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When I joined the Army over 20 years ago, I was required to take the following oath:

“I, CJ Grisham, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

When I took that oath, it meant something to me. It wasn’t a rite of passage, it was a lifelong commitment to the protecting the principles of liberty upon which this country was founded. I take a very originalist position on the Constitution and I don’t have no deviation. I spent over 20 years upholding that oath in the Army, but my oath didn’t end when I retired and took off my nation’s uniform. It’s an oath I will defend with my life.

When I was running for State Senate in Texas, I was doing so because the previous state senator (Troy Fraser) wasn’t upholding the oath he took to serve and protect our liberties. Last year, he refused to sign onto pro-liberty legislation as a co-sponsor or co-author. I got the standard political double speak of “if it comes to a vote, I’ll vote it.” That’s a cop-out for plausible deniability. They can claim to support gun rights by saying they’ll vote for the bill on the floor, then proclaim how sorry they were they never got to vote for it because it was never brought up for a vote. This is the same game that Governor Abbott played. He refused to sign on to this legislation so I vowed to run against him. However, he decided to retire, so I ran as I said I would. During the campaign, I realized that there were other candidates that believed the same way I did, so I dropped out to support them.

Right now in Texas, we have a choice to make in the race for State Senate to fill this important seat. I’m frankly fed up with politicians who say they are one thing and do quite another. Case in point is State Representative Susan King who also threw her hat into the ring. Susan King has a paltry record of supporting pro-liberty, small government, life protecting, and sovereignty asserting legislation. She has a failing grade from nearly every conservative organization in Texas. Yet, she’s running as the best thing for liberty since Thomas Paine.

She refused to even co-author or co-sponsor a bill to recognize the inalienable rights if Texans to keep and bear arms without a permission. She did so at the direction of Straus as he pressured many lawmakers. King thinks that law abiding citizens should be tracked by the government and taxed on their liberties. She also views a handgun license as a revenue generation tool for the state. Finally, she didn’t support the Rinaldo/Huffines amendment to protect gun owners from harassment by law enforcement when it went to a conference committee.

One of the things that Susan King loves to tout is her chairmanship on the House Defense and Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Like her liberal colleague, Jimmy Don Aycock, she only got the position because a military base in her district. As she campaigns, she has tried to use her position on this committee as some sort of bona fides for supporting her, as if it means she did anything for veterans in the ONE session she was on the committee. But, listening to her, you’d think she was hand selected for her philanthropic achievements for veterans.

Let’s look at her voting record and where she stands on liberty by the numbers just on bills she co-authored.

  • HB 2 – she voted YES on a Bill that allows for abortion up to 20 weeks.
  • HB 80 – this bill makes it a crime to use your cell phone or any “portable wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle.” Naturally, law enforcement is exempt because they are better than everyone else and for some reason are more capable of using them than the rest of the proletariat.
  • HB 2171 – this bill allows the government to collect personal immunization records of individuals until they are 26 unless they read every big government bill that gets passed and knows they need to rescind permission to maintain records on their immunizations in writing. The bill raised the age these records are maintained from 18 to 26. More nanny state legislation.
  • HB 2813 – this bill issued more mandates for insurance companies in Texas to provide additional coverage. In other words, bringing more Obamacare-style health care mandates to Texas and jacking up costs.

The fact is that Susan King never authored a single bill that would have furthered liberty in Texas. While other conservatives were filing bills to cut off funding and resources to NSA spy operations within our borders, bring Texas gold back to Texas, prevent Texas resources from being used to enforce unconstitutional federal edicts, and cut off funds to illegals among other things, King was busy working to grow Obamacare, increase spending, and collude with Democrats. She refused to sign on to constitutional carry legislation (if you can legally own and purchase a firearm, you can legally carry that firearm without a government permission slip.

Recently, the number one ranked, liberty-minded representative in the Texas House, Jonathan Stickland, wisely endorsed King’s opponent, Dr. Dawn Buckingham.

“I have served with Susan King in the Texas House for two sessions. That is why it is an easy decision to support her opponent Dr. Dawn Buckingham,” stated Rep. Stickland.

“I hope Texans in [Texas Senate District] 24 are not fooled by Rep. King’s campaign rhetoric. They should be aware of her record of voting to expand Obamacare in Texas and being weak on border security. More often than acceptable she chose to side with Democrats instead of conservatives in the Texas House, I have no doubt she would do the same in the Senate if elected. Dr. Buckingham has proven that she is a conservative fighter who won’t enter the Senate chambers with strings attached and favors to pay back unlike her opponent. I urge everyone to vote for Dr. Buckingham in the runoff election on May 24th.”

IMG_4773Susan King is known for her repetitious wardrobe of red coats and skirts wherever she goes. However, when Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis was on the Senate Floor trying to filibuster legislation that would make killing unborn children after 20 weeks of gestation, King was there wearing ORANGE instead of red. Why? Because the color orange was the color worn by the pro-abortion supporters during their protests of the 2013 legislative sessions. Here’s the proof.

Some have said that she was just there to see what was going on and that it was coincidence that she was wearing orange. Others have said that it wasn’t really orange, just bad coloring. Yet, no one can deny she is being flanked by Democrats also wearing orange. And in case a picture doesn’t speak 1000 words, here are Susan King’s OWN words about the filibuster.

“I can’t separate the fact that I’m a nurse and have been,” King said. “I can’t separate the fact that I’m a mother and a grandmother. These are all very personal issues to a woman.”

“Women have a constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion within certain pentameters,” King said.

Susan King is no Texas conservative. It’s questionable whether she’s even a Texan in my mind. Dr. Buckingham will honor that oath to defend liberty and life in the Texas Senate!

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