Exempting Congress from DC Gun Laws Bad Idea

Before I delve into this subject, I want to make a few disclaimers. First, anyone that knows me knows that I am an unconditional defender of the 2nd amendment. I believe that “shall not be infringed” means zero infringements. None. Even felons who have served their time should have their rights reinstated. If they’re truly a danger to society, they shouldn’t be in society. I know plenty of people who are as hardline on the 2A as I am, but I don’t really know any that are more so. This post isn’t about opposing legislation that will expand gun rights so much as it is about a demand for equal protection under the law. I believe that congressmen, their staffs, and anyone else should have the right to defend their own lives wherever they set their feet. Yes, that includes hospitals, schools, courtrooms, and anywhere else corrupt politicians have deemed to be politically correct and necessary to ban self-defense tools. Second, I know that there isn’t an actual bill that’s been filed or considered yet, so we’re putting the cart before the horse at this time. Finally, I think it’s absurd that Congress even has to contemplate passing laws that essentially force government entities to obey the constitutional rights of the people and overturn laws that never should have been passed in the first place.

Within days of a Bernie Sanders supporter attempting to murder several key Republican lawmakers as they were playing softball, Republican Representative Barry Loudermilk from Georgia and Republican Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky are suggesting legislation that would exempt congressmen from the tough restrictions on keeping and bearing arms in Washington, D.C. The nation’s capital has already lost its Supreme Court battle over the right to keep arms within one’s home, but has steadfastly opposed the “bear arms” clause of the 2nd amendment outside of it. This suggestion for legislation may make some gun owners happy, but no one should applaud this effort to allow congressmen to exempt themselves from D.C. statutes. The irony here is that these same people are trying to exempt themselves from laws that they themselves gave the city the authority to pass in the first place.

Article I, Section 8 of our constitution gives Congress the authority to “exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over…the Seat of the Government.” In layman’s terms, that means Congress has the authority to dictate every single law in effect in Washington, D.C. In most cases, they’ve delegated that authority to a D.C. Council complete with a mayor. Obviously, this is a smart thing to do since Congress has better things to worry about most of the time than micromanaging a city – not that that has ever stopped them. However, that doesn’t negate their authority over the district just because they delegated it. For example, a battalion commander delegates authority to a company commander over his company, but that doesn’t mean that the battalion commander can’t dictate what the company does or its policies. Technically, Congress could completely dissolve the city council, fire the mayor, pass a law relating solely to D.C., repeal a law passed by the council, create a military dictatorship, whatever. If Rep. Loudermilk is so frustrated with D.C.’s unconstitutional gun control laws, all he has to do is get congress to overrule it. Simple as that. It could eve be argued that said laws do not require presidential signature.

As is typical of elected cockroaches, they are loathe to let a good crisis go to waste and this shooting is no different. The wounding of five of their own has awakened a sense of urgency to do something to protect these elitists who think their lives are more important than everyone else’s. It’s amazing that all it took was five of them getting hurt to get their attention. In 2016, there were nearly 6,000 violent crimes committed in the ten square miles of our nation’s capital. Of that number, 135 were considered homicides. Already this year, there have been 50 homicides and slightly more than 2,000 violent crimes! Where was Congress after each of those 5,759 violent crimes? Where were they after the 135 homicides? Where have they been after the 50 homicides and 2,003 violent crimes in just the past six months alone? Do they only care about the 0.08% of those affected, which is them? Don’t the 99.92% remaining victims of violent crime deserve self-preservation?

If Congress truly cared about the people, they would have been acting tough to allow law abiding citizens to carry in self-defense long ago. They are the ones being targeted and slaughtered; not Congress. They are the ones that have to walk the streets unprotected; not Congress. They are the ones that have to hope and pray that a police officer gets to them in time or, if they don’t, is able to catch the perpetrator after the fact; not Congress. They are the ones that are exposed where they live, where they shop, and where they work; not Congress. So, after an average 5,600 violent crimes annually in D.C., Congress suddenly recognizes D.C. gun laws are a problem after just five are affected.

I fully support a law that would allow Congressmen to carry their firearms in self-defense. They should. They are the targets of psychotic Democrats just like the rest of us. However, they shouldn’t be more concerned with only exempting themselves at the expense of thousands of others. There is a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress and in the White House. There is no excuse this can’t get done.

Today, I went to my representative’s district office in the hopes that he – John Carter – would either push for language or an amendment that included ALL law-abiding citizens to be exempted from unconstitutional infringements on our 2nd amendment rights in D.C. or vote no on any bill that creates another special class of citizen for elected officials. Since there isn’t a bill to reference, they didn’t have an answer for me right away. Like our representatives, I should be able to go to the nation’s capital and have the ability to defend myself should the need arise. As I travel through and among the contiguous states, I shouldn’t have to worry whether or not I’m carrying “legally.” I shouldn’t have to be disarmed when I visit my congressman’s office in his district either because the building is a “federal building” and therefore a “gun-free zone.” I kinda made a mistake today, but I won’t tell anyone. Let’s just say my gun didn’t jump out of its holster and hurt or threaten anyone.

Congress does need to fix the problem with D.C. flaunting the basic civil rights of Americans. But, they need to fix it for everyone; not just themselves.

4 Comments on “Exempting Congress from DC Gun Laws Bad Idea

  1. Congress Elites get Special Everything that us peons done deserve,; life ins, heatl ins, dental, retirement, investment, etc.
    You can bet your bottom dollar they will get Special 2A right as well.

  2. I agree, except it should be NATION WIDE, not just DC. Here in Texas not only can we carry in the State Capital, with a license, we have a passing lane to get in! There has been 0 shooting of anyone!

  3. This is awesome CJ. Why don’t we send this to our Senators and Represenatives??

  4. This is right on the mark. I would hope there would be massive backlash should these congress people go on record passing a law that makes their lives more important than the lives of me and mine. Might even be worth the travel and effort to visit dc this summer to rally. More have time in summer to take off from work as unlike much of the left protesters most of us have jobs.

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