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    My mom just sent me a text and said someone associated with the Fredericksburg hospital has the Wuhan flu, and my brother said the fire chief came by and said more than 1 person in town is infected. Nobody’s dropped dead, yet.
    I heard an interview with the Kerrville emergency management guy (or something like that) a few days ago, and he was suggesting that the hype is overblown.

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    CJ Grisham

    We’re all gonna die!


    Here is an interesting alternative perspective to “we’re all gonna die,” which is, almost nobody is going to die:
    Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

    Well, it looks like this forum doesn’t post links, so you’ll have to search for it,
    The title is: corona bologna italy the truth begins to leak out
    the site is lifeanddeathandallbetween dot wordpress dot com

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