Iniquity, Dishonor, and Infidelity

According to the Temple Police Department’s website, “The department has adopted the motto of ‘Integrity, Honor, and Dedication’, as these terms best describe the character of the men and women who are the Temple Police Department.”

It pains me to say this, but that’s more bull excrement in one statement than every pasture on which my family farms combined.

I was recently sent a copy of the Killeen Daily Herald from this past Friday, April 19. In the “Our Texas” section there was a story titled, “Army Marathon security tightens in wake of bombings.” This was the first Army-sponsored marathon in the area. The following paragraphs were tucked near the end of the story:

The only concern brought up during Thursday’s brief regarded Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham, a Temple resident whose arrest there on a weapons charge has drawn national attention.

Cpl. Christopher Wilcox with Temple Police Department said that he didn’t expect anything beyond Grisham making “a spectacle of himself.” The gun rights advocate recently released a video of his arrest that has garnered more than 1.8 million views on YouTube.

“I don’t see it causing a problem for the marathon, and I think the people that are showing support for Mr. Grisham support the marathon,” Wilcox said.

What the hell is that?! Wilcox is basically saying that I should be viewed with the same suspicion as the Boston bombers. He insinuates that I’m no better than the 9/11 terrorists. My wife even feels like he is creating a hostile environment for us to continue living in the City of Temple. How can we feel safe in a city where the spokesperson of the police department is labeling law-abiding citizens as criminal threats?! What if we actually have a need to call the police to respond to an emergency? Can we count on them to do so without bias? I don’t think so.

I don’t know what the Temple Police Department is trying to pull, but if you ask me this amounts to defamation of character. I think the department has bigger problems than trying to defame the character of a law-abiding citizen and paint him as some sort of terrorist-in-waiting for standing up for his rights to keep and bear arms and freedom from illegal search and seizure. You know, LL recently wrote a post asking people not to call the Police Department because this case was out of their hands. I wrote a post addressing the alleged threats made against the arresting officers and standing by the PD as a whole. But, after reading this passage in the paper, I’m convinced they are out of control and the department needs an enema. I still don’t condone violence, but I understand now why so many people are angry at this department.

When did it become standard practice for a police department to excoriate a citizen that exposes their corruption and abuse of authority? Let’s recap what Cpl. Christopher Wilcox has said about me publicly so far, beginning with the Army Times article.

Wilcox told the Army Times that the arresting officer “approached Grisham and told him to set down the loaded rifle that was slung across his chest so the two could talk.” Instead of complying with that fictitious order, Wilcox said that I “became very irate and angry and yelled at the officer he was not going to take his gun.” Wilcox then told the Army Times that “a scuffle ensued.”

On March 24, Cpl. Chris Wilcox issued a report to the Temple Daily Telegram that “instead of talking to Grisham first, the officer decided to disarm him.”

Right off the bat, we have conflicts in what Cpl. Wilcox is putting out in the public. Which is it, Temple PD? Did I refuse to put down my rifle or did the officer not talk to me? The “scuffle” mentioned in early articles seems to have disappeared. If, in fact, there was a scuffle, why weren’t there any charges alleging this? If there wasn’t a scuffle (which there wasn’t), why hasn’t Wilcox corrected his version of events?

On April 3, Wilcox told the Telegram that I was carrying my rifle “by a sling designed to assist the user with immediate usage of the weapon.” Can anyone show me a sling that ISN’T designed to assist the user with “immediate usage of the weapon?” He also made sure that readers knew I was walking “near the airport” without actually telling them that I was walking AWAY from the airport at the time of my arrest. In fact, I live 50 feet from the airport, so anywhere I walk with a gun is “near the airport.” At some point, I would have had to walk TOWARDS the airport. What non-residents reading that also don’t understand is that Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport is barely even a regional airport. As far as I know, there are no commercial flights. The airport is mostly used by Army rotary wing aviation units and private, small-plane pilots.

The statement in the Killeen Daily Herald was probably intended to strike fear into the public that I intended to use my weapon in some nefarious manner by capitalizing on the public hysteria about 9/11 and recent terrorist events. This is probably also the same reason that Wilcox tried to tie me to the Army marathon as some sort of threat or risk to the event.

You know, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had actually cared enough to show up at the marathon to support the runners. I would have had to do so unarmed since the department saw fit to charge me with a bogus crime that required confiscation of my CHL permit. I can’t help but wonder if I would have had a police officer detailed just to shadow my every move or if I would have been subjected to unnecessary searches or pat downs.

These statements by the Temple Police Department are so offensive just on its face. When I was arrested, I wasn’t doing anything violent. I was walking calmly and peacefully down a country road in the middle of nowhere with my son. I wasn’t threatening anyone. I wasn’t breaking into homes. I wasn’t selling drugs. I wasn’t hiding dead bodies. I wasn’t shooting from the roadside. I wasn’t raping women and children. But, Chris Wilcox wants to convey to the public that I’m somehow a public nuisance and should be feared for daring to stand up for my rights and legally carrying a weapon in the middle of the country.

This is a despicable act that our local police force has done. How can anyone in this city trust a single thing they do when this is how they operate when embarrassed? How can anyone feel safe when we have officers claiming to have “Integrity, Honor, and Dedication” are actively lying on police reports, lying to the public via local media, and defaming citizens that expose their corruption and oppressive actions?

Chief of Police Gary Smith wrote on his page that, “Our officers and supporting employees strive to set the standards for police services, and we all understand the demands placed upon us to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in the duties we perform.”

Chief Smith, I feel the need to remind you of what the definition of integrity is. According to Merriam-Webster, integrity is “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” Since that definition obviously can’t be what the Chief is talking about based on recent events, I looked at other definitions. Maybe Chief Smith is using this definition of integrity: “the quality or state of being complete or undivided.” Maybe the entire department is undivided in their corruption and stick to each other regardless of whether the officer was right or wrong. Perhaps they have integrity in defending the illegality of their police actions. I can only assume based on the statements being made officially this is the appropriate definition.

The Temple PD seems to have forgotten a vital characteristic of their existence: THEY WORK FOR US! When a police department forgets that they are not above the people they are sworn to protect and serve, they lose credibility and authority in the eyes of the citizenry. They do not exist to protect each other but to enforce the law and “provide a safe and peaceful environment…through which the quality of life of all citizens may be improved.” Intentionally working to subvert the name and character of citizens does the exact opposite of that philosophy. It’s counter-intuitive. I would argue it’s also illegal. Perhaps, their charter needs to be looked into by the state if this is the kind of crap they are pulling.

Here I thought that the problem was only contained within the officers that arrested me on the scene back on March 16th. I was wrong. Based on the numerous statements from Cpl. Christopher Wilcox, one can only come to the conclusion that the department, under the current leadership, needs to change its motto. I recommend, “Iniquity, Dishonor, and Infidelity.”

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  1. Can you give us an update on the progress of this ???

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  3. My opinion is that the police officers were “trained” by contractors. It was probably more like brainwashing. I don’ think they have been acting on concepts that resemble reality, but rather induced programs. That they should fear CJ being in the vicinity of an airport is ludicrous, and rather than accuse them of deliberate nefarious comments, my advice is to look into the idea that they may just be out of touch with reality. Documents are distributed to police, and sheriffs, all over the country that consist mainly of lies from the federal government. See examples at this site Wives of police indoctrinated at Blackwater training sites have complained that their husbands became totally different, and hard to deal with. The remedy for all of this is in the hands of the ordinary citizens. Give out documentary DVD’S to police, and to military. Give out flyers. Become friends with as many as you can. This will help. Also, invite your Sheriff to a meeting of Sheriffs in MO on May 31. Take up a contribution to send him or her. More information here

  4. Sergeant,

    Google “Don’t Talk to the Police” by Professor James Duane. You made a mistake, because you did not exercise your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Had you done so, and maintained tack and bearing in a difficult situation, which clearly you did not do, you would not be in the situation you are today.

    Also, Google “The Asshole” by Professor John van Maanen. That will help you understand why those Temple officers treated you that way and how they saw you based on how you comported yourself.

  5. CJ,

    Keep fighting the good fight! And for all you negative Nellies The 2nd amendment does not only give us the right to keep and bear arms, but it also asserts that right “shall not be infringed” any gun control by definition is infringement on the second amendment

    @ freedom4all your comment “Please stand firm, but, not at the expense of your family, they are more important than the Constitution.” I believe it’s that way of thinking that has our government trampling our constitutional rights EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! without the constitution the government would be the one to determine if you could have a family “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”– Ben Franklin

  6. Well conversely to that freedom4all, perhaps “an incident” is precisely what they want so they can further justify their unconstitutionality before the media.

    Classic create a problem, then offer solutions to it to justify their existence.

  7. Sgt Grisham,

    The issue is certainly nuclear charged and I agree that it is a serious condition for you and your families safety in Temple.
    I would think as the situation continues to escalate in verbal tones, state law enforcement would and should become seriously involved within the jurisdiction of the Temple PD area for your safety and the safety of the other residents.
    They should not wait until someone runs the red light so to speak and something happens that cannot be retracted because the level of tension has passed the boiling point.
    I am surprised the city officials and the judicial have not seen fit to step up the enforcement by state police rather than sit back until its too late.
    I feel for your family and the stress this will cause on young developing children because of the pressure of the community because they want to show they are the power.
    I pray for your families well being and safety. Your stand is well founded and I would do exactly the same thing.
    First, you were within the American Constitution rights to have your weapons and you had all the legal documents necessary to possess them.
    Second, public servants must conduct themselves not only equal to every citizen, but ABOVE the standards of a citizen because they uphold law, not interpret or make law… that’s a fine line they should never cross.
    Please stand firm, but, not at the expense of your family, they are more important than the Constitution. Your future will be decided by the same laws that allow the illegal behavior of the PD, just make sure your family doesn’t get tangled in the fallout.

  8. Typical fear mongering. They’re trying to contaminate your jury pool.

  9. Man, you just don’t know when to stop. You, should, right now, bring a law suit against the police department. I think you won’t because ya want to keep it as a bargaining chip in the case against you. Instead of talking, take action. You are like that kid in elementary school that lets his mouth routinely “write checks his butt can’t cash.” the difference is that now, you know you can’t get the crap kicked out of you because you can hide behind and Internet site. Whether you are doing this by design, or it has just become a second nature to you, you are keeping your “following” at a moderate state of excitement to keep the phone calls, financial support, and fringe interest coming in. I like how you dropped the line about the death threats

    • Erik, you’re not very intelligent are you? We are suing the police department. There is a tort process that must be used in Texas before you can “bring a lawsuit.” If you knew half as much as you flapped your ignorant gums you’d know this. There is also a thing called “strategy” in law. How about instead of looking like an idiot every time you open your mouth you stop writing those same checks? You really should stop reading Michael Yon.

      • Mr Grisham dont even bother with statements like these. Some people just have to say stuff like this to others simply to get a reaction. They have no idea whats going on and havent kept up with details. Just ignore them it is not worth your time at this point.

  10. You obviously set this event up prior to your walk with the future eagle scout. It appears that you used your son to further your own agenda. (Fail) If you truly believed in the warrior ethos, this should have never happened the way it did. The moment you stepped from your vehicle, with a weapon designed for combat, slung in a manner similar to those serving in Iraq/Afghanistan on combat patrol, you drew attention to yourself as this behavior is not normal in Temple , Tx . I have been armed here and abroad for thirty plus years, and nobody ever felt threatened by me unless that was my intent. So, it appears that your intent was to create alarm and draw attention, and it did. So, I suggest next time, be smarter, and always a quiet professional. If I were the cop, I would of handled it differently, but that is not the issue. In my opinion, you got what you wanted.

    • And since I’m the only one that knows what I “set out to do” that day, your opinion is wrong and based on conjecture, not fact.

      • And, CJ, I’m guessing there was no “stepping from your vehicle”, either, as I am guessing you and Chris started walking from the house. I like how people think they know everything are telling you what a bad thing you did when they really don’t know crap about you and this situation.

      • CJ,
        People walking around with an AR does not bother me. Surely you’re smart enough to know that walking down the road with an AR is going to alarm someone, it’s a given that police are going to show up and confront you, and it’s going to cause problems. Why not leave the AR at home and leave it for walks around your house? I understand it’s “your right”. I get that. But you had to KNOW it was going to cause an issue, legal or not. You had a CHL. You should have left the AR at home. I think you were looking for attention. You yelled “Shut up!” at the cops and did not do anything they told you too. Is that what they taught you in the military? You screwed up. The resisting arrest was legit. The reduced charge of “interfering with an officer” even more so. It’s going to stick and you will lose your CHL. They had NO case on you. You gave them one. If you would have kept your mouth shut and let them take your gun from you, push you around and make up crap you would have them over a barrel, big time. Instead, they have you thanks to your big mouth.

        • First of all AD, I’d ask you not dictate to someone else how they choose to arm themselves. If it’s within their right, it’s within their right. Respectfully, go fly a kite. I’ll do as I please within the bounds of the law and I expect CJ to be able to do so as well. Doubly so for CJ given his work to secure our ability to exercise those rights. Much respect CJ to you and everyone who has and is serving.

          If I were going hiking, I’d have been carrying an AR variant as well. They are very versatile rifles, and when you don’t know what you’re going to encounter (wild life, people who mean you harm, etc) that’s a good thing. It’s his right to carry one. Some dumb ass citizen reported him for it because they felt “alarmed.” And, that’s totally fine, that’s their right. Yes, the officer did have a right to confiscate it, but unless he was actually being threatened with it, he had to ask for it first. And also, had to ask for any other weapons (CJ…honestly I would have volunteered the fact that you had another weapon on you immediately…but people made mistakes). But, the officer also didn’t do that before he approached CJ which was BEYOND stupid on the officer’s part. I have many law enforcement friends. I showed one of them this article and video. Their response was to shake their heads and say that officer should have received a reprimand for this and the particular friend I asked isn’t exactly “pro-gun.” Honestly, if the officer really felt threatened, why the heck didn’t he ask for other weapons FIRST? That’s the real question.

          Ask yourself this AD, would these numbskulls have behaved this way if CJ was open-carrying a rifle that looked more “sporting?” I’m guessing no. I mean the fricken Temple PD spokes person in this case even misidentified the rifle as an assault rifle (It is most definitely not, if you don’t believe me go look up the definition of an assault rifle) and described it as being “high-powered.” I’m guessing the the thing was chambered for .223 or 5.56…most hunting rifles have way more punch than either of those rounds.

          CJ, honestly when I watched the video I kept telling myself that you were making a mistake by being so belligerent, but the more I’ve sat here and thought about the situation, and being next to your son all the while, I don’t know that were I in your shoes, that I’d have been able to contain myself either. I’d have been one unhappy dude.

          AD, gun owners in general don’t have an agenda. They expect to be able to exercise their rights in peace and in general leave others alone to do the same. The only time you see a gun owner and 2nd amendment supporter raise heck is when their rights are somehow being violated. Towards that end CJ I suggest you organize an AR open carry walk if these people are going to screw with the rights of citizens, I suggest the citizens throw it back at them and bring more attention to the ridiculousness happening in your community, and frankly, elsewhere in our nation.

      • this guy obviously doesn’t know anything …it was a pedestrian traffic stop….not you jumping out of your vehicle with a rifle ready for action. I actually watched your video…great job getting it on video…the police officer responding in my opinion is a POS. Not demonstrating the integrity, honor and sense of duty necessary to protect and serve the citizens he has sworn to serve.

    • Robert Sounds like a DHS officer. Are you?

    • Steve, you know exactly what I was talking about when I edited that comment. Don’t play stupid or ignorant in spite of yourself.

      • Maybe you’re not intelligent enough to read, but I don’t frequently censor comments. In fact, Steve’s comment above is the only one I’ve censored based on content. I have no fear of the truth. It just isn’t found in Steve’s (or your) comments.

    • OMG! Steve where is the like button??? Love it, tell it like it is!

    • The point is Robert, that he was well within his rights to step from his house in such a manner, and the officer and later the entire PD has handled the situation with utter disrespect of those rights and a moral law to simply admit they were in the wrong. It would have been nothing in that situation for the officer to remain in the vehicle, use his loud speaker and calmly state that ” I know you are within your rights to carry, we had a call for a disturbance in the area ,for my own safety sir could you kindly lay your rifle down, I just need to verify that there is no threat”. What happens from there, who knows, but It would have been proper. Instead the officer freaked and completely abused and molested Mr. Grisham’s rights.

  11. CJ, the article you quoted states you were arrested on a weapons charge. Is that true? I thought they charged you with resisting arrest initially and then dropped that and replaced it with some sort of obstruction charge but never a weapons charge. If I’m right, you should ask for a retraction as the article leaves very much the wrong impression with folks who don’t know the real story.

    • No, I was NOT arrested on a weapons charge. I had my weapons taken from me on a bogus charge of “resisting arrest” that was later dropped.

      • That’s a very good point, Caleb. Cj, you should contact the Killeen Daily Herald and tell them they need to retract that statement.

        • Then please educate us all what weapons charge I am fighting since you seem to be quite the scholar on this case.

      • Since there was no weapons charge are they still in possession of your personal possessions? If no, Have you asked for your weapons to be returned?

  12. They know to keep shut up where the doubt about their handling of Chris is concerned. However they’re just trying to pull you down to their level so you’ll trip up. You need help in your neighborhood? Call your friends and neighbors and leave the cops out of it. They’re always Johnny-come-latelies anyway and have by and large lost real connection with the honest citizens they serve.

    • Move, move, move, and make the rest of the people who don’t give
      a rats poop about you and the crap you post!
      So do Temple’s town people a favorite and move.
      Tell the military YOU need to move away NOW,
      Not July, so you can spare us from your psycho
      Thanks have a nice day!

      • Nice try, but you’re nowhere near Temple, Texas. I’m approving your comment, but I can track IP addresses. So now all your comments here are questionable and you have no credibility.

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