Every Democrat is an “Empty Barrel”

Liberalism (progressivism) is a mental disorder. There’s simply no other way to explain it. This whole flap is over the phone call to families of the fallen, specifically the family of SSG Johnson, who were killed in Niger that President Trump recently made. First of all, a phone call from a president to the families of the fallen is extremely rare, so the fact that Trump even made phone calls is to be lauded. Or should be.

According to the douchebag Florida Representative, Frederica S. Wilson, Trump disrespected the Johnson by allegedly saying that “[Johnson] knew what he signed up for.” Everything depends on the intonation Trump used in that statement. For example, “He knew what he signed up for” in the sense of “that’s what you get for touching the hot stove” or the “He knew what he signed up for” in the sense of “he loved his country and was willing to give the full measure in its service.”

Let’s think about this logically for a second. Why would a president with so many things on his plate call and disrespect a Gold Star widow? It makes no sense. It’s illogical. And quite frankly, I doubt ANYONE in government would call a Gold Star widow in any way. Wilson is a race-baiting peddler of lies. She’s doing what Democrats and progressives do best: looking for any opportunity to be “offended” and hating anything “Trump.” These idiots don’t just get offended, they look for ways to be offended.

Don’t believe me? After General John Kelley spoke at a press briefing correctly labeling Wilson and “empty barrel,” Wilson and her race-baiters-in-waiting took to the airwaves to feign another round of racial indignity. Somehow, a military term for people who talk a big game but accomplish or say nothing of value is now a racist term. I’ve heard that term for 20+ of my active duty life on everyone regardless of skin color, religion, sex or rank. For those that don’t understand the phrase, let me flush it out for you.

I’ve had these Soldiers that were ass-kissers. When they’re around you, they are always trying to impress you in the hopes it will somehow further their career. Sometimes, they even claim the successes or accomplishments of others to make themselves look good. So, when they are nearby they are quick to tout their cause, but there is nothing behind it. Their claims are hollow or empty – like an empty barrel. A gun barrel can be a great thing, but it’s worthless if it’s not loaded or, as in this case, there is no substance.

This is why Kelley was 100% right when he called Wilson an “empty barrel.” She’s all barrel and no shot. How anyone with even a 1st grade level of common sense can find anything racist about that phrase is beyond me, but the Democrats are up in arms and jumping on the “I’m offended” racist bandwagon. I wouldn’t doubt that the Democrats sent Wilson to do their dirty work so that when she was criticized she could immediately play the race card. For progressives, everything is about race.

“Hey, what beautiful clouds!” “THAT’S RACIST!!!”
“Did you enjoy your weekend?” “RACIST!!”

Wilson isn’t the only “empty barrel” in Washington, D.C. There are at least 240 (I added in John McCain and Susan Collins) “empty barrels” in Congress. Heck, let’s be honest: there are really 535!

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  1. Are you aware of there is any way people who have been scammed can receive financial assistance? I’m embarrassed to even ask the question…I’m in a very bad situation…I trusted when I shouldn’t have…it’s my fault…

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