Is Alex Jones the New Face of the Gun Rights Movement?

Up front, I’ll respond with an emphatic, “NO!”

Recently, CNN host and British tabloid personality Piers Morgan took a drastic stand on the fundamental right to own weapons in America. On December 30, 2012, Morgan stated that he would “as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.”

Remember, Piers is not an American citizen. He comes from a country that does not allow its citizens to own firearms, even its troops. When I was deployed to Kandahar last year, I ended up talking with a British Special Forces Soldier. We were talking guns and I noted his short-barrel AR he was carrying. I told him that I wanted to get one similar to that when I got home and asked if he had any weapons. He told me that he wasn’t permitted to own these types of rifles or even others.

So, this is where Piers is coming from. He has been raised to think that guns are bad. Guns kill people. Guns are the source of all death and destruction in the world and if we would just ban them, life would be grand and it would usher in an era of peace and stability not seen since before Eve tempted Adam to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Unfortunately, Piers is a moron. After he made those remarks, famed conspiracy nutcase and overall psychotic idiot Alex Jones began a petition to deport him. I will admit that I signed it. I don’t need foreigners telling me how to be an American and I surely don’t need foreigners trying to instigate their failed policies and socialist political philosophies on me.

Yesterday, the meeting of the morons was on full display as Piers Morgan conducted an “interview” with Alex Jones on the topic of gun control. What followed could only best be described as a lesson in futility. Piers succeeded in portraying Alex as the face of the gun rights nuts he wanted to portray us as. Alex succeeded in educating viewers that Piers has no concept of reality, either in this country or his.

Before I go into details, please watch this piece of comical theater. Grab some popcorn and be prepared to suspend disbelief on both sides of the issue.

Okay, where do we begin?

Let’s address Piers’ statement that there were only “35 murders” in the UK last year. Piers is a damn liar. He may be just talking about gun murders, but to simplify it to sound as if there would be no murders committed if guns weren’t involved is misleading and dishonest. It’s true that, last year, the UK’s murder rate was the lowest it’s been since 1983. That right, the UK only had 550 murders last year.

Later this month, the UK’s Office of National Statistics will release the official figures for 2012, but we can get a glimpse into what the rates are in the UK and Wales by looking at last year’s report that covers 2011. I wonder why Piers neglected to talk about the following facts related to the supposedly “gun-free” UK:

* Overall, firearms were reported to have been used in 11,227 recorded crimes in 2010/11, the seventh consecutive annual fall and a 13 per cent decrease on 2009/10. This compares with an overall decrease of four per cent of all offences recorded by the police between 2009/10 and 2010/11.

* In 2010/11, there were 58 fatal injuries caused by the use of a firearm, an increase from the 40 recorded the previous year. The 58 fatal injuries recorded in 2010/11 include the 12 people killed by Derrick Bird in June 2010. However, serious injuries decreased by 18 per cent from 404 in 2009/10 to 330 in 2010/11, continuing the long-term downward trend.

* Firearm offences involving any type of injury decreased by seven per cent, from 2,568 in 2009/10 to 2,399 in 2010/11. The number of injuries recorded each year as a result of firearm offences has fallen by more than half since they peaked at 5,402 in 2004/05.

*There was an 18 per cent fall in the number of robberies involving a firearm in 2010/11 (from 3,637 to 2,965). This is in the context of an overall increase of one per cent in all offences of robbery recorded by the police over the same period, while robberies involving a knife or sharp instrument (excluding West Midlands for comparability reasons) increased by four per cent.

The truth is that the UK is the most dangerous country in Europe to live in. And the crime RATE in Britain is worse than Canada and the United States. It’s a small discrepancy, but provisional data from the UK shows 5,911 firearm offences were recorded – 16% down – of which 39 resulted in a death. The most common method of killing continues to be by sharp instrument. This simply means that when guns are outlawed, criminals will find other ways to kill their victims. The major difference with gun bans is that criminals don’t have to generally worry about their victims being armed and being able to defend themselves. If the UK decides to ban “sharp instruments” the criminals will just start using blunt instruments.

The fallacy of the gun control argument in trying to curb crimes is the idea that the object is responsible for it. Sharp instruments are nothing without someone applying force to it. Similarly, guns won’t kill anyone without someone there to load the magazine, chamber the round, and pull the trigger. The answer is addresses the sources of evil, not the objects evil uses to act out its nature.

There is another aspect to gun control that Piers will likely never address with his audience. When populations are disarmed, they are easy targets for criminals. There are more muggings, break-ins, thefts, etc. In fact, crimes against persons in the UK has increased in the recent years. As crime increases, it becomes evident to more and more criminals that they will be able to commit their acts largely unopposed.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the UK’s own government reports.

One Comment on “Is Alex Jones the New Face of the Gun Rights Movement?

  1. As a UK person, one of the best arguments for gun control is that Piers Morgan might then stay in the US.

    Anyway, is the below story about Piers common knowledge in the US? This is from his wikipedia page:

    “Morgan was fired as Editor of the Daily Mirror on 14 May 2004 after authorising the newspaper’s publication of photographs allegedly showing Iraqi prisoners being abused by British Army soldiers from the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment. Within days the photographs were shown to be crude fakes. Under the headline “SORRY.. WE WERE HOAXED”, the Mirror responded that it had fallen victim to a “calculated and malicious hoax” and apologised for the publication of the photographs.”

    The Daily Mirror, his paper, was strongly anti-war at the time.

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