Glamour Magazine Covers Military Dating Scams

I’ve been working with Glamour for a few months to help draw attention to women about the prolific scams using online dating sites. I’ve been writing about these scams, especially those using photos of troops, for about six years now. While my efforts have been highlighted on numerous television media stations, this is the first time that a media outlet directed specifically at women picked up on those efforts.

In its October 2012 issue featuring a beautiful Emma Watson on the cover, writer Liz Brody showcases how these scams work. With permission from some of my readers who have been scammed, I passed their information to Liz. This is a widespread operation that nets scammers literally millions of dollars per year from around the world. For the most part, English-speaking, industrialized nations like the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia are targeted. However, gullible women in foreign countries are also targeted. I literally get emails and comments on this blog from countries as varied as South Africa, Colombia, Philippines, and France.

It is estimated that one in ten guys dating online is a fake and a fraud. Personally, I think that number is too low based on my experiences investigating these. Most sites don’t seem to be doing enough to catch frauds, but they appear to be working to fix it.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, IC3, tells Glamour that $4,000 an hour is lost to love scams, and experts agre the real number is much higher. “This is one of the most underreported crimes you’ll ever see,” says [Barb Sluppick, the founder of]. “People are so ashamed and hurt they don’t tell anyone, especially the FBI.” Last year Money-Gram alone (which, like Western Union, is used to wire funds) was able to prevent 4,879 romance-scam transactions totaling nearly $14 million from going through, thanks to a new detection system the company had set up. “Once we see the red flags – a transaction is within a certain dollar range, going to certain countries, or sent by a woman to a man with a different name, for example – we’ll get on the phone and tell her we have some concerns,” says Kim Garner, senior vice president of global security and investigations. “It’s a very emotional call.”

I focus largely on the military aspect of these scams. Over the past few years, I’ve seen these scammers use all kinds of photos removed from open Facebook pages, blogs, official military websites, and command pages. I’ve also seen my own photos and name used. is a free online dating site with a global community. Two years ago, I got a Google news alert that my name had appeared on the site. Because there are unscrupulous, money-starved, washed-up, has-beens that like to libel me online I keep track of when and where my name is used. I keep meticulous screen captures of these instances for potential litigation.

I alerted the dating site immediately that my name and images were being used without my permission. As a happily married man, I don’t have a use for dating sites. I found my wife the old-fashioned way – chloroform and mind-altering drugs slipped into her drink. 😉

The funny thing about this particular profile is that practically none of the information was accurate. As you can see above, whomever created that profile aged me about five years and noted that I was a “Democrat.” That alone is cause for a lawsuit! Here’s the rest of my life I never knew about.

Glamour did a GREAT job of bringing attention to this issue. They were even able to contact someone in Nigeria who was one of the scammers. It’s a great read. If you or someone you know might be getting scammed, get yourself a copy of this issue to keep handy. Show it to them. There is a lot of good information that is very helpful. For example, if you’re not sure if you’re being scammed, ask yourself the following questions: Did he say ‘I love you’ within a few weeks? Does he often get interrupted when you ask something, giving him time to do a Google search for the answer? Does he make up things going on in his life that require financial assistance? Does he refuse to answer some specific questions by accusing you of having trust issues?

This site currently hosts names of hundreds of scammers. My posts on dating scams have garnered literally thousands of comments and is home to a budding community of support. If you think you’re being scammed, run the name through my site search. Check out my other posts on scammers by clicking this link. Above all, NEVER give any personal information to someone you’ve never met in person. Always meet in a public, populated area the first time. If you’re still not sure, email me.

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  1. Hi I just became a friend to this man on Facebook who he says that his name is Ribert B. Nelson & says he is a Sargent in the Army. He tells me he has been in Kabul Afganistán for almost 2 years. He’s 42 & tells me his hometown is Miami Florida. He tells me that his mission will be ending in December of this year. But the funny part of all his followers on Facebook are people that live in Nigeria. He hasn’t ask for money, & I would never send money either. I don’t fall for these scams. He has a few pics on his Facebook & hides all his friends. He tells me he can’t call me while working for the Army. I’m telling him if I can’t hear his voice he’s not a real person to me, simple as that. He has sent me 3 pics on messenger 2 with his Army suit & the one with a friend.

  2. Hello Im Michelle Vidrine & im trying to get CJ Grishams email address bc i haved been CATFISHED b4 .I kno i was being scammed by another soldier who goes byDavid Kelvin Schenstrom .I called him out & u kno the story.Txing another soldier in Lagos & i think hes another one.Also A David Capps r Pishaun Capps Idk? Im sick & cant take this again.Plz if anyone can help with how to contact CJ id really appreciate it.Thank Yall

  3. I was sent a friend request on facebook by a Mark Smith. He message me and we started talking he said that he’s a captain on a mission in Afghanistan been there 2 years That he’s a widower he lost his wife and child in a car accident 5 years ago and his parents 8 years ago and he’s an orphan. He started telling me that he loves me and can’t wait to return state side so he can come get me and make me his wife which would be around March when his mission is over. Anyway we’re chatting but he’s not saying much so he saids I’m on the list to be deployed to Syria. I don’t want to go so i need a favor from you. I need you to first stand as my wife and email the general tell him that we’ve been apart for to long and ask him to send him home not to Syria, so i did. Got a email bck saying that he can get jim returned to state side but it will cost me. He has a friend that’s a doctor in a Turkey hospital that can falsify his medical records. But this is the catch itwill cost me almost $3500. OMG! I’m like do you really think I’m that stupid. But he sent me the “doctor ” name account and roughting number. It will be a very cold day in HELL before you get that money. But the picture of the guy he sent me and he use as his profile is a sexy

  4. I NEED HELP!!!im not totally sure about if I have a scammer or not?my duaghter brought it to my attention about military scammers.and I’m talking to a army man now for 3 months and he hasn’t asked for money or anything but he has wonted to make a bank account in my name for me and he is fast already and says he’s coming home in a few months I never talked to him face to face or on phone just thru Facebook all these story’s scare me and sound similar but mine hasn’t asked for money is the weird part to me I’m not a fool and I don’t won’t to be made one if this turns out to be a scammer and if he really is then I need help to get him for the FBI but if he’s a real man than I don’t won’t him to know I was convinced he is a scammer.ugh ya this is tuff just need proof about him

    • I will tell you what will happen with that bank account … they will deposit bogus checks into it and the checks will be stopped but they’ve already taken the money and you will have to pay that money back. It’s a scam and this a*#hole does not love you, only your money…or I should say the banks. He’s a scammer so “please “ do not open an account for him

  5. 06/14
    Richard Edward on facebook
    Wanted me to send $1000 to Afghanistan
    to retreve his luggage with funds in there
    using military photo he is standing in front of a humv

  6. 06/14
    Richard Edward on facebook
    Wanted me to send $1000 to Afghanistan
    to retreve his luggage with funds in there
    using military photo

  7. Brooks Carter Gonzalez and Carter Miranda our the same person. asking for money on Okcupid, badoo, Match, Military Cupid, singles, POF. Us Army.

  8. Glamour magazine says one percent of people on dating sites are scammers. I would say 50% are. I have been on dating sites and have only met scammers and cheaters. I am chatting with one right now. Usually I can tell within a day they are, but this one was very clever, It took me a week to find out that he is one.

  9. Brooks Gonzalez and Carter Miranda are the same person. asking for money! facebook, okcupid, badoo, ayi, and pof dating sites.


  11. PS. I do have more details of the colonel that I need to write to, to request leave on his behalf which is on my IPAD, and will send later – funny though, it didn’t end with a .gov address it was a (which I believe isn’t military).

    I do want to get hold of Zack Wood – if the real one does exist as he needs to know that his personal details are out there in cyber world.

    Kind regards


  12. Oh dear!!! I was on a dating website called Love Begins – got a lovely post from a gorgeous guy – telling me he is looking for a serious relationship our profile matches etc etc, Obviously was very flattered exchanged emails and started conversing with him via his gmail email account He said his name is Zackary Lewis Wood, 48, widowed 2 daughters. Claims to be from Los Angeles and mother from Harrogate.

    I was a little dubious as his grammar wasn’t good and english was equally bad – but he claimed to educated and everything – well he fell instantly in love, wanting to marry me for me to have his babies even though we never talked sex or anything – it’s been 2 weeks – I questioned him on a few things and he began his defensive stance of me not trusting him etc. I asked about talking to him, video chatting – again there was always a reason why we were unable. Then last night he had really good news – he has almost finished his assignment and would need me to write to his boss requesting his leave.

    No money has been requested or has left my account but i guess he was heading down that route. I kinda fell for the love and romantic chat – however he was just too good to be true. Whoever’s profile they are using is an absolute stunning looking guy.

    Captain Zackary Lewis Wood – widowed 2 daughters Sue and Sam 20/21 ages in university.

    Has anyone else spoken to this scammer using this innocent persons details??

    • Yes…this scammer guy just contacted me on OKcupid. No photo but emailed me with his info stating to friend him on Facebook providing his full name and gmail account. Of course I researched before making any contact. Then I found your post. I will now report him to to OKcupid but most likely they will ignore it. Someone used my photos on their profile in my same city. I let OKcupid know 4 times and along with hitting every button regarding scam…illegal…stolen profile…etc. they didn’t do anything about it. OKcupid is owned by

      Here is his OKC email to me:
      “Hi I am new on here and I join some days ago..A friend introduced all this to me..he found his fiance on here am just here to try my luck..I m a single father of 2 girls…20 and 21..lost wife 2007 in a car accident ..she was the best thing that ever happened to just looking for the right woman for me ..because I know there is no perfect woman one is perfect ..I am not here for games or to hurt anyone …I am too old for all that …If you will like to know more about me you can add me on Facebook on Zack T Wood..or email me on .hope to read from you soon..

    • Hi

      I’ve just started speaking to a captain Zack John Woods from the U.S. army on Tinder, he has a house in Harrogate and grew up there then moved to the US when he was 20, he has 2 daughters and his wife died in a car crash. Then he said he is currently stationed in Afghanistan, but he was using a British mobile phone number, that’s when I knew something was up, I then checked the distance that he is away, he’s 1000km’s short for Afghanistan but the exact mileage away for Murkada Nigeria??!!

    • I have been in contact with a Captain he claims he is Russia..he has provided me with a passport some pics he name is Zack Lewis wood ..I need to know if this is your person or you ever given pictures of him that we can compare

  13. Aw, this was a very good post. Finding the time and actual
    effort to make a really good article… but what can I say… I
    procrastinate a whole lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

  14. Hello,
    this man called steve richard james. I met him befor 4 weeks. e-mail adress and nickname: srjcares1859, srj1859. have researched find him on flirt-sites., meetone, i-love, unikuscheln. everywhere. take care of yourselve. It caught me fully. Sorry my english ist bad, I´m from germany. because he got no money from me, he let me fall. I am still very sad, but live goes on :-/
    hug and kisses for all

  15. I am reading about these Joe Butterfield has contacted me I don’t know if he is real or not….. but there is another one that I have been trying to find out if he is a scam mer or not and his name David Polak


  17. I just got a friendship request from my Skype under the name of. James Stuart. I am sure he is the same that the lady above was mentioning. Thanks for making your contributions I wish I can post on this website their pictures and names, so people no more lonely ladies will jump in hours wasting their times and showing their feeling to thieves.

  18. hi, i have meet this guy on facebook 2 weeks ago. His name is Michael Avalos. He said his wife died of cancer three years ago, he has 7 year old son and his name is kelvin. in the beginning he send me sweet and romantic messages. His been deploy in afghanistan 12 months ago ago and in 4 months time he will be retired. and now his telling me he need money for his son because he cant access his bank account because its been hack several times. he told me his son has cancer and need money for medecation. His son living with his nanny in India because he has no family back in the states. And now he needs my help. i was skeptical about him so did a research. I want to know if this guy is scammer.


    • Forget the research – use some common sense. Its a crock of xxxx. He is playing on your emotions to defraud you.

  19. I have been writing for several months with a US Army Captain located in Kabul Afghanistan.
    He needs to obtain his Consignment from Kuwait and want me to help him with funds as he
    is unable to obtain any from US. Claim it is his savings and want to send the consignment to
    me. Unfortunately I did send half amount through Western Uninion. New amounts appear to
    be payed for stamps for legal reasons.
    Is this a scammer using me?

    • Hello Barbara –

      You have most definitely been talking to a SCAMMER. I’m an active-duty U.S. Army soldier and I can tell you there is no such thing as a “consignment from Kuwait.” This concept is a creation of a SCAMMER (probably sitting in an internet cafe in Ghana or Nigeria). All American military personnel have access to their bank accounts at all times. They would never need to ask for money from a stranger (i.e., someone they met over the internet). If you have not met him IN PERSON, you know nothing about him. He’s using stolen photos and pretending to be an American soldier. The SCAMMER will continue to create excuses for why he needs more of your money. Don’t fall for this!

      – Gordon

      • Raymond Lopez asking for money for his internet and phone in Army special mission in Nigeria…Johnny Lopez In Syria Special mission…wanting money for plane ticket.


  20. anyone ever hear of a Christian Thompson in the army at Camp Casey South Korea?

  21. Daniel briggs claims to b a us soldier and this guy is fake. Asks constantly for money. Please b aware of him

    • He is a well known scammer involved in africian gang

  22. Hello ,am from Norway.
    I just want to warn other women about a scammer who claims to be Sergeant David Gillis Jonas,stationed in Kabul,Camp Eggers.
    Claims to come from San Bruno,Calefornia…
    He said he lost his wife two years ago,and he’s got a daughter Lillian,who lives with his old grandmother,his parents died when he was 5 so he was raised by his grandmother too.
    starts really fast to claim his love for you,and writes long poems….
    Don’t fall for this shit,well I did,but I am not used to this kind of things here in Norway,it’s not that much of this here,and to be honest I had never heard about these things until it was too late…..

  23. I decided to try one of these free dating sites, and was contacted by a man who said his name was “Christain Stewart Thompson” Chris for short. I started chatting with him and he sent me 3 more pictures of himself and that’s when the red flags went up. The first picture was believe able it was the second and third. The second he had Air Force BDU’s and the third he was in Marines BDU’s. So I asked him about his military career and he told me that he has been in for 19 years and is a Staff Sergeant and his retirement is in march. So I just proved more and more like where he was at which he said he is currently at Camp Casey. I asked him a bunch of things about the unit and job he did. He keep going on not knowing I did a few tours in the Army yes he told me he was in the Army and parents died was an only child and ex girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend so he wanted me to send him a care package. I asked fir his APO address which he said they don’t have one but he did give me his handles address. This went on for a few days until I got tired of the lies and busted him. The only thing I can say if you use a dating site do your homework, if it’s to good to be true than it’s a lie.

  24. Sorry for my English, I am from hispanic country. thanks

  25. I receive an invitation from FB to join this profile: At the beginning i was totally enchanted with whom say is a military. But then I put realize that what he said didn´t sound right, I went to romancescammer FB page and they told me, yes it is a scammer, the real pictures are from LTG William Caldwell, OMG i can’t believe it, i am afraid now because he gat my email and my cell phone, fortunately I didn´t send any money. It would be a problem with that information I gave it to him? I really appreciate your help, thanks.

    • there are 3 of them on
      aaronmiller 282
      and the other one is trilingarmy r something like that
      marshall scammed me right into all of my money
      but the other two I was just talking to
      there also all three on yahoo messanger so be careful

    • Wendy you have the name Steve Wesley Wilson in your comment is he the one who you are saying is fake and using the yahoo email also??

  26. i would like to find out the real identity of Glenn S. Wilson…i have pictures this evil person sent me. He looks like a captain in the US ARMY who is either from New York or Boston. Is there a way we can find that out?

    I still feel sick to my stomach…how i could be so stupid!


  27. AP simply cut off ALL Contact Now you have been scammed and you are still in contact with a Scammer and he’s even told you his location Ghana! among other lies First of all US Military NEVER need your money for any reason you need to Educate yourself ASAP first of all NEVER send money to anyone you do not know and NEVER met in person.US Military does Not use Western Union or Moneygram Scammers use it to steal your money like this Scammer has done to you.

    Google Military Romance Scams and also go to Scamwarners and Romancescam and READ read and read some more Education is the key

    know that once you send money they will keep begging for more

    Military APO cannot just be cut off once you mail a package to Afghan or to any other REAL Soldier NO Diplomat is needed once it leaves the Post Office it goes to the Military Member no third Party is needed.

    He has told you so many lies like I said Educate yourself also know that once your money is gone no one can help you get it back and anyone that tells you they can help you get it back is also a Scammer it is called the Recovery Scam

    Flights home and Leave and Retirement NEVER has to be paid for,I’m sorry you lost money but I hope what I have told you here helps.Anonn

    • Thank you, I could have checked your site first…i was a fool to get hooked by him, whoever he is. He even used the “orphanage as his leverage ” and use the name of “GOD ” a lot and tries to make you feel guilty…BTW, he used MONEY PAK and NETSPEND… as means of transmittal of money.
      I also traced the IP address, and found it here in California it was in Sunnyvale and the other one is in Dull, VA..
      And i also googled the name of diplomats and the people who he also gave me for the western union transfer…they are in Ghana. The first care package i sent did not make it to them, it is on its way back here, the usps started to investigate it, filed a case with the federal trade comminssion, and reported to MONEYPAK, I was able to recover a couple of the cards for refund and they too had filed my report to them…I am also going
      to the Inspector General to report this at the Air Force base nearby.
      This individual had also the nerve to tell me that he will refund my money, right…i..I told him if does not return my money back , he charge will be filed….poof ! he went have not heard from him again….

      The guy was very smooth and i fell for it…very stupid of me……I learned the hard way…now I have to pay for it. this is a big warning, they are getting a bit sophisticated in getting your money…don’t be con like me.

      I do not get angry, I gt even…this will be my new mission. Thanks again for the thought.

  28. Here is a Diplomat’s response to my inquiry:

    Yes I help deliver PACKAGES,DOCUMENTS,CONSIGNMENTS any service man or woman around the globe as far as they are legal,genuine and not illegal items that can give me problems at the customs department and jeopardize. I deliver packages around all the U.S MILITARY CAMPS,EUROPEAN MILITARY CAMPS,ASIAN MILITARY CAMPS,OCEANIA MILITARY CAMPS and yes I could help you make a delivery, so to let you know that I arrive here couple of days ago to deliver a special package to Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General) peace keeping camp here in Ghana. I’m here in Ghana for a few days then i will have to depart to make deliveries to the troops in Afghanistan, let me know when you’re ready to mail the package as am given you the address to mail them to madam. so I can receive it and deliver to him on time, I will need the recipient unit address and the senders full name,address and cellphone or house phone # to keep in touch until I have the package deliver to the recipient, I only receive package through this shipping company as it is safe and reliable, you can mail your package through for me down here, USPS ( UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE ). Care package can be of any size and weight and I will also like to know the items or content of the package, now that you know everything i will be waiting to hear from you again. Thank You

    Mailing Address


    P.O.BOX AH 157



  29. #3 email….just a few to share with you…

    Hi Eve, It’s nice reading from you. Well, I want you to know that i don’t like to be compared to others. I have been single and am looking for my happiness, That is why i joined to find that happiness am looking for. Of course I am a lonely man but it doesn’t mean i am here to find women to play with or something. I am just a man who is lonely in this world and wants to be happy in relationship. I’ll never play with feelings of other people or make them hurt – it’s not about me. But at the same time I respect myself and I’ll never let anybody to hurt me. I am not here to play games. I know what i am looking for and i know the reason why i put myself online.

    here is another line:

    About the care package, Our APO is not working here anymore because of the war and fight going on; the war is getting worst here everyday, So the UN have selected a diplomat that have been making delivery to us here and all the military camps here, So i think i would have to ask my commander for more info’s.

    ME: On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 6:01 AM,
    I tried to reinstall the yahoo messenger and now , it would let me because my Operating system is different it is Linux and I am not a computer savvy…can you do facebook?

    HIM:Oh! I hate facebook, So much drama.

    This one is when he profess his love:

    Hello Eve,

    I’m writing this letter to explain to you how I feel. I am starting to fall for you, and it is driving me crazy, because I can’t seem to tell you how I really feel. I need to know where I stand in your life, and if it could ever be more than what we are now. I’m starting to develop strong feelings towards you, and I don’t know why.

    I love your eyes, your smile, and your voice–it drives me off the wall! When I hear your voice, my heart skips a beat. I am crazy about you.

    I need to know how you feel about me. Could you possibly feel the same towards me, or can this never be? I just want you to be mine. I want to be able to say that you’re my gal. Well, now you know that I am secretly falling in love with you. I just wish I could hear those same words from you. Maybe one day I will, but until then I guess all I can do is wait. Please, don’t make me wait too long!

    I had to get the courage to tell you how I feel.

    I didn’t fall in with you this first, I just fall in love with you with no reason, I love everything about you, every little thing about you. My feelings for you is so strong eve, I want to spend/share the rest of my life with you. I know you are scared to get hurt again but that’s not about me, I’ll never play with feelings of other people or make them hurt, I am here to love you, care for you and protect you. With me you are safe okay. I don’t want you to feel that am putting pressure on you, I am just telling you my feelings about me.

    if you find it’s too soon and you’d rather wait, no worries, I would understand and I’m not going to disappear.

    Yes i like stabilty and I am emotionally stable; See, I am the one for you:). I want you to know that i get upset very quick and i don’t know why but it who i am and i hope you do understand. I am a very quiet person and i don’t like yelling that is why when am upset i would have to go out from the house and come back when my temper is down. I also agree with you that should be able to respect each other views and that is very important. I am a very good listener eve, it’s not that when you tell me something i would get upset, no that’s not me, remember i told you i respect others with their choices. I am not here to hurt you or play with your heart, I am here to love you, to give you all the love that you deserve, to care for you and to protect you. I am not here to play with feelings of other people.

    Hello My Love,
    how are you doing this wonderful morning? Hope you did slept well last night…..My Love I just want you to know that tomorrow’s hopes and dreams may never die for as long as you believe in yourself and follow your heart. Kindnesses in your heart will guide you to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges, all obstacles, and love. Never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Whatever you may do in future’s way, never let anyone stand in the way of pursuing your dreams and wishes you have always dream of in your life. Know that you will always have families and friends to rely on and stand by whenever you need them. Vow to your words and soul that loving others with dignity and respect is the key to achieve great success and everlasting love in life. No matter what you may decide to do in life, the help, and the gratitude, will always be there from me.I feel that i have known you for a long. and missed talking to you,looking forward to chat with you soon. Have a wonderful day…
    Lot of hugs and kisses.


    this one is about the Diplomat ‘s info: via the commander

    Hello My love, My commander just gave me the diplomat email address: Contact him. Do everything he says and follow his steps please, And also Let me know anything he says, Anything he says to you via email forward it to me and anything you say to him as well so i know what is going on okay.
    ….i doubled checked this site and it is legit!….so i was getting trusty by this time….as you can see…

    ok, here is a last one of his entry….i will take a break in posting

    –Hello My Love,
    I hope you are okay and had a wonderful day. Thanks for your nice lovely email, I am crying whiles replying you babe, so heart touching:) and having happy tears. I love you so much with all my heart.

    Well, I don’t understand “You don’t like like to be told and not be told at all the times”.

    Honey, I am a very honest man, always honest with my feelings and i do not try to hide my feelings and my emotions, I want you to know that you are safe with me okay, nothing to be worry about. I promise when am having a bad day am gonna let you know and I know you will always be there for me no matter what. I do believe you my lady. I am so much happy right now my love, yes we have to make this relationship works for us no matter what, No one knows what we feel for each other and what we have for each other, No one knows the strange way we met and how we started, This is for us and when we really need us we have to make this work so that we can be together very soon and spend the rest of our life together. We will face everything and anything together, I wonder if we would even have problems because we won’t, We will always be honest, understanding, respectful and loyal to each other, right?

    Yes I can be moody sometimes and suspicious at time but I am not the jealous type:).

    Yes we are going to have a successful relationship, no doubt, no second thoughts my love, we really need this and we have to fight together to make it work, The only problem right now is that I am many miles away from you and that hurt me, When I think about the distance between us it hurts because I want to be with you, I want to spend every moments with you. I believe we can make things works my love. Love is actually made up of only two Letters: U&I. I can’t wait for that special day to be able to hold you tight, wrap you in my arms and dance with you in the rain. I love you so much Eva.

    You are my happiness.

    Well, I am ending it here and i hope to hear from you.

    Lots of hugs.


    > so i just want to share this with everyone because….i fell deep for it….very sad right now for i was very stupid and naive…fell for the children he cares about supposedly.

    thank you for reading them…will post some more later………….eve/eva

  30. here is another email on our early correspondence. and you can see why i thought he is a catch.

    Hello Eve,
    I am happy to hear from you again. Thanks for expressing yourself to me, I really appreciate that:). Yes, i agree with you eve, I am very lucky to have been adopted. It’s hard for so many children that need to be adopted and not everyone is in for that.

    I want you to know that you are a very strong woman and it’s good you know that everything happens for a reason. We have so much in common eve, I am very interested in you and want to get to know you more:). I have all that qualities you wrote, I am a honest man who has a good sense of humor. I like everything that makes my life positive. I am very sociable and very friendly. I am always ready to help my dear people. I am bright, passionate and at the same time I am very faithful, kind,cheerful,romantic and sincere. I like everything nice. I am always honest with my feelings and I do not try to hide my emotions. I love to travel, so I would prefer to meet someone who would do everything together with me. I have no special requirements and think that I will never know until I find her. The only thing I can say is that I want her to be honest ,kind ,caring , responsible, to keep firm to his words and to be ready to give a helping hand when it will be necessary. Age is not important for me, distance is also not important for me. I feel true love has no boundaries and can make great happiness. I am fond of long walks and romantic evenings. I am a simple person and I like simple things. I like communication a lot because I believe it the only key to get to know someone.

    I am kind, honest and open-hearted man. I would say I am nice and gentle person. I am also very creative, I am sure you will never be bored around me. I am always full of unique ideas and I love having fun. I am ambitious and I tend to get what I want. I love making people happy and the best reward for me is to see them smile. I am optimistic approach, delicate nature, warm smile and sincere laughter – these are the things that make me the person I am. My friends say I have something called charm, well, some kind of zest, devilishly nice, a little bit shy and funny.

    Well, I will be home in a months time but i don’t know the exact date yet and am still working on my retirement document, I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life alone that is why am here looking for that special someone for me. I have plans after i retire but first of all i want to find my happiness and that is very important to me. This is my 4th tour in Afghanistan. Well, I have been married before but am widow now and i have no kids.

    I will end here and i hope to read from you.

    Take care eve, Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Good Morning.


    > Glenn S Wilson

  31. i too was scammed! his soldier name is “ssgt. glenn s. wilson” was stationed at balkh, afghanistan , here is MO
    Hi Eve, Hope you are doing okay! and had a wonderful sound sleep last night. I want to tell you a bit about myself and I think this will tell you a little more about me and what I do for a living. I really like everything I read about you and my gut instincts tells me you are a good woman. But here we are with you in California and me, far away in the middle east (Afghanistan) on operation with the army. Too bad isn’t it? Well as long as we have life, we can still have time for ourselves in the near future, what matters is life, right? I just truly believe that there are no boundaries as you seek your life companion…Maybe it’s about time I tell you some stuff about myself and I hope you’ll tell me some more in your next email.

    How do I set the ball rolling? Well, My name is Glenn Schulz Wilson. I am an orphan and a German by trace but was adopted by my American parent who adopted me from an orphanage house in Germany, Berlin, I don`t have any relative in the U.S as I come from a very small family of four which is made up of me, my parent who have both past away and may their soul rest in peace once again, plus my uncle Ken who is a gay and have never been found after the death of my parent. I feel sad talking about this side of my life as I feel hurt but I understand it is all in a process of us getting to know each other very well and take things from there to see what God as in stock for us. I am 6’1″ tall with blue eyes and a bald head. I will be 49 this coming NOV. 5th; My friend always tell me i look younger than my age 🙂 i feel good when they they tell me that and i think it’s because of me exercising always and keeping fitness. Well, I started A &A Children Academy at 6 and later on continued from Calvary Baptist Church Schools. I was very playful at school and it affected my academic works, I joined the Military academy at the age of 16. I was in the boarding school so my parents visit me once in a while. I didn’t spend much time at home. This is my sad side I don`t like talking about as it get me crazy and get remembered of the past but I will have to as it is all in the process of knowing each other better and take life from there. My mom was in the medical field of the army and later died of breast cancer,my dad was into jewelry business and also later died of motor cycle accident this is about my family but if there is anything else you will like to know you can ask, i will love it if you will be very open to ask whatever you will like to know .

    when it comes to my line of work i can say very few online for the sake of security reasons, I’m an E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSG) in the 75th Ranger Regiment. I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First I am the leader of my squad. with our task in this Afghan region coming to an end with some few hinges here and there i am also planning for my retirement,i have been here for 12 months and a half now but i was home on May 8th when i got sick so i had to hurry to the state to see my doctor so my pictures are only months old and i hope it okay for ya. Well I will be home in months time. Actually, we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders because of security reasons but I need a woman for myself as my retirement is just very close and can’t be home all alone. A woman that will be there for me and I will be there for her too. I will not be able to call you because we are not allowed to communicate with outsiders on phone. Everything is monitored, I hope that does not put you off. Well, My dear i will not say much about work for now because it will be discussion when we sit in the together sharing our experiences in life. I joined the army because I have passion for it as I love protecting people and taken care of people. I also look after kids who have lost their family through war in Afghanistan which is my own responsibility as the government does not give any concern about them and i get hurt to see them suffering, I love kids.

    I was once married to a beautiful woman called Jane, we were married for 22 years and she died out of car accident rendering me a widower now. Well I believe God has his own purpose for that…I had made up my mind to stay single until I die but I have realized one thing also as staying single is not such a fun thing to do because I always feel lonely and I wish I had that company of a very loving and affectionate woman. I know that they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I go to bed with tears every night waiting to see the woman of my dreams in my life again. Every day passes by without me thinking about that special woman. I know I am not perfect, but I do have goals in my life. I take good care of myself. I am honest, sincere, and true, and I have a lot of love to give if you are willing to be on the receiving. I have found true love before and I still believe there is true love somewhere out there.I have my own and granted they are nice things, but I am after a love that will give me a reason to breathe, i want someone i can grow old with.

    I am an open minded person and i accepts people as they are, I am very romantic :), I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest, and looking to meet a woman that I can spend the rest of my life with in good times and in bad times, talking of bad times i wonder if any will even come our way. I am looking forward to a woman that I can love and cherished with all my whole being. I have wished for many things in life very few have come to past and this very one about the woman i pray to spend the rest of my life with will be one of them, i am ready to relocate far as where I will find that special one, distance in relationship in this stage of my life i do not think it will be a problem and i also believe that two people can find each other even through a long distance. I looking forward to see some pictures of you:). I wish i can say more but i have to go now, I hope all this will tell you who i am and what i do for a living.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon…

    Good Morning


    > Glenn S Wilson
    > E-6
    > Staff Sergeant
    we continued to email and chat through yahoo messenger , i did sent money for his ticket home here in california and paid his yellow tag fee and another fee in dubai customs…yes, i was falling for this guy that i completely became naive…
    presently, as of last night…he claimed he got robbed by these men and took his gold bars and started to demand more money …the so called robbers came online (with different color font) to chat and asked me for the money and if i do not give it to them they will kill him…i told them i do not have it….then they went offline , half an hour later, glenn came back on and told me that they had released him after giving them his pocket money ….now he said he has to rebook his flight and call the” flight center”…he is awaiting for their response. and that he could hardly wait to finally come home ….he was supposed to arrive at 1120 today but since he missed his flight…i do not know when he will be here….i told him that i will not believe him until he is really in front of me at the airport….he said he will prove to me that he is not one of the bad people that i was accusing him of….so we will see…now all the money i had sent to him are borrowed money…which he promise to pay them back….right….i am now going to find another way to pay all my friends back their money…i do not know how but i will have to because of the promisory notes i signed…this is the biggest and dumbest mistake i had ever done in my life….i vow that i will fight back, i do not get angry, i get even…ladies, we will get this scammers one way or another….i did checked the company name and his unit is ligit…but no AKO……..any feedback will be appreciated CJ.


    • omg!!!!! I’ve been emailing back and forth to a guy, staff seargeant gary r. schulz he sent me the same exact email about his background….being abdopted etc…..I can’t believe it! he hasn’t asked for money yet or anything else but I asked for another photo of him with his army buddies last night and he sent one of him and another army guy dressed and obviously in full uniform and looks like hes in afganistan…..oh I can’t believe this, I was almost falling for him too. but always not quite sure…..

      • also, he found me on…beware of guys on this site apparently they aren’t all real….
        Gary schulz revel E-6 staff sergeant….he’s a fake….too bad.

  32. I also jus resently startd talking to another one called lingojenkins or Scott Desjardins .I saw his pictures lasted on the website about military scammers. I jus told him n he said iv insulted him lol that ladies careful n these guys r so handsome but if ut gut tellingu sumthing or u feel it not right. Well u know what that usually mean..SCAMMERS……..

  33. I have came across sum of these scammers k n site called moco space. One of the fool’s contacted me that3 times w different names same pictures but all 3 profiles had Di fervent name but contained last name Johnson or Carlson. I chat w all og them but that how stupid they were they didn’t realize they were talking to me at same time.when I confronted them they or he jus didn’t know what To say n confessed n yes they all asked gnor money. For leave to come c me n for a phone n the either WUZ to pay for phone calls n there another one called mark warnner. They’re in Kabul so they say n confessed.I never send money or nothing

  34. Hello,

    I strongly believe this person is impersonation a U.S soldier and that is just not right! I’m naturally a very skeptical person so I never really trusted him and after a few keywords that raised a red flag for me, I decided to do some research. Fortunately, he never asked me for money or any personal info other than photos. I found the following information, hope it helps and I still have a few of his e-mails and picture if you like me to forward them to you. This is the e-mail this person is using to contact me, we’ve been e-mailing since July of this year. We meet on and there are a lot of people like this jerk on there. I doubt he’ll be contacting me after today, I went off on him when I saw all this. I’d just like to prevent this from happening to someone who is more trusting than I am because he is a charmer and the man in the picture is handsome.

    Romero Williams

    • Sorry, my brain is much faster than my fingers…lol His name is Williams Romero and the e-mail address he uses is He responded back today with “huh???” nothing else…lol

  35. I’ve received three friend requests from supposed U.S. Army sergeants, names being “Mc Spencer”, “Raymond Chandler” and “Smith Swan”. These have come via Facebook. No money or gifts have changed hands. Here is a bit about my experience.

    Swan’s uniform name label is longer, beginning with “S” and ending with “ten” and I have tried many iterations of this, but have turned up nothing. This person continues to communicate with me, and I am trying to ferret out more info. His page states that he lives in California City, CA; is an Army Ranger, and was educated at the U.S. Army War College, as well as US Army Ranger School.

    In the course of our chats, he has told me, in some oddly phrased language, that he has a daughter, “but the mother is late” and “lives with my mum in Mexico.” Early on, his words included “missing you already” and building endearments. My first red flag was actually when he responded to a question in this way: (me) “Why do you always send me messages in the early hours of the morning?” and his answer: “That’s when I get chanced.” Hmmm. He didn’t answer the question when I asked what that meant., but changed the subject, then suddenly had to depart. He has told me he is “on a secret mission in Africa” and that he is “afraid of the country (he is in) right now. Later conversation tells me that what he does “isn’t dangerous”! Yet he’s listed as an Army Ranger.

    Language and grammar are very odd, and I believe that these messages are coming from at least three different people, with varying degrees of education. I will be happy to send transcripts of the chats.

    I did request that he provide an APO address so that I could send a letter. Response: what gift would I send. I replied that I would write a letter…and he said to send money instead. No address was forthcoming. He also asked me if I knew about TS2, and that I should learn about it. He frequently has to consult with his commander and zip, he’s gone. Other times, he says he is on break at work, and just with friends. This “Army Ranger” is able to spend an hour or more at a time, at any time of day or night, chatting with me. Amazing! (You do realize I am being cynical…) I am playing along. Most recently, he said he “needs some things…” so am waiting to see what the ploy will be. Keeping it light and chatty. He NEVER responds to direct questions, alternates between texting (ttyl and lol), very simple terms and phrases (yea, yeah, you there) and much more elaborate, well articulated sentences..

    My fairly extensive online research has shown that:

    1) Chandler is actually Raymond F. Chandler, III, the Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army!

    2) McSpencer, who told me his real name is Mac Brian Spencer, is actually Command Sergeant Major James E. Spencer, heading the Army Sustainment Command in Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. He’s from Tennessee, not Fairbanks, Alaska, as listed on FB.

    I found their actual information by using Google Images, by dropping in the photos from their FB pages. They are both legitimate military men, and their information is posted on U.S. Army official pages (

    The chatting fellow, “Smith Swan” is elusive, however, and I couldn’t find anything at all, though I have tried. There are six photos posted on his FB page. Nothing came up via Google Images. Curious to know if anyone else has had messages from him.

    This is all such a disgusting and disrespectful state of affairs. I have filed reports of this abuse to Facebook and to the Pentagon’s Criminal Investigation Service, which is linked to the FBI.

    Thanks for allowing this forum. If it makes a difference to one other person…

    • I too was recently contacted by a Captain Spencer Rodriquez. I was able to catch that in his pictures – he was not a Captain – he is a CSM and his last name on his uniform was Spencer not Rodriquez….so I googled CSM Spencer and sure enough this person has made a fake FB Page.

      Just beware.!/spencer.rodriguez.940

      I tried to email CSM Spencer via his Army email – but I could not locate him.

  36. Does anyone know of a steven miller based in Afganistan. Aged 52yrs with a 19yr old son Brian. Lives in Michegan. Says his a Sargent. Wife dead 7 yrs of cancer. Ive been speaking to him and ive now blocked him after he asked me for money.

    • i have since met a man named James miller and goggled his photos and wow!!!he was a complete scam..but luckily it was before we went any further he has the same location Afghanistan Kabul he says he has a son called Alex in the states..i just simply asked him if he had knowledge of scammers and he vanished into space until now..

  37. Hi – I live in Germany and I got mails also from a scammer. He called himself stephen stock and sent me pictures of stuart james. I am a realistic type, so the whole thing seemed strange, because of love was spoken in the 2.mail. It doesn’t for me. It was always more sodas I’ve written, if he does not stop, I will no longer write with him. different scammers must have written me there, because sometimes the communication was very intelligent, other times very naive with bad spelling. I was also wondering, ask the never on my answer was. It had the appearance, as were my words not read. the next thing I found very strange, he called a birthday present from me! that alone is already naughty, but who wanted to, the I send him boxer shorts! Hello? how stupid is that? I buy but any foreign man underwear. He was not calm and asked again for the gift. I was annoyed. by letter to am I then carefully made, that is the a cheater. in Germany magazine was reported in a tv. I’ve informed me here on the internet and researched. I deleted my e mail address so that the scammers can no longer contact me.

  38. I would like to know if Alvin Peterson, deployed at Qatar (US Army), is a scammer. He says he’s from Tampa, FL and had a 17 year old son living in Germany. Again……….widowed !!!


    • Janet if you met him on any social site and he claims to be US Military in the War Zone YES he is a Scammer with the same old sob stories all have a deceased Wife or one that cheated with best Friend and ran off with all of his money and ALL Scammers have at least one Child in this Case he’s basically telling you he IS A Scammer think about it why would a US Military Member leave their Child with a Caretaker Germany this is a West African Posing as a US Military member and he will begin to beg if you do not cut off contact with him be it for money or for expensive electronics maybe even all of the personal information he can get from you to use it to try to scam Men using your pics so again IF you have NEVER seen him clearly on webcam for an interactive chat (Webcams can be faked) and if you have never met him face to face based on what he’s told you so far he is ABSOLUTELY a Fraud.

      Educate yourself ASAP Google Military Romance Scams and also for support and more information go to Scamwarners and Romancescam hope this helps Anonn

  39. Has anyone heard of a guy in the us army he goes by Benjamin Wesley. I am currently in contact with him I met him on he’s allegedly in Kabul he sent me photos of himself as (Stuart James) only when he skyped me he wasn’t the guy in the photo… I think he’s leading up to asking for money. He says he’s from New York had a 15yr old son. Again widowed!!
    I would like to know if he is a scammer or you have heard of this name being used. I am living in the UK.

  40. Here is another question I have…

    Has anyone been asked to activate a call so that the soldier can talk on the phone? Curious on that one as well

  41. Do you have any information on the following men?

    Master Sergeant John Robles – Afghanistan –
    Captain Gary Duncan – Syria – 614-285-7062
    Sergeant Jonathon Walton – Afghanistan – 234-206-3473

    Been speaking to all for 3 weeks and all are in love with me. lol love doesn’t happen that fast

    Curious how to approach all of these if they are scammers.

      • Thanks for letting me know. Charming Gary Duncan just asked to send a new cellphone as his was starting to fail. So glad to have this site.

        • Oh wow. ..I’m talking to a guy now named Raymond Sheppard. He is asking for a cell phone and wants me to send the money to his commander Gary Duncan in nygeria..

      • bryan Anderson sgt in Us Army asking for his wife for leave permission. wanting you to send 350.00 to nigeria

    • I am texting with Gary Duncan I ask him if he was real and not a scam I have been trying
      To catch him in a lie I also told him I was broke but he still is texting me
      What did he tell you about himself

    • OMG! – I have been talking to a Gary Duncan ( from for about 10 days and he is telling me how much he is in love with me and gets upset when I tell him it’s too fast etc…..

      I am so glad that I googled the name “GARY DUNCAN, US Army” and saw this post – otherwise I may have started to believe we had a future.

      I knew something was off – but thought maybe it was just my suspicious nature.

      Thank God for this site…

  42. If you want to find out if someone is a scammer go to or to google images and upload the pictures he has given you. You will sometimes be able to find out if this person is using someone else’s pic or if they are some type of scammer. It has worked for me several times from different dating sites. And then when I make the guy aware of what I have found he calls me a liar, uh yeah right. I am the liar. Come on

  43. I’m from the UK. Been talking to a guy who said he was a Captain in US Air Force normally based in UK but currently deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan for past 6 months. He has been so genuine and lovely to me….or so I thought until he asked me for £1800 to help him come back to the UK to be with me. He is using the name Robert or Rob Kennedy and the email addresses or I met him on zoosk. Has anybody else been scammed by him??

    • The very same Robert Kennedy contacted me via email – rec’d one from him last night in fact! OMG!!!


  45. Hello, I’ve been reading this page. And I am sad to say I think I too am being scammed, on Facebook. As I have ready on other pages – supposed soldier I am taking to has one name on his fb page (Scott Adams) and yet another on his uniform (Scott). Now I know that the name on the uniform is the last name not the first. And when I asked him about it several times he says it is Mr. Adams, Scott Adams. I am waiting for him to e-mail me from his military e-mail. But from several days of reading about scams. I fear he is a scamm-er using a real soldiers pictures and fake name. I have no real way of checking if he really is who he says he is. Any ideas. Thank you all for all the info. you have given on this/these pages. I think I answered my own question but it is hard to face as he is very charming. He has not asked me for any money YET. But did ask me to buy him a calling card, via western union, through some Nigerian location. At huge prices $150, $300, and $600 for low amount of minutes. Big ALERT!!! right here. But I have only been talking with him for a month. I’ve been talking with him over facebook messenger and he found me. Thanks, I hope this info. can help others.

    • Hello Kale –

      You’re right about the name on the uniform shirt being the real soldier’s last name. For some reason, these African scammers don’t seem to understand western first and last names. My photos have been used by scammers since at least 2009. I find fake accounts on Facebook nearly everyday. About half the time, they use my last name as a first name. You were wise to ask your scammer for an e-mail from his AKO (Army Knowledge Online) account. Keep in mind that official military e-mail addresses always end with .mil (example: or The scammers sometimes try to fool you with an officail sounding e-mail address (example: or

      Another good method for determining if one of these guys is real or not is to offer to send him some home-baked cookies. No deployed soldier would ever turn that down. Physical addresses for deployed soldiers always end with “FPO, NY” or “APO, NY” and a zip code. The address will NEVER mention the overseas country where the soldier is located. The zip code tells the postal employees all they need to know to get the package to the soldier. If your “soldier” gives you an address in Africa, you know he’s a scammer living in Africa.


  46. There is a person that i met on badoo he calls his self sgt Richard Williams hes asking for money to get him out of the military he was suppose to get deploy but he lost some papers of the numbers of weapons so he
    could not come home he needed $350.00 is the fine that he needs

  47. The site i met this guy was Mingle2 the man that contacted me was he said his name was Robert Klim he began talking to me, I had brothers that where in the service and could tell he was not real right away. I tried to ask him question he should know but he couldn’t answer I immediately terminated the conversation and deleted him all together.

    • I get occsional letters from this Ivan Haggard Henry. He is suppose to be getting out of the service, retiring in 2 months, has a son, Tony, can’t remember age, I think he said he was from KY. I have continued to offer positive messages, uplifting and Christian for the safety of him and his troops. He ignores and continues to write the same sappy can’t wait to see you, love you, etc. stuff and I ignore and continue to write uplifting, US military supportive email whenever he writes. What are you getting, same I suspect? Fran

  48. Good morning,

    I performed some online research regarding a young man which I am communicating with from the Dating Website. He has informed me that his full name is Ivan Haggard Henry and he is currently serving in Syria. His email address is

    Is it possible for you to confirm the identity information of this individual?

    Also, I would like to provide photos, please let me know where to send them.

    Thank you.

    • How long does it take to get a reply or comment from anyone?

  49. Ok girls here are some more that have tried to scam me. There are lots of them on the Badoo dating site. I’ve had five of them emailing me already. I see two girls on here have reported one of them this one here is very very smooth and very very believable. Almost had me falling in love with him.. Here are thier emails they are using. I believe these guys are all in the same place because they are always together on here at the same time and they seem to all have the same day off. Now remember I have lots of pictures you can reply to me on here I’ll get you pics. Here are the emails they are using. And and Please be aware of these emailers. You may contact me on here.

    • Hi. I was wondering if you could send me pics? I know someone being emailed by one of these email addresses.

  50. Can you give me any information about Captain Scott Harry – suppose to be in Kandahar , Afganistan.. from New York – on Facebook but on yahoo was from South Daykota – a widower a son 19 years old – stationned 5 years –

    • @ Lyne he is a SCAMMER the Name he is using is one he has made up please go to scamwarners and romancescam and Educate yourself on Military Scams you will find an abundance of information but you can also google the name and realize this scammer has made it up using two other Peoples Names cut off all contact if you have not done so already and delete and block him and know that US Military have access to their Bank Accounts at ALL TIMES,and will never need your help for any reason.

  51. My question is Tom Witt in the army real and in Syria at present?
    Would like a answer if anyone can give .
    Thank you

    • @ Karan YES he is a scammer I found this info on him also the last Name he is using belonged to a Fallen Soldier his Mother dedicated a page to her Son on Facebook and every since then scammers have gone crazy using his Last Name mixed with other Names they have made up……….

      First name: Tom

      Last name: Witt

      Aka: Sigmund Russell, Jerry, Carl


      Location(s): Kabul (Afghanistan); Lagos (Nigeria)

      Address(es): unknown

      Phone number(s): unknown

      E-mail address(es):

      Operates on website(s): unknown

      Scam media: unknown

      Fake documents: unknown

      Scam Report(s)

      Report N1 (added on June, 28, 2012)

      This man says he is in war in Afghanistan, a captain in the US Army. He is very loving but soon he wants you to send money. According to the police he is part of a criminal group in Nigeria. He contacts women in datingsites, facebook. I have pictures of him.

      If he claims he is so real tell him to email you from his AKO it should end in .mil only ANYTHING beyond ,Mil is a scammer if he emails you email him back if it returns undeliverable and it will he is a scammer also ask him for his APO there is no reason he cannot give that out and ask him for his MOS do not acceot what he tells you and do not give out personal information nor send him anything Via wire transfer that is NOT the way the US Military works.

      If he found you on ANY social site and claims to be Military he is a SCAMMER
      Leave and retirement do not have to be paid for
      Military members have access to their accounts at ALL times and will not need your assistance for ANYTHING

      The US Military takes care of its own. hope this helps Anonn

  52. I am a gay male who responded to a profile on a gay dating site and began corresponding with someone claiming to be Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan, age 32, currently deployed with the Fifth Mountain Regiment of the US Army and stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan.

    We’ve been corresponding for about six weeks now, and I’ve had growing suspicions as to whether he is who he says he is so I began doing a little online research, and that’s when I discovered this site amongst others and realized I was actually corresponding with a scammer posing as a US military personnel. I now know, in all certainty, that Staff Sargent Kyle Keenan is an impostor and indeed a scammer.

    It’s relatively early in our correspondence and thus far he has not requested I send him any money or packages, but I’m sure those requests will soon be forthcoming as his messages seem to focus a lot on trying to build trust and get increasingly more amorous with each e-mail he sends. In my last e-mail I suggested we begin video-chatting on Skype (mostly because I had my suspicions about him and wanted to verify his identity) and in his response I received yesterday he wrote…”At the moment we are not allowed to use accessories here in camp since after the Bin Laden hazard, due to security reason, so i can’t possibly make calls or Skype.” I knew that was a crock, military personnel are free to video-chat on Skype all the time. In addition to all the bad grammar errors and numerous misspelled words in his e-mails this, for me, was my “Ah-ha!” moment so to speak. and the moment I realized ‘something is not right here.’

    Thus far he doesn’t know I know he’s a scammer and that I’m on to him. I’m trying to figure out a way to nail his a$$ good, lol, sort of turn the tables and give him a taste of his own medicine so to speak! Would love to send him a computer virus but have no idea how to go about that. Maybe I should write and ask HIM to send ME money…or perhaps an IPad, lol!

    At any rate, let my experience along with the similar experiences of others here be a warning to all. Dating sites, both straight AND gay, are FULL of these scammers so be forewarned and try to verify the identity of anyone you meet online as early as possible. Tip offs are poor English usage, numerous spelling errors and increasingly amorous e-mails. And whatever you do…don’t send them money or gifts!

    • Kyle has contacted me as well… I caught on to him by asking alot of questions. He has been e-mailing me since April 2013. He wanted me to send him cash to pay a fee so he could come visit from England and I did not fall for that. Then he wanted to send me a paycheck to deposit and then withdraw to send to a tax preparer. I did not fall for that either. Have not heard from him in a week which is the usual amount of time for him to respond.

  53. ATTENTION EVERYONE!! I’m looking for someone that lives in or near California that is willing to tell their story of being scammed to the media. CBS has contacted me and would like to bring attention to these scams. If you are in California and are willing to tell your story of being scammed, please contact me at If you’re not in California, but would like to share your story with the media so we can try to stop these people, please contact me as well. Right now, I only need those who were scammed living in the United States. I need someone as soon as possible!!

    • hi cj if your ever loking for someone in scotland to tell there story get back to me im up for it so it might help others see what these people will ask for . thanks for all the good work you put in here and any help i can give you call me the more we put out there the things that are going on the more people might not feel so intimidated to come forward with there storys …. thanks davy

    • CJ, I have already sent you an email regarding the possible scam of a soldier, but I have not received your response. At your earliest convenience, could you please respond to the email I sent approximately an hour ago and yes, I would like to tell my story, if I have one to tell, but I truly hope not, because I really like this guy, not to mention the very nice photos, which again is why I am awaiting your response.


  54. Need to find out if a Steve Edwards or a King Steve edwads is a fraud??

    • I am trying to find out if the person that I am dating online is tring to scam me. We met on a site called SpeedDate his name is Moses H, Darby Capton of the US Army and I want to know if he is who he say he is. The stories on here sound like they are true but for me he is not asking me to send money he wants to send money to me so that I can send it to South Africa as donations. I am not sure as to what I am to do so thats why I am on this site trying to get some understanding as to what is going on and is there any truth to who or what type of person I am dealing with. Please responed back

      • German. I have also been talking to a Capt. Moses Darby in the US Army. Could you please tell me what information you found out?I hope to hear from you very soon.

        • Where is he stationed , and do you have pics

      • Scam – why would he be sending money to charities in Africa and why would he be sending it to you to send to them? how will he send you money? He will either ask for your bank account details (do not give to anyone online) or send it from ‘abroad’ with a valuable present for you. The present will be intercepted by ‘customs’ who will phone asking for money e.g import tax to send it on. All bogus of course.

      • Did he send you any pictures? What personal things did he tell you,family etc

  55. I have almost been scammed by a man identifying himself as Sgt James Collins in afghanistan. V ery charming…Things were going well until he asked me to send his 8 year old daughter a laptop computer and I phone 5. Here is the address he wanted things sent to. Name: Andy James Country: Ghana City : Accra Zipcode : 00233 Address : P.O. Box Nt 814 new town
    He is using ambless4040 yahoo or gmail.

    Do not ever, ever send money or anything….Even if you are smitten–and he is charming. It is reprehensible that they are using our military as bait to single women.

  56. Hi I came across this site trying to find all information about Military scammers and it is so bad want this world has come to I have so many scammer to many to count one said he was in the Army then started to ask me to help him get leave so he can come see me I knew this didnt make sence I know I am not that dumb I told him it is your job to ask for leave . I think I am working on another one now he showed his face on web cam for 2 mins and had to get off because he it not allowed to use web cam I have a feeling it was a recorded. He says he cant use a phone to call because of serurity reason I forgot say he said he is in Afghaniston in Kandahar. We talk on Yahoo messenger he has not ask for money yet just waitting My question is do the Military can they use web cam and phone when they want to. I want to learn and get these ass holes I try to go to the police with my first scammer but sence no money was exchange they can not do nothing Something has to be done and I want to help Right now want I am doing is trying to piss them off because they hate it I let them believe just a little that I am intersted and give them a run for there money I know one thing about these scammer they do get mad very easy if you ask to many question they try to make you feel quilty. and also how can you love someone right of the bat they always say I love you you dont trust me If their is a way I can help plz let me know I want to get these assholes


  57. I am a widow. I got caught up in what I thought was a good, honest, American soldier in Iraq. Well after losing all my money, he still needed more. Finally said good bye. He was “Raymond Mark Johnson” so he said. His email was Anyone else out there know him?? Have been talking with another solider. Never sent any money, can’t, don’t have any left. He has never asked me for any money, and has sent me money to cover my rent one month when my money was stolen. He says he is in Kuwait. Name of Steve Kellie, email: If anyone knows anything about him, I would so appreciate you letting me know. Thank you, and ladies, keep your guard up.

  58. CJ NOTE: This comment is sent from a scammer. He is using the email address I approved it only to expose him.

    Michele King is lying about ever sending any money tell her to snap a copy of the receipt or the info she sent money to ?

    • Whether Michele is lying or not, you piece of Shit, I hope you and the same piece of non-talking, non-spelling dumb Nigerian Shit like you that are misusing and abusing the REAL MEN Names and Photos, all go straight to HELL!!!!

  59. I have been caught in a scam from A user name of smile4daddy, who in turn is using the name Steven Collins from Gonzales Texas. The man sent pictures and shows him to be in the National Guard and stationed in Gaza. I would like to contact the real Steven Collins and make him aware of this scam. Lucky for me, within the first few days I suspected a scam and have not sent any money. I hate that our military men and women are being used this way and hope we can find a way to stop them

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  62. Buenos dias, disculpen la molestia, solo lo hice por distraerme , jamas por conseguir nada,,,,no me interesa nada con alquien que no conozco, pero empece a no creer lo que me decia el señor, el cual no se si su nombre es verdader. paso a relatarle…se dice llamar general alex marcus, el y que esta el ejercito de los estados unidos adcrito en pakistan, en una comision antidrogas., lo que me llamo la atencion es que dice no tener, familia, ni esposa,ni hijos…ya empece a desconfiar de el…no me interesa para nada., jamas me han gustado los hombres mas jovenes que yo., si me dijo que podriamos conocernos cuando lo jubilen y no me parecio mala idea sin ningun compromiso…YA LE DIJE NOME GUTAN LOS HOMBRES MAS JOVENES QUE YO…cometi una discrecxcion le di mi direccion y telefono….me arrepiendto , se los comunico para ver si uds. me pueden ayudar a ver si esta mezclado en algo irregular…..NO ME GUSTARIA ME ENVIEN MENSAJE POR ESTA VIA, SERIA UNA VERGUENZA NACIONAL PARA MI. jamas me volvera a suceder….por medio de una miaga fue que empece a recibir solo mail….a sus ordenes. SOL

  63. very bad and big shame to US military … tim wells big shit and he scammer .. using name of general david petraues to collect some amout for the victim of dating online ..please please check tim wells if is real soldier

  64. I was caught up in a scam using military personnel stationed in Afghanistan. I reconignized what was going on shortly into messaging with him. He went from asking money for air time, a birthday present for his son to wanting air fare to send his son home from Africa where he was traveling with a friend of his.I never sent him money, this went on from the first of July to the end of August. This guy was unbelievable. I reported him to Perfect Match,( where I picked him up), Federal Trade Commission, IC3, Attorney Generals Office in NH, and to Western Union. I was so upset by him actually using our Military, I went to the Army National Guard armory for help in locating the soldier who he was using. AS it turned out the scammer was actually using the soldiers real name, I tracked him down and let him know what was happening. The soldier told me this has been happening to him since 2006 and there was nothing he could do about it. I tried myself to get in touch with Perfect Match but to no avail, they don’t return phone calls and when you do call the numbers listed they are not in service anymore, big problem. Just today I have found the scammer has posted pictures of the soldier he was scaming on Facebook and actually still using his name, thats not a good thing. I have contacted the soldier to let him know. At least I know the soldier he scammed is home safe with his family. I have been extremely upset at them using our military for there scams, but the gall of them using there actual names.

    • Has anyone come across ‘Christopher Anderson’? I found his google account and a account. He never asked me for money I am just curious if legit or not. Thank you 🙂

  65. Wow. I thought this guy I was talking to was genuine. For two weeks I’ve been talking to him. But I did suspect from the start something wasn’t right. His English was not too good although he said he was from ny America when I asked if he was foreign and was quite upset. He says his name is John Henry smith and he lost his wife in car accident for years ago. Professed indulging love immediately and told me all the time I love you babyi miss you baby. I actually thought it quite funny. Came across him on a site called Badoo. Never asked for money but thought I’d put him off because hadn’t heard from him for two days. I kept asking what he did fir marines but said he was on contract to NNPC in Nigeria

    Just heard from him today via yahoo email. He is not ok. Been attacked by rubbers and they cut off his drivers hand and took his money and cc and laptop. Lol. So I’m presuming his next step sill be to ask for money. I’m so glad I checked out your site. I was suspicious and decided to google “marines in Nigeria”. And your site came up through that.

    I will see what his next move is. He has my email address but that’s all. Such a shame this is happening. His pictures are gorgeous. Font know where he got them. But he’s not in uniform. Just another sure to beware off Badoo.

  66. That’s what’s annoying with the Internet and Social Media. Yes we get to share all our information but that is, in turn, for the public’s use. I feel unsafe now, even with facebook, knowing that someone can just copy your pictures and use it for identity fraud. Even if you put your profile in private, you still need to filter your friends! This is such a hard world for paranoids!

    • There is a way to ensure that none of your information can be shared, even amongst friends. You have to check your Facebook privacy settings and make them as strict as possible.

  67. i really need your email address. i am a victim of the military scam and yes he is threating me now if i dont give him money he is going to post my nude photos i sent to him…yes i am embarrased and ashamed that me, an intelligent not bad looking career woman got sacmmed!! but i am scared..

    • Tina, you can contact me at cj[at]soldiersperspective[dot]us. Don’t worry about his empty threats. This is what they do when they have been had. They are constantly threatening me for exposing them, but they live in an entirely different continent, unable to act on their veiled threats. It’s just a way to maintain power and hope that you are cowered into believing them.

      • I am upset to find I was communicating with somebody who had more than likely stolen the photos and i.d of a Stuart James US. military personnel, (after researching romance scam forums) when I confronted the perpetrator he turned very abusive and nasty, and made death threats to me. I was seriously taken in by him as it is not a phenomena we are familiar with here in Ireland. I was on facebook while recovering from a broken arm, and was not aware at the early stages of such abuses. I was asked to “friend” a soldier in afghanistan who wanted to marry me, sent me poetry etc. also a legitimate looking e-mail for!+a link to the skype report where a soldier passed away while talking to his family. I really fell for the guy in the photo he was so handsome, and gorgeous in his formal uniform. I am a mature conservative older lady and took the contact in good faith initially. I am very upset by this encounter to put it mildly and knew it was a scam when asked to write to the un.for leave and a fee would be required! I am glad to have found this site, to help recover from the disappointment.I was on i.m from end of january to end of march 2013 with this guy. Thank you. Rosemary. 26/4/2013


  68. Whether he will get it or not I don’t know, but I put a message on Mark Zuckerburg’s facebook page. Why don’t you stick an encryption button for people’s photo’s and personal information. I look for the best in everyone and wouldn’t want to think you want all of those blue shadows to manipulate your subscriber numbers. Sincerely, Michele King. PS. That may not be the actual wording but is the gist as I don’t know how to copy and paste my actula words.

  69. I was found by scammers twice in the same day on skout. I was lucky enough to be suspicious enough to start researching myself and figured it out before losing any money. I think other than asking for money the biggest give away was language and grammar. A college educated man would never speak the way they typed. On of the two scammers was some one who was pretending to be a soldier. I myself found that soldier on Facebook and alerted him to the identity theft. My hope is that he was able to do something about it. The other was someone who claimed to be new to America from Germany. I hope more can be done in the future to stop this

    • Who was the person from Germany? I got scammed by Paul Ullrich, born in Germany. However, his Zoosk profile says Philadelphia, PA.

  70. I am a widow that has been scammed, if you Google it will take you to the blog where I tell my sad tale scrolling and scrolling clear to the end. Those “rat bastards” are in my Facebook account and had been in everything else who knows they may erase what I am writing here again. I don’t care I just keep typing it all again. Well, anyway backto why I am commenting on this post which I had read about in one of the other rooms as a coming soon, but only now am able to read. Now, I am really PISSED. $4000.00 PER HOUR IS LOST! What the F…! That is 35 million dollars a year. When anyone who has been scammed gets to this site it is TOO LATE!! We need a new plan the old one is not working obviously. I don’t know anything about the army, but I have watched enough movies to know there is an oath that everyone takes to defend all of the United States citizens from our enemies. Sometimes enemies are not holding weapons that shoot. Surely, there must be a way to infiltrate these internet cafes. Why don’t you put Hilary Clinton on this subject? I am sure she would love to hang any man by there balls as these “rat bastards” surely deserve. I cannot believe that there is nothing to be done, I mean for Christ’s sake the military found Bin Laden!!! These “rat bastards” certainly can’t be clever enough to outfox the greatest country in the world. I know about someone dying in your arms as my husband did from cancer at the age of 44. It is traumatic and impossible to forget. When I think what we could do for cancer research or to make our soldiers lighter for combat or so many other things than giving all of that money to those “rat bastards” I could scream and fly right through this computer and strangle them myself. Thanks for having this blog to vent. I feel better, but saddened by the ridiculous predicament. Sincerely,( from a scammed widowed perspective) Michele King

    • Hi Michele,

      I could not find your blog. Could you please send it to me.

      Thank you

    • what a pity I don’t know why this Nigeria are so heartless, they use our profile to fraud, if you can send the details of the fake profile and his Email I can eager to help you out OK, I believed evryting will be alright

  71. LL,
    I just read this post and I’m curious about your comment on 9/16/2012? Is sarcasm the best post to leave and wondering what prompted your comment? Thanks.

    • Jane, CJ is one of my best friends. I also know his wife very, very well and I recently spent Labor Day weekend with him and his family. CJ is about 5′ 6″ and I’m 5′ 8″ and I give him a hard time about being a midget. We (his closest friends) all do. I’m sorry my inside joke offended you, but I can assure you, it did not offend him. It amuses me to no end that they picked a “good” height for his fake profile and some tall woman like me would be very disappointed if they ever met him. Since I have done online dating and have towered over men who say they are 5′ 10″ (gotta love the LYING), I was a wee bit sarcastic. If you are unsure, you can check out my website ( and you can see a picture of myself, CJ, and our buddy Marcus all toting guns before a shootout/BBQ we had a few weeks ago. I hope this sets your mind at ease. It was not meant or directed at any of the unfortunate women who have been taken in by these liars, scammers, and buttheads.

      • LL, thank you for your response. My gut response wasn’t so much from being offended, but, why would someone respond in such a manner? Now I know why! I truly appreciate your response. I am thankful for all the people who have been “out” there trying to bring awareness to this problem. A few weeks ago, I had no idea that this type of crime even existed.

  72. Hi I read your article which was interesting and would like to highlight a site I am with and the number of people who have used military guys details to try and scam I have had a lot and at one time tried to report it , the site is Meetme perhaps you would like to check it out, its in insult to those who serve, I hope this sort of thing can be stamped out.

    • Cathy, go ahead and share the site here. I will approve the comment after reviewing it. Thanks for stopping by.

        • Aha ha ha I just read your pst. Thanks for putting that picture on the same guy is texting me instant messaging m right now. I would never send any money. They get mad when you don’t and then they tell you they can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust them. I’ve had five of them on the dating site do that to me now. Thanks for posting the pic. I have pics if anyone wants to see them of five of these scammers

        • Meet Dave rondeau he has all the red flags
          Meet him on skout

        • He starting chatting with my aunt under James Scott Repetto. After three days hes is love. Yeah right.

      • Im currently chatting with US Army, I pretend im so deeply inlove with him too.Now he ask me to pay a big amount for his leave. I have screen shot our conversation i want to show to all. Where can i send thanks.

        • OMG!!! My story is similar!!! His name is Michael Cruise with a 9yr old living with him mom in Africa because his wife died of cancer!!!!! His sons name is Kelvin as well his email address is He said he’s flying into to state next week to meet. Hasn’t asked for money yet but has started with the I Love You’s. I know it’s a scam, but he keeps dodging the questions…. He to is in Afghanistan. I am also saving all texts.

  73. My favorite part of YOUR particular profile will always be that they listed you at 5’11”. Bwaaaaaahahahahaha

      • Has anyone had a James Collins contact them saying he’s a staff sergeant in the military please let me know he

        • Yes, I’ve been corresponding for soon to be 3 years. He’s been about the perfect gentleman.. Now foul language with no requests for anything in a sexual manner..Has asked for money now and then but nothing so extraordinary…example $15.00 to $200.00. If I say I don’t have it to spare, he leaves it at that..He tells me, it’s ok and he wishes he had access to his own funds. He uses the profile picture of “Stuart Richard James” which I know lives a few hundred miles from me in real life. I ask him why use someones photo, he says “Stu” knows about it. (I don’t know that for a fact) I can’t explain about my feelings exactly..Part of me says he’s a scammer then the other part tells me-there’s someone behind the photo who really likes me..Like I said-he asks for money then drops the subject if I don’t have it…

        • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this guy cares about you. It’s a business for them. They only want your money. They think eventually you’ll crack and send it to them. You’re not the only woman the person behind the keyboard is playing.

      • i there a possibility that you can confirm if this is the sam Michael Stone? Can I send you the pics? He goes by Myke Stone ARMY has a son and his wife die. Please let me know.

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