Fact Vs Fiction

CJ UPDATE: I thought it a good idea to bump this to the top in light of current and constant idiotic ramblings hitting the internet lately. This was originally posted on October 12, 2012, by LL.

LL UPDATE: I would add that this post really outlines how Michael Yon lies through his teeth, makes up stuff to fit his internal narrative, and it emphasizes how he has been waging a one-way vendetta against CJ, who has said NOTHING about Yon, since before that linked post was even published on April 25, 2012. Michael Yon goes on and on about how CJ is obsessed with him and stalked him and blah, blah, but as the linked post is titled, the truth shall set you free. I will add that I directly questioned Yon to dispute the truth, as I PROVED, in comments on Line of Departure (before they kicked him off the blog as a writer) and he ignored me. I know he has read all of these, including this post because of the Bronze Star citation that he uses in his own, most recent “dispatch” and yet in 18 months of me proving him a flat out liar and manipulator, he has never ONCE countered anything I’ve had to say. That right there speaks volumes.


A couple of the multiple definitions of fiction on dictionary.com are:
~the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining
~an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation

I have to say, I think Michael Yon prefers the term “writer” because he covers his own butt by conveniently leaving out the “fictional” part of fictional writer. His imagination and postulations are quite absurd, so fictional writer is the only reasonable explanation. He cannot be called a reporter or journalist because those things imply some sort of ethical framework by which the writer does basic research and/or withholds a story until inconsistencies are explained. Only a fictional writer would have us suspend reality for a few moments so that we can swallow incomplete records as “evidence” of any kind of misdeeds.

Michael Yon recently posted CJ Grisham’s incomplete records. I have a few points to make, and these may get tedious, but as you know from previous posts that I do about Yon, I prefer the truth to deceit, disinformation, and fabrication, so I will hit as many points as necessary to drive home the point that Yon is full of crap.

1. On the first page, under Branch of Service and serial/service number(s): CJ is listed as Army Reserve.


Wrong, he was and continues to be Active Duty Army. Which is why he has no need of a DD214. Those are only issued after a soldier gets out of the military.

2. Dates of Service: January 18, 1995 to February 2, 2004.


Wrong, as stated above, he is still Active Duty Army. But interesting thing here, and pay very close attention…if you go to page 4 of the document that Yon posted, you will see the last date listed under Section VII: Current and Previous Assignments, there is the date 02 02 04. Now, whoever put that first page together must have misread the date as DDMMYY or MMDDYY instead of YYMMDD because if you look at the lines preceding that entry, it is obvious the YEAR is listed first (95 01 18, 95 01 26, etc). And Yon jumped on that incorrect date hardcore because he’s looking for “evidence” that CJ Grisham did not earn a Bronze Star with V. Except that final date is February 4, 2002, so the Bronze Star award would not show up because the timeframe that CJ earned it was in 2003. Wrap your mind around that people. 02 02 04 is the date that CJ signed into HHOC, 103RD MI BN, FT. Stewart, GA, as you can tell by the line before, he was “en route” from a school to a new unit.

3. Duty Status: Discharged


See points 1 and 2.

4. Place of Entry: Jacksonville, FL


That should be San Antonio, TX, and the Place of Separation, again, see points 1 and 2.

5. Section III-Service, Training and Other Dates, Block 18 shows Appointments and Reductions. You may notice that CJ from PV1 to SSG in 4 years, 9 months. Yon only made it to SGT before he was discharged in 5 years. Who is a quality soldier in that comparison?

6. Under Awards, Decorations, and Campaigns, by the time CJ headed to Ft. Stewart, GA in 2002, he had already earned the MSM.

Today, most recipients of the Meritorious Service Medal are field grade officers (pay grades O-4 to O-6), senior warrant officers (W-3 to W-5), senior noncommissioned officers (E-7 to E-9), foreign military personnel in the ranks of O-6 and below,[citation needed] and individuals who have displayed a level of service that warrants an award of such magnitude. To receive this medal the individual must exhibit exceptionally meritorious service at that level of responsibility.

Now I am going to say a few things here. See, CJ Grisham does NOT want to have to put this information out there and I had to ask (and somewhat beg upon our friendship) to allow me to do certain things with the information I know and have about him. He prefers to not go out there sharing stuff willy-nilly as if he deserves some accolades for just doing his job, taking care of his soldiers, bringing them home safely. But I am PISSED OFF that Michael Yon is such a tool that he feels compelled to not only put out this information, he also needs to twist the facts around. But he’s a master of twisting the truth. I’ve proved it over and over again. You can see all of it here and here and here. This Ain’t Hell has also covered Yon’s releasing of this information here.

And if you doubt my contention that Yon intentionally misleads his followers and readers, I want you to see what he posted on his Facebook page in the spring.

Pay attention to the writing at the bottom of the screen shot Yon posted and his comments and the reaction of his readers (the few you can see). Check the date, 4/19/12. Then go read his Drunken Monkeys post (use google, I refuse to link to him), dated 4/25/12 and you will see how he very conveniently cut off that part of the picture, where CJ indicates on twitter that he’s ready for the zombie apocalypse with his Ka-Bar pistol bayonet. There is nothing but intention in that editing, to put CJ in the worst light possible, and even worse, to deceive his readers into believing CJ Grisham is a dangerous man.

Not only is Michael Yon so completely incompetent and unschooled in reading military records to such an extent that he cannot even see the obvious problems of what he posted, he actively participates in dishonest and malicious personal attacks. That says volumes about the kind of person he is.

Finally, with reluctant permission from CJ, I am posting this. It speaks for itself. The only thing blocked out is CJ’s SSN handwritten in the upper right corner.

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  5. May I cross-post on FB “The truth lives Here” ?
    Commenter name @yahoodotcom

    • Sure. The more people who see that Michael Yon has a personal agenda in his attacks against CJ, the better. Yon is uncorked, and not in a “letting the lovely bottle of white wine breathe” kind of way.

  6. CJ is, and always will be, a better man than Michael Yon. It has to eat at him that CJ is also a better soldier than he was, and that there is nothing he can do to change that. He can lie, he distort facts, but HE will always know the truth, and that eats at him.

    Either that or he’s certifiably insane, because I can think of no other reason for him to lie or harass people the way he has.

    PS, well done as per usual LL.

  7. The question will undoubtedly be, “why didn’t you just give Yon the proof in the first place?” My answer is simple: why should i? I have nothing to prove. I know what I’ve done and so do my troops and leaders. Mr. Yon’s constant and insatiable obsession is not something I care to give any attention. Time and again he has leveled blatantly false and misleading accusations againsy me that were unfounded.

    His incessant stream of accusatory emails to me is evidence of a demented man with projection issues. If I took the time to respond to every single inquiry and accusation from Yon and his sycophantic followers I would never have time for my military responsibilities. There’s a saying in the Army than an NCO spends 90% of his time with 10% of his troops because there is always that 10% getting into trouble or needed exfra training. Yon is like that 10% but i won’t dedicate any time to him.

    I dont know if my refusal to entertain his obsession has left him feeling jolted and grasping at straws. I told him I would give him all yhe evidence he wanted through his attorney Nd he refused to accept that offer. Instead, HE told ME to stop stalking him and go away. He then began his emailing demanding proof of his false accusations and published known lies about me.

    If this doesnt once and for all settle the question of Yon’s credibility then nothing will. After all, there will always be those that fawn over the drug-addicted rock stars regardless of their fall of grace. There are still those that Obama was a great president and the country is better off today. You can’t fix stupid.

    So, while I didn’t want to satisfy Yon’s voyeurism I appreciate LL’s willingness to correct the record.

    • Yeah, I’m not the “better person.” I just prefer to stuff the truth down his throat until he chokes on it.

  8. Oh..LOOK!!! The date of the action… 20 March 2003……OHMYGOSH…Could it be??! The SAME day that Jessica Lynch saw her action as well that Yon has harped on and on about like white on rice for months? Oh my…NOW will he stop talking about my husband like he’s the one married to him and not me? I have NEVER in my life seen a man crush as big as i have seen someone like Yon has had on Cj in my entire life.

    • Emily, I like rice and I’m not white. RACIST!! haha

      You’re right, of course. Yon has an unhealthy obsession with CJ. It’s creepy. Just downright creepy.

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