Fort Carson

I arrived at Fort Carson on the 4th of January. The unit here has to deploy to Iraq sooner than they thought and couldn’t come to Fort Irwin for their training. So, in the Army’s infinite wisdom, instead of the unit coming to Irwin for training, we brought the training to the unit.

When we first got here it was super-freezing. For those of you who don’t know what super-freezing is, it’s the temperature at which I get really cold. That temperature may vary depending on where I’ve been or how long I’ve been subjected to it (acclimated). When we first got here, the temperature was -1. It was so cold that my cell phone clip shattered when I went to use my cell phone. Now, that’s cold. It snowed for a couple of days and iced all the sidewalks over.

So, not only is it super-freezing (see above definition), but the sidewalks are also frozen. Ever seen a newborn deer trying to walk? It looks pretty clumsy, kind of like me when I’m walking on snow. I’m a southern boy, I don’t take well to this cold stuff.

To add to the super-freezing weather, I wasn’t adequately prepared. Before we took off from LAX, we had to load any baggage we had in addition to our carry-on and one other bag onto an 18-wheeler truck that was going to drive the bags to Fort Carson. Well, that’s great!! I didn’t pack with that possible decision in my mind. I had three bags and a carry on. One bag was nothing but civilian clothes. One bag had all my uniforms, my sleeping bag, underclothes, socks, etc in it. The last bag had ALL my cold weather stuff in it. So, do I take the cold weather stuff and not have any uniforms? I guess I could wear so much that no one notices I’m naked underneath it all. Do I take my uniform bag and freeze to death in sub-zero temperatures (which I now understand why those temps could kill “The Claw” [see Liar Liar for explanation])? I chose to apparantly freeze to death. To add insult to injury, the storm delayed the truck almost two days.

Finally, a few days late, the truck arrived. Joyous Triumph!! I wore just about every article of clothing I had for the next two days. Then, the uncool happened!! It warmed up!! What the?!?! Am I being punished? Here’s the funny part: it warmed up to about 40 degrees. Since when is 40 degrees warm? I find myself driving around with the windows down. Back at Fort Irwin (which is in the middle of the Mojave Desert), I think I’m snowed in if the temp guage even approaches 60 degrees. That used to be cold to me.

Anyway, the training is going along well. Colorado is a nice place. We went to the land of Orange of White for dinner a few nights ago. If you don’t know what the land of Orange of White is, it’s my little secret then. I haven’t had to go to the field which I wholeheartedly agree with. We sleep in old barracks that have decent mattresses and some heat. It’s a little stuffy with 3 people per room. It’s not something that I’m used to as a Sergeant First Class (SFC), but even the Lieutenant Colonels (LTC) are doing it.

Well, that’s it for today. Till next time…..

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