somewhere with scamming other women in the internet. He’s the same as Darryl Lingo or Davis Wallace and some other alises.

  8. Good afternoon, I have been searching for advice after receiving e-mails from someone proposing to be a Sgt. Joseph Wayne Aznack. For weeks, this person has been sending me pictures and corrspondence; and what started out as a pen-pal situation, has become more emotionally involved…leaving me in fact, quite smitten. After several weeks of which he probed my maternal instincts: he ‘broke down’ and told me that he had no family, and that his money was locked in his account by the US army. That he lacked funds to buy personal supplies, bags, and decent food. I was so moved, that I agreed to send him monies. He gave me a name and address whereby to send a Western Union wire transfer in Glasgow, a mate stationed nearby who was on leave, and would get him the money. He continued to wear me down emotionally, by telling me how difficult life was in Kabul, Afghanistan; and how he wanted desperately to come home. Being a complete idiot by allowing myslef to become so emotionally entwined with this person, I told him that I will do all I could to help him. He told me that there were many ways for him to get out of the army after 7 years, and that he could leave if I were to ask The British Army to replace him. He sent me official looking military forms to write the US National Guard Council (via him) and to the British Army Field Marshal through an email site called: Everything looked official. It was only after I sent him the money that it dawned on me that I had fallen victim to a scam. I searched the web for images, and found that nearly all the pictures he forwarded me where attributed to this soldier who died in Iraq. However, the age, middle name and DOB he gave differed from that of the dead soldier. He went on to say that he was part of an elite team, and that he had to deny his family and past, and take on a new identity as he is a specialist and works with the secret service agency. He said that the military fabricated the entire story of his demise in order to conceal and protect his mission. I last heard from him 2 days ago…apparently he is off on a special mission…and while he is away, I am to leave him love letters to cheer him up and to “find money” to pay the British Army for a specialist replacement so he can come home to me. These individuals are emotional piranas….prying on women’s nurturing instincts…and now I am extremely concerned as he has so much information on my life: my mailing address, my home and work e-mail address, pictures of myself and family…I feel so exposed and violated. What can be done to protect my life from being further violated if this person makes any attempt to use my personal information?

    Kind regards,


  9. I have received a similar email last week and has been in communicating with it until there was another unit involved (United Nations Rep) about sending out the “package” but I doubted it when there was an amount of GBP 180 to be paid through Western Union for the delivery…. attached is a sample of this kind of email scam:

    I am capt Mark Bennett of the US Army base in Iraq for peace keeping i found your contact detail in a address journal am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $5,000,000 to you as long as i am assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here in Iraq. This is not stolen money and there are no dangers involved. SOURCE OF MONEY: some money in various currencies was discovered concealed in barrels with piles of weapons and ammunition’s at a location near one of Saddam’s old palaces during a rescue operation,and it was agreed by all party present that the money be shared amongst us,this was quite an illegal thing to do,but I tell you what? No compensation can make up for the risks we have taken with our lives in this hell hole.The above figure was given to me as my share,and to conceal this kind of money became a problem for me,so with the help of a German contact working here and his office enjoys some immunity,I was able to get the package out to a safe location entirely out of trouble spot.He does not know the real contents of the package,and believes that it belongs to an Asian American who died in an air raid,and before giving up,trusted me to hand over the package to his family.I have survived 2 suicide bomb attacks by the special grace of God, I count on your understanding.please get back to my personal email:

    Mark Bennett

    This is obviously a scam, right?

    How can I report this?

  10. Dear Rosita,

    Be very careful, these guys for whatever reason can easily make up names using American Soliders in Iraq, even send their pics with their names on it. This guys is definitely the same guy Darryl Lingo whose name is on the internet a a big scammer. That Charles Todd and this guy might be the same person. Darryl Lingo has a son named Charles. Wow, they are now targeting people in Asia? They can’t fool anymore women here in the States, that’s why? Now, try googleing name Darryl Lingo and you can find a big scam about him..

  11. Dear Sir

    I’m writing to you in order to bring to your attention and also to request your assistance to one of my issue, which is the internet scam that is indirectly involving one of your great American army.

    Weeks ago, i was contacted thru some dating websites by a man claiming to be an American army whose currently serving in Baghdad, by the name Charles John Todd. He sent me half dozen photo of him self in army uniform clearly indicate his name on the uniform as “TODD”. We’ve become friends and feelings start to develop. He’s claiming that he’s retiring from the army, and leaving Iraq on Monday 8th Of March 2010. But since my birthday falls on 6th of March, he’s sending me gift as a token to make it up for his failure to be with me in Malaysia to celebrate my birthday. Instead he assure me that he’s flying down to Malaysia a week after he left Iraq. He sent me all the documents, the invoices and the airway bills of his gift. And to my surprised, the amount that had been spent was outrages.

    This madness has set me thinking maybe this is just another scam, and i investigate the validity of the documents, to my surprise, both shop did not exist in Iraq as per the indicated phone number and address on the invoices. I check out the courier service provider as well and something just doesn’t add up. This morning i receive an email from the courier service saying that the parcel was detained in China and i need to pay some hefty amount of money to released it. I also receive phone calls from a lady introducing that she is the staff of the courier service and advise me to issue the requested payment. With this event, its confirmed my suspicion that the whole thing was a scam.

    I’m lodging a police report to The Royal Malaysia Police, to alert other public about the same kind of scam. The same kind of scam with the same MO had also been experience by a few Malaysian since past couple of years.

    However, i also feel sorry to the poor soldier in which his picture must have been downloaded from some social website (facebook/myspace) and had been use for this scam. Putting my self in his shoe, if it had been me, i’m sure i wanted to know if there is some con syndicate is using my picture for some scam work and thus tarnishing my image. And since i’m lodging an official police report to protect myself, it would be sad if he suddenly found out that he is in trouble for no particular reason. I guess, we need to remind your good soldiers out there to be very careful with their personal picture and info because this sick maniac can easily downloaded it and use it for this kind of illegal activities, thus in a way probably causing some problem to the soldier it self.

    The only problem is, i have no idea how to contact this poor soldier and i have no clue who he really is, and i doubt i would be able to do so. I have write to the Pentagon channel and the American Department of Defense regarding the matter, but i guess no one take my eamil seriously. Therefore i’m requesting for your assistance in order to inform him of what is going on and alert him on maybe some problem that may arise due to this matter.

    Please feel free to contact me so that i could furnish you with the pictures of the poor soldier and the prove of my claim and the proof of the fake purchased that the con syndicate had provided me with.

    I have to sincerely apologies for all the extra effort that u have to put into in order to assist me, however, i cant help but to feel sorry for the poor soldier.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  12. hi,i have just been reading through this site and decided to add something on here,i am looking for some on to talk to about a the scam that is using military soldiers to approach woman and use them to make money, i am a victim and got done for about $1500.00 by one particlur man who claimed to be a usa soldier on a mission in iraq,but having said that,thats not my main concern here,thing is i have got a lot of info here in relation to this particular scam i have found many profiles of soldiers being used,i have at least twenty guys tucked away here in my files and more coming,this scam is much bigger than people relise and i need some assistance because i just dont know what to do with all this stuff any more.can some one on here help me please contact me asap

  13. I am being groomed at present by a scammer impersonating a ver highly ranked military officer, who do I contact to report or asist in catching these scumbags? I have not given any money yet as it did not get that far but I see where it is heading now, it was a romantic overture to beging with , silly me.
    Cell phone 61 418741614 I am in Australia

  14. Hi, am in tears now,as now after reading this,I know I was scammed by a man at Camp Victory saying he has sent a diplomat to leave from Ghana to deliver a package to me,I said no,but he said it was found under a bombed building of saddam’s and he was platoon leader and he and others turned it into army and then Iraq gov.,they came back and gave them each a rewaed for finding it.he hired a diplomat to leave from ghana and two officers working there were helping moneywise for Diplomat’s plane fare that was expired and new stamps and I kept sending money so a John Moon could come to me,said he loved me and would pay me back and more,how can a soldier retired last year still stay at camp Victory to wait until Diplomat gets back safely?I am a widow of 3 years and lost about $3500 in a year,am living on a fixed incime and behind in my bills,almost lost my home,husband was retired from usaf after 23 years and we were happily married 50 years,what was wrong with me?i just want to know if there is a John Moon at camp victory and office John Arthur at ghana airport who I sent all the money to bt western union,kept my receipts and so sick at heart that I was so weak and fell for this,anytime I sent money for Hassan Mohammed,diplomat,something else would happen and he needed more money,I am crying and so upset and wish I had my money back.Please be careful,it is awful they say they are in the military,he sent a few pics also.Is to have a son named James living with a caregiver in Juneau,Alaska,he is 15 years old and I know the emails are not from him.I must be so stupid,am embarrassed.thanks, for hearing me out,pathetic widow,me

  15. Hello Again,

    It is irresistable to read some of the comments here by ladies that have gotten involved with some of these slimeballs that use dating sites and social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook etc., to snare unsuspecting victims.

    Ladies we are asking and pleading with you to NOT get involved with people you don’t know that don’t live in your communities!
    There are plenty of eligible honest and good men that live locally where you do!

    Yes, it’s fun to meet and make friends online but realize you don’t know a thing about them! The internet communication and information highway allows people to misrepresent WHO they are, WHERE they come from, their lifestyles, how much money they have and all sorts of things including their REAL NAMES!

    There IS a way to check people you meet online out! Type their name in your Yahoo or Google search bar PLUS the word SCAM out beside their name! That will bring up a ton of search results and give you both the positive and NEGATIVES on a person no matter what they’ve told you about themselves.

    You can also look them up by address if you find that online! Sometimes the listings in the search engine WILL include THEIR addresses and phone numbers etc. That means THEY can find yours too if you give them TOO much information about you. USE a NICK name DO NOT EVER use your REAL name on dating sites until you get to know someone really well and have thoroughly done your due diligence and checked them out!

    Please be cautious ladies! This is YOUR life and YOUR personal and private information that allows these people to find out about you …just as you can find out about them! You don’t have to engage in conversations with them in chat rooms, instant messenging, emails or comment sections on dating sites, social networking sites etc.

    There is no one to blame but yourself if you find yourself in a situation where YOU are the one giving someone information about yourself! That stranger pretending to be your friend and potential lifemate can then GO ONLINE and find out more about you and use that to snare you into a fraudulent and potentially dangerous situation!

    It’s so sad when we see the news on television or read about some woman who got snared by someone on dating sites etc., and then turns up dead over what? Desparation to meet someone? Ladies please, protect yourselves and your lives! It happens and it will continue to happen so long as we put ourselves in the position for potential disaster!

    Thanks again for reading this advice. It comes to you from a friendly and trustworthy source. We work online and know alot of people and we also train online marketers in how to build relationships BUT ALWAYS BE SAFE!

    Wishing You All a Super Great Day!

    2 Disabled Veterans
    Florida – USA

  16. Hello Folks,

    We’d like to share some of what we know about these scams and how to protect yourself online!

    Not a one of us is exempt from receiving these types of scam and fraudulent emails if we own a computer and communicate via email and instant messenging.

    As 2 disabled veterans we think this is an outrage! We have all the security systems and agencies necessary set up to protect us from most any threat that comes our way as Americans and on THIS mainland yet …we are not protected and there is little if any security on our home computers!

    We too have received these type emails from Nigeria, Africa, Asia, Supposed Military Soldiers with the 1st Armored Division and the United Kingdom. This is pitiful that anyone would threaten the lives of all Americans and especially those loyal troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and locations worldwide!

    We’ve personally reported well over 200 of such emails to the FBI and have only had one reply response from them in 3 years time!

    It is naive for anyone to think they are secure online. It doesn’t matter what type of email system, security sytem be it
    Norton, Macafee etc., or spam and junk filtering you use for your email communications …these people STILL can and do get thru to all of us! They’ve been trained in methods to do this and this is part of how they escape arrest and any penalties or punishment!

    They use different computers, different names and different email addresses to attack us with their scams and fraudulent activities! There is barely a way to BLOCK them either …they just come back from a different source and keep sending daily!

    Sad to say that although our computers and the internet provide communication and information highways worldwide …the technology we all have developed for ourselves has put us all in tnis situation!

    Technology has now made it possible for anyone to find anyone else, scam and fraud people and even worse identity theft which is running rampant these days!

    One person above suggested the Cyber Fraud Unit and another the Secret Service!

    To our undertsnding the Secret Service only handles such things as security for the President and many of those serving in Congress beneath him and of course those presidents retired from office.

    The Cyber Fraud Unit has gozillion reports as we could all imagine and they’re notset up to handle each and every email that gets reported.

    It would take thousands of people sitting in a call center setting to receive, report and resolve each one of the millions of emails such as these that are being sent out daily over the internet.

    Nevermind how much it would take dollar wise and manpower wise to catch, arrest and prosecute these scamming people!

    Our best advice is to delete them and NEVER open any emails that have one sentence saying “open this” and an attachment! These attachments are viruses other ways they use to detect your IP address and collect your information on other sites you’ve visited online!

    Just like the one person stated above – you can find out an IP address for yourself by taking certain steps and these people KNOW exactly and have been trained in finding out your information EVEN IF you haven’t given it to them yourself!

    We Americans have to GET SMARTER! Our desparation with our economy and other things happening currently is NO EXCUSE to engage and become involved with these people …period!

    Ladies & Gentlman PLEASE! DO NOT communicate with ANYONE you don’t know online in chat rooms, dating sites, instant messenging or email! It’s not just men sending out these fraudulent scams via email …it’s women too!

    Folks – protect your identities! Every time you go to some site if your’e a “Techy” looking for something called a “crack code” to open some piece of software you’ve been gifted with or found on your own for free – behind that offer is a porno site that will instantly grap your IP address and information and begin charging your bank account $40 monthly or more. Don’t think they can’t do it – they can and they will!

    Your home computers are NOT SAFE and there is currently nothing out there that can keep you safe from people that want YOUR personal information!

    We think that everyone should report ANY & ALL emails they get from these people. However, after awhile that gets difficult to do. Once they start sending to your email address they don’t stop and they get more in numbers daily!

    BE CAREFUL what email address you place online at social networking sites, advertising sites, business sites and shopping sites. Realize that these people purchase and they FIND your email addresses FREE to them online at social networking sites like Facebook, Ning Networks, MySpace, LinkedIn and others like blogs and forums …too many to list!

    We as 2 disabled American Veterans are saddened by the use of our troops and all Americans that these people are able to do what they’re doing. It’s up to ALL of us to report and make complaints to stop them.

    One last thing – folks YOU CAN report these people to the email servers they’re using. For example: if they use Yahoo or gMail …report them directly to Yahoo or gMail support! FIND OUT what email server they’re using.

    Put your mouse over the FROM email address in the email you receive and it will tell you exactly what email server they’re using i.e, Bell South, Comcast, AOL or many others. Look those email servers up online and report them directly to support as well as any government agencies that handle these things regarding Cyber Fraud!

    Thanks for reading our long letter of advice. We really are happy we found this site and commend each of you for reporting what’s happened to you.

    Maybe the government agencies available should read everything said here on this site! Then perhaps they’d pay more attention, at least we hope they begin doing something to stop these fraudulent people that are doing these things!

    Have a Wonderful & Blessed Day!

    2 Disabled Veterans
    Florida – USA

  17. The scammers are now using UK dating sites to look for victims. I was chatting to 2 supposed soldiers at the same time – both saying they had family in the UK and were wanting to settle here – one apparently based in Afghanistan and the other in Somalia. One Capt. Jack Lingo, and Capt. Jack Williams (later said his surname was also Lingo).
    I received the same photo from both and one was requesting money for a telex connection – I have obviously not sent any money – but continue to see photos of the same guy on the dating site – with different profiles. The dating site are removing them as quickly as I notify them of the potential scam – but they keep cropping up. We have to be able to put a stop to this – it

    • Hey Linda!

      The same advice we’ve given to Tammie applies to you sweetie! The best way to put a stop to this is exactly what you’re doing …report these people to the dating sites they’re frauding dozens and more women on!

      Also DO NOT communicate with these people on a dating site, social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, Ning Networks etc.

      There MUST BE plenty of eligible men where you live or perhaps a town or city nearby! It’s best to find and build a relationship with someone you can VERIFY who they are FIRST!

      Please DO NOT get caught up on these dating sites. They CAN be dangerous and especially if you give someone just enough information to find you and find out your private and personal information online. Did you know that even if all you are doing is participating and putting your profile up on a dating site …you can be found out by name in the search engines online? It’s true, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be careful and tell everyone you know to be VERY CAREFUL too!

      God Bless You!

      2 Disabled Veterans
      Florida – USA

  18. I have been chatting with a man for 3 months now and have seen him on webcam as well when he was in afghanistan on a mission shortly after we started chatting. he has sent me several pics of himself that have a date stamp on them..

    he said he wants to send me a pkg of some personal items of which are consistant of two of his t-shirts and a pair of his boxers and some personal imformation that he would like me to keep for him. it would be sent by a diplomat to where I want him to meet me.
    he does have my phone number, and my address, but has never asked me for any money. he has professed his love for me since after the first month, which I feel love for him too, he sees me on webcam everyday when we chat, but i have not been able to see him again. i have chatted with a friend of his that is there as well. he says he is in iraq. he said he is at camp victory north, baghdad, iraq apo ae 09342
    his name is darryl lingo and he states he is a staff sergeant he is to be retired soon before august of 2009. I need to know how can I find out if he is who he says he is, even though I have seen him in uniform with pics and the name is on it “lingo”
    Please anyone help me out… here
    can I get into trouble if I accept a pkg for him?

    • Hi Tammie – I hope i have been able to get you in time – I also has several photos with the name LINGO on them – also used by a couple of people – DO NOT send anything to him – or receive anything from him – why would he need to send clothes via a diplomat??? You may find that you are expected to pay for the transfer. My considered opinion is that this is a scam.
      Take care and don’t be broken hearted

      • Hi
        I to have been contacted by a guy who said he was out in Afghanistan and was from america. He sent me photos and on his uniforn was the name Lingo I would be very interested to see your photos. He told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. We have been chatting for over 2 months now. He mentiond Ts2 phone connections and said the only way he could get leave to come and marry me was for me to subscibe to this.
        He said he was a segant and had a son
        Perhaps you could shine a light on this as I do not know if he is for real or not.

        • Penny,

          Please break off all contact with this person you’re talking with. It is very likely a scam, and would cost you dearly.

        • Penny,
          please do not respond to these guys… I am telling you I know for a fact that these guys are scammers… I have been contacted by several women who do not want to post thier information online because they are too shy or whatever reason… I promise you these men are scammers…

          NO man should ever ask you for money if they do then run like hell the other way…

          think to yourself what would they do if they did not know you or meet you??? I only wish I would have thought that way prior to falling for this game they play…

          I am not a stupid woman and I fell for this and I am not a bad looking woman either… so it is not out of desperation… please be careful…

          feel free to contact me personally at and I will be glad to send you pics if you like as well as emails…

          be careful and I hope I am not too late to help you out…

          take care look forward to hearing from you again….

    • Tammie,

      Please DO NOT get yourself in this situation! YOU CAN check this person out! Look for him by name online using your Yahoo and Google search engines. If he’s online doing anything and especially chatting with a webcam – his name will show up in the search engines and there’s NO doubt that you’re NOT the only one that he’s doing this with!

      DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING from him. LINDA is right! If he is legit you CAN find out! It is truly a shame that you acted before you found out WHO this person actually is and gave him your address and phone number!

      It is NOT to your advantage to give out ANY of your personal and private information. THINK for a moment …what if this person isn’t who he says he is? Now he has your personal and private address and phone number. Let’s say for example he comes to your home or calls you over and over again and harrasses you or even worse begins to STALK YOU! What can you do about it then?

      The police cannot watch over you 24/7 and most times in these types of STALKING situations it’s too late when the damage is done!

      TAMMIE – PLEASE disengage from this and DO NOT EVER give out your personal and private address and phone number to ANYONE ONLINE that you don’t know personally and who you cannot find out about locally where you live.

      YOU CAN find out from the U.S. Army, Marines or whatever branch of service he claims to be in IF he is legitimate! Simply find a military base or post near where you live. Go to their security people and ask them to do a search for this person by name, rank and location. THEY CAN and WILL FIND OUT for you!

      Above all Tammie – PLEASE BE SAFE and DO NOT give out your address and phone number to someone you don’t know and can’t verify who they really are!

      Our Prayers are With You!

      2 Disabled Veterans
      Florida – USA

      • we need a phone number or email address to check out these men calling them selfs military guys ,,and they are everywhere ,,we all ned to know if they are fake or real ,,someone is making a lot of cash in these deals ,,beleive me

      • thank you so much for your response… I wish I would have read this prior to giving out any information… I have never been thru this before and was very stupid and just was not thinking…

        I am not a stupid woman, I paid very close attention to our conversations… he never asked for anything upfront… it took awhile before anything was ever mentioned about money… we had established a very tight relationship I thought… I was very careful not to give out information till I thought we were truely going to share a relationship together… it was too late though…

        I must have hit a nerve though because I posted on another site and I have been contacted by several other women who has been scammed by this man… and his friends..

        I was contacted just a week ago with more threats from these men because I listed thier names and any information I have been able to get out of him…

        I have listed thier names and obviously it has caused them problems because women have looked thier names up and then have confronted them due to my postings about them and they have not been able to collect or run thier scam..

        had thier name been listed when I was chatting with them I would not learned but no one listed anything… it was not till I listed thier info that things started to fall down on them…

        like I said… I am still getting Off Line messages from them being angry with me for listing thier names on the internet… and posting what I said about them..

        is there anything I can do about this? they keep harrassing me… I know I can block them… but… the last information I rec’d was kind of scarey… one guy stated that he was going to be on the news for what he has done and what he is about to do…?

        when I chatted with them the last time live… I told them not to threaten me that I have already contacted the authorities and police and if anything happens to me or my family or property I have thier information and the postings I have made.. that did not seem to upset them in any way?

        I know I should not have been so angry, or maybe not said the things I did on these postings but I am thankful that I did because of the women that have contacted me and I have helped them to not fall victom to these scammers…


        thanks for your posting here and yes I wish I would have had a place to go to in order to know these men were scammers but now thier name is out there and they have to start over with new identities and I am sure they are in some kind of trouble with thier people they have to answer to?

        two of them contacted me and asked me what I thought I was doing by posting thier name on the internet? did I not know that they have family and thier children will read about what I posted? I just said… “oh well you should not be online asking women for money then and pretending to be someone you are not” if you are everything you claim to be then….

        I think this one guy Davis Wallace is very concerned… he actually accepted the money that I sent to darryl lingo… he keeps contacting me and asking me what did he do to me.. I am assuming that he contacts me everytime he gets turned down from another women because he has spent time with them and then they run his name it comes up with what I have posted about them and ruins thier game they are playing…?
        thanks for all your prayers and God Bless you all…

  19. PS,
    Wendy, if you have photos on email, send them to CJ and he will post them in the proper places. Also if you need to scan them, you can scan onto your PC then attach it to an email. Hope this helps.


  20. Wendy,
    You will need to do what’s called a Public Records Search. It’s good to investigate the person and find out what their background is. While in Iraq, I had a friend who was dating a guy for over 4 years. She didn’t know that he was married until she got a suspicious email. Things went sour from there. Verify your sources before you act. You can hire a PI or go use the FBI to do the search. All records are public, it just costs money. Wish you luck, and be on the lookout, while Ughanda is a nation of peace, there is scams and you may very well be cought in it. Take care and hope all is well. About to get out of Iraq here soon. CJ hope all is well with you, keep in touch.

    Brandon J. Begley
    A Soldier’s Mind

    • Hi, Im Sue from the UK, I have been chatting to a Staff Sargeant George H England for about 5 weeks now, he told me he was going on a mission and then when he was finished he would retire from the Army, he was supposedly based in Iraq. He went on his mission, came back and told me that he had saved 20 orphans and got them over the border to safety and had been given a gift for his bravery and for saving the children. This gift was money 700,000 us dollars! He wanted to have the money delivered to me by a diplomat and he would collect when he retired and we would spend the rest of our lives very happily together. I would not agree so he then said he would donate to charity but needed by bank details to do that!! I again would not agree, at this point he turned nasty and I have not heard from him today, surprise surprise! Of course he promised the earth, wanted to marry me etc etc I was the only person apart from his son who he could trust and so it went on. This happened yesterday 05.03.09, so very recent. I did give him my phone number and address, but hope that’s not enough for any damage to be done. Any advice would be gratefully received!

      • hi ive been writing to george england for some weeks now, telling me how much he is in love with me,and wants to be with me when he gets out of the army,in july,allof sudden he said his foster son, in orphanage in ghana, has a bad accident, and needs opperation, soon as i said im not giveing any money, he got very nasty, i think this is the same man as you.i have photos hes sent but dont know how to get them on this site, to show you, yours wendy

  21. I have recently been contacted by a jennsmith5577. He says he is stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. We were talking for about two weeks when he started in with the stuff. I told him that I would not send money there because it is a scam from Nigeria. I was trying to draw him out, then he tells me about his Cpt names Jeffrey and his new wife use it all the time. I honestly believe he is a scammer but not sure. Does anyone know this person Sgt. Jenn Smith E-5?

    • I am currently being contacted by this You are correct about his spelling and english. I have found another site that has listed his email as a scammer. Definetly something wrong. Although he has not asked me for money yet…his soldier pic does have his last name listed on it….and he has sent me a picture of him in everyday clothes…not sure what to do yet.

      • I too am talking to I too am being asked to provide him with a phone, which will cost ME 600.00 – BIG RED FLAG! All because he just wants “to talk to me sooooo badly”. He too gets very angry when I ask too many questions. Once I saw how he spelled things and did some research about him and “Bridgeport”, TX., (That city ring a bell anyone? It sure comes up a lot!) I felt my instincts were right. He was and still is trying to scam me. The pics match. Same nose and mouth. Same face. Yet I don’t know who the pics are really of. Does anyone know how the U.S. Army is handling all of this? He has sent me a pic of a guy with sunglasses on, in army uniform, with the name “Klice” on the helmut. He also sent me a pic of “himself” holding some running trophy. I too met him on a personals website. I told him off and not to contact me any longer. That I knew it was a scam. I blocked him, but then decided to see if I could learn “more” about his scam. As soon as I unblocked him, he was right at that IM talking to me – just as I figured he would be. Trying to get me to pay for that phone. What a creep.

  22. I had a man contact me with a profile on He became very chummy with my and told me he was Sgt. David Micheal in Iraq and that he really wanted to talk to me on the phone. He told me about this ts2 thing that we could talk whenever we wanted. It was thru I fell for it and after several emails from this satellite provider they told me to send 600.00 as a registration fee, but that sgt David Micheal had sent half of it on my behalf and to wire 300.00 to Karen Clow, Dexter,MO. I had second thoughs and cancelled the wire before it was picked up. Has anyone else heard from this “supposed” soldier from Carlton,TX? Please inform me on what I should do from here?

  23. i need to know if i’m being scammed or not.his name is ssgt.kenneth p. klice,-e-09/usarmyinfantarmyman.i asked him if we could talk on the phone.he gave me the ts2 site,they emailed me saying to get ahold of a madeline valencia in houston,texas.he said he would pay half of it.well i did not send anything to him,it sounded fishy.could someone please rely to me and let me know if this is a scam.western union said that the money is refundable within a few email is,any info would be greatly appreciated,thank you,oh also,he claimed he is in iraq

  24. Hello, i am from germany, and somebody try to scam me too, He claims his name is
    richard Moore, being for 27 yaers in the army, since over 1o years being a staff sergeant mayor in the army, for the last 6 years is is in iray, bagdhad, 3rd usa infantry divison, camp victory,APO AE 09342.
    Trainer of the soldiers. He start after two
    days to fall in love with me. All that what a single women like to hear. So i thought
    okay, let see how far he will go. (because
    a friend of mine, get allready scamed) and his story feels like i heart about it before.
    The Story:
    he got mony from the new president of Iraq for his good work and doing very good to the folk,in general. he got like a present 500000 thousand us dollar, and 3 of his friends 3oo. So he tolds m the banks ar not sve in iraq, he will send the money with a verifited diplomatic, his name is mohammed assure…
    he is always doing it for a long time.
    Ok,his email
    I checked his IP adress, and it is locaited in Ghana. He said Mohammed is in africa,thats the way how he travel, and now he needs stamp for the package 8000 Euro, he already pays 5000 Euro, so have to help out with 3000 Euro. And when i recive the package
    i can talk out how mach i need, because he get retierd in a few month, and he would like to be with me.
    This guys are playing a very bad GAME so only looking for your best – your money.
    So everybody out there be careful when they talk about love straight away. I hope you can understand my german-english

    best wishes to all women and guys, because that happens to them too

    bye bye Amyra

    • Heloo Amyra, your story is VERY familiar. It happened to me exactly as you explained. He was on in the U.S. and I winked at him. He immediately responded and as you say, said he loved me and even called me his wife… he said his parents had died also his wife and his child as well had died. He actually convinced me to buy him a lap top which I had to send to Canada. This went on about two months. Then he e-mailed me with that Nigerian scam. Then I new it was a scam. I never gave him any financial information however, I did make the mistake of giving him my home address. OUCH!! Finally I told him to screw off and that I was going to report him to the authorities. Have not heard from him since. He said his name was Isaac Menson John, staff sergeant in Baghdad in an undisclosed camp. He said he was from Miami florida. This guy couldnt even spell correctly. Unfortunately this is the first time I have ever been scammed. And do not want anyone else to have to go thru this. I have pictures of him.. supposed to be him anyway. God know what poor soldier her pulled a picture from. Thanks, please reply. Lupe

      • sounds familiar to my story, my guy told me he is from miami florida and he is retiring as well, he did not proclaim love for me at first, it took awhile. We spend alot of time on the computer chatting. I dont think he would be lying to me all this time???
        he has not asked me for money, he wants to send me a package by a diplomatic carrier and I can give my package to this man to get back to him, I just sent some shirts and cards, and a music cd, he is sending me some personal things he has and would like me to use the money he is sending me to pay this man with.

        I dont see any harm? am I just blind because I want this to work out for the two of us?

        please respond to this and let me know am I wrong? i dont want to be hurt again. It is hard when you give yourself to a man emotionally and then wait for them to come home as he is planning to return to me and we will be together forever as he has promises me???

        thanks for any response or help.

      • I now know this is a scam I am involved in when I told him I did not have the money he got angry with me and tried to turn things around and make it my fault and then started a big fight with me over the internet and really hurt me bad, this I went thru for three days and I also sent money for a laptop to him and now this package that I refused to pay for it to get to me which he was asking 4580.00 and he told me to ask anyone to help or he would go to jail… he said he was from miami florida a big house and his parents were killed in a plane crash in 2000 in new york, he even called me his wife and he has several pictures of me as well video because he always asked me to turn on webcam every time we chattted. I never understood that, but he might use it for a man to scam with my pictures etc…
        the name is the only difference with this story, I would like to see the pictures that you have to see if this guy is the same guy or not but still would like to catch him… these are the names I have please read the other posts by me… but sorry the story is the same with just a few things changed I feel sorry for anyone who goes thru this it is very painful he is very convincing I am still feeling guilty the way he puts things… so be careful and I hope with everyone co operations we can catch these slimeballs they are ruining it for the REAL soldiers that truely want a retationship with a woman and are trying to have one. here are a few more names Davis Wallace he is also a name that is being used as well as austin herbert he was the diplomat supposed to bring the package then I was told by austin to send money to eric ofori he is at 24 airport road accra 00233 ghana I am going to continue to post everywhere I can all the information I have to stop these men, I also have several pictures I will share with anyone who is going thru this please do not believe them they are very good at what they say and so I am a very smart woman and they almost convinced me of this story,

        • Pls send me an email.I have the same story to tell ans lets exchange pics of this man to see if we’re talking about the same man.

  25. Hello i dont know how to handle this so maybe someone could help me. I have a profile on I have been talking with this guy for some time about a month now. He wants me to send 245 so he can call me. Coming from a military family i didnt understand how this new system worked from them to call home from iraq. I called my mother that has never heard of that. So after 3 weeks of looking into it i found this site. I didnt get a email but what i got was him doing this on myspace and Who i need to contact on this matter. Thank you

    • Linda, I think you shouldn’t send any money. I don’t know of anywhere in the middle east where it would take $245 to call back to the states. I know there has been a huge increase in scams where people claim to be stationed in Iraq, but really aren’t. Please contact me by email ( if you would to talk more or provide additional details.

      • Hi Marcus .. I meant to REPLY to your comment. But it posted a new post.
        I think I am being scammed by the same “scammer” as Linda from 11 December 2008 at 12:29 pm.
        I was also contacted via by a Capt in the Army. He immediately started to profess his love for me and saying that he wanted to hear my voice.
        He gave me an email address to to get the system that is needed to talk to him … I was replied to by the MilitaryTelex.. saying that it would cost about $600.00 or so to connect.
        A VERY VERY long story short .. I feel (unfortunately) that this is a scam not only against single women that could be vurnable to this, but also against our TRUE military personell that is really trying to connect to anyone.
        Like Linda, I have done as much research on this as I have been allowed and just can not come up with a definative answer as to if this is a true scam or not. My family members in the military have never heard of this Telex service nor any other service that cost SO much for our Troops to call home.
        Do you mind contacting me so I can give you the particulars of the circumstances and ask advice on how to further handle this and stop it (if it is a true scam).
        Thank you ever so much,
        Tiffany H.

  26. My name is paul i am a Nigerian soldier.but i want to join the america marine soldier.please i need help in getting the direct contact to US marine.this is my email address

  27. My husband received an e-mail today, requesting help with $8,000.00. He responded and said he needs more information we’ll see if there is any response.

  28. Dear Friend,

    Permit the manner with which I am seeking your assistance but I am short of
    options and have no other choice. I am John England from the hospitality state
    (Mississippi), an army contractor attached to the US Military force in Iraq..
    reason why I%u2019m explaining my finding to you is to seek for your assistance to
    enable you contributes immensely to the actualization of my dream.

    I am attached to the US army for the sole purpose of reconstruction work in
    some parts of Iraq.

    As you very well know Iraq is gradually undergoing a rebuilding process in some
    parts and there is much need for reconstruction which is were I come in. I
    evaluate the level of destruction and offer professional advice in line with the
    way they intend rebuilding. Work has been risky no doubt and challenging as
    sometimes we are faced head on with armed insurgents where we lose some soldiers
    during confrontation. I have had my own share of losses as I lost a friend whom
    I have known for 12 years.
    On the 2nd day of July 2008,at about 1100 hrs during a normal inspection
    routine along Haifa Street where there is long thoroughfare of high-rise
    buildings which were built and occupied by the late Saddam Hussein while he was
    still alive, I along with 3 soldiers proceeded to a marked site and as I
    commenced evaluation work while i was closely guarded by soldiers, I discovered
    an unusual bulge in a cellar which i presumed to be a storage room.

    I decided to have a go at it only for me to kick the metal covering and find a
    metal boxes(6 in number) piled on top one another which were locked with a
    padlock each. Upon forcing the boxes open, we discovered several guns, amour and
    some boxes amongst which two contained bullets, one filled with hard drugs
    (heroine) and the other two to my amazement contained some US Dollars which
    amounted to $72M after I and two of the soldiers counted them for about 3
    hours. I believe the boxes if not owned are linked to the Al Qaeda and Ayman

    I however instructed them to keep this in high secrecy so that we can have the
    money to our selves, they all agreed to the plan and we were going to get the
    money out of
    the country but first we had to hide the money in some safe and untraceable
    location. This made me to consult with a friend in our force who went with me
    and the two other officers to secretly keep the boxes in a safer place after
    which we handed over the drugs and the weaponry to our superiors.

    I am now in desperate need of a %u201CReliable and Trustworthy%u201D person like you
    who would receive, secure and protect these boxes containing the US Dollars for
    me up on till my assignment elapses here. We cannot afford to leave the boxes
    here in Iraq for any reason since Iraq is getting unsafe and dangerous everyday.
    We have no idea what could happen next as everything remains inconclusive at
    this point. I am fully aware of what your thoughts would be next which is why I
    intend to include my picture as well as my I.D.s for you to know whom you are
    dealing with.

    I assure and promise to give you 20% of this fund, however feel free to
    negotiate what you wish to have as your percentage in this deal.
    Please assure me of your keeping this topmost secret within you so that my job
    would not be jeopardized.

    My Sincere Regards,
    John England.

  29. Im am from New Zealand and have also been sent a similar what I believe to be a scam email. I am also suprised that these scammers are trying to dupe people outside USA and feel that some people even who are not American may be sucked in. Here is email:

    United States Marine Corps. IRAQ (
    Hi, Good day and compliments, i know this letter will definitely come to youas a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through itcarefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine myfuture and continued existence. Please allow me to introduce myself.I amCapt. Cole Morgan a US serving in the Hqs.Multinational Corps Iraq, IIICorps-Camp Victory, which Patrols the Baghdad province. I am desperatelyin need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you. I ampresently in Iraq and I found your contact particulars in an addressjournal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of$12,570,000(Twelve million Five Hundred and Seventy Thousand USD) to theStates or any safe country of your choice, as far as I can be assured thatit will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is nostolen money and there are no dangers involved. I have now found a secured way of getting the package out of Iraq for youto pick up. I do not know for how long I will remain here as I have beenlucky to have survived 2 suicide bomb attacks by Pure Divineintervention.This and other reasons put into consideration have promptedme to reach out for help. If it might be of interest to you then Endeavourto contact me and we would work out the necessary formalities but i praythat you are iscreet about this mutually benefiting relationship. Respectfully,Capt. Cole MorganEmail: ccmusmc1@gmail.comUnited States Marine Corps. IRAQ.

  30. I was duped….but I sent no money…this time his name was Paul Williams…stationed in Afgan…don’t fall for this one

  31. he tells me that i,m crazy .. and are very affended about this .. that i can accuse him for this … cos he looooves me ….

  32. .. i have confronted him with it now,, and he got very angry

  33. hello

    theese scammers are now going outside the states too.. i,m from norway.. and teresa boucher has told me to send her 1100 dollar so she can make the telex readdy for me , and to post 3 check for capt , james lingo , to my adress ….and he looooves me soooo mutch… and i,m his wife … and he is looking sooo forward totalk to me

  34. Just an update Calvin Dwayne has deleted me from his buddy list, i’m sooo upset nottt lol
    anyways he was waiting for money and guess what just like the other woman on here the minute you tell him noooo he starts swearing at ya…nice for a military man huh not …please make sure no one gives this so called human being a penny he is not worth the dirt we walk on…he is a scam artist i’m soo sorry he is saying hes from our military such as disgrace to our country.

  35. I had a guy called Cpt.Bryan Mike Johnson email me. He said he was stationed in Iraq. Anyways, he kept emailing me and kept telling me how much he loved me and couldnt wait until he was on leave to be able to get married. Well, i didnt fall for it and did some of my own investigating and found out there is no Cpt. Bryan Mike in the army. It even had a picture of him on a tank. He was trying to get me to send some money. The person recieving it was a Kim Gattis in Tacoma, WA. Luckily, i never sent the money or fell for any of it. I just feel sorry for anyone that does. So, if that name shows up on one of your emails, BEWARE and dont fall for it.

  36. Hope you don’t mind a second quick post.

    Thank you for your service to your country

    Vietnam Vet
    25th Infantry Division
    CuChi, Republic of Vietnam

  37. Just wanted to let everyone know that Calvin J. Dwayne is still out there looking for money,as a matter of fact he gave me a site to send the payment to now, and just as I figured it was a scam, he has been trying for months to have me send him money just like everyone else, he cant wait to hear my voice and see me..the picture of him is nice I however found him at a bbw website, please everyone dont fall into his trap I was lucky enough not too,,, hope you all the best and hopefully someone will catch up to this scum bag before he screws over alot of people.

  38. I`m getting scam by the same person that L.Carroll did on 9-6-08, by the same person Sergeant Calvin J Dwayne out of Dallas TX.but now station in Afganistan This person is a disgrace to our military and action should be done to these scammers, which are mainly from West and South Africa trying to impersonate American men,and/or military personnel. I too got this Dwayne out of eharmony…in Sept.9,2008

    • These emails do not come from real American soldiers. They are 419 scammers from Nigeria most likely (as scamorama calls them) the boys from Lagos! That’s where the biggest majority come from. The disgrace is that they are posing as American Soldiers!
      I like to waste their time. I never give out my real name, phone number or address. Some times the game lasts over 2 months, sometimes only a few weeks. It depends on how long I want to play! LOL The game is usually over when I request a photo of said soldier holding up a sign that reads “Hello Bertha” to prove they are who they say they are. It might go back and forth awhile longer where they try to convince me they have no way of doing fulfilling my request or act as though they hadn’t heard from me for awhile.
      So, please don’t think for a moment that it is really an American Soldier trying to scam you. These Nigerians find a military ID on line somehow and use it.

      • i also asked asked for him to hold a note on a piece of paper that read i love you rhonda on it and he did it. sent me the picture too i dont know what to thinkabout that like can they do that some kind of wy?

  39. I think I got scammed. Help me out if you think its true and what should i do? I gave them my full name, address, phone number and provider.

    Good Day,

    Your message received via SF/ AKO/ Sergeant Christopher Anderson/E-5

    We need your phone number and your area code, we shall start the processing as soon as your request is confirmed.

    You are duly permitted to make a payment worth of $810 to the underneath WU account details, and have your copied ID attachment scan via email, for us to endorse your application with the immediate release of the Telcomm paper works.

    Installation will be done as soon as possible via Sate lite 180000KHz surface from your Iraq XTelcomm base interconnectivity to WA and to your location.



    And you send me the Western Union MTCN details as given.

    Thanks for the consideration.
    Telex Inc.

  40. I dont know if i was scammed but could you help me out?? This is the email i recieved.

    Good Day,

    Your message received via SF/ AKO/ Sergeant Christopher Anderson/E-5

    We need your phone number and your area code, we shall start the processing as soon as your request is confirmed.

    You are duly permitted to make a payment worth of $810 to the underneath WU account details, and have your copied ID attachment scan via email, for us to endorse your application with the immediate release of the Telcomm paper works.

    Installation will be done as soon as possible via Sate lite 180000KHz surface from your Iraq XTelcomm base interconnectivity to WA and to your location.



    And you send me the Western Union MTCN details as given.


    Thanks for the consideration.


    Telex Inc.

  41. Hello, I’ve just now received a new scam email to my gmail account! This is rather different than the “smuggling money out” scam, but is still obviously a scam.

    I came across your posting here while doing a google search, trying to find any similar emails. I haven’t found any yet!

    Thank you!

    subject: U.S. soldier “please read”

    Dear Friend,

    Hello there, my name is Jason Morales and i am an U.S. army soldier here in Iraq. I am sorry if this email came to you by surprise, im simply asking for your help. I got your contacts through my personal research from the directory of Wells Fargo bank account holders, and out of desperation. I decided to reach you through this messege, apparently I am having problems with my ATM card and as I can not cash out money with ATM machine here in Iraq, I would really appreciate if you could help me receive some funds from my wells account to your account and send to me or my wife in the U.S. via Western Union, i could not get raw cash from my account as it will take a longer process to do that here.

    Please I want you to know that there is no problem, I will be very glad to pay you for helping me to do this with the sum of $200 per each $1,000 transfer to your account. Me and my privates friends here at the base would really appreciate it since situations are really hard for us here in Iraq to cash out any U.S. dollars…
    I look forward of hearing back from you as soon as you read this email…
    Thanks you and have a nice day!!!

    Private Jason Morales,
    U.S. Army

  42. I was contacted by a so-called “Sergeant Calvin J. Dwayne, out of Texas. He told me was now stationed in Afghanistan.

    Told me he really wanted to talk to me on the phone…but needed a certain type of service.

    Had this Teresa Boucher contact me representing this comm. company. asking me to send money to her directly Western Union, Bridgeport Texas.

    What a shame they impersonate Military Personnel.

    I told him to forget it. He became very angry. It is a scam thru Eharmony.

    This happened today 9/6/08

    • I was contacted by Calvin J Dwayne well over a year ago. For the longest time I had no idea what he was up too, and really had no reason to think he wasn’t being truthful. I’m so embarrassed I fell for his line of crap. I really had no idea this kind of thing was going on to this extent.

      How dare he tarnish the reputation of our fine soldiers with this kind of deceit.

  43. I am concerned that I was contacted similarly regarding the Telex scam as one of the others- chatted with someone met through personals website- I want to know who to report it to. I did not give money- but am concerned that have my name, address and phone number.

  44. oh and his name on the id is a
    Sott J. Wright
    and his pic is infront of a flag witch i have never seen done dont even think they would it looks like a mix between a dependent contractor and active ID

  45. heres a new one even gives a pic of his ID and self I was woundereing were to report it too. I am a wounded us soldier so It wasnt hard to figure out th fake id he sent as prof it wasnt even close it even said contractor on it even though he said he was a soldier and the email just wasnt even close to bein beliveable anyway heres the email.

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for your mail and for accepting my offer. I apologize for my late reply, it’s due to my duty here. Since your last email to me on the month of Jan,2007, I couldn’t reply back because my troops were camping at the road to the Jordanian border, that makes it difficult for me to check my mail. I have every proof of this transaction only i need your assistance in smuggling this money out of Iraq…

    I am ready now to transfer the money to you. I want you to send your banking details to enable me start the transfer of the money. I will transfer it with the Bank of Baghdad, Iraq. They do International Transfer. I will not send it at once, I will transfer $500,000 each transfer. I will inform you on what to do when i finally transfer the money to you.

    I am giving you all the trust and i believe that with the help of God, we will successfully transfer this money out of Iraq. I am optimistic that I will meet you soonest in order to solidify our relationship.
    Please do not disclose this deal to anybody as to protect my duty with the US Marine. I took my picture, my passport and the money picture which is in attached file below for your confirmation as you requested. It wasn’t easy for me to do that but i had to because you requested for it. Remember, your share still remains the same 20% out of the total amount of the money. The 50% you have requested is not acceptable to me. You are much aware that I lost 2 of my partners in the course of securing this fund from the cave. I will have to compensate their families from my own share of the fund when I finally return to the States. If you agree with my proposal, I will start the transfer process tomorrow. The total amount of the money is $19.8 million Dollars.

    Note: Internet connection is not very reliable here, as it normally take me days to receive an email sent from abroad.So,I will advise we finalize as soon as possible as I am no longer comfortable with the location of the fund.

    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Capt. Scott J. Wright.

  46. I just got this scam this week.. It was from he says he’s in Iraq.. and was with the Sgt who found Saddam and found his millions.. He even used Sgt Kenneth Buff’s name in the email.. which makes it pretty convincing because Sgt. Buff is one of the soldiers who found the stash..

  47. I found I was right about this “soldier” in Afghanistan. I went back to my emails from him and to the email sent to me from and did an IP address search which is fairly simple. You can find the IP address in your email just by clicking on open headers either listed on the top or bottom of your email. Go to and enter in the IP address (make sure it’s not your IP address). It will tell you which computer the email came from and where it is located. My emails from both the individual and the usarmytelex came from the same computer and from Nigeria, not Afghanistan. I asked him for his snail mail address saying I had problems with my computer (after I knew he wasn’t in Afghanistan) and rec’d a “missing you….” message instead. Another tell tale sign.

  48. I rec’d an email from someone in the army supposedly serving in Afghanistan through a personal ad. He asked me if we could talk on the phone after only a couple of days and told me to contact this email for the army telex. When I contacted that email address, I rec’d a response from what looked an official email from an aol address ( It didn’t quite look right. It had US ARMY logos (2) and Department of the Army logos (2). The problem is, the logos are different sizes. Whoever designed them couldn’t get the two army logos the same size, nor the 2 Department of the Army logos to match either. The email then goes on to say if you send in a one time fee of $510, you can talk to the soldier for free. There’s typos all over the letter and it doesn’t even tell you how to send the money. It just asks for your name, home address, phone# and provider. It states that all information collected will not be used for illegal activity. I told the soldier I couldn’t afford that so he said he’s go halves. I still haven’t done it because it looks too phishy to me and I couldn’t find anything on military telexes.

  49. Marie,

    The note/email you got is a scam. There is no Soldier with that name. The telltale sign that it’s a scam is the uppercase email, the improper use of grammar, the signature block, and the request for money. NEVER send a Soldier money unless you personally know him/her.

    I have NEVER seen a Soldier sign his name that way. We don’t abbreviate our ranks with E05. We’ll use E5 or E-5 or SGT or Sergeant, but never E05. There is not 30th Infantry Division (well there WAS, but it was deactivated after WWII in 1945) and if there were it would not be written 30THDIVISIONINFANTRY the way he did it. We write it 30th Infantry Division.

    Hope that helps. Please let everyone know that this person is scamming you all. let me know if you have any other questions.

  50. i don’t know if this is a scam or not. on a meet military site , this person contacted me. it wasent two days of chatting this is a request that he sent.
    Oh!!! Babe… As you can see i am having a lot of problem with the network here, and soon i will be transfer to another base where there is no computer connection there, and i dont want to loose a contact with you… I think we really need this service to help both of us. The Military Telex service is okay. It’s the means of communicating with the Military friends and family. But its a pay service, if you like the service you have to contact the section to the below contact information, and you are going to use my information below as the subject of your message to them,

    SGT. DON/30THDIVISIONINFANTRY-USARMYE05 Please keep the information safe as we are not allow to give out our information.

    Missing you so loadssssssssssssssssssssssssss Can’t wait to hear your voice on the phoning system.

    Take good care of yourself.

    the reply that is got from the email address was;









    i don’t want to get any one in trouble, but it just dosen’t sound correct. could you let me know if this is a scam or not.

  51. My mother has been talking to this Glenn for 2 weeks now and got the same story except he said he was sending a package to her via a diplomat the diplomat rang my mother and told her he needed $3000.00US to get through customs in Ghana but My mum said no. They pray on the lonely thats for sure but I knew enough to warn mum about Western Union Deposit and we both started searching through scams. Thank-you for your post.

  52. Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to share a scam that I was a victim of. I had answered a personal ad on and it was supposedly from an Army soldier stationed in Iraq. Of course he was American looking because he got pictures of a soldier named Ginther when you enlarge the picture but he was going by the name Glenn Anderson or glenn3g on IM. Well I hate to admit that I was gullible enough to chat with him for about 3 weeks before I realized that he was trying to scam me. I did see signs now looking back because of his poor grammar and British type words but I didn’t want to think much of it at the time, well after last night he tells me about a deal that he has been working with one of the ministers of defense in Iraq and has earned a huge sum of money that he needs to send to the US for our future but he needs to send it by diplomatic courier and all he wants me to do is receive it for him. Then when I asked him why he needed me to help him with this he tells me on and on how much I am the only one in the world that he trusts because his Mom and Dad are dead and he has no siblings and that I am the only one who can do this for him and that he loves me soooo much. Well I hate to admit it took me almost 4 weeks to figure out truly that this was a scam because of course I was looking for a relationship but I just wanted to warn people that it’s not just an email fraud but also they are using soldiers pictures as personal ads to scam women too. Thank God I have not given him too much of my personal info although he does know my name and the section of the city that I live in. Hopefully he can’t do much with that info. It saddens me that this is happening because these thugs are using womens hearts to steal from them. I wish I had googled “soldier money scam” before I wasted countless hours with this thug. Well even though this has been embarassing I wanted the word to get out there. Lastly he did not bring up the money for 4 weeks because he was trying to lay a foundation that I would feel sorry for him and trust him. Thanks for reading this.

    • hi this is vicky. i have had that same thing happen to me. i only just found out now. he said he was an americian solider over in iraq i have been talking to him for about 4 weeks and he said alot of the same things as the guy u were talking. i would like to caht more.

  53. Good Job Reporting the truth SPC. Begley
    Keep up the good work.

  54. SPC Begley,

    Your point is well stated and taken. This also applies to the other commenters on this problem. There are many parts to a problem like this, if you get one these things, like Sue says, “DO NOT ANSWER IT!” They are just phishing. This is GREAT counsel. Please permit me the liberty of the obvious, but it is always the little things that get you into trouble. First, keep financial records. I keep the checkbook record of transactions but I also keep a computerized record of transactions. When your monthly statement comes in, check it make sure that it is the same as yours. Now everybody, at some point in time, has that beloved moment, they look at their account and they have a withdrawl they can not explain. Now, what do you do? Think in terms of the chain of command structure. First, gather your records in paper format with your statement and go to your local branch bank if you can do it. If you can’t travel, call the local branch of your bank or the virtual branch of your bank. You want to talk with them first about the situation. Your objective is the unvarnished truth, not accusations. If you find the explanations, thank them and move on. If you don’t find the explanations, this is where the bank’s attorneys many times will step in and get involved. Many times these attorneys are the bank’s own attorneys, paid for by them. They will make the decision about Secret Service. You would face this situation with three very important things, an alliance with the bank, legal counsel and most importantly material evidence. This is a very important thing, it meets the “The Federal Rules of Material Evidence.”

    I hope you never need any of this!

    Have a GREAT DAY,

  55. Sue
    Thank you for the update, Attention anyone on Soldier’s Mind, or Soldier’s Perspective, If you know of any scams, please bring them to the attention of this blog. The more we know about, the better we can predict what their intentions are.

    Thank you for the link, if we can post anything about any scams, bring it to our attention, You are a valuable person, thank you and keep in touch. I’ll post anything that I can find as it occurs. CJ, and Terri are dedicated to resolving the issues that are plegueing the American People, we are all here if you have anything to post.

    SPC Begley

    • After I refused to send money for this Cpt in Ramadi,Iraq to set up a Telex phone ,he then said he wanted to come home to me and my young son and to ask his Cmd for a leave. They want me to send money for his flight home to me….Block/Delete to this guy is all I can say because the Army does pay for the flights home for their soldiers and the soldiers cannot just take a leave because they miss being home. And yes he loved me and wanted to marry me LOL LOL

      • I also had a soldier claiming to be in Iraq wanting me to pay 500 dollars for leave papers . he then asked me to send it money gram to someone here in the states, he also asked me to send 15oo dollars for his flight home. things started getting suspcious and i started digging in to it. he claims a friend of his wanted to meet my friend. well he then asked my friend to open a bank account and a friend was going to send the amount of 1500 dollars to her account. he was going to wire it into te account. he supposedly was a helicopter pilot in africa.

        • i would like to add to this comment. this man claimind to be seargent steve r mcdonald. did scam me for 700.00 before i realized i had been taken then he asked me to send the 1500 dollars for flight home. he also had an accent and said he was originally from brazil. last i heard from him is he was at camp bastion. i also am talking is there any way that we as women can find out if these men are really military men?

  56. I had gotten that one several times last year too. I also get about 20 of those Bank of Africa or Bank of Zimbabwe every week. They use a persons name so as to pass through the filters in your spam settings. There is also another big scam going on right now that I have gotten probably about 8 times in the last two weeks involving paypal. They send you a thing that says that $459.05 cents or some other obnoxious number has been charged to your account and if you don’t dispute it the transaction will be put through to your bank. DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM!! They are just phishing. Just thought I would let you know!!

  57. SPC Begley, Welcome to Soldier’s Perspective. CJ, you are right the people to contact are the Secret Service at Now this is only true when there has been an actual transfer of money through the banking system. This means you were foolish enough to be sucked into the scam. The question still stands, what should we do? Begley, you raise the question, how do we get these people off of the streets? I would suggest that we take a look at the word “streets.” In my view, we have 2 types of streets. The first type of street are the roadways on which we drive our cars and locations for our houses. The second type of street is the extension of “The Great Information Highway.” The street is the pathway for our minds and systems to travel. How do we protect ourselves? My first suggestion is a scam/spam blocking application, many times, this is a part of your Internet Service Provider Agreement. Consider this the first sentry into a portal to your mind. A scam email tries to breach security and is trapped. Now, what do we do? In my view, there are three things to do. 1. Maintain high security on your system and 2. Clean your scam/spam trap, if needed. 3. This is, by far, the hardest part, do the same things with your mind and thinking processes. Your computer has trapped a scam email, Just trash it and forget about it, move on. This is the best thing you can really do for yourself, The Seret Service and the Nation


  58. CJ’s right, make all your reports to the Secret Service. I don’t know the exact website, but you should be able to google it. As long as there is a response to this growing problem, we can do what’s necessary to get these people off the streets and protect our way of life.

  59. Thanks SPC Begley and Terri. I will be on the look out for that scam. There sure are alot of them out there!

  60. Don’t report it to the FBI or CIA. This is a Secret Service issue because it deals with bank fraud and money laundering and should be reported to them. The FBI and CIA will just sit on it.

  61. I received this a while back also. You would think that this scum would have enough sense to find an English speaking person to proof read his scam…sheesh.

    Thanks for the info Terry!

    Sharon M

  62. I received this email a long time ago, I think last year. I reported it when I got it. Looks like it is still going around. So sad that someone is useing our troops as a means to scam peoeple.

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